Friday, January 27, 2012

Has the Club of Obedient Wives (COW) gone a bit too far with their new campaign?

I'm no ulama. Really, you don't have to be one to know that this is all so wrong.

Pas think so too.

And, asked for it, really....


bruno said...

Nuraina,first of all the top two leaders of this COW's club are creepy ladies.Creepy in a sense that they think that women can be treated like sex obliging objects or sex slaves to their husbands.

These are people who think that we are still living in the stone ages.But actually they are the ones living in the past stone age.I think that it was up till the seventies or maybe the early eighties that families like their daughters to marry young.

That time sixteen is old enough to get married,some even younger.And twenty eight is considered too old.During that time girls don't get to go for further studies.Nowadays,early twenties is considered too young and mid to late twenties is considered the right age to get married.Some successful professional ladies would consider late twenties still too young to get married too.

Times have changed.People's mentality have changed.But COW's have not changed and will forever be cows.

selampit said...

Bunch of morons.

If there is word to describe the prophet, it is definitely NOT SEX. The word I believe, is ROMANTIC.

The prophet HAD NEVER used His position as a husband or a leader to instill FEAR in his wives's hearts. Instead, he was fond of using HIS CHARM to win his wives's love and admiration.

If you study the personal life of the prophet, you would be intrigued to learn how this ABSOLUTE RULER of Arabia treated his wives.

He NEVER mounted a transportation (camel etc) before helping his wives to get on their transportation safely. He loved to touch his wives' hands. He liked to engage in modest and polite jokes with his wives to make them HAPPY, and he would politely laugh with them.

Whenever one his wives got sick, would stay by her side and care for her. Whenever he noticed his wife is sad or depressed, he would immediately tend to her and try to boost her spirit. In a famous hadith, he once cheered a sullen Aisya by gently touching her nose!

In one hadith Iman Ahmad reported "Rasulullah would on a daily basis, visited all of his wives, approached them and caressed them, one after another."

He also liked to call his wives with beautiful words, such as "Oh Humaira", which means "Red Rose".

And as for domestic physical abuse, once a rumour circulated in Medina that his wife Aisya was cheating on him. Did he fly kicked Aisya in rage like most men would do?


He investigated the whole affair and patiently waited until the truth came to light. In fact, when Aisya's father, Abu Bakar raised his hand on her daughter, the prophet STOPPED him and told his companion to STAY OUT of his family affairs.

Selawat dan Salam ke atas Junjungan Besar Nabi Kita, Muhammad SAW.

bruno said...

Nuraina,the bottom line with this sex crazed ladies of COW's is sex,sex and sex.Even involving the Prophet too.Instead of Umnoputras using the Datuk T trio,they should have called in the COW's.The COW's would have been more effective in neutralising Anwar.Have a nice weekend.Cheers.


bruno: true about times have changed, My eldest and second sisters got married when they were 21 and 23 respectively. Later on my third sister got married when she was 27 and my (late) fourth sister, at 26. I got married @ 28. Anyway...i thot 28 was "old". these days, there are "girls" in their 30s still unmarried.

as for COW -- simple: they've been brainwashed. They revere their leader and subscribe to his teachings. It's a damn cult.


Bruno: and i'm wondering why the likes of Umno have not taken COW and Global ikhwan to task...

Agree: COW has so much sex on their mind!

Cheers..and have a good weekend!


selampit: Ditto! Thank you..

Anonymous said...

We all know where these COWs originate from.
Husbands who can be with their 3-4 wives at the same moment even at different places.
Visions of Abuya appearing on the moon.
JAKIM must rein all these cows and keep them fenced up and not mingle with the public.
Sah semua ini ajaran sesat.
Amalan di rasuk jin apret.