Friday, January 13, 2012

Really, Mr Malott...

The 13th general election will be Malaysia's dirtiest?

Because everyone's desperate?

It's do or die?

But, yes, it will be the most important in Malaysia's political history. Even the kids will agree.


bruno said...

Nuraina,we do not need Mr Malott to tell us what he thinks.This subject doesn't need a rocket scientist to figure it out.Everyone
including schoolchildren will know that this will be the dirtiest GE,this country will ever see.

Because everyone's desperate?Yes and no,depending on which side you are on.Bread and butter issues.Hyper inflation.Educational standards going down the monsoon drains.Racial and religious disharmony.Mass corruption.The country being run to the brink of bankruptcy.

It's do or die?Yes.Whoever wins GE 13th will be running this country for the next 55 years.The future of generations to come will depend on the outcome of this coming GE.

It is nice having you on the other side.Have a nice day,take it easy and enjoy the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Mallot's an old faggot. He's so taksub and blinkered he can't see the dirt in his own backyard. I pity him really because he seems to have nothing else better to do except fight other people's fight. Or, as many suspect (true or not?) this may be his only source of income?



now you're telling tales. you know what's good about this country, -- we can f**k up the government all we want. we're not scared of the police, we're not scared of anyone. because we can say what we want and we're still standing. we take the police to court and get a fair trial. corruption? PKFZ? NFC? etc...all being investigated. we're not satisfied...we whack the government. What a good feeling.

we whack the BN, we still can cover their assignments.
we can ask the PM any question and he'll answer. even dumb or offensive questions.

it was like that with Tun Dr mahathir too.

anywya, yes, we have problems in the country. we want solutions. and we have a whole lot of people -- the NGOs, the civil societies etc to keep the govt on its toes. there's corruption. certainly. we continue to fight that.

but, bruno, you are so prone to exaggeration.
"racial adn religious harmony"? bollocks. "educational standards going down the drain" - over-dramatized becos, yes, we need to improve in some areas, but certainly not going down the drain. "mass corruption" -- hello? "brink of bankruptcy"? ...say what?

it's do or die in almost every election for almost every candidate.

don't what side i'm on. i happen to work for the NST for as long as i can remember being the first company i worked for after graduation. i won't apologise for that. there was a 3-year break for me.

i makan gaji like all the rest of NST staff/employees. and just becos you hate the BN, doesn't make you on the right side or the side of right. nor the wrong. it's your belief.

i'm not an activist nor a card carrying member of any party.

and i'm not "taksub" like supporters of political parties. I can assess whether DAP, PKR or PAS leaders can be BETTER leaders (than BN) to lead the country.

so, bruno, you have decided to be judge.

you have a nice day and weekend. cheers!

bruno said...

Nuraina,what I meant for you to be on the other side is I enjoyed your reply tit for tat,and not your political divide.In all my comments on other blogs I find you the most challenging.But if I offended you in any way I appologised.Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Dear Nuraina,
Nice short post on Mallot .... You are right Malaysians can fight our own battle. Thank you all well meaning outsiders, but just mind your own business!

And to Bruno,
If you have no construcive idea and no time to spend to help find solutions to the problems, then be a good citizen and go to the voting station when the time comes. And just to remind, you must then accept the results as the rest of the citizens have opinions and rights too.

Just for disclosure, I live outside and am not a fan of UMNO but I do not spend my free time badmouthing the country and paint it as though there have not been a single thing right for the past 30 years. I will fly home on voting day.

In the meantime go continue make as much money as you need to, and stop being a nuisance.


bruno said...

Anon 7:29

If you ars as smart as you think you are you would at least have a nick.I have always commented under Bruno in many blogs and I at least have the guts to take as much as I give.And in my personal opinion you are just a gutless gal hiding under anon.



no worries. No offence taken..thanks for the clarification.