Friday, January 13, 2012

On Leave For Three Weeks

Women, Family and Community Development Minister Shahrizat Abdul Jalil begins her leave today.

In a statement yesterday, Shahrizat who is Wanita Umno chief, said this was to facilitate investigations by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) into her possible involvement in the National Feedlot Corporation (NFC) case.

She said she had submitted her request for leave to the Prime Minister.

Shahrizat is right smack in the centre of the NFC controversy which exploded after the Auditor-General's 2010 Report on the project was made public.

The AG described it as "messy" and had failed to meet targets set by the government.

She immediately became the target of attacks from opposition party leaders because her husband Dr Mohamed Salleh Ismail is the executive chairman of NFC and their three children are also directors of the company.

In December 2007 under Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's administration, a soft loan of RM250 million - with an annual interest of two per cent for 10 years - was approved for NFC to start a national feedlot centre in Gemas, Negri Sembilan, to help reduce beef imports.

The initial target was to produce 60,000 head of cattle a year.

Investigations by MACC and police are ongoing.


bruno said...

Nuraina,first of all Shahrizat's family would not have got the NFC project if she was not the wanita head and a Federal Minister.They will not even be considered because of their lack of expertise and experience.Many more existing experienced Bumiputra cattle farm owners,more deserving of financial assistance were not even given a look at.

Shahrizat denying that she never had an iota of insider information of what was happening and going on at NFC speaks wonders.No pillow talks among spouses.Her going on three weeks of emergency leave?My personal opinion.A percusor before her handing in the letter.

Shahrizat's tough talk that this corruption problem is among many Umnoputras and she has said that she will not go down alone.We will see who follows her going out the door.


Bruno, i know i know i know....