Sunday, January 08, 2012

New DAP Members: Sak And Aspan

Bloggers Mohd Ariff Sabri Abdul Aziz , or better known as Sakmongkol AK47 and Aspan Alias, who blogs under, have joined the DAP.

They submitted their membership forms to party secretary-general Lim Guan Eng at its convention today.
Sakmongkol, a former Pahang Umno state assemblyman said he was "impressed by DAP", describing the party as principled.

"I like their professionalism," he remarked.

Aspan, who is closely linked to Umno Gua Musang MP and former Finance Minister Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, said he joined DAP without any pre-conditions.
"We are not looking for any seats to contest. We will be contributing to the party's cause through various channels, including our writings."

I'm a little surprised. I know they both seemed to be kinda frustrated with Umno and the BN but I didn't think that they'd join DAP.
Also, Sak and Aspan were long-timeUmno members.
Does make me wonder.

Oh well, to each his own. May they find fulfillment in their new party and with their new comrades.


bruno said...

Nuraina,good principled men are hard to find in the upper ecelons of Umno.If one cannot help fixed the party from the inside,it is better to do it from the outside.

Just look at racist party DAP as some critics called it.It has well respected Tunku Aziz and Zairal Johari as its members.A so called racist party with members of so many different races.Indians,Sikhs you call it you have it.Now with Datuk Ariff and Aspan as members,many of their supporters will be joining soon.Dr Mahathir will soon be calling his old buddy Kit Siang to offer his congrats.

I have been a staunch supporter of Datuk Sak as he is popularly called.His talents and Aspan will be totally wasted if they continued to be in Umno.Their talents and expertise will be better used to serve the rakyat irresespective of race if they were in the multi racial DAP or PR.This is strongly my personal opinions.



I think you are right in a way. but your point is flawed.

Very few politicians are principled. Including those in the DAP and PKR. In PAS -- they quote the hadith and quranic verses to get things done or justify their actions.

So i wouldn't go berating BN politicians that way.

Tunku Aziz -- well he held a respectable position, but he's now a politician.
Zairil Johair? Wouldn't you say it's too early to tell?

As for Datuk Sak - I don't know him personally. But others have some things to say about him. And if I were to judge him by his writings in his blog -- aaah, that's another thing.

Aspan? I know him but not well enough.

As for their contributions to DAP? I'd have to "judge" them by their contributions to Umno in which they were long-time members.

Thanks again for visiting. I often enjoy blistering comments..

Anonymous said...

Give them a couple of years and they'll leave DAP once they know what DAP is all about. Much like Kim Kardashian wedding to Kris Humpries, it's all for show...:-)

Anonymous said...

DAP is a broad church. Every member has an opinion but in the end good sense and reason triumphs with each recognising that we must all live together. So they learn to be moderate and live together.

Perhaps some day you will realise that the DAP is closer to you intellectually than UMNO. It is time to let sacred cows go, if only for the sake of Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Sak and Aspan wish to be nominated as DAP candidates to fulfill the Malay quota in the coming PRU13.
These people are very opportunistic and selfish.
Just hope that the rakyat can see through these kibd of people and not vote for them!