Monday, January 16, 2012

Business as usual, says National Feedlot Corporation

Only assets frozen, not operations

KUALA LUMPUR --- The operations of National Feedlot Corporation Sdn Bhd are continuing uninterrupted.

In a statement issued today, National Feedlot Corporation Sdn Bhd executive director Wan Shahinur Izmir Salleh said, "Business is as usual in the company. Inventory of beef will continue to be supplied and all customer orders will be fulfilled. There is no interruption nor disruption."

Clients, employees and vendors were reassured that its operations remain on-going as a business concern despite a freeze on its assets.

“In fact our assets have been frozen by the relevant authorities since December 2011, in the effort to facilitate smooth and thorough investigations. We have extended our fullest cooperation from the outset. However, our operations have continued to function normally, and in this respect I would like to reassure our clients and vendors as well as our employees that they will continue to be served and gainfully employed,” added Izmir Salleh.

National Feedlot Corporation supplies beef to more than 160 customers that include hypermarkets, supermarkets, mini markets, wet markets, processed meat manufacturers, hotels, restaurants and cafes.

The company also clarified that its 4,500 heads of cattle at the National Feedlot Centre in Gemas, Negeri Sembilan, continue to be nurtured and cared for to meet beef supplies on target for the country.

The company had only recently last week received a further import shipment of 1,500 heads of cattle from Australia.

Its chain of Meatworks restaurants is also opened for business at its regular hours, the statement added.


bruno said...

Nuraina,the operations at NFC were all flawed starting at the beginning.The aim of this national cattle project was to make Malaysia self sufficiency in beef supply at an affordable price,especially to the Malays who consumed the most beef as a source of protein.

Self sufficiency in a sense of importing quality cattle for cattle rearing and breeding.And eventually at later stages to mass breeding to produce enough calfs to nurtured for later stage slaughtering.What NFC is doing is to import cattle for feeding to be later slaughtered.And that it cannot even meet the least minimal target.

Maybe the people heading the NFC project need to hire the people doing the translation at Mindef to help in the translation of the contract with the MOA regarding cattle rearing to eventual self sufficiency.

Anonymous said...

Last time I studied finance, cash and bank deposits are assets too ????