Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bad Translation, No Translation

After this, we should be seeing the correct English translation of its official website.
But, no...the Ministry of Defence has not not done it.
In fact, the entire English version of its website - as of 12 noon today - is in BM.

As a way of "explaining", you'll find the articles and writings with a preceding note:There are no translations available.

Perhaps, it's still being done manually as explained by its minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

Hard work, I reckon.

What gives, man? Google translation all this while?

I suggest the ministry gets the right people to do the job...

Kalau tidak, 0ne word: Malu.


Anonymous said...

IF you are interested in doing that work of translating, just tell him...sorry, am I reading your mind?

Unknown said...

...and we still want to change our Maths & Science to BM. Malu is absolutely the correct word..and to think that those working inside the Ministry could not even do some simple translation. The last time I read it, it was not really rocket science to translate. Sigh...malu sungguh!

Anonymous said...

Spot on! Memang buat malu company aje..

Plenty of English teachers around.. apa yg susah sangat. Can't be about having no budget..



anon@12:38PM: some GLCs are badly run...I want the job?
better luck next time in yr "reading minds"..

M.Kate: I know

anon@5:09PM: absolutely

Rockybru said...

Itu lah dia ... Short cut memanjang.

Tu hari, Rais Yatim's ministry pun kena dah. Translate ke Bahasa Mandarin pakai Google jugak.

Apebende diorang ni?!!/2011/12/rais-yatim-lost-in-translation.html

Azli Jamil said...

Too much "melepas batuk ditangga".
Lucky there's no TB.

Anonymous said...

... and they call this 'transformasi'... transform into what? I am totally appalled and embarrassed by the ministry.

bruno said...

Our education systems and standards have been going downhill with no bottom in sight since the ketuahnan Melayu incept.Our leaders inferiority feelings towards other races or languages are the cause to all these problems.

For example the English language which is a widely accepted international language.If one is among the audience in an international forum,you should have heard the giggles when a Malaysian who is not fluent in the English language is doing the talking.You have to hide your face or just pretend that you did not noticed that person talking.

bruno said...

Nuraina,this is the reason why the corrupted Umno/BN regime is about to be given the boot this coming GE.From BBMB to MAS to PKFZ to 2 submarines which cannot dive with a tag of value added price of 500 million ringgit,to FGV and the lembus scandal.

And the proposed listing of Felda which has the settlers up in arms.The very expensive overpaid highly overated PR consultants in the PM's corner who has transformed Najib into the
biggest flipfloper of Malaysian politics.The tourism ministry's spending of millions to uplift its facebook or whatever pagebook.

And a simple tranlation is mistranslated and lost in the planet of Mars.Such incompetent people in our GOM and its respective ministries.Who can blamed the people for screaming 'ABU'.

This will have the infamous Rocky Bru's crawling out of the woodworks trying to spin with the excuse of misintepretion or poor understanding of the English language.

bruno said...

Nuraina,what do you think of the Star's Joceline Tan's translation of Lim Guan Eng's hairstyle into feng shui.My personal opinion.A creepy young directioness lady.



Thank you for your comments. I do agree with some of your points, but I must say that you make some awfully sweeping, generalised statements. quite unfairly too.
I see you hate Rocky, for some reason.
definitely anti-BN and Umno. But, then, that's your right.
anyway, as for my opinion on Joceline's piece on Guan Eng -- I didn't realise it was, as you say, her translation of his hairs tyle into feng shui. (we are talking about the same article?) I've always enjoyed Joceline's style of writing. And the one on Guan Eng - i thought that was good.



kerja short cut betul.

bruno said...

Nuraina,I have no reason to hate Rocky.But I do disliked him for changing sides when it suited him.But,of course that is his right too.Malaysia is a free country except when ketuahnan Melayu is brought up.

The article about Guan Eng is JT describing his new hairstyle as bad feng shui.Cheers and have a nice and pleasant day.


bruno: we were all with rocky and jeff when they were sued way back in 2006. you may not want to believe it, but many - among them zorro and haris - began blogging they way they are doing it due to their closeness with rocky.
i, too, began blogging basically because of that, and wanting to speak up.

rocky was against pak lah's administration. well that's all on record and we know why.

if you read his postings, you know he has attacked Umno, BN and their ministers, their "cronies" more times than he has against Pakatan leaders etc.

He did not change side. There was never a side. Just who had faith in.

And yes, it is his right.


bruno: about joceline's article...hmm...missed that part.

have a nice and pleasant day too!

Anonymous said...

Mahathir destroyed the one neutral resource we had - a good command of the English language - for political gain. Nowadays few speak -let alone write - reasonable English here. Extra English tuition is expensive but essential if our chidren are to compete natioanlly and internationally.

bruno said...

Nuraina,about JT's article the one you are referring to I think it is the same one I saw on star on line a few months back,sometime last year.The one recently I saw on Khoo Kay Peng's blog,about LGE reverting back to his old hairstyle.Have a nice evening.