Friday, November 20, 2009

Muslim Nations Seek Blasphemy Ban

Here's an Associated Press (AP) special report, datelined GENEVA.

Four years after cartoons of the prophet Muhammad set off violent protests across the Muslim world, Islamic nations are mounting a campaign for an international treaty to protect religious symbols and beliefs from mockery - essentially a ban on blasphemy that would put them on a collision course with free speech laws in the West.

Documents obtained by The Associated Press show that Algeria and Pakistan have taken the lead in lobbying to eventually bring the proposal to a vote in the U.N. General Assembly.

If ratified in countries that enshrine freedom of expression as a fundamental right, such a treaty would require them to limit free speech if it risks seriously offending religious believers. The process, though, will take years and no showdown is imminent.

The proposal faces stiff resistance from Western countries, including the United States, which in the past has brushed aside other U.N. treaties, such as one on the protection of migrant workers.



amoker said...

Then the western nations can propose a UN piece that askes nation not do to religious censorship as well. This will never end.

lleekh said...

The religious people should be able to present their case to expose those who blaspheme the religion. If a religion cannot defend itself against arguments then it does not deserve to exist! If you really think that there should be a law then consider this - why should our government go hound and destroy the sky kingdom people? They have their beliefs and you just cannot go round and say you cant allow people to criticize your religion while you go round destroying religions you dont agree with. Use clear arguments and state your case. If the sky kingdom can stand the scrutiny then they survive, if not they vanish. Same for all religious beliefs! Will your anti-blaspheme law also protect the sky kingdom people?
With the benefit of the vast knowledge that we have today you would think that nobody would believe that there is an old man on the moon. Unfortunately there are still people going round believing that the sun sets in the west and rises in the east, when in fact the sun NEVER rise nor set!
So let all religions come up with solid arguments and proof to dispel others who criticize them. If they cannot then they should be in the dustbin. Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Shintoism or whatever the days for striking down disbelievers and critics are over! No more putting people to the stake or whatever is your favorite tourcher method for people who disagree with the mumbo jumbo in your religion!!

Old Fart said...

So who decides what is blasphemous? Who decides if it is discourse or scintillating attack on a religion without support? Who decides that a reference from a holy book used by a non-believer is or may be blasphemous?

This is totally silly. all "holy books" should be open and subject to thorough scrutiny and be open to criticism especially if they do impact on our lives, out thinking, our behaviour and conduct etc etc.