Friday, November 13, 2009

PM Should Intervene In MCA..

Some people will disagree with me, I know. But let's face it. MCA is doomed if things are allowed to take their own course.
Things are not getting any better in the MCA. Let's at least admit (to) that.

There was a point somewhere in time when the signs were positive for a 'recovery" but they so quickly dissipated.

Now, you have a third force. How can that greater unity plan be put in place when there is a third force now? Obviously, "they" do not want the Ong-Dr Chua leadership.

I see a deepening crisis if this goes on.

The Prime Minister who is chairman of Barisan Nasional has got to intervene. But not without some kind of plan or formula to resolve the problem.

Najib Razak last month has told the MCA's very embattled president Ong Tee Keat to work out the problem. The MCA should get their act together. That the solution should not just be legally and politically acceptable but also morally acceptable.
Then the greater unity plan was "unveiled" in which Ong Tee Keat and his rival, Dr Chua Soi Lek came together for the greater good of the party.

I've lost faith in any "assurance" by both Ong and Dr Chua to bring unity to the MCA.

It's a whole load of crap, if you ask me. Because, meanwhile, Dr Chua went on to seek legitimacy from the Registrar of Societies on his position as deputy president. That was not necessary, nor wise. Because, then Liow who was appointed as deputy president by the party's central committee, would be put in an awkward position.

Dr Chua was reinstated. And Liow? He was going to challenge the ROS decision.

See, where this is all going?

Things have gone out of control. Really spiralled out of control.

It looks like nothing coming from Ong or Dr Chua is going to work. It will be resisted.

MCA is in dire straits, in need of desperate measures.

So, let's look at the situation squarely. Clinically. Without fear or favour.
What (in this case, who) is the root and cause of the problem? If my guess is right -- Ong and Dr Chua. Both were booted out by the controversial EGM which was called to "vote" on their fate. Ong got the no-confidence vote and Dr Chua got the "sack" vote.

So, the outcome was that both should go.
The delegates had spoken.
So, logically, shouldn't they go?

Ong, against the EGM's outcome, decided to hold on to the presidency even though he had given his word that he would if voted so. He, of course, later explained why he decided to remain. Something very vague and unclear.

Dr Chua has no moral standing to remain as deputy president. Not my opinion. The delegates'. No need to go into details.

So, Ong and Dr Chua have got to go. Because they are the source of this rot.

And the rot has got to be stopped.

Let a new team lead the party.

As I have said. The PM should intervene.

Third Force has already registered their wish for that. READ THIS.

There is a need for a strong formidable plan/strategy to arrest the problem, resolve the crisis so that the party can begin the process of reform.

Leave things as they are, and MCA is doomed.


Anonymous said...

hmmm dah sampai expiry date kot...

Anonymous said...

I'm not optimistic about any political party, for or oppose, nor for any particular figure. I would think that where we are now stems from long held practices in a much entrenched system and structure. Can we uproot now?

Anonymous said...


Like in Perak....The powers that be will not allow for a proper and full fledged election to take place.

Joe Black

Anonymous said...

Wow, 1st time Nuraina taking a stand on a party matter. Best jugak to read how u passionately bring your points accross. Keep it up. As for me, MCA dah irrelevent. Whats goin on is good entertainment value...has all the intrigues, betrayal, illicit sex, double cross, promises, pleadings, offer of benevolence, gangs, legal manouvers,lies,cheats, etc etc etc...all in the name of "for the sake of the party"!!! Dont la ask Najib to stop it. Let it be....we having a ball/paaartee following Episode 312. Banyak lagi new episodes.
Habib RAK

Anonymous said...

MCA is definitely a baggage now. a liability. whats left only the label and skeleton.

the members and supporters have long gone to DAP and PKR since PRU12.

their politic is strictly money and business. they leave after they got what they want. thats all

Anonymous said...

Ong and Chua should go…go to….

As far as I can tell from what they have demonstrated, it’s crystal clear that they only love what they want to love, believe/see what they want to believe/see, and hence, it turns out to be like a never – ending ‘war’. Unity is a pretty lonely word to both of them.

MCA is not BN, but one of the BN components [they know this, but….!!!]

It’s really bloody appalling…- this is how I see it, feel it, taste it.

Once in a while, my naughty hunch agrees with Siti Anon’s remark [stated in a previous entry].

DS Najib Razak/ TS Muhyiddin Yassin, please, please ‘whip’ them if you must.

Ong and Chua,
Do you think BN is BN or a dancer/ joker?
If you keep on playing a stand-up comedian role, please keep it between yourself and yourself.
Please don’t put ‘blood’ on BN just because you can’t get a proper 'blood’ within you!

Time is marching.