Saturday, November 21, 2009

Lingerie With GPS Device...

Here's a NY daily news online article:

"We've always thought that the gift of lingerie was more about the gift giver than actually something for us (who's really reaping the benefits of that sexy little bra? Not really you), but this latest innovation is taking the selfish-present idea to a whole new level.

Brazilian company LindeLucy Lingerie has just put out a collection of underwear called “Find Me If You Can.” Each of the pieces—ranging from bras to teddies to garter belts—is equipped with a built-in, pager-sized GPS system that allows those with the password to track your whereabouts online.

Though it seems terrible and uncomfortable and just plain scary to us, designer Lucia Iorio argues that her lingerie is playful and empowering, not the ideal tool for obsessive boyfriends who want to hunt you down, keep you under their control, and perhaps Star 80 you if you try to run away.

She explains: "This collection is a wink to women and a challenge to men because, even if she gives him the password to her GPS, she can always turn it off. She can be found only if she wants to [be]."


Well, if this sounds like fun for you, the pieces can be found on LindeLucy's website and retail for $800 to $1,100."


Kinda scary, isn't?
Maybe not for some people. But how about boxers or men's underwear with GPS? All's fair ....


sesat said...

Treasure hunt anyone?

selampit said...

Now, now, WHERE CAN I FIND this 'steamy' contraption? I'd sell off my I-Phone just to get one.

It would be great to know the whereabouts of my missus at any given time.

If she happens to be at the mall, I could simply call her;

"Honey, Pampers habis, buy two packs, eerr, and don't forget my NST and tongkat Ali 3-in-1."

Of course, the hardest part would be TO MAKE her wear it OUTSIDE the bedroom.

She'd probably throw something at me.

uncle gedek said...

Nampaknya lebih 'mercy' dari 'scary'!

Shahir Aman Shah said...

scary? I wouldn't say so because it can be switched off anytime the user wants. so there won't be any issues of stalking. well, i think it's time for Malaysians to be exposed to all these 'sexy' things, and for them to apply in the bedroom, as there's an article in The Star a couple of weeks ago, about high divorce rate in Terengganu, and one of the reasons is about the performance in bedroom. there's no harm even if these 'naughty' and 'sexy' stuffs are introduced in Malaysia i think

Anonymous said...

One, as you pointed out, they're not cheap things. A possessive boyfriend would have to be pretty rich to replace your wardrobe with them.

Two, as you pointed out, they can be turned off.

Three, you could choose not to wear them.

Four, they don't guarantee your current location as you can ditch them or you can let somebody else hang on to them for a while as a decoy. Also, GPS works best only in open air to receive the satellite signals, so you're likely to be invisible in a building.

As the designer pointed out, she can only be found if she wants to be found.

It would be nice if you could explain what's scary about them.

Finally, obsessive boyfriends with the right contacts don't need a GPS lingerie to keep tabs on you. There's an even better and more accurate device that you're already carrying with you, willingly and all the time. You probably can't even imagine not taking it with you, throwing it away or letting somebody keep it for a while. Your handphone. They can triangulate the location of your handphone via all the nearby communication towers. Works in all urban locations except in the deep forest. It has already been used by the police several times in kidnapping or missing person cases in the US.

Feeling kinda scared now?

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Aunty Nuraina,
This cat is thinking...does the GPS come with recorded voice? Say if someone is "close" to the SYT wearing said lingerie, will the GPS give directions like, "touch left brxxxxst" and heaps of "naughty" directions that is unpublishable here? purr....meow!

Anonymous said...

Sis Nuraina…
You know, when I did master, there was a hot season of hilang b.r.a aka c.o.l.i & ‘undercover’ di kawasan asrama/hostel perempuan. Sambil borak borak with friends, a friend said to me;
‘Give me one idea on how to track down this pervert (pencuri b.r.a/c.o.l.i’/undercover’), macam mana nak tangkap pencuri bahlul ni….’

My reply was
‘Alah…implant kan aje b.r.a aka c.o.l.i & ‘undercover’ with nano- sized of gps/gprs tracker and link it to our hp (activated gps/gprs) ...of course it takes time to create it, install a special software in hp, need research fund…bla bla…’

Later, I found out that some people (particularly in Western) already put a special tracker inside/outside one of their tayar kereta (s) and scientists (whoever they are..) have already thought about it and the best thing is that it is real....

Yeah, yeah, I am a late comer (lembab + silly in one) though share similar idea but dissimilar aim (with whoever the scientists are). Now knowing that lingerie with gps device is actually real, I am very happy…tumpang gembira lah.

Add– On:
I used to bring a special ‘pistol’ when I walked alone to the shop in the middle of the night [I am suffering from sleeping disorder since 2004…]. It’s actually a cheap pistol air [air as in water, not air air] and I filled it with ‘cili bo’, lagi pedas lagi bagus! I could bring ridsect/shelltox/baygon along with me, but, too heavy lah. So, I made that pistol. One needs to test/modify the pecutan pancutan first because its content is not water. Psssst…..I was mimicking the pepper spray’s idea. Unfortunately, my pistol air is not applicable here…Ah! Orang barat…

Orang barat says ikan masin smells like shit…so, let’s make a bazooka of ikan masin, mesti mereka lari lintang pukang………………………naughty naughty me.

**** SOUNDTRACK – THEME SONG for lingerie with gps: Love, sex and magic by Ciara feat. Justin Timberlake. (The video, the song…oh baby!!)

Next, we need to kumpulkan bomoh dari pelbagai etnik untuk bomohkan kepala2 besar yahudi…ah! kidding….kidding…jatuh syirik pulak nanti (dah keluar tajuk ni).


Anonymous said...

It was extremely interesting for me to read that article. Thank author for it. I like such themes and everything that is connected to this matter. I would like to read a bit more on that blog soon.

Anonymous said...

Quite sexy but I agree it should confine to personal intimite thing between the couple. Its kind of those sado machistic type of relationship will do this thing.

How about guy underwear, built with GPS tracker for the wife to find you. I'm sure many ladies would love it, if somehow their guy is in some cheap hotel...better watchout!

Leon Lai

Korea Girl said...

Alahai sis...

This is even more scary la

I thought now Malaysia can go forward.....

Suddenly now, new video come out

Please see this video Kak..... so scary about Malaysia


sesat: and what a hunt!

selampit: you got me there! hahaha...

gedeki: hmm. now that you have mentioned it.

shahir: a-hah!

anon@12:36AM: scarier..

Anonymous said...

Women don't need any GPS device on their hubbys or bfs. They KNOW when their other half is cheating on them via WIS (Women's Intuition System). The WIS is first initiated by a question. It goes something like this:

"Mana you pergi semalam?"

Try to lie, they still know.


CatInSydney: oooh...i wouldn't know. care to find out?

Tder: terror you ni, ek?

leon lai: absolutely.

Anonymous said...

Hah! Can't compare with this!

Does Celcom, Maxis or Digi already have an "Electronic Surveillance Department"?