Friday, November 20, 2009

Tee Keat's Aide Resigns...

According to a Bernama report today, Simon Lim, a top aide to MCA president and Transport Minister Ong Tee Keat, has resigned.

Lim, Tee Keat's political secretary, resigned after the MCA Central Committee (CC) meeting on Wednesday.

He told Bernama that he personally tendered his resignation letter, dated Nov 18, to his boss with a copy to the prime minister.

His resignation takes effect Dec 1.

Lim who is also the MCA special task force bureau head, cited personal reasons for his decision. He says he wants to return to his law practice -- Simon & Co -- in which he was a senior partner.

He told Bernama that he had planned to do so after the MCA extraordinary general meeting (EGM) on Oct 10. But, obviously he must have thought twice about doing it, and remained as Tee Keat's aide.

"Now I think it is the best time to do that," he said.

Lim did not want to say whether his resignation had anything to do with talk that he disagreed with Tee Keat's decision to revamp the MCA presidential council.


Anonymous said...

Pardon me madam but what are you trying to tell us ?

Is his resignation a protest about the way OTK is handling the situation ?

Or is it, perhaps, with so many sackings and vacancies - he did not get what he wanted ?

In this trying time every one of these politicians, if they really cared, should be steadfast in their resolve to unite the party.




as you can see, i am quoting from Bernama.

so,if you sak me what i am trying to tell you -- well, nothing. i am not trying to to tell you anything other than what is reported by bernama.

and as you can see, Simon didn't want to respond to Bernama's question that he resigned because of talk that he disagreed with OTK over the reshuffle of the presidential council.

we all can make our own deduction and conclusion.

and i do agree with you that they should be steadfast....

thank you for your comment.

Unknown said...

Well said. Even his one time staunch top aide can't accept his former boss's dictatorial way of handling MCA crisis. To me,that's nothing he wouldn't do to destroy the dignity of MCA. I'm a non-partisan 1Malaysian Chinese concurred with others that we are witnessing the worst ever MCA President in the far


Anonymous said...

looks like every political party has its own bout of having a worst president-leader.

sayang sekali mca is falling apart, and lost its relevance.

now it seems, that dap is the only safety-unity umbrella for malaysian chinese.

by default, looks like pakatan rakyat will win in pru13.

is there time to make a new chinese party to replace mca for bn? one that is strong enough to match dap?

susah i think.

another solution is that, mca suddenly has a new leader, wild card, black horse, appearing from nowhere, winning and leading the chinese hearts and mind, whole of malaysia.

who could that potentially be?

maybe michelle yeoh. or, one of the kuok brothers, or teh hong piow public bank, or whoever in that category lah?

or, if lim kitsiang and lim guan eng, defected and lompat party, to mca.

something like that....

Anonymous said...

OTK had given to the best present to the Chinese community in Malaysia for a long long time to come. What else do you expect Malaysian Chinese to do? They are all so pissed off and tired and irritated by the non stop troubles created by the trio.

Honestly, where does LTL, WKS and CMF stand in the eyes of the Chinese community? At best LTL, is a regional warlord, from Pahang, thanks to Tan Sri Lim Ah Lek and Chan Kong Choy. What have LTL done to bolster his image nationally? Nothing, but to be crowned the "worst health minister" ever. Putting aside CSL misadventure, LTL, is just but a pale shadow of the former.

Wee Ka Siong? Not national material, at best his influence is in JB. That too a small part of JB. Most notable achievements? Well, as we read, likes China Dolls and should be rightfully promoted to be the ambassador to China.

Chew Mee Foon? Well, this is scrap! Look at the mess in Pempena, and well she is part of it.

And their crying together is certainly historic! These people, are they crying for the Chinese community, MCA or themselves? The result is all too clear for everyone to see.

Nur, honestly, if you care to conduct a survey, 8 out of 10 Chinese voters support OTK's action! But this does not mean that it will translate into votes for the MCA. Honestly, the acts of betrayals, backstabbing, continuous plottings has got on the ordinary peoples nerves and they want peace in their lives. They just want the trouble makers sacked!!!!! If at all these trouble makers want to grab powers, wait for their turn.

The best tests of support is for the trio, to walk Chinatown, Cheras or Petaling Jaya and you can very well see the reception in store for them, but, they just do not have the guts.

Anonymous said...

Suggest you don't waste time and space with these present group of MCA leaders.They have no integrity,shamless bunch of self centred homo sapiens.None of them should be in office.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


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