Thursday, November 26, 2009

Utusan Malaysia Reporter Chased Out Of Press Conference...

Wow. Talk about low tolerance threshold.

Yesterday, in Shah Alam, officers of Selangor’s Pakatan Rakyat Officers Association (Selproa) chased out Yazid Alias from a press conference at the state secretariat building.

Selproa secretary Ng Yap Hwa chased him out, claiming that the daily was a “federal government agent.”

It seems Selproa president Abdul Razak Ismail later told Ng to allow Yazid in but Ng said: “We can’t allow government propaganda machines into the press conference.”

Yazid, who is attached to the Shah Alam bureau.

You can read the Star report on this incident HERE.

Now, didn't Ng just do something really stupid? It shows that he (or is he representing the PKR) cannot accept any newspaper that publish reports he/PKR does not like.
Call Utusan Malaysia whatever you like, that's your prerogative. Stop Utusan Malaysia representatives from attending your press conferences -- sure, that's also your prerogrative.

But chasing its reporter from your press conference? Doesn't it show you up as being so intolerant of newspapers that don't support you? Doesn't it show your arrogance as well?

We can debate until the cows come home or kingdom come about your issues with Utusan Malaysia, but that's another matter.
Because Utusan Malaysia can also accuse you of many things.

You chased out a reporter and "accused" him of being a federal government agent. That shows you up.

And you are the State Government.

The thing is that Yazid did receive an invite to cover the Selproa press conference but...

Ng. Tsk tsk tsk. Tak sporting-lah.


Anonymous said...

"It seems Selproa president Abdul Razak Ismail later told Ng to allow Yazid in but Ng said: “We can’t allow government propaganda machines into the press conference.”

this one really gets my attention. the president, who is a malay, and is already a dummy. no telor, no function, carry no weight, just perhiasan. sebijik macam pap singapore dah..

ng has not yet overtake the whole malaysia, yet, you can see his true colours.

sebijik mentaliti pengganas chinpeng. dalam image dan kulit baru.

as usual, the malay will be the dummy presidents.....

-chinpengs must die-

Anonymous said...

during the umno general assembly, malaysiakini and malaysianinsider journalists were also covering the event. in fact, they were given space in the media centre.
now, let's not beat around the bush. malaysianinsider is so anti-Najib, and so very critical of najib's administration. their writers/columnists are Pakatan bloggers or people very supportive or sympathetic of Pakatan.
malaysiakini, whatever news and views that matter, carry stories, columns,views and opinions that attack the government and the prime minister.
what? you think all that they carry is the truth?
americk says he doesn't think anwar is behind PI balan's tapes, that is the truth?
malaysiakini and malaysianinsider will continue be invited to cover Umno or BN events.

Pakatan Rakyat very clearly cannot take any kind of criticisms.

Man, you can't handle media criticims. as nuraina says. YOU ARE THE STATE GOVERNMENT.

sama-lah macam PENANG. Lim Guan Eng bans and boycotts NST because of ONE article he claims was NOT FAIR to him/DAP.

hantu paku

fadzly said...

so whats the different anon? PR seems no different from the previous BN gov.. good thing BN is now changing to accept the voice of rakyat.

Zainal A. Kasim said...


Agreed with the "stupid" remarks. The action was really stupid. And I don't like stupid officers or politician to manage my state of my country.

Sivaraman said...

This is the problem when people who are not qualified are given positions of power. If Ng does not like Utusan, then don't invite them to the event. Simple as that. Utusan might have their own agenda but that is their right. Pakatan should do an audit on all their people...yang tak ada standard tu, buang ajelah.


Anonymous said...

Truth be told - utusan is the world's most truthful newspaper and everything they write is very very true.Utusan should be promoted as the world's best newspaper.Percayalah semua.

Anonymous said...

That's because some people are more enlightened and discerning than others. You may call it unsporting or hypocritical or discriminating practice against mainstream pro-government media. But the big picture in the yonder, with due respect to Yazid's case, appear to suggest that the mainstream media has lost the plot, the people and the positive persuasion of the public sphere.

Anonymous said...

They say can, we say cannot,
Let's take over,
We say can, they say cannot,
Here we go again,
In the end all the same,
You and me don't get satu sen.

Apanama said...

Its transparency and Freedom of the Press - Pakatan Rakyat style.
Just watch, Pas would follow suit since they're now receiving greater publicity for the wrong reasons. When you expose their wrong doings, plain stupidy, croniym and nepotism then you're bad.
The 'new media', which helped them achieve the best electoral performance ever in 2008, are also being accused of being bias now.
It appears as though only Harakah, Suara Keadilan and Rocket are the authority for news in this country now.
Maybe leaders who are often ridiculed by those party mouthpieces should start suing them for defamation.
Drag them to court and teach them a lesson.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that PR supporters cannot accept other people's view?! You say Utusan carry misleading news, in the eyes of pro-BN, Malaysian Today is like a s***t and you will defend it with your life that its the good/correct news. But you miss the point, it is the right to have different views that is important, if you say that you champion freedom of the press, then let Utusan publish what in their view as right. If you can't accept that, then you are bias and not gentlemen. It must be two ways, if A can criticize B, then B should have the right to be able to criticize A too.


Din Merican said...


You should hold the other side to equal standards of responsibility and accountability. What do you expect them to do when it is well known that Utusan Malaysia is anti-the Pakatan Rakyat state government of Selangor and all that we in PKR and PR stand for. Salams

Din Merican said...

BTW did we kick out the reporters from the Star and NST?

Anonymous said...

Ng Yap Hwa might be stupid but if those like Din Merican also supports the action, I'd say that PR is a very intolerant party. Everyone must blindly support whatever is done by PR. Menyesal saya voted for PR dulu. Never again!

Syed Razak
Shah Alam

Anonymous said...

Syed Razak,

Ya, me too...never again!

Subang jaya

SSrahman said...

Ohhhhh like this lah !

Will a lady consent to haveing sex with a man known to be infected with AIDS ?

Anonymous said...

Whoa Ena....can't imagine SELPROA's Ng chasing away the Utusan journalist! So Penang and Selangor practise the same ideology. If the Press critise DAP then ban them and do not let them cover the events organised by the State.

Imagine at any point of time should all the mainstream media so happen to irk the Selangor and Penang government, then can we safely say that all of them shall be barred from attending any of the events organised by the respective state government? What happens then? Well the likely story is that they will say the mainstream media suppress their news, because the mainstream media are BN controlled.

Well Ena...all these people will twist and turn facts to their advantage.