Monday, November 23, 2009


It seems cyberstalkers are on the rise in Malaysia. And I imagine elsewhere in the world.

According to the NST, (quoting Cyber-Security Malaysia, an agency under the Science, Technology and Innovation Ministry), the number of cases in the first 10 months of the year had more than doubled to 151 from 72 last year.

Cyber-Security Malaysia says stalkers, among other things, harass netizens by sending rude messages or posting personal pictures without the consent of the owner (not necessarily nude ones), or abusing their email, blogs and social networking accounts.

The report is HERE.

Aah...we've all had our fair share of cyberstalkers. Some are harmless, really. Some are crazed and some are just plain nasty!

Occupational hazard, they say.


Chahya said...

I fear for our young children.

Anonymous said...

cyberstalkers ni memang menyukarkan kehidupan.

kalau dapat ditangkap, kita paksa depa pakai lingerie yang ada gps tu.

baru tau, tak bleh lari ke mana pun

Anonymous said...

Take it or forget it simply...just like that!!!

Anonymous said...

betul lah anon 11.54pm.

hukuman tak henti di situ sahaja.

lepas pakai lingerie gps, kita hantar pulak kat MACC untuk di siasat. tapi, jangan lupa, siang saja tau.

dah habis MACC, kita hantar ke egm-egm mca. hukum dia ambik meeting minutes. tak habis habis, bagi dia penat.

dahhabis semua, buang negeri, escorted by ronnie liu, jadi amah utk chinpeng kat siam.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous who said, "Take it or forget it simply... just like that!!!". It is a known fact, in Europe, for every reported case, there are at least 7 - 8 cases unreported. I believe it is because kids "take it" as you said it. The question is, should we take it? I guess what you are saying is, it is ok to be harassed and stalked. Take it like a man, "I am guessing you are a man". And live with it. How "simply" simplistic you are? An exemplary model of a good citizen, I am sur you are.