Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Awang Goneng In New Sunday Times

I'm happy to report that Awang Goneng AKA Wan Hulaimi is writing for the New Sunday Times.

This Sunday's will be his third contribution.

Wan Hulaimi -- writer, blogger -- lives in London with his wife, Zaharah Othman AKA Kak Teh and their four children.

Zaharah also writes for the NST.

Wan Hulaimi was a journalist with the NST, and was its London Correspondent nearly 30 years ago, during the time Zaharah and I started our career with the newspaper.

They have been living in London in all that time and raised their brood -- Hafiz, Rehana, Norhana and Taufiq.

Check out Hulaimi's columns : on History Resides Forever Between Pages Of Old Books and on The Travels Of Uncle Salim


Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


There's certain intimacy reading what's in solid print
Though electronic pages appear and disappear as in sprint
You can leaf through each page as though it's a splint
But paperless pages will leave you not even a fingerprint

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 101109
Tue. 10th Nov. 2009.

Old Fart said...

OMG, how did they survive without the protection of UMNO? Are they now not Malays anymore? Have they kept the faith? Without Malay rights and the protectors of Islam in the likes of UMNO and PAS and the occasional Zulkiflis and Hasan Alis has their faith been adulterated or contaminated? Have they "masuk" English?

If they are still very much Malay and Muslim then maybe I have been misled and misguided by all the UMNO and PAS propaganda that has led me to believe that Malays are such a vulnerable lot. This family's resilience in "remaining within the race" and remaining Muslims surely calls the bluff to UMNO's raison-de-tre as well as PAS! Also this family has obviously shown that they can survive the onslaught in a dog eat dog environment. They don't seem to need all the rights, benefits, advantages and so on...indeed they seem to have snubbed it all. I salute them!! Now I have to reassess my own thinking about Malays as ordered by UMNO and PAS!!

Anonymous said...

a friend of you is an enemy of me. ask that blogger to write in the london times and spare us his nonsense. nobody likes your grp



hoho...seorang pengecut.

patriot jawa johor said...

dear kak ina,
what have u done to the Old Fart that the racist elements in him come out to the surface in his above posting? I know, I know, he is going to say he is not attacking malays and muslims, he is just attacking umno and pas. well, too bad, i dont take it that way. thats old trick. people like bernard khoo and haris ibrahim do that too. use anything to run down malays and muslims. then blame it on umno or pas or whomever who tries to champion malays' and muslims' rights. I am sure like bernard and haris, the Old Fart will accussed me of being the real racist here. Well, I dont care lah. In the first place Kak ina, yr posting never even mentioned about the ethnic identity of the couple, why then must the Old Fart brought it up like that?

Old Fart said...

Patriot Jawa Johor, understand English or not?

patriot jawa johor said...

uncle old fart, i understand english la. if u take offence, tell me la why u must post in such a way. why suddenly u have to talk about the couple being malays. they r malaysians residing in uk n doing well not good enough ka? this one also want to politicise ka?

Fadhil said...

Salam Puan Ena,

Didn't expect a post about Awang Goneng can draw such comments.

Anyway, Kak Teh's latest blog entry has an old newspaper cutting about the story of young journalists joining the NST. The accompanying pic shows a certain owner of 3540 Jalan Sudin... :-)

Old Fart said...

Patriot Jawa johor

If you read what I wrote you'll see that I am actually proud of them. Hence my salutation. My disgust is the theme played by UMNO and PAS that make it sound like as if the Malay race is so handicapped that it cannot get up and walk without them. This family in the UK are amongst thousands of Malays and Millions who represent an anomaly to the lie that UMNO and PAS perpetuate to the Malays here. I am looking forward to reading this writer's articles as I am sure there are gems there that UMNO will find rather contradictory to its assumptions about those it wishes to save!!

patriot jawa johor said...

uncle old fart,
can u sometimes get off from politics once in a while? ppl like me are sick and tired of it la, especially, with having to put up with closet racists who claim to be friends of everyone but at the same time taking pot shots at muslims and malays. yr post above do sounds very much like one of those. if u actually didnt mean it to be so, n u r not one of them, then pls accept my most humble apology. in the meantime, pls once in awhile give us some respite from all these racial n political nonsense and let us just enjoy our togetherness simply as fellow malaysians.

Anonymous said...

Frankly, I don't know what the problem is. Here, if you work hard, you can make money. Do you know how difficult it is to make money in your mother lands. First, there's too many people. Hence, too much competition. Second, everyone works hard there so you can't shine. Don't you think things are better here?

Old Fart said...

Patriot Jawa Johor

O.k. I concede. Not necessary for the politicising of this post. There was nothing racist. Just the anger everytime I see the contradiction and the lie.

Anonymous said...

Dear Old Fart 10:05am.

apa la you ni.

aku ni melayu, muslim, duduk kat malaysia, satu habuk privillege aku tak dapat.

sekolah ke , hospital ke, beli kereta ke, beli rumah ke, berniaga ke, aku pakai BLOODY duit sendiri.

siapa kata umno pas bagi aku makan?

kena tindas lagi ada.

pegi bank nak pinjam seposen dua posen; kena ludah , lagi ada.

you should salute me, and 10 Millions of my friends and relatives, for being able to stand up and move on, here, right bloody here, in bumi malaysia.

We are the "privilleged and protected" malay and muslims here, who could still breathe, and maintain and protect our faith, IN SPITE OF, and not because of, the "protection and privillege".

apart from being virtual, fake and not-real; these "protections" from pas or umno, provides the LICENSE for non-malays, through their many mechanisms of DAP, Keadilan, MIC, MCA, Gerakan, Kuomintang, bla bla bla, to continuously hammer, haunt, and bully, the malays.

its like being given a condom full of holes. its like being given a safety helmet made of newspaper. and at times, its like being given a gun to go to war, minus the bullets.


tak payah generalize.

kalau nak hantam super privilleged mahadir, mukris and his families and clans, go ahead.

kalau kamu bukan hipokrit, hantam lah mereka yang sewaktu dengan nya, dari bodowi clans, KJ, Kali, to anwar pkr clans, to daim clans, to nik aziz and his inlaw clans, budak budak tingkatan empat and their in clans, zahid ibrahim and the likes, samy velu and the likes,ling liong sik, kheng yek, kong choi and the likes, bla bla bla; go ahead.

these are the privilleged people. the real "malays".

putting racial chauvinism aside, what privileges & protections, most malays on the street have (?), when facts and figures staring at us, list of people like YTL, ananda, vinct, kuok, lim, lee, tan, boon, mohan, lingam, bala,goh, loh, low, bla bla bla; are very much THE protected and privilleged kings and royalties of this very supposedly "protected" bumi and malay land?

more than anything, these "malay" protection schemes, and masks, and labels, are protecting the non-malays. strange, but it works out that way.

malaysian tycoons, are not like those in the west, or even, in china, where they build up from scratch, and from raw talents.

those malaysian non malay tycoons, are what they are today, most are GIVEN blue chips on silver platter, by the very "protector" of malays and islam, borrowing from your terms and labelling mechanisms of course.

most of them tak pandai sangat pun. average entrepreneurs at best. bagi kat katak dan monyet pun; business sedemikian boleh meletup.

me, a bloody malay, on supposedly living on a bloody "protected" malay land, STRUGGLE like shit, to survive.

me, a bloody "protected and privilled" malay muslim; can only watch and smile; while government tenders, lucrative deals, licenses, premium assets and lands, and business rights, are GIVEN to bloody "unprotected" and "bullied", and "victimised" bloody non malays.

kalau you kumpul semua jobs given to bloody pathetic "protected" malay muslim class D,E,F contractors yang buat parit dan longkang; KALAU KAU KALI SERIBU pun, kau tak dapat match dengan PEMBERIAN supposedly "malay and islam" protectors, kepada kuok, vincent, ytl, ananda, lim, loh, nam, lee, boon, chan, chua, teh, das, ling, velu, dan berdozen dozen,mereka yang sewaktu dengan nya.

Will the real "malays" please stand up?

tell you what, only revolution can wake these screwed up people and ingrate lots.

i can survive any day, better than here; NOT THE BLOODY OPPOSITE lah brader.

just because my ancestors graves are here, i have inclination to stay here, even though:

KERA BODOH, KERA JAHAT DAN KERA LUPA DIRI disusukan; while BLOODY STUPID AND UNDERPRIVILEGED anak sendiri di rumah, penyek, hancus, MATI MAMPUS kelaparan, kehausan, kehinaan.

-bangun lah anak anak, dah pagi-

Anonymous said...

"proud" of them? dont patronize lah dey..

Old Fart said...

Anonymoous 11.37

Hello read carefully what it is I said in the first comment la....Read one thing and interpret it another way and you go on your long sing song!!!

I am sure you'd like to think that what I said or intended to say is what you wrote. A position that you assume so that it can give you the adrenaline rush that you have.

You want to understand my position and regard for the Malay race read http://oldfart50.blogspot.com/2008_04_01_archive.html. Tehre is something else elsewhere too that I have written..can't recall where though..

Anonymous said...

I like the word Goneng. I shall use it from now on for instance,

"Saya nak goneng sama kamu."

"Eh, jangan goneng lah."

"Wow, gonengnya!"

"Don't goneng me o.k?"

tony leung said...

biasa la org macam old fart ni. racist yg anti-melayu dan anti-islam tapi berpura-pura liberal. claim konon-kononnya puji melayu dan islam tapi sebenarnya disebalik tu suka kalau dapat hina melayu dan islam. biasa la dia buat satu posting yg melayu suka letak la kat mana-mana, lepas tu gunakan untuk nampak macam orang baik baik bila nak tembak curi melayu. melayu yg konon-kononnya liberal tapi bebal percaya la. tapi ni trick lama. dah tak berapa laku. oi old fart, dah racist tu mengaku je la.

maria said...

interesting... hm, esp the comments u got! anyway, if anyone's interested in stories of old, try out this blog- http://www.tokwansalleh.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

Dear Nuraina,

That Anonymous at 3:47pm is a funny beast. I think you should count yourself lucky to have him as an enemy, not a friend. What kind of stupid logic is that? Your friend is his enemy? Can you really hate en bloc? So much hatred, he needs therapy. Dah lah English berterabur. Bad though he is and probably uneducated too, you can safely presume that he has good people among his friends. I don't know you and I disagree with what you say sometimes, but I count you as a friend. Better to love than to hate. And I'm sure that Anonymous is quite a sweet guy. I can take him as a friend too.

-Love is Better Than Hate