Saturday, November 07, 2009

Johor Bahru's Ninja Squad...

Johor Bahru's Ninja Squad, formed about three months ago, is said to have been very effective in curbing crimes like wayward robberies and snatch thefts, in the city.

The 16-man squad "patrol" JB's crime hotspots on their Kawasaki KLX250.

They got the name "Ninja" squad from members of the public, perhaps because they wear full-faced helmets as they go on their rounds.

Read the Star report HERE.

Well, we sure could do with a Ninja Squad in KL and PJ.

And perhaps, also give the Mat Rempits a real scare.


Anonymous said...

Please...we need some ninjas here in PJ to scare away mat rempit, gangster robbers and too fast too furious wannabes disturbing the peace.

I did see one ninja on a kawasaki near the KJ balai but dunno if he was a ninja. Did see a polis evo car patrolling at LDP maybe on da lookout for too fast too furious gangsters.

Please, if no ninja maybe we need askar. I think if askar come in they can control things in 2 weeks.
Nampak mat rempit, tembak.
Nampak perompak, tembak.
Nampak kereta gangster, tembak.

No buts, ifs, maybe, just tembak.
Dua minggu and you can go jogging at 5AM again.

Donplaypuks® said...

About time too in KL, Shah Alam, Kelang and Selangor generally!

Here we need about 50 such squads to exterminate the vermin once and for all!

Why is that with this Govt good iseas are always slow to be implemented?

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Johnny Ong said...

the ninja squad in jb is no match with the mat rempits bcuz they come in the dozens

wishediwaswong said...

If crooks had been impersonating policemen, what assuarance can we have that they might not ditto the ninjas? What with the full-faced helmets and all! Hate to see two ninja squads squaring it off on some busy streets with spectators not able to distinguish between the two. Anyway, wish the JB experiment a success.

Naz in Norway said...

Great! there should be such groups all around the country. No guns, only willingness to maintain peace.

Anonymous said...

padanlah i saw some hari tu at melawati, on brand new KLX 250.

young, very fit, very sharp, very ready looking plainclothes policemen. closer to army looking than police looking lads.

waaahh! barulah mat rempit ada kawan to match.

kalau yang dah boncet gemok gemok, tak payah lah bang. yang tak fit suruh jaga balai je :-)

keep it up brothers

-KLX hardcore rider-

ڤنا مينڠ / PENA MINANG said...

Maybe after this we can call this team as a YAKUZA....HEHEHEHEH

Sivaraman said...

The main thrust of law enforcement should be prevention. All PDRM has to do is to place policemen in uniform in as many places as possible. The mere presence of a uniformed policeman (the more the better) will discourage any potential wrongdoer. This also includes those who violate traffic rules like illegal parking, jumping traffic lights and dangerous driving. In Brickfields where every traffic offence imaginable is committed, policemen and RELA volunteers are more interested in stopping and checking foreigners for documents while a double parking offence is happening right under their noses. Not very convincing is it? Kalau macam ini, siapa nak takut polis?

Regards, Siva

Anonymous said...

We are at war, i.e., war againts crime, against foreign illegals. Therefore we should deploy our armed forces personel to take care of our safety. Better still, deploy the commandos.

But make sure they get 2 months bonus for doing someone else' job.
No, I am not talking about the police job.

I am talking about the immigration dept; they simply issue visa to foreigners, and many end up at prostitute dens or simple disaapeared. I am talking about local councils; they issue all sort of business licences, but never monitor the premises business activities. Also about higher education ministry; they bring in all sorts of africans camouflage as students. The finance ministry too; they give out govt construction jobs, but never monitor if the contractors employ legal migrant workers. Also the customs dept; how can drugs and firecrackers can be smuggled into this country.

Errrr, i am talking about the entire govt itself laaa then. Our govt should be run by a military junta, sure safe punya.


selampit said...

I hereby support our government's move to put motorcycled ninjas on our streets.

Put the damn ninja turtles for all I care. As long as our streets are safe from rogue criminal elements and road bullies.

Seriously, the way things are right now, we need 'Dirty Harry' style cops roaming our streets; you know, the kind that pack BIG-ASSED guns and say charming phrases like "go ahead punk, make my day" to criminals and psychopaths.

Zubaidah said...


Going out of topic a bit ya. What do you think about religion kat Singapore berbanding Malaysia, since you got family kat Singapore? Boleh bagi komen skit?? Cuz I read this blog citer pasal Singapore punya religious tolerance lagi mantap dari kita punya

Hayden Ahmad said...

Check out NST's story in the regional Johor Streets pullout, many months ago. Story by by Jassmine Shadiqe

"THE men in blue are now the heroes in green. The public has dubbed them the "Ninja Crime Fighters." Dressed in fluorescent green vests and full protective gear, they patrol the streets in green Kawasaki KLX 250cc dirt bikes, their faces hidden behind full-faced helmets...."

Anonymous said...

these police ninja squad is still very weak,lame and may not be effective.

we better learn from china.

china is what she is today, strong, stable, rich, powerful; because china is applying effective methods.

we better learn from china. i believe everyone here agrees with me.

just look at china today. From the west to the east, north to south, nations applaud, and bow down in respect. Kudos to china!

while we are talking about PDRM ninja squads, about PDRM summoning & interviewing bloggers, about PDRM running around chasing RPK,and spending sleepless nights monitoring other wannabe(s); china tell us right in the face; thats not how to do it!

the great news today; china successfully EXECUTE 9 uighurs chinese rebel, lead demonstrators, and opposition leaders; 2 mongolian tibetan chinese rebel and separatist, and 2 fanglun dong chinese activists, demonstrator leaders, for spewing out hate anti government slogans and campaigns.

They were all sentenced as traitors, enemies of the country, and saboteurs of national peace and stability.

live by the sword, die by the sword indeed...

the rest of the great nations' leaders, agree, it is for greater good.

malaysian government should learn something here.

some of the anti government bloggers really see PDRM and the government as a joke and weak. too friendly.

Is China Setting Global Standards?

Chinese passports and citizenship, anyone?

-wow indeed-

Anonymous said...

I've been meaning to bring this up for sometime. These ninjas are here to go after mat rempit / snatch thief etc, right? Seems like mat rempit / snatch thief is such a problem. They have been around for years and yet there seems to be no end. They seem to be everywhere, in huge numbers and the problem never ending.

Well, here's the thing. Ever notice how fast 'tow truck' cars come when there's an accident? Sometimes, it's just takes less than 5 minutes for them to come. How do they know there's an accident? Personally, i think there's an 'eye in the sky'. If this is the case, how come the mat rempit remain so elusive?

My question is, what's really going on here?

patriot jawa johor said...

apa la kak ina ni.
that police ninja story came out in NST long before Star did it la. Well, never mind. Really, as i said before, police are doing their best here in johor. They do have problems but I think they are not that too bad.
as for the anon who think we should emulate china, well, i dont think the champions of human rights and freedom of expression, particularly in pakatan agree with u. I pun tak agree la. in china, u dont toe the line, most likely u ll end up with a bullet at the back of your head la. where got demokrasi like that one. and in case u ever visit rural china, do check out their communal toilets there. i bet after that u ll change yr mind about china being the greatest of all countries.


hayden, patriot jawa johor;

my apologies for re-publishing the Star report instead of NST's earlier article.

So...yay! NST was there first..:-)



hsien loong said it as it is. but does his speech indicate that the singapore govt is doing a better job of handling race and religion (than the malaysian govt)? Maybe.
but it is a speech.
if anything, it shows that the singapore govt is strong, means business. it tells the religious leaders that this is what we want, so follow. which, sure...the malaysian govt should be doing. don't play to the gallery or try to be popular.
from his speech, i can't tell if "religious tolerance in singapore lagi mantap" dari in malaysia.

In this country, we are beyond tolerance. we accept the diversity.
and in this dynamic country of ours where people can speak their mind against anyone, including the prime minister, BN and opposition leaders -- you will surely find bigots and so forth.

imagine, if a malaysian leader gives the same speech, we'd go -- "yeah, right."
orang lain berucap, kita tepuk dan sokong. kalau pemimpin kita berucap (yang sama), kita langsung tak percaya, penuh sinis.

zubaidah. i have lived here for a very long time. our environment is different from that in singapore.
singapore's success wasn't overnight.the island republic is where it is today because it is governed efficiently, effectively.

the price for such a high level of economic success is "some" restraining on freedom. sometimes, the price you pay for exercising your freedom, is imprisonment...sometimes it is with all your money.

Anonymous said...

Every country got its good and bad. Sure Singpore has better this and that, yada yada. But where in Singapore can you ludah whenever and wherever you want? Here, in good 'ol Malaysia, you can just wind down your car window and spit out, just clear out your nostrils and throat when you feel like it buddy. And where in Singapore can you drive and park so creatively? In Malaysia, we can realise our dream of being formula 1 race car drivers, dare-devils and hells-angels. Where there's a road, you can park. To me, Singapore is too clean. Nothing like a whiff of dirtiness walking along the roads of KL and PJ. It makes me feel human.

I love Malaysia no matter how dirty and unruly it has become.


Anonymous said...

dear patriot jawa johor,

sometime, when your computer got too many virus, beyond help, you just have to re-set. brutal power off.

no anti virus can help.

malaysia needs to re-set, and re-boot.

some people just dont comprehend and value diplomacy, tolerance, compassion, and compromise, until they lose it.

those who rides on political "masks" to shake and sabotage the country, the peace and harmony we build over blood sweat and tears, needs to be rooted out.

these saboteurs, and enemies of the country, forgot, that some things are above and beyond politics.

somethings are simply above and beyond labels of BN, or UMNO.

human being are not just political beings. we are complicated and complex being. super fine creation, with super abilities.

to those who are in the path to destroy, to damage, to sabotage, to ruin, to break; dont play with fire.

the blood, the sweat, the tears, the sacrifices, of men women and children, of warriors, soldiers, and the police force, home guards, ordinary unsung & unnoticed heroes, workers and nation builders, for the past hundreds of years, to keep this country standing, alive, peace and harmony as it is today, is not for nothing.

not in vain.

dont wake the sleeping ....

-wow indeed-

Anonymous said...

when people like bernard khoo, ronnie liu, and the likes; enjoying their chilled beers, in the comfort of their homes and their grand nation-saboteurs' club pubs and meeting places;

there are those who live and sleep on dirt and mud, rain or shine, along side creepy crawlies, leeches and wild animals, living on rations of biscuits and cold simple food, for months in a year, away from their families and children; securing the nation, upholding its sovereignty, keeping the flag upright.

to keep the nation standing. to keep it rolling.

so that ordinary citizens can sleep at night, go to work in the morning, children go to school, without fear...

these are no politicians. don't understand politicians double-twisted tongues and don't play their games.

to those who put the flag upside down; in the cyberworld, or in their hearts and minds;

is spitting right in the face of these people, who sacrifice their life and soul, for the country.

never think, for one split seconds, that it goes unnoticed....

-jangan main api-

Anonymous said...

Pity that the services of people like my brother, a Malaysian commando, usually goes unnoticed, especially by people who complain but will be the first NOT to help in case of an emergency that threatens human life. Why? Sebab pandai cakap saja. They are just coffee shop warriors. You can find lots of them at warong kopi or tailored coffee shops complaining and whinning. However, people like my brother are very skilled and effective at their job and are not the least bit hurt by warong kopi warriors. His response is usually 'Blog? Apa itu blog? Oooh, taip menaip...macam duduk kat warong kopi la kalau tak ada kerja...kalau dulu kita panggil coffee shop talk'

Teenage Mutant Ninja Lipas

Anonymous said...

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