Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Mother's Anguish -- Elis' Blog

A few days ago, I posted about Elis Syuhaila Mokhtar -- the 34 year-old whose little boy was taken by her ex-husband to Belgium.

Elis started a blog today. I would too, I'm sure.

I discovered this when I found her comment in my posting about her.

Her blog is simply named : "Bring Back Ferris To Malaysia".

"....tell me, how do i live without him?" -- Elis asks. You feel her anguish. Her pain.

This is her posting:

"I've been in the newspapers for last 8 months...i have one thick file of them, included police reports. After 2 years, i've been struggling for my son's custody, Alhamdulillah... finally, yesterday, i have granted by the Syariah High Court for Ferris' full custody.
But Ferris wasn’t there. All I got only just a piece of paper which I hope will be the authorization to get Ferris back to me.

He just 5 years old and he is Malaysian born. He had been taken away by his Dutch father since March 03, 2009. I haven’t seen Ferris ever since, until today. No news, NOTHING! I don’t know where he is and how he is.
I AM MISSING HIM for every fraction seconds. I’m desperately needs HELP me to bring Ferris Mokhtar back to Malaysia, and to me.

“We have police, immigration, Wisma Putra and Interpol to protect Ferris not to be taken away by his father if he intends to take Ferris away from Malaysia..” that was what Judge has promised me on Feb 03, 2009, the day i have to let Frank has Ferris for a week.

I have obeyed the Malaysian Law. I trust my country for my son's life.
Now, Ferris is gone. No one cares about it. And I want to claim the promises. Please help me!"

Do read her blog...


Anonymous said...

I feel so sorry for you. My advice to you is to get as much publicity in the media as possible. This may get someone in the Malaysian government to help.

Anonymous said...

And the judge said...we have immigration, police, wisma putra and interpol to protect the son should the father want to take him away. How much you want to bet that the father was greeted by a smiling lady at the boarding gate at KLIA and was asked 'Ooooh, how cute your son is...right this way sir!'

adf55650 said...

I can feel the pain she's going through. She has every rights to feel so but her last line in the posting seems inappropriate. She shouldn't have said "no one cares". We do care but the law is not something like 'cash 'n carry'.
Be patient ok. The authorities are doing what they can. In the meantime pray and keep on pestering legal channels. We'll all do the dame with her

Anonymous said...

You talk about only one child taken away. But you dont't even bother to write about a mother who gave paraquat to four children. You............



I what?

i don;t care for the mother who poisoned her kids???

Anonymous said... only care about the this itchy woman who has a dutch man.

why don't you write about the police killing 5 indian men and now one of the dead men's sister poisoned herself and kids?

sudahlah you racist. to hell with you !

Can't stand you

Salt N Turmeric said...

Kak Ena, I feel for that lady and to others who had been or are in this situation just like the Tganu prince case. Why is it that some people think they have more right than the other parent? Be it the husband or the wives. You married that person and have a child/children together so share them equally.

I agree with adf55650 abt the last part. I know she is heartbroken but accusing others of not caring is uncalled for. Ppl can easily say, "You married him. Your choice so now you're blaming other people?".

patriot jawa johor said...

dear kak ina
some of yr commentators (like anon 9.40) r really....sorry, i cant find a proper word to describe them. i had promised myself not to use vulgar words in yr blog...

Anonymous said...

anon 9.40pm;

i don't care for the mother who gave paraquat to her children. My pity is to her children who suffered a painful death, and the ones who survive but still in pain.

For those who have yet to marry, think before you do so. Its not easy to settle down and have kids, regardless of where your spouse is from. Forget about Holland, my friend divorced his wife after a few years of marriage; and they are from the same town, of the same race, and both are lawyers (sama-sama pandai bertikam lidah la tu). We live in a global village. Intercontinental marriage is common; failure of this kind of marriage is also common. The viets and the filipinos experienced this 30 years ago. There are thousands of mix breed offsprings in those countries. They have no parents, no relatives, no culture, no identity, and no souls.

And if you child grows up to be a criminal, and gets gunned down by the police, don't blame the police, but blame yourself. The society demands that the police kill these criminals; there are too many of them.


Anonymous said...

My sympathy to Eli and hopefully she will be able to unite with her son, i also hope she would be able to discuss this matter with her ex husband whom she had love long time ago. But I don't understand why when family problems occurred such like this , we are quick to blame government and seek government help. Family problem like this might lead to diplomatic problems of both country if government intervene. MAYBE what can be done now, enquire from the did he come to his promise and how he ensure the promise will be performed. I,m sure if lawfully restriction had reach Immigration Dept, the ex hubbyy wont be easilyly escaped with their son. I,m sure we always come across a hiccup in syariah court proceeding and outcome.

By Sarah

Suci Dalam Debu said...


You can have compassion for all but it is just impossible to plead for all.

There is too much suffering in this world and at times, I too suffer from compassion fatigue.

In this particular case, the mum is in Malaysia but there was one time when the kids were kidnapped from Australia and the courts then gave the custody rights to the father who is a royal of the Terengganu family.

It is not going to be the first case neither is it going to be the last. Nevertheless, I feel sorry for all parties, mum, dad and the children.

In Malaysia, the kid will have to grow up as a muslim whether he likes it or not. With his dad, he can choose to be what he wants when he becomes an adult and who knows, might turn out to be a very good muslim and then seek out his mum here.

Allah swt works in mysterious ways. Itu dah takdir.

Itu Kilang Punya Jaga said...

The chief priest of Malaysia's Sikhs explains how the word 'Allah' has been used in their scriptures since it was written hundreds of years ago.

He says people who try to impose restrictions or obstruct others, like Sikhs, from using the word 'Allah' either do know the truth, or do not want to know the truth.

He shows several lines as examples from the Sikh Holy Book where the word 'Allah' is used.

To watch this amazing video, click sini.

So Kak Ina, what's your views now on the matter?

Anonymous said...

wow, after i read this, its entirely different story!!

whats going on here ms elis. is this true?

if it is, i have no feelings for you. better son goes to daddy....

scary lah these women nowadays

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for some poor Indians but look at the Chinese, some of them were very poor but worked hard and became rich.

Those who commit crime must be punished. If you go around town like a gangster, shooting, robbing raping, can you blame the authorities for shooting at you? It would be absurd if these gangsters didn't get what they deserve. Why don't you let me in your house, i shall rob you, etc. Whouldn't you also feel angry.

Think before you write or accuse.

Anonymous said...

Sikhism is a blend of both Hinduism and Islam. This was done by the Sikhs because they lived in an area between Hindus and Muslims. Thus, they assimilated both religions making it thier own. This was done so both Hindus and Muslims would look upon the Sikhs favourably. So, it would be no surprise if thier texts had reference to both religions.

Anonymous said...

as a divorced mother i share elis's anguish. i am not sure i can stand not knowing where my children are. but that said i am not sure i want my ex to have the same experience either. because of this i decided to do what is best for my children i.e to stay on in the country that they are borned, near their father so he can visit them should he ever decide to exercise his visit rights. i have full custody and could have taken the children back to msia if i want to. i may want it but my children might not and they are still too young to decide for themselves. i put myself in my ex's shoes, how would i feel being away from my children and seing them only occasionally. wouldn't be fair for him. i want to raise my children as muslim as well but i have decided that raising them as muslims can be done in any country as long as you as the mother live the part. i miss my family and wish i could return home to msia but the children's welfare is more important. for other couples on the brink of divorce, please give your children feelings due consideration, divorce each other but don't divorce your children of their father or mother.


Anonymous said...

wahh papacanai, you said it all.

veli wisely said.

of course, that works assuming the divorce happen in good faith, in good conditions, between two good people who cant live with each other anymore, no one cheating one another etc, and no mental conditions lah.

i hope elis can enlighten us with what the hubby said in his blog. betul ke?

its good to hear both side of stories lah

Anonymous said...

the child has better life & future with his dutch daddy there than dis corrupted land with 56/180 index !
madam, why dun u give in & join them living there for the sake of love 4 your son !?

Anonymous said...

The one thing I have noticed in asian countries is the bias we have towards women and their issues until it is too serious. The prelevance is even more in case of islamic countries, where the problems are even more rampant (not that I am biased against islam or islamic people). Only brute force is something that will make people realize that this lady is saying something sensible. People do not understand the power of positive intelligence and good intention.
The only thing that she can do is just be relentless in her pursuit. She cannot buck under pressure.
The toll shouldnt come on to her. Once she breaks, everything will fall apart.
well, the husband has nothing else to prove about her lah..doing such that obviously showing his failure being a muslim husband!
dear ms Elis, now you are a soldier, not just a mother. There is a difference and I know you know it all.
all the best!

Anonymous said...

huh. nice style.

Anonymous said...

great post. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did you learn that some chinese hacker had hacked twitter yesterday again.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I know a little story from the itchy woman you are all addressing to. She is the 'gila-gila' type. That's why she married a 'mat saleh'.But unfortunately her husband dated her online to find himself the 'last malay woman' that is obedient. She on the other hand just wanted to get 'out'! But then when they got married, she realize she married 'the last malay man of BELGIUM' and got stuck again and wanted out! My advice if you want to be 'gila-gila' and pulling stunts like this make sure you married a local and have no children !!!

Anonymous said...

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