Monday, August 11, 2008

Zulkifli Noordin Not Under ISA Detention...

I got a text message over the weekend that Zulkifli was arrested by police. No one mentioned ISA, though. Obviously, I must have missed something because, according to Bernama (today), the police have dismissed a rumour that Zulkifli who is Kulim-Bandar Baharu Member of Parliament, had been detained under the Internal Security Act on Saturday night.

Deputy Inspector-General of Police Ismail Omar was quoted to have said that it was a rumour probably started by irresponsible people.

Ismail said police would investigate the Internet blogs said to have published news of the alleged detention.

Zulkifli, 46, of Parti Keadilan Rakyat, was among the people who had gathered to protest the Bar Council's forum on conversions to Islam here on Saturday.


Anonymous said...

he is the fanatic fighter for his religion thinking by doing so that his tuhan will appreciate & let him go to heaven to have fun with 70 virgins, fat hope ! cheh !

Rockybru said...

the deputy IGP did not say whether Zul was picked up or not! he should have because that's the most important thing people want to know. was the YB picked up?

didnt help that zul has not been picking up his phone ...

the witch's broo said...


we got s similar sms too. wonder what are the blogs that have been posting the ISA detention.

but why spend the time and energy to be going after those blogs?

Anonymous said...

He is probably in his cave awaiting his next set of orders from Osama bin Laden.

Or is on the way to Guantanamo Bay.

Nostradamus said...

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CKGord said...

Awww. Religion problem again. Interfaith dialogs must be done when Muslims are ready.

Malaysian Malaysia said...

Is the Polis investigating who were behind 2 funny looking bottles left infront of Bar Council main entrance?

Who premeditated the 2 molotov at Sharirat ‘ bungalow ?

Related to UMNO or Zulkifli , Sallahudin? Confusing ?

Lets see what transpires ?

Anonymous said...

Probably YB Zul was told to lie low until everybody forgets the incident. Doesnt it ring a familiar in here just like the BN? After we all, we Malaysians mudah lupa ( quote borrowed from Che Det 'Melayu Mudah Lupa). hehehehe


Anonymous said...

he is the fanatic fighter for his religion thinking by doing so that his tuhan will appreciate & let him go to heaven to have fun with 70 virgins, fat hope ! cheh !

"memang dasar kafir............."

Anonymous said...

Lately we have witnessed a number of disappearance cases. We have Bala and the Pusrawi doctor. It doesn't help that the Police isn't interested to shed light. Like in the latest case involving Zulkifli Noordin. Rocky said Police neither denied nor confirmed that Zul has been picked up. What's so difficult to do this. It only stengthens the suspicion that the Police are not behaving professionally. Don't blame the public for harbouring such suspicion. Are we in a land of a powerful dictatorial monarchy like some countries in Africa? Well I hope not.

frm: longing for freedom

Anonymous said...

Of course Zul is not under ISA. The whole thing is a setup. That BAR forum is a tool use by UNMO to recruit fanatics like Zul to join UNMO. It is exactly like UNMO recruiting the Mat Rempits. They wants this activities to go on and they can pick up people like Zul. Once recruited these fanatics will obey their masters ready to be unleash. Zul may probably end up in UNMO's command like Saiful.


Da Real Deal said...

Why should the police pick him up? Check the law. Who were more seriously in defiance of it? The ones inside or the ones outside?

It'd be a shame when the peace that we are accustomed to like being free to enjoy our teh tarik outside with our friends and relatives without disturbances or threats of violence is no more because of a couple of Indians in the Bar Council trying to make a name for themselves.

These pariahs try to twist their tongues by saying they have no issue with the article in the constitution when clearly their agenda stated that they wanted that particular article revisited.

Always thier kind causing trouble in this country.

Anonymous said...

sorri...SORRI, anwar ! your illusive pm minpi is over ! thanks kulim mp for the true color been exposed, t.kasih ! there are many
many latent ones like him in disguised & once when...NO..if u =
pm one day, with PAS = more muslims
than the nons & as 'agama islam' is concerned, NO compromise lah !!
lks+son, kapal+son ...awas..awas..!
dun be trapped man !! awas..awas..!
i'm no BN supportor juga !

Anonymous said...

agamas are 'the stumbling BLOCKS'
( plot & evil plan by the prince of darkness !) towards ' peace & joy' of mankinds ! awas...awas...awas...!!
humans oh humans, still zzz zz ah ?wake up lah !
PEACE be upon all : muslims & non muslims, amen !

Anonymous said...

1. sekarang orang Melayu tidak lagi nampak mana-mana parti sebagai pejuang nasib orang Melayu. Hak orang melayu semakin terhakis.

2. sekarang orang Melayu tidak lagi nampak mana-mana parti sebagai pejuang agama islam. Agama islam semakin tercabar secara terbuka.

3. kemana perginya parti yang kononnya pejuang nasib orang Melayu. Kemana perginya parti yang kononnya pejuang agama islam. Melayu semakin bingung.

4. Melayu cuma bijak berbalah sesama sendiri. Orang lain memang lama menunggu peluang ini. Melayu masih lagi belum sedar.

5. Melayu resah-gelisah dan tak tau arah akan haluan yang nak dituju. Melayu semakin bimbang.

6. Jangan salahkan orang lain bila bumi dipijak, milik orang. Melayu semakin hilang segala-galanya.

7. sekarang sampai masanya, mencari titik persamaan, orang melayu mesti kembali bersatu.


Anonymous said...

missing missing : 1) bala & family, 2) zul the kulim mp, & 3)
dun knowyet !

Anonymous said...

hey, saw a postor somewhere :

WANTED : bala, doktor & mp kulim
( dead or alive !)
REWARDS : negotiable !! (16.8.08)

Anonymous said...

latest offer : rewards for catching this mp of kulim :
70 virgins or
one saifool (only been sodomised ONCE & not 8 kali salah tersebut oleh pemberita, maaf) !

Anonymous said...

aiyah, these people including kulim & one PAS mps plus 3,4 hundreds of illegal fanatic thugs have made a mistake shouting & demostrating against the BRA Co. which was actually discussing what types of bras (bajudalam) a muslim & a non muslim woman should wear in order to seduce ( mca yen yen said one, not i ah! ) the husbands or boys lah !! cheh, what a fuss !
that's why kulim & the PAS mps malu
besar & hide themselves dun-know- where lah..may be 'commit su..'..oh
...cannot be so serious one ....!!

Anonymous said...

yes i want him arrested under the ISA!