Sunday, August 03, 2008

Safe Seat For Anwar?

Of course! Because it is his.

If I were Anwar Ibrahim, I'd return to my very own kawasan. Wouldn't you?

So, what's the big deal?

Besides, that was the plan anyway.

I know some other constituencies were mentioned but, aah....that's just uttered because people kept making speculations. More fun to keep people guessing when in fact, there was no need to speculate.

So, Anwar is a coward for wanting to contest in Permatang Pauh?

Oh, come on. Tell me which politician wants to contest in a seat he'd sure to lose?

I know that if I were a party leader, I'd fix politicians by throwing them in constituencies in which they'd be slaughtered.

No-brainer, man. Every politician will contest in his home-ground -- Tun Dr Mahathir in Kubang Pasu, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in Kepala Batas, Najib Abdul Razak in Pekan, Shahrir Samad in Johor Baru .../ and the list goes on.

Of course, there are exceptions.

Anyway, Anwar was quoted by blogger Anil Netto to be "willing to contest in any Umno stronghold including Kepala Batas, Abdullah Badawi’s parliamentary seat, which is just 15 minutes’ drive from Permatang Pauh."

Read it HERE.

I suppose Anwar meant that he'd do that if there was a general election anytime soon.

Right now, it's a home-coming. So, yes Permatang Pauh is very very safe for Anwar because it is very much his.

Next question -- who will be Umno's candidate?

Anwar's former protege and now adversary -- Ezam Mohd Nor?

Do you see anyone else willing to be, er....slaughtered?


Anonymous said...

what do you expect from SIL?

he thought rembau is a safe seat but did he win on merit despite all the networking and machinery as well as money?

next election, come to stand in PJ. I guarantee ou one thing, SIL, you will go back to Rembau with your tail between your legs.

Anonymous said...

I think the opponent should Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah so that she, upon winning the seat, can vacate it for her husband to contest in a by-election. Only then can TDM claim that "my wife will do the same thing." Otherwise this claim will remain a claim!

-- Don't Just Claim

Anonymous said...

Why does Datuk Najib stand in Pekan, Pahang and not say Lembah Pantai or Ipoh ?

Anonymous said...

2.uncle pet.
3.ezam the desperado

Anonymous said...

I wud strongly recommend BN to select one of the following to face Anwar: Saiful aka Sinful, Ezam, Chandra Muzaffar aka Chandrasekaran Pillai, Musang Hassan, Gani Setail, Umi Hafilda (not sure if Azmin agrees with me), Augustin Paul aka chocolate Hacks and many others......

from: headhunter

Old Fart said...

Who ever Barisan puts out to contest the seat, this contest will not be about Anwar Ibrahim and the BN contestant. It will be about whether the people have bought into UMNO's and BN's main selling points since 8 March.

With over 60% Malays in the constituency, have the BN convinced them that Malay unity is so crucial and that can only be showcased if they voted BN?

To the non-Malays, Do you really buy into the Pakatan promise?

UMNO has for long sold the idea that governance has to come from them. For 5 months now Penang has been under DAP. Penang has not paralysed into impotence. Despite everything Penang is still going on. The Penang State employees are still being paid theri salaries and those who have since retired are still getting their pensions.

Now, the fear that might have been hovering in everyone's head that without BN everything will collapse may now be lessened. Does that mean that both Malays and non-Malays might be encouraged to vote with their conscience rather than allow fear to lead them?

After all in 1999 it was the threat of another May 13 that got the Chinese to revert to supporting BN. In the last week prior to GE2008 and even on the day of the elections there was an attempt to instil fear by the PM and Deputy PM. Somehow it did not work.

Do UMNO and the BN want to know now for certain that the people don't buy their ruse anymore? Does UMNO want to know that they cannot really speak on behalf of the Malays anymore? Does UMNO really want to know that the non-Malays too have abandoned them?

Well, if they want to know, they can contest this by-election against Anwar. They stand to lose badly, and a lot of assumptions that they depend on to continue with some of their policies might overnight be trashed into oblivion. Badawi will be forced to change a lot of policies nearly two years before his intended retirement.

As it stands UMNO continues with its attitude only because its assum,ptions have not been tested. Fair enough they got a beating on 8 March. But looking at their attitudes it would seem like they are still holding on to their attitudes which are afterall sustained by assumptions.

Do UMNO really want to know what the people think of the allegation of sodomy against Anwar? Well, they can contest and find out.

Somehow, I get this feeling, UMNO might realise they might be better off arguing that this by-election is a total waste of taxpayer money, and may just hand the seat over to Anwar. This way, they retain their assumptions, and they can go on doing what they want to do. They can still arrest Anwar after that and charge him even though he may now be a member of parliament.

Anonymous said...

Kak Ina,
Kak Ina bolehkah Orang seperti bapaku di calonkan? untuk dijodohkan bertanding dengan DSA? CV:
Orang Melayu yang cukup umur.Orang lain ketuanan Melayu. Tetapi, bapaku ketowkeyan cina.Pengundi di Permatang Pauh.Tidak ada memiliki walau sekangkang tanah.Tidak ada memiliki rumah.Tidak ada sejarah rasuah. Tidak pernah terkait dengan kisah skandal.Tak lama lagi akan pencen. Pangkat rendah.Menetap di permatang Pauh.Disebuah desa terpinggir, di pinggir RM8 dan RM9.
Adalah seorang yang makan gaji.
Mula berkhidmat dengan pemerintah sejak Umur 25 tahun.
Tak pandai berbohong dan penganut Islam Hadhari.Hidup atau Mati tidak ada nilai dan tiada Insuran nyawa.

Lee said...

That DSAI will win is a foregone conclusion.The question is how big is the win going to be!As for the BN candidate for the bye-elecion, it cannot be Ezam as he has lost his credibility with his Gerak bullshit.Saiful will lose his deposit.The 2-time loser to DSWA will definitely become a 3-time loser.If it is to be a credible battle between UMNO and DSAI it has to be the UMNO Bahagian head !

Anonymous said...

Ezam will take it if offered. Because he would not get another opportunity to contest anywhere else as UMNO would not let him.
But I'm sure he would lose his deposit.

Anonymous said...

no by-election for dsai lah within 60 days cos he be arrested & charged soon ! case pending & postponing till GE13. IF he is nominated vs bn, then disqualified
so winner is bn lah !! hahaha!


Unknown said...

It is amazing that some people still believe in AI.

He is the ONE who is always claiming this and that, not Tun - Tun has delivered many times over.

BN should just give it to AI on a silver platter and then arrest him and let him be judged in OPEN court.

AI is convicted criminal for corruption and abuse of power although his sodomy charges was overturned by Pak Lelah - who is now suffering the repercussions.

So many of AI's former CLOSE friends are turning their backs on him and we still have DIE-hard fans clamouring he's innocent??

Saudagar Mimpi said...

Not to mention the statements made by some of the stupid politikus over the safe seat. Even the former protege pun dgn muka tak malu meng-offer-kan dirinya dgn harapan akan diletakkan sebagai calon di sana...

Anonymous said...

Yeah baby, sock it to 'em!! ;-)

amoker said...

It is just a spin by mainstream media and UMNO. I think nobody in UMNO will be the candidate. They all talk, but nobody have guts to take him on .. like the dabate. Ezam talked big but he has never won. Chandra Muzaffar is another one who talked about his Bandar Razak days to justify his position. Reezal Neena Merican can come out of his "Malay NGO" shell and really use an UMNO flag.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

No seat is to be considered safe
Till you actually get to sit on it
Even if you have a soul that's brave
To openly contest and claim "That's it!"

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 030808
Sun. 3rd Aug. 2008.

Anonymous said...

Ezam's opinion interesting

''Kalau betul dia pendekar dia tak menyorok di kawasan selamat. Kalau dia pendekar dia sepatutnya pergi ke tempat paling sukar untuk menang dan di situlah tempat dia turun dan bertanding," katanya dalam ceramah perdana anjuran UMNO Bahagian Shah Alam di sini malam tadi. Utusan Aug 3

Its a free country. Not that anyone can easily "assassinate" him if he contest on difficult constituency.

Anonymous said...

Dear Madam,
I am getting more and more convinced that you are far less credible than your honourable father.
This posting should not been posted in the first place. It is not an issue.
The worst thing is , I can smell your inclination. But not brave enough to announce it. Why not? Nothing wrong with being sided.

Anonymous said...

Anil Netto didn't say Anwar Ibrahim will be willing to contest in Kepala Batas.

Anwar Ibrahim himself said it!

Watch his speech here.

Please refer to primary sources whenever possible please!!

Anonymous said...

I will let you in on a little secret:

Dr. Mahathir will stand as an independent candidate in Permatang Pauh to stop Anwar.

Wait and see.

Khairulnizam Bakeri said...

Even funnier when Noh Omar labeled Anwar as not 'Anak Jantan' for picking Permatang Pauh as his battlefield. Adoi.

Anonymous said...

umno candidate, who ? aiyah, NO NEED lah cos sure lose one, dun WASTE our hard-earned bloody money !

malaysianlover said...

Kuat betul sokongan u kat DSAI.

You know what most of us don't know; or
You don't know what most of us know...

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

If i were from P.Pauh.
I am 100% for Anwar to contest and rises as a phoenix here.
On his own tuft and on his own home ground .
Indeed happy and glad that Anwar is contesting .

Anonymous said...

Ezam? No.
The people dont want him. Most UMNO diehards will say why him? He has been UMNO member for a few months only. Only those whose agenda is to solely kill Anuar's
coming back to power is using Ezam.

The next best candidate to go against Anuar is that Nordin Kardi guy. (Did I get his name right?)

At least now he can confidently debate against Anuar on the oil price hike since he now he know what IPP is all about!!!




i don't respond to comments on my postings except on Tuesdays With Bapak.

What I write is usually what I think about a certain issue.

Perhaps, different people read it differently.

So, some people would accuse me of supporting this person or that person.

I know, though, that I will not attack anyone without any basis. Sometimes I maybe wrong. ANd when I am, I apologise.

I'm non-partisan. Besides, I know all the players at a personal level.

It's clear to me that the self-confessed, self-proclaimed liberals among us are the most fiercely intolerant of views that differ from theirs.

it's clear to me too that people expect me to show whose side i'm on.

I do not judge you if your views differ from mine. I'd criticise you only if you criticise me for expressing my views.

if you think my views suck. that's ok. but if you judge me on my stand or views, then, i think that's unfair. people do read me wrongly. Even that is ok.

Here's all that I can say: I am sympathetic and supportive to/of Anwar Ibrahim, I have a soft spot for Tun Dr Mahathir, as I do for Najib so I will not accuse him of of anything for which there is no proof and I think the administration of the country is too overwhelming for Pak Lah.

That's all I will let on but, certainly it is not as simple as that.

My friends know me enough to know what I think.

Blogging allows me to say things which I would otherwise not be able to say, as a MSM newspaper columnist, for instance. But it doesn't mean that I'd want to say everything.

anyway, to malaysianlover:
i think it is a lot of crap that people are attacking anwar on his choice of permatang pauh.

if people attacked pak lah for wanting to contest in kepala batas (under similar circumstances), i'd say the same thing too.

and no, i don't know anything else other than what every else does.

and thank you for visiting.

to ANON@11:01PM:
that's ok.
you're entitled to your opinion.
and why should his posting not be posted?

thank you for visiting.

Anonymous said...

kita tengok sapa yg menang.... kalau ramalan DSAI yg menang...


Anonymous said...

WHo else will give a seat to him but his wife....???


Anonymous said...

kak aina, i'm afraid to tell you this : " ....anwer & his new aide place the papers on the table and the 'election officer' look thro them carefully with ' a smile' and just when he wants to pen his tandatangan, a lady comes & hands him a 'court order' and ......!
Then the hell breaks ......!!

Anonymous said...

Si Anwar penakut ni last2 kembali ke bawah ketiak isteri. Dulu cakap nak bertanding sana lah sini lah, last2 sekali dekat situ jugak. Macam takut gak sikit2 kot tu..

Anonymous said...

Little Bird...from where did you get your information?
I don't think Tun M will turun padang and get his hands dirty especially since there are many weak points that the other opponents can attack him with.
But the thought of Tun M vs that's gonna be a classic one.

Unknown said...

Tak kisah lah nak bertanding kat kampung laman sendiri. Orang lain byk yg cam tu. Tp org lain tu tak dak le dok memekak satu donia kata nak tanding sini lah situ lah ... haaa tu bezanya dgn Nuar Berahim .... riuh satu donia tu yg tak tahan ... last last mai balik kampung, mana tak org dok perli. Tak usah salahkan orang lain, kena muhasabah dulu !

Anonymous said...

Actually Don't Just Claim's suggestion of Dr Siti Hasmah standing against Anwar is quite a good one. If Dr Mahathir stands, there are too many issues to be dealt with. But with Dr Siti Hasmah, Anwar would be seen as a cruel person if he vilifies her.

Anonymous said...

aab : who to lawan him ah ?
jib : you lah, tuan !
aab : i know you mau ku mati cepat!
jib : my wife, she very popular !
aab : must be joking !
jib : your wife ?
aab : mana can !
jib : your son ?
aab : shutup !
jib : nori ?
aab : shut ...UP !
jib : vellu ?
aab : po..rah !
jib : dr. sorecai ?
aab : too much saliva lah !
sil : ...ah..ah, i know , i KNOW !
aab+jib : siapa ? ...cepat..cepat !
sil : mr. walkover !
aab+jib : ...@#$%^&*...niamah you !

Anonymous said...

That's a good suggestions...why not Tun M vs DSAI, Tun M has a lot of explanations to tell the nation.. yeah, why not TUN M vs DSAI. Killing two bird with one stone for Tun M. if he win..DSAI and his successor..AAB.
WE WANT TUN.M vs DSAI... clear the way come the legend of putar belit and anak muridnya, menentukan siapa yang patut pegang teraju negara.

Anonymous said...

poor mamak has to migrate to a muslim country so, NO CHOICE, he must lawan anwar & beat him !

yes..YES.: mamak VS anwar !(50:50)

go,go,go...we support you !

Anonymous said...

my stradegy for FREE :
if & ONLY IF BN could buy over this fanatic terroist, mp of kulim with the allocation 100juta, sure WIN one !!
he can LURE the 69% malay voters to
abandon anwar with his 'jihad' !!