Saturday, August 16, 2008

It IS A Conspiracy But, So What...

It is nomination day today in Permatang Pauh.
And the accuser of Anwar Ibrahim yesterday "bersumpah" on the Quran that the de facto Parti Keadilan Rakyat leader had sodomised him without his consent.

Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan said, no, the timing (eve of nomination day) of his "sumpah muhabalah" was not political.

Bollocks, Saiful.
I don't believe this boy. He ought to be smacked, I tell you.

(Anwar Ibrahim is contesting Permatang Pauh parliamentary constituency. He faces Umno's Seberang Jaya State Assemblyman Arif Shah Omar Shah.)

See. Everyone knows it IS a conspiracy to stop Anwar from getting anywhere near Putra Jaya. Anwar cannot be Prime Minister, period!

Anwar, since resuming his political activities, has been accused of being an agent of a foreign government.

But, the sodomy charge is something else, although this is not the first time Anwar faces such an accusation.
The spectre of 1998 is revisiting us.

But do you know whether or not he is a sodomite/sodomist.

I DON"T but some people are convinced he is.

Anwar's political foes may or may not believe that he is. He has enough enemies to make sure some things don't happen for him. Besides, Anwar has blazed the trail since "coming out", hurting certain political leaders along the way....

So, Anwar's enemies --whoever they maybe -- and those who believe that he is not fit to be PM want to prove that he is. They have to.

The line between who Anwar's enemies are, and those concerned about the fate of the country under a convicted sodomite/sodomist is a little blurred.

Without a conviction, Anwar has a future in Putrajaya because he is a popular figure. And at this point, a lot of unhappy, dissatisfied, disillusioned and disenchanted Malaysians are ready for A NEW DAWN.

Sodomy, as you know, my friends, is a crime. We cannot have a Prime Minister who is a convicted sodomite/sodomist. No, no. no.

So, it does not matter whether this whole circus is part of THE conspiracy to kill Anwar's career.
The court does not care about conspiracies. Just whether Anwar is a sodomite/sodomist or not.
Did he or did he not sodomise Saiful?

And because it IS a conspiracy, I imagine Anwar's lawyers are good and ready to fight the case.

But....if Anwar is FINALLY convicted of the charges framed against him, it really does not matter whether or not you believe that he is.
The important thing is that, he'll be finished. And unless Anwar has got nine lives, he'll be like the proverbial Phoenix....he'll rise from the ashes.

That said.....if I were Anwar, I'd stop all this babble that Saiful was forced to do this and that by the police and that it IS a conspiracy. We all know that it is a conspiracy. It cannot be anything else.

What I'd do -- and I am not Anwar, is I'd take that oath.

But I suppose, Anwar knows that even if he did, it would not matter to his conspirators.

So, is a conspiracy, but.... so what?

For a detailed account of Saiful's "sumpah" and his Q&A with reporters, read it HERE at Tok Mommy.


Anonymous said...

Kak Ina,

I wish to hear This oath ,from mouth of UMNO leaderships, especially from Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Najib Tun Razak.

"Herewith, by the name of God the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful I sweared and swears like following:

A'uzubilahiminasyaitanirrajim. Bismillahirrahman nirrahim. Wallahi…Wabillahi…Wata'alahi. I , Abdullah Ahmad Badawi,Perdana Menteri malaysia /saya Najib Razak Timbalan Perdana Menteri malaysia,sweared, I have never involved with Rasuah and Maksiat, If i am telling a lie, for this confession, hence I tell a lie to God and I ready to receive azab, damns and curse than finite God to doom. Wallahualam".

- Makangaji.

Unknown said...

Poor you.

You chose to believe a convicted abuser of power and a convicted sodomite (overturned only on a technicality).

You chose to disbelieve a young man who has just sworn on the holy Quran.

Why not earn our respect by remaining neutral.

Such a load of emotions. Sheeessshhh

Mr. Smith said...

It's been a long time since I visited your blog.
To borrow Mohd.Shafee's words, one must have a 'pea brain' to believe this is not a political conspiracy.

His behaviour is very unlike that of a 'rape' victim.

Any murderer or rapist will swear just to save his life. Swearing comes easy for anyone whose faith is weak.

I presume there is an escape route for falsely swearing and Saiful may well resort to it for forgiveness when his mission is accomplished and the reward deposited in his bank account.

I reckon he has been told that it is alright to do this just to 'save the country and the Malays'.

Can Malay politics sink lower than this?

Old Fart said...

And so what if he is a sodomite?

Gays are wonderful people too. A lot of times a lot more honest and caring then straight ones.

We need a leader.

Do we have one at this time?

If no, then will Anwar do?

Anonymous said...

"And don't incline to the disbelievers and the hypocrites. Disregard their noxious talk (and annoyances) and put your trust in Allah. Allah is sufficient as Trustee." (Qu'ran karim: 33: 48)

PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang regarded Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan's act of swearing on the Quran as an act of kebodohan (stupidity) which went against the teachings of Islam.

Donplaypuks® said...

He now claims it was not consensual and that it happened only once on 26th June.

Then he should explain:
1. Why he mentioned all these overseas trips implying
'something' happened there.
2. Earlier claims of 7 or 8 sexual encounters.
3. The charge itself under 377B does not mention rape or unwilling act.
4. Why he met DPM and as alleged by RPK, the SAC II before the alleged 'rape.'
5. Pusrawi MR of no sodp mee or signs of assault.

It now stinks even more of a CONAPIRACY than ever and the best thing the AG & Sol Gen could do is to drop the charges, apologise and resign, as should all the police officers concerned, Jessical Alba No Bianca, DPM, PM, KJ. Muk and the rest of the Cabinet.

All the swearing on the Koran is not going to help anyone.
refer my blog 'Beijing Olympics Rocked by Scandal One.'

Anonymous said...

For your information, his swearing doesn't hold any water. He lied in the same place and conference.

Anonymous said...

I read some interesting points at Susan's blog from Mav's blog.


Saiful: I feel that the time is right for me to do my duty as a Muslim and Malaysian by doing what is right.”

Me: I ponder, He said he felt today was the right time to do his duty as a Muslim after 2 months by doing what is right? So, what was right thing to do? Swear on the Quran was the right thing to do? I do agree. But then, would it be taken to mean that the earlier meeting with Najib, Dr Mohamed and negotiating with a police officer and ultimately making a police report was in itself never the right thing? If he wants to do his duty he should in the first place had sworn by the Quran and thereon leave it to Allah to punish Anwar. But he is so passionate to want so much publicity and gaining compassion. By his own words, “it is between him and anwar and Allah”; if that is so, then why he wants so much publicity to proof that his arse was on the line of fire? I am puzzled and perplexed!

Saiful: “He swore in the name of Allah and in accordance to the teachings of Islam and as advised by religious scholars and teachers that I was sodomised by Anwar Ibrahim.”

Me: There seems to be a catch - did he say that he was advised by religious scholars and teachers that he was sodomized by Anwar? He was advised to swear that he was sodomized? Or he was advised that he need to swear? And he said it was done in accordance with the teaching of Islam? Tell me in which Surah gave such teachings on swearing? I have not found a phrase in the Quran pertaining to swearing as an victim; the victim was suppose to get the necessary witnesses as espoused; that’s the rule of syariah.

Saiful: “I’ve taken this oath to prove that my allegations are completely true. Allah is the only place where I can complain to.”

Me: If Allah is the ONLY place to complain, then why did he go everywhere, including to Najib to complain. Najib is not Allah! And he don’t have to take an oath to prove that his allegation is completely true. If the sodomy is true, Allah surely knows; the Quran said Allah knows everything; so you don’t need to prove to Allah that you did not lie. If you believe in Allah, you must also believed that Allah is all knowing and Allah is omnipotent and omnipresent.

Saiful: “I’ve done this for God … and I do not wish to lie to the world as he [Anwar] has done.”

Me: Ehm!!! You did this for God? Oh my God! You can’t be doing this for God; you are doing this for yourself and to convinced us human beings that you did not lie; you don’t do this swearing for God and God do not need you to do this for Him.

Saiful: “I’ve not been hiding but I was quietly gathering enough courage to answer all the allegations against me, especially by Anwar Ibrahim. It needs mental and spiritual strength as taking an oath is not something trivial or easy. The consequences can be very dire in the eyes of God. Nevertheless, Allah has given me the strength to take the oath today.”

Me: Why do he need mental and spiritual courage to tell God? If you believed that God is all knowing, it must mean that He already knows whether you tell Him or not. Of course the consequences of falsely swearing to God is dire in the eyes of God. But if the sodomy was a factual act committed, he never need to fear about telling this truth to God because he already knows that God knows of what had happened to his arse. I don’t need strength to tell God because I know that God is omnipotent and omnipresent irrespective whether I tell Him or not.

Saiful: “This is not a political matter, it is a private matter between me and Anwar Ibrahim.”

Me: This certainly is a private matter between 2 person and God alone. Saiful is right on this. But then he chose to go to Najib for advice; Najib was the first to know. After that, he then went to some specific police officer for advice at a hotel room to discuss the sodomy; thereafter, he went to so Dr Mohamed and then to HKL before he went to make a police report. By involving so many parties it was no more a private matter; it has become a public issue.

It must have been a great courage for him to come out now to meet the press after the swearing. The swearing was suppose to be a private matter; but he went to the press to pronounce the swearing for reasons all can imagine. To say that he has “gathered courage” after 2 months while all along he was taunting Anwar and flashing victory signs at the media camera is quite cheap and shows the stupidity of the forces who are behind him. Evil is their thought! Did it take two months for him to gather courage while all along he was blogging about anything he could imagine about his relations with Anwar and PKR? Hogwash!

Ghifari X said...

So now they messing with the Quran?

BN/UMNO have again demonstrated their insolence and disregard of this great religion which continues to stimulate fear and loathing on account of so-call Muslims nasty and contradictory behaviour.
These hypocrites and I mean majority in BN/UMNO save the gutless ones on its sidelines are the real reason for the hatred and misunderstandings that precedes discourse and debate.

They are the worst examples akin to the curse of the disbelieving desert Arabs as referred to in the Holy Quran.
They turn others away-they are the Abu La Habs of today’s tormentors.

I don’t blame the Chinese in particular for their apprehensions UMNO is the devils disguise.
They’ll sodomise anything in its part hence I believe Sly Fool was sodomised after failing to get Dr. Osman connivance.

Some say with a carrot from ThatTin Hippo’s market basket others suspect it’s a roll of discontinued 1 ringgit bronze coins from Shah Fee Eeeee$ and UMNO L4 children special savings.



oh please. don't pity me.

i never said i did or did not believe saiful's sumpah that anwar buggered him.

how can i believe anyone just because he or she swears on the Quran.

even then, i have made no comment or conviction on his act of sumpah muhabalah.

if he was telling the truth..well and good on his conscience.

what I do NOT believe is that he said that the timing of his bersumpah was NOT political.

anwar may very well have sodomised him.

but you know what. it would be WRONG for me to accuse anyone of anything. i cannot accuse saiful of lying. Nor Anwar because I DO NOT KNWOW the truth of the matter. DO YOU?

Yes...I have my suspicions. Some naggind doubts...but because I am not sure, I can;t go to town with what i think.

but what strikes me is saiful making public anwar's alleged sodomy. sets me really really thinking...

i have my own "conspiracy" about it too.

what i do know is that some people are convinced that anwar is a sodomite, and anwar's political enemies want him OUT.

so, it is a conspiracy to kill anwar, one way or another.

so, don;t pity me, omong.

sigh... i find it so funny that some people want bloggers to stay neutral.
when we do, there are some who whack the bloggers who appear to be neutral.

yet there are others who want bloggers to take sides. and when bloggers so much as show a little sympathy to any one crucify them for not taking YOUR side, whatever it may be. much for freedom of expression..
dugaan dugaan.


and omong...yes, anwar is a convicted abuser of power.

let's not revisit 1998, 0k?

Anonymous said...

Allah SW tells us about these nefarious, wicked hearted, sooty hearted and evil oriented people.

Don't listen to the type of despicable men,- ready with oaths

Defamer, going about with slander

(Habitually) hindering (all) good, transgressing beyond bounds, deep in sin,

Ignoble, besides all that, base-born."
(Quran Karim 68: 10-13)

Unknown said...

Swearing can prove of the truth? A insane man will beleive this. There is no logic here. Don't forget that Human is good in lying and acting, and more disgusting when use religious as a tool. If swearing can do the job, why not abolish court and laws,and you will see the criminal all will willing swear on Quran. Beleive in swearing? funny isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Omong wrote:

"You chose to disbelieve a young man who has just sworn on the holy Quran."

Ha ha ha! Boy, where did you come from? First of all, to say that someone should be believed because he swore upon the Quran (non-Islamic itself, we swear upon Allah) is very cheap and shows what kind of an ignorant, buffoon ,emotional and a nefarious mind you have. Islam teaches us the more a person is inclined to swear, the more he is a liar. Read the Quran. Poorah!

Don't listen to the type of despicable men,- ready with oaths

Defamer, going about with slander

(Habitually) hindering (all) good, transgressing beyond bounds, deep in sin,

Ignoble, besides all that, base-born."
(Quran Karim 68: 10-13)

Read also Hadi Awang's take on it when he dismissed Sinful's swearing as "stupid" and baseless that has no basis according to Islamic laid down procedures.

Read also PAS religious leader Dr Haron Din dismissing Sinful's swearing as 'non-exsistent" and irresponsible.

Anonymous said...


Are you a Muslim? Sheesh! Learn how to conduct swearing as far as Islam is concerned. Jahil you.

Unknown said...

Ayoo he cannot even remember the date of "mother of all sodomy"

Saiful Sodomized On By-election day, 26 August 2008

I rest my case!!

Shiok Guy



i wanted to say in my posting, but forgot...

there are so many holes in saiful's allegation. What he told reporters and his revelation of his "relationship" with Anwar.

i think he is being coached....

Anonymous said...

He will be required to Swear on the Koran in Court During The Hearing on this Sodomy Case, that he is telling the truth and nothing but the truth.

However he insist on Swearing in Public before the hearing and in front of the Camera and Jounalists to coincide with Anwar's Nomination Day....

What does that tell you??

Shame on you Najib!!


Donplaypuks® said...


There's no doubt he is being coached. Why is Uncle Pet afraid of revealing his real name?

As for Omong's claim that DSAi escaped sodo mee on technicality, this is stupid.

All man-made laws are technical.

He is giving credence to Dr.M's filth that 10 judges believed in DSAI's guilt and so he only got away on technicality because 2 out of 3 judges at the Fed Court ruled in his favour.

You can have 100 trials, but if the highest court in the country decides he is not guilty, then he did not commit sodo mee.

If we don't accept this system, then every person who wins at the Fed Court can still be accused of being guilty. And it could be Omong's mother or father who are affected. Then what will he say?

This view-point is sheer nonsense which Dr.M should not be perpetuating. But then we know what he thinks of the juduciary - that they are mere tools for the Exec and so we end up with an RCI for the judiciary and the Police.

So, technically we have no faith in our Judges, AG and the Police!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Readers of Adik Nuraini Samad,

I just want to remind all and sundry that the Islamic Civilisation has a established a Judicial System right from the beginning.

Today in Malaysia it comes under the direct Purview of the Agong in the Federal Territories, Melaka, Penang, Sabah & Sarawak and the Sultans elsewhere.

It has Judges, Adocates and Bailiffs and even Sheriffs, otherwise, it may make use of the Agong's Police.

It has as its corpus of precendents, in the thousands upon thousands of similar cases in its 1400 years of history.

As for new cases, it guiding principles are the Quran, Hadiths, Ijtihad and Qiyas. And that it has enough Legal Jurists to attend to formulate new laws as for example Cyber Laws as an example.

Stems cells, Genetic Engineering and such like matters can always go back to Verses of the Quran and Hadith. One need only look for the Learned, Discerned Scholar that is around in this world.

Anyway, it is NOT so much the problem of the Muslim Community but imported by Western educated scholars whoare not trained classically or traditionally in both Western & The Traditions.

Saiful and his family are badly advised by UNLEARNED people and those who pretend to be Islamic Scholars and Legal Advocates who are thoproughly trained in ALL the Schools of Jurisprudence [Fiqh]and the Principles and Philosophy of Islamic Law.

The Masjid Wilayah Officials, ie. the Imams, and the Director of Jawi have committed a CONTEMPT of the Federal Territory Syariah Laws and Courts.

The case is still pending under Syariah laws and Courts.

The manner adn conduct of the "swearing or oath proclamation" is NOT in consonant with the Syariah, Fiqh [All Schools] neither it is consonant with ehe Legal and Philosphy of Islamic Law, & Theology.

By protocol, the 2 litigants should be present in the Syariah Court standing/sitting before the Learned Judges and Learned Scholars ONLY after EXHAUSTINg all avenues of the Syariah Courts and the Appeal to the Yang DiPertuan Agong to intervene.

And, it normal and expected of one of the 2 litigants to show GREAT Anger, CRY, Traumatized, and totally at a lost, helpless, lonely and unprotected SAVED to Allah swt as his real protector, judge, wise, and all his Beautiful names and attributes.

He/she normally would rise his hands and no longer trusting the humans around him [ie. the Judges, Scholars and Courts, and even the Agong] but he/she rest his case before his/her Creator Allah All Mighty.

Shame on All the Judges, Scholars and Amir/Khalifah/Sultan/Agong who cannot help him find justice on earth for which they all collectively and singly are answerable to God.

God is Great. And to Allah is your return.

Anonymous said...

Hello Agong.. you are the protector of Malay and Islam and you let this low life Saifu to shit on Islam with his asshole
Do something about for God Sake.

Dualat Tunku Daulat

Anonymous said...

aiyah, chop the head of a BIG WHITE COCK & swear that you 'tidak rela' dengan anwar and WAIT to see something happens ! this will be MORE effective lah !
btw, ibubapa awak dapat berapa juta ah !?

Anonymous said...

Omong!!That's a load of old bollocks lol If you ain't happy go join forces with Pasquale Racist(BarkingMagpie)Blog

Anonymous said...

instead use Quran as a guidance, they used it as a 'lie-detector'

how sad...

Unknown said...

haha, i am not a muslim, thus, i don't know about Quran. But what i know is no matter Quran or others religious ( chinese also has swearing things), the logic is the same. We can't rely on swearing. Example is easy, if i want to swear, i can lie too. It is the matter of we want or we don't want depending on our self-conscious. Do you think Sin has no gut to swear but have gut to create all this? Be fair, i d not know if Saiful is true or not, but swearing things cannot convince me. It only convince those who extremely religious, like in ancent days.

Unknown said...

correction --> "truly religious" change to superstition

Anonymous said...

cheh ! a sodomist WORSE than someone abusing power for 'corruptions & cronism or nepotism or racism or ....!?'
i dun care having a sodomist PM than a pm with the above sifat2mentioned !
sodomy or NOT is between ' he & the wife' then ' he & GOD' !
Dr.mca fellow had sex with girl fren but forgiven by 'wife & children'& NO bothering his god .. so what ! aiming higher for top post & supported by
many ....who cares about his personal life as long as he cares for the people & 'NOT HIS OWN POCKETS' like those corrupted having $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ in s'pore banks ! they dun bother in the eyes of their god too otherwise 'TAK BERANI' lah, ok !!

Anonymous said...

Why don't you question Anwar when he accused Najib to be a murderer? When you replied to Omong that it is a conspiracy to kill Anwar, it can also be said that Anwar is doing the same to Najib.

The fact is you have made up your mind who you want to believe, rightly or wrongly.

Anonymous said...

Neither shalt thou swear by thy head, because thou canst not make one hair white or black.

There is no reason to consider that solemn oaths in a court of justice, or on other proper occasions, are wrong, provided they are taken with due reverence. But all oaths taken without necessity, or in common conversation, must be sinful, as well as all those expressions which are appeals to God, though persons think thereby to evade the guilt of swearing. The worse men are, the less they are bound by oaths; the better they are, the less there is need for them. Our Lord does not enjoin the precise terms wherein we are to affirm or deny, but such a constant regard to truth as would render oaths unnecessary.

Anonymous said...

You can find lots of inside stories right from Abdullah Badawi, Najib, Saiful Bukhari, lawyer Shafee Abdullah and down to the Police involvement on this conspiracy against Anwar Ibrahim at the 'old' Malaysia Today site. That's why Anwar doesn't give a dammed on this Saiful swearing on the Quran stuff ... Wali Kota

Anonymous said...

Kak Nuraina

People believe he is a sodomist because people like Dr. Mahathir (refer his press comments and blog) and Muhkriz Mahathir talk as if they are convinced that Anwar is a sodomist. I don't know what Mahathir and Mukhriz know that the rest of us don't know about!

Kesian this Anwar fella... 10 years of his life just gone to waste because of this massive bloc of enemies who just don't want to change. This sort of resistance has been since times immemorial when vested interests resist social change because the spectre of re-distribution of power and wealth will disfavour them.

Teddy said...

poor you! your ego is bigger than your rational/sane thinking! but it is your prerogative to believe in anwar.. and I don't!

Anonymous said...

Ok Ok Hakim Termizi, Thnks for the Splurge..

Now that you have explained to us the Protocol, Vis-a-vis Religious aspects etc etc...What's Islamists in this country going to do about it?

Somehow, at the rate that the Malays are usurping this religion it is going to end up being a hollow shell with nothing left inside.


bluskyes said...

"Sodomy, as you know, my friends, is a crime. We cannot have a Prime Minister who is a convicted sodomite/sodomist. No, no. no."

Were you serious when you wrote this? Do you not know people who are homosexual?

There is nothing wrong with sodomy, it is our archaic laws (based on British laws which have since been abolished in Britain) which disallow sodomy.

I don't care what a person's sexual orientation is if he or she is able to do a job, and do it well. If he or she is honest, sincere and good.

So judging whether a person can be prime minister or not based on his sexual preferences seems to me rather immature and as is typical in Malaysian politics, missing the forest for the trees.

Very disappointed with this posting, sorry to say.

Anonymous said...

PAS leader slam Sinful

IPOH, Aug 16 — Coming to the defence of their main ally, Pas president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang today charged that to accuse Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim of sodomy by swearing on the Quran is not only stupid but politically motivated.

Casting the matter in a religious light, he said Anwar’s accuser Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan’s oath on the Quran was stupid because such an act could only be done by a husband or wife to accuse either one in an adultery case, referred to as li’an.

"In the case of sodomy, there is no such thing as a marriage. Therefore the swearing on the Quran cannot be done," Hadi told a press conference at the sidelines of the Pas general assembly here today.

He also said it was politically motivated because it was done a day before the nomination day for the Permatang Pauh by-election where Anwar is involved in a three-cornered contest that is his ticket to topple the ruling Barisan Nasional government and seize power by his self-imposed Sept 16 deadline.

"No doubt it is motivated by dirty and immoral politics," Hadi said, reiterating his belief that Anwar did not commit sodomy. Police have charged Anwar for the offence and his case will be mentioned on Sept 10.

Hadi reiterated his proposal that the case should be referred to the syariah court. Anwar has sued Saiful for defamation and slander in both the civil and syariah courts but has refused to take an oath on the Quran. Pas leaders say Anwar should not do so to prove his innocence.

Last night, Pas deputy spiritual leader Datuk Dr Haron Din also claimed that it was a politically motivated move, done in less than 24 hours before the by-election nomination this morning.

He said Saiful did not have to resort to the Quran as he should only bring four witnesses to prove that sodomy had taken place.

"If the accuser fails to provide the witnesses in the syariah court then his allegation is false and he should be punished by 80 strokes of the rotan according to Islamic law," said the religious scholar at a Pas forum here.

Anonymous said...

Si Saifulll swear on Quran, he is telling the truth. So, let say if DSAI also swear on Quran he is also telling the truth. Then, what next?. Hadi Awang as a ULAMA had stated that in ISLAM for Saifulll case he should not swear but it need to be taken to Islamic court. So, my question is very simple, why not just refer this case to the Syariah court as required by the LAW and also QURAN. Lu Pikir SEndiri. By the way En. Omong, tolong pakai otak sikitlah.

Unknown said...

i wonder why there wasn't any fanatic muslims to protest outside the mosque as the shitful has clearly abused and humilated al-quran and islam.

and if he (the so called victim, witness and the accuser) disagreed with the charge upon DSAI, does the case still have any ground to proceed???

Rockybru said...

Hi Ena,

Is that 1,000,000 ++ I see on your SITEMETER?


Anonymous said...

aina, sorilah if u r anwar's fan :
NOW, saifool's sumpah 'tak rela'=
a forced sodomy = serious crime= not bailable = polis new actions=
AC new actions = drop the original charge & submit new charge = your idol be arrested = case next year = nomination DISQUALIFIED = omar shahrif a winner ( LCW winner too) = BN winner = hell breaks loose !! ( tdm is migrating lah : bye-bye malaysia !!)

Anonymous said...

i just got back to KL.was there since 6am.i saw first hand the support DSAI's half a million minimum to err...3 thousand
at best..that alone is LEADERSHIP RECOGNISED. cheers.


tun teddy,

was that meant for me? my ego bigger than *****?

with all due respect...
bully for you that you do not believe in anwar.

but look here, i hate to respond to things like this...i suggest you read my posting carefully.

thank you.


two-face: you know what..i wasn't being specific and i never mentioned najib's name when i said anwar blazed the trail and hurt certain political leaders. becos i would be giving the impression that i am saying that najib is the politcal leader who is giving anwar an eye for an eye treatment. and i do not want to mislead people becos i cannot be sure if it is najib that's "balas edndam" anwar for attacking him on the altantuya murder.
YES, it is true anwar has been attacking najib. but THAT cannot be a conspiracy by anwar becos he is doing it so openly. he is saying that najib is involved. and you know what...we all can agree that anwar stepped on a very big toe. but what do u want me tosay? that becos anwar stepped on najib's (and rosmah's) toes, he is being fixed by them?

if you want to say it, you can. not me. i maybe so dead wrong becos there's no proof, merely circumstantial "evidence" and conjectures.

bluskyes: my friend. i am merely stating a fact that in this country sodomy is a crime. I am saying that becos it is so, that is why ANWAR's political foes and those moral guardians are goign to make sure the charge sticks.

i'm so sorry if you cannot grasp what i am saying.


and two-face,

i have not made my mind about anything...

if you know obviously u don;t and i don't blame you, you'd know even if i had made up my mind, i wouldn't say it openly becos that is my prerogative...and becos i know all of them at a personal level though, some, not intimately.

Anonymous said...

Sorry all you muslims.

The unbelieveable has just happened.

Mohd Saiful bin Kukhari have just reduce yout FT Mosque to a toilet and your Holy Book to toilet paper.

No offence meant.

In my religion, we do not do this sort of things.

1. Have you ever heard a Christian proof his innocence on the bible
2. Have you seen Hindu in recent times done that, save except in the past Samy Velooo.
3. Have you seen a buddhist done that in a temple. There are and this people are all dead.

So you see, all this UMNOPUTRAS and the episode on Saiful is a disgrace to whatever religion.

Please regardless that you are a Malay Muslim, microscope and examine all the wrongs they have done. Please realise UMNO Politicians have insulted Islam more than the Bar Council.

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Didn't realize it. Just happened to scroll down at my previous postings, and saw the 1 million figure...

Got to thank you for getting me started. Man, you opened Jalan Sudin for me!


maria a samad (kak ton) said...

Yo ena,

Congrats! You're a milionaire today!

So proud of you!


Yo Kak Ton,

kalau boleh convert to $$$$....



Anonymous said...

Kak Ina,

There's no such thing as swearing by the Holy Quran in Islam. It confuses people like "omong".

Anonymous said...

We should have more people like Hakim Termizi participating in a forum like this to present the case from the POV of Islamic Jurisprudence and conventional sharia court practices. Kudos to him!!!

Having said that, can somebody from the Gay Community present his POV with regards to the intricacies of anal intercourse? I don't mean to be rude BUT my point is (and I do have one) how different is it between consensual and non-consensual act? Had you resisted from being sodomised can any penetration at all occur without any struggle or fight? If 12-yr old children can fight off would-be rapists why didn't Saiful the Sodomised resist and put up a good fight?

I would like to suggest that next time, in your desperate attempt at conspiracy, can the mastermind please, please, please write a more convincing and more credible script ?

We Malaysians are not as stupid as you. Go read your freaking Nancy Drew first and learn how to plot properly next time.

Da Real Deal said...

Nuraina, the whole senario surrounding Saiful including the timing of his solemn oath definitely is a conspiracy but being a true Muslim worth her salt, no matter how non-practicing you may or may not be, surely you'd know how gravely important such an oath is when taken. The oath is not the kind we usally do over a glass of teh tarik & steak sandwich at Rasta in TTDI talking politics. It is an oath that comes with a recital that dates back Ali Abu Bakar and the rest of the Sahabats.

Anwar only talks about his willingness to take the oath but like the drama Queen that he is, has yet to do it. Yeah, people can say why should he? But then again he is playing with people's perception while gaining ground looking like he is the victim. By taking his oath, it would ease my perception and that of others too.

Yes I agree with you totally that the politicians played up Saiful's oath taking and set it up for Permatang Pauh. They can pay for it when Anwar wins. Yes they are trying to keep him down by all means, but that doesn't mean he ain't an ass-jockey.

No Muslim would dare take that kind of oath if he or she isn't truthful. The consequences would be unbaearable and usually it is "paid in cash", ie no waiting for the hereafter.

Anonymous said...

Need to amend my post there a bit. It should have read:

"I would like to suggest that next time, in the desperate attempt at conspiracy, can the mastermind please, please, please write a more convincing and more credible script ?

We Malaysians are not as stupid as you, Mr Mastermind. Go read your freaking Nancy Drew first and learn how to plot properly next time."

the word 'you' there may be wrongly referred to the owner of this blogsite ie Kak Ena. Apologies.


da real deal,

oh yes...i do know what the oath-aking is.

in fact,in my discussions, debate with friends, i agree that anwar should also sumpah muhabalah. it is not a matter to be taken lightly because the consequences are too grave.

and yes, like you and everyone else, i am wondering why he has not done so. i can hazard a guess, but i won't.

but, ironically, people have differing views on muhabalah. i am not an ulamak so, i shan't give my input in this.

you know...anwar maybe an ass-jockey. and he may not be.

we will never ever really know. even if it is "proven" in court. how can this be proven in court? saiful's word against his? his word against saiful? how convincing each is?

and then...the DNA. even then, with doubts cast on police investigations, how can we be sure?

as i have said, we call agree this is a conspiracy to kill anwar.
and the conspiracy is to get anwar on the sodomy charge.


hardy boys,

oh...don't worry...i didn't think you meant me. :D

but thanks for making it clear.

Anonymous said...

I would like to think that some of us here can certainly write a much much better conspiracy script, can we not?

So, to all the John Le Carres out there; any first draft? anyone?...:P

Ah Yun Wong said...

Congrats! You're a millionaire today - now and from this moment onward!


hardy boys,

i can assume here that you all grew up on a diet of hardy boys and nancy drew mysteries, eh? :)

the thing about this conspiracy (against anwar) is that the mastermind/underlings do not care whether the script is lousy or not. it doesn't matter becos people (not you, nor I) here can get away with....*****, you know what i mean.

i'm sure you can see that if "they" want to fix you, "they" can.. and "they" don't give a damn if people know that it's a fix job. "they" don't care because "they" can can get away with it, so there..

you're right, some us can certainly produce an unbelievable script...

Mat Salo said...

Kak Ena,

Ye lah dah lama tak leave a comment. Rest assured I do read every wonderful post.

If the Anwar saga is a conspiracy, then I truly give the 'dalang' a thumbs-up, because if he has even planted a sliver of a doubt in people's head about Anwar's innocence (meaning he's a Marmite, heh) - then he has done his job. Truth doesn't matter, painting him black does. Me? Hey, like Anwar, I'm an ex-kolek boy.. just like someone very dear to you *wink*. And you know often we have to fend off innuendos about all this unsavory stuff.. so you know. Like I said, it doesn't matter what the truth is. What matters is he never makes PM.

Me? I WANT him to be PM. Enough said.

HantuRock said...

Sapa ajar sumpah mcm tu ???!
dah lah tak hormat langsung kitab suci AL-QURAN dipegang dgn tgn kiri dan "sumpah di baca pada sekeping kertas...sedih tengok org melayu islam sendiri mempermain main dan mempersendakan ajaran islam ..MEMALUKAN DAN SUNGGUH MENYEDIHKAN

Amir Fuad said...

Whatever is said and done, Saiful dared to take the oath in the name of Allah.

What has Anwar done? Claiming one conspiracy after another. And his blind followers will believe whatever he says. Just like blind followers of other politicians.

Enough drama la Anwar. Be a man. If you didn't do it, stop all the drama (life in danger la, hiding in turkish embassy lah, I was advised by overseas muslim scholars not to do the oath thing lah, i want to contest in kulim now i want to contest in easy-win permatang pauh lah, blah blah blah)

Malaysian politicians...all of you from whatever party, get to the task of running the country, not ruining the country.

Anonymous said...

apa yang saya lihat dalam tv3 Saiful telah bersumpah dengan nama Allah dan sanggup menerima akibat nya termasuk keturunannnya kalau dia berbohong/berdusata...sebagai muslim dan orang berimam kita kena terima hakikat dia telah bersumpah dengan nama Allah dan kita kena percaya dan serah pada Allah kalau dia berbohong...

Apa Tun M cakap ada kebenarannya ..saiful berani dan iklas.
Apa yang Hj Hadi cakap ialah contoh yang lebih rumit lagi melibatkan hubungan suami isteri..di mana suami menuduh isteri curang...maka isteri boleh bersumpah dengan nama Allah untuk menegakkan kebenarannya...dan suami kena terima bahawa isterinya bersih bila isteri sudah melaksanakan sumpah itu...Bukan islam tak akan faham kesan atau akibat Bersumpah palsu...hanya orang beriman saja ..yang faham...ada ilmu tinggi dalam islam tapi tidak berimam pun tak akan faham

Anonymous said...

Pendirian saya kalau anwar sanggup bersumpah dengan nama Allah saya akan percaya dia...sebab saya yakin..kalau dia berbohong Allah akan laknat dia...So wan Azizah you tahu

Anonymous said...

You know, a true muslim, or rather, a believer, would not just go and make sumpah as carefree as that. There's a story of this companion who wouldn't take the oath even when he was right.

Da Real Deal said...


So what's new in politics? Anwar isn't exactly a political puritan. What goes around comes around. Need we remind you that he is an ex-convict who served time for abusing his power? Was that a conspiracy as well? Maybe things happened to him because he was and is actually guilty and deserves it.

One thing I noticed about Malaysians, we always turn suckers for underdogs.

Unknown said...

Why can't we revisit 1998?

Too much pain for you? Your Tuesdays with Bapak are series of revisits, right?

Sheeesh when irrationality seeps in ...

I still pity you.

Anonymous said...

first of all why are you siding anwar so much. i dont really care about wanwar sexual orientation but what i care is i dont believe in his motives. why do you side with anwar so much??? this bugger is to me a 2 face bugger. look, he drag malaysia into zimbabwe/somalia category as he has no love for the country. useless idiot, as if we are like that. i take it you too have no love for the country. who says anwar dont practice nepotism and croynism since his own family is in politics. 2 face... all 2 face... you too are 2 face...

Anonymous said...


Welcome to the club.

You are one of my personal inspiration in the bloggosphere.



Anonymous said...

Saiful's swearing text does not mention that he was forcefully sodomised. He just mentioned that, Anwar's 'thing' has entered his 'thing'. Anyone doing consensual sodomy can swear like that.

Therefore this case is not similar to a rape case, and as such to make an accusation that Anwar sodomised him, the proper procedure is to bring 4 witnesses, and not by swearing with the Quran.

If Saiful cannot bring 4 witnesses then he must be caned. Also any 3rd party including anyone of us, even the police and politicians who accuse Anwar of sodomy without the 4 witnesses, must be punished likewise.

Anonymous said...

Nuraina, you said,

"So, Anwar's enemies --whoever they maybe -- and those who believe that he is not fit to be PM want to prove that he is. They have to.

Me said,

It is Anwar that has to prove his innocent too. Simply accusing conspiracy is not enough. He need to present his facts.

He said a lot of things but present no tangible fact to back up his words.

Simple example, his claim on death threat is a big joke. And you expect this person to become PM?

Anwar will have to face this sodomy spectre all by himself . And not drag the public into confusion.

Personally, it is easier to believe Anwar a sodomite rather than a conspiracy, which till to date, including the '98 saga, Anwar has never proved the existence of conspiracy, revealing the conspirator and the conspired individuals.

Conspiracy is the most convenient excuse. In my book, without any facts, it will only be an excuse.
So you better question Anwar where he gets his "facts" on the conspiracy.

And like you said --whoever they maybe -- the public wants to know whom exactly is "they".

Even if Saiful swore a week ago, or anytime since beginning of June, Anwar and his supporters will still label that as a conspiracy.


Ir. Hanafi Ali said...

I do not quite believe it that Anwar is a bisexual, but, there is always that nagging but...

Unless our Islamic education (Malay Islamic Education) has badly failed us, i.e. where children are taught that swearing on the Quran and/or on the name of ALLAH, the "sumpah laknat", is the most damning thing one can risk upon oneself, Saiful is doing a very bold thing.

But then again, Saiful can always repent after making a false sumpah (IF HE HAD MADE ONE).

In homophobic Malay Muslim Malaysia, to acknowledge being sodomized and to swear on the Quran, is a double whammy.

Is Saiful that desperate for money? Did he not come from a well-off family?

Anwar pun satu. Coffee boy bawak pergi luar negeri. Kerja sebulan dua on pro bono, tapi jadi "special assistant".

Melayu ciakap, kalau tilak ale ape-ape, masakan mee kampua bersarang lendah... Eh silap. Masakan burung tempua bersarang rendah...

anakbuah said...

"Mohd Saiful bin Kukhari have just reduce yout FT Mosque to a toilet and your Holy Book to toilet paper."->YES

"So you see, all this UMNOPUTRAS and the episode on Saiful is a disgrace to whatever religion."->YES

"Please realise UMNO Politicians have insulted Islam more than the Bar Council."->YES, I really think so!


Anonymous said...

Omong, Anwar's conviction of abuse of power in 98 was clearly an abuse of power by Dr M. That case was clearly fixed.

Go and read the actual charge (it was an obscure piece of criminal legislation), go and study the ëvidence" tendered by prosecution and note the shambles that our Judiciary is in.

I pity your ignorance.

Even if Anwar is a sodomite, so bloody what? It is his sexual preference and has no bearing on his capability and character.

Grow up Omong.

Anwar is infinitely better than ALL the BN goods and morons that we have.

Anonymous said...

I quote you :
"But do you know whether or not he is a sodomite/sodomist."

By the same token , I'm asking you how do we knoe he ISN'T ????

Befor we ask other to do he same swearing,lets do this one at a time.

Lets get Anwar to swear by the holy book first . Why is he so afraid ?

By the way i have yet to see any photos of Anwar doing the Haj, or for that matter any photo of him in the Holy City.

Perhaps Nuraina, with all her resources could enlighten us with this ?


Anonymous said...

Omong wong :

"You chose to believe a convicted abuser of power and a convicted sodomite (overturned only on a technicality)."

If the evidences that had been disallowed by "irrelevant Augustine" were to be presented - such as the stolen blood serum planted onto the mattress - the case of conspiracy would have been a credible defence.

What he asked the SB officer to do would have been seen in its proper context of a conspiracy and the abuse of power would not stand given the circumstances. How about the revelation by the SB officer, given under oath, that mahathir had asked him to stop an investigation eventhough evidence (big stash of cash in the drawer) was found ? Wasn't this a worst form of abuse of power ? To be fair you should also question Dr.M.

But then again you are not supposed to be fair.

Anonymous said...

Amir fart wrote a;

"Whatever is said and done, Saiful dared to take the oath in the name of Allah."

If a person takes an oath to accuse another without any collaborating evidences - in fact evidences that actually contradicted his assertion are available - is not actually being honest or sincere. He had in fact defile the good book.

Would Dr.M be willing to swear on the quran that he did not framed DSAI ?

Old Fart said...

Omong and others of his disposition, read carefully what Saiful said when he swore upon his Allah.

"“Bismillahirrahman nirrahim. Pada hari ini, 15 Ogos 2008, saya Mohd Saiful Bukhari Bin Azlan, No Kad Pengenalan 850706-01-5687 dengan ini sesungguhnya dengan nama Allah Yang Maha Pemurah Lagi Maha Penyayang berikrar dan bersumpah seperti berikut….”

Omong you got to ask yourself if the Allah that you believe in is the same as the one Saiful swore to.

Saiful's Allah, seems not to know him. Thus Saiful finds it necessary to introduce himself, not just by name alone, but by I/C No. too.

And all this while I have been reading everywhere that the Allah of Islam is supposed to be all knowing. Apparently He does not know Saiful.

If Saiful was intending to swear on the Islamic Allah, than he has certainly taken Him in vain. He has blasphemed and insulted Allah.

When you talk to Allah or pray to Allah, a simple "I" would have sufficed. Anything more and you really undermine His reverence.

Anonymous said...

After the dodgy medical examination following the questionable stomach problems - how come no mention at all about any defensive wounds?
Most people I know would put up some kinda defence if the sex isn't consensual - especially anal sex (which you don't have to personally experience to know that it isn't as easy as the, ahem, other orifice, to penetrate).
Not putting up a fight? Sai-fool, young strapping lad, vs Anwar... who's not exactly Stallone or Schwarzeneggar innit?
What excuse would he make up for that now... oh wait, knowing the company he keeps - he'd probably say he got pukau or nasi kangkang or something as stupid as the allegation in the first place.


音乐大王 said...

the answer is in here

Anonymous said...

Micaeld and for those supporters of Anwar, whom are beginning to accept the possibility of him as sodomite / bisexual, think again.

He's married to Wan Azizah and you expect him not to be loyal to his own wife. What about the nation.?

It will affect his credibility as a leader, since he is subjected to sexual favours, blackmail etc

Unless he is not a Muslim, or canadian with a male spouse, maybe thats OK, but only for certain Countries


Anonymous said...

Dear nuraina;

I have always enjoyed reading your blog and this is my my first time giving comments here..

I can't believe any Muslim dare to lodge a report that someone sodomised him and then swear in the name of Allah that the actual act did happened.

If Saiful dare to do it, I don't understand why Anwar hesitated. 'Berani kerana benar dan takut kerana salah'

Anwar was acquitted of sodomy charges in 1998 because of technical but the learned judges believed that homosexual activities did take place.

Anonymous said...

They tell us Anwar should swear like Say-fool, not knowing that it is the culture of hypocrites to hide behind their oaths, a repugnant culture in Islam. The Qu'ran states when handling oath lovers and hypocrites:

"They have made their oaths a screen (for their misdeeds): thus they obstruct (men) from the Path of Allah: truly evil are their deeds."

(Al-Quran: 63: 02)

malaysianlover said...

It's fine to say you don't know if Anwar did committed the crime (sodomy).

But do you really know that he didn't do it??

If you say it's a "conspiracy", you are implying he didn't do it. Then you are also making judgement ahead of the court.

Anonymous said...

You don't believe swearing by the name of Allah or Quran?

Maybe we should ask the Majlis Raja-Raja to stop doing the swearing when every DYMM Sultan becomes the Agong or Sultan? Or when the Prime Minister takes his oath to assume office?

Anonymous said...

"Anwar was acquitted of sodomy charges in 1998 because of technical but the learned judges believed that homosexual activities did take place."

Are u sure about that?kesilapan teknikal dalam prosiding mahkamah :kalau tak cukp bukti dan terdapat kelemahan dari segi pertuduhan pun adalaj kesilapan teknikal.use ur mind la!!and one more thing..mana statement kata judge percaya anwar buat?give proof la...or quotation from the judgement ke..

Why u didnt ask some lawyers or even lecturer who thought in Criminal Law?i can give u some lecturer's name if u want to..

rocky said...


found this on LKS blog. well written..check it out

# Jeffrey Says:
Today at 10: 17.44 (5 hours ago)

Those who seek to incriminate Anwar based on his accuser’s swearing on Quran and Anwar’s not having done so are now in a bind facing a very knotty and intractable problem when the charge against Anwar under section 377B is that of consensual sodomy.

From perspectives of Religion : Sodomy is a capital offence in Islam. If the official charge against Anwar is that of consensual sodomy, it implies that the accuser/complainant is a willing participant in the unnatural act contrary to Islamic tenets. This further logically infers that the act of swearing on the Quran by an accuser/complainant - already in breach of Islamic tenets - cannot be relied upon by faithfuls as testimony of the truth of what occurred. Take the example of a robber or thief whose act of robbery and theft is un-Islamic. Can a robber and thief be given credence if he were to swear his innocence on the holy book that he was forced to rob or steal?

From perspectives of Secular Penal Code : If the accuser/complainant made the first police report based on non-consensual sodomy which is buttressed further by his taking an oath to testify to the act had been forced upon him, a charge based otherwise on “consensual” sodomy must fail by reason of it not corresponding with and contradictory to what the accuser/complainant himself alleges.

Reason : if the claims of the accuser of anal rape were not reflected in the criminal charge – the criminal charge having focused on consensual anal sex – it implies (1) that prosecution does not have evidence supporting the claims of the accuser/complainant of anal rape; (2) in ordinary instances this would be enough to stop prosecution but if prosecution were nevertheless persisted based on a different set of events introduced (ie consensual anal sex) entirely different from that claimed by the accuser (ie non consensual anal sex), such a prosecution will, in third parties’ minds, immediately smack of unjust persecution and incrimination (3) all other claims of prosecuting being justified on grounds of doing justice to the accuser would look hollow and farce because one cannot possibly do justice to someone alleging that he was involuntarily sodomised by a charge that implicates the acuser/complainant as a wiling consensual participant!

Based on the above, it is clear that whether one proceeds on the religious angle or angle of prosecution under secular law, both approaches do not seem to lend much credibility to efforts to incriminate the accused.

Going forward, if an attempt here is further made to inciminate the accused based on the “double insurance” of either the religious aproach or the secular legal approach, whichever the more successful (though both aproaches have already been shown inadequate above), then this persistence to incriminate at all costs will reflect bias and ill will on the part of the authorities, which will, as an unintended consequence, serve the greater political interest of the one accused instead, perceived by public as a victim of political persecution in the Permatang Puah by election, especially against the back drop of BN’s leaders’ public defence of the accuser/complainant in the media…..


Anonymous said...

Dearest All,

Let the process takes its course. The swear is done. The case need to be proven beyond reasonable doubt. The last time it failed to do so. Can it be done this time? The charge is very specific - 3.01pm not 3.00pm etc.

The script involving the 'singer ex-boyfriend' is so convenient to be true.

What else? Lets all wait and not jump the gun.

The thruth will prevail! Insya'Allah.


Anonymous said...

To my Muslim friends on both sides, I say keep an open mind. Try to understand what it really means to swear an oath in the name of Allah and what we should infer from a person's willingness or otherwise to do so. Only then make up your minds and act accordingly.

I found this advice on the issue very helpful -


Anonymous said...

Sorry, but part of the link in my last post somehow got truncated. It should have been


Anonymous said...

aina dear,
both BN & PR are NO GOOD
but (PR + BN) & PM-ed by :
r-a-h-m-a-N (NAZRIN) = bagus !
( what say u ah, sweetie ?)

GOODBLESS the innocent people of Malaysia ! ( the ants are suffering when 2 stupid elephants fightng over a mate but TARZAN can save the ants if 'he' is willing !)

Anonymous said...

Tak payah menilai apa yang dia buat tu, sekarang ni Anwar yang taknak bersumpah apa cerita? Bukan susah sangat pun nak buat..

Anonymous said...


waktu anwar diambang kuasa, ramailah orang yang akan mengaku kawan, kot-kot kalau anwar jadi pm nanti adalah habuan untuk mereka.

Amat kurang kawan-kawan yang sanggup bersama Anwar sewaktu zaman kejatuhan beliau.

Setahu saya hanya dua orang yang masuk penjara kerana anwar; ezam dan nalla . Dan diwaktu Anwar begitu popular ketika ini, kedua-dua mereka tak lagi bersama Anwar. Kenapa ya?

Saya tak mengenali Anwar secara dekat, jadi kalau mengetahui cerita-cerita Anwar hanyalah dari akhbar ataupun Internet. Tapi bila kawan Anwar yang terlampau dekat dengan Anwar berkata keburukan mengenai Anwar , timbul kemusyikalan dalam hati kecil saya. Mungkinkah benar?

Kalaulah benar, amat malang sekali Rakyat Malaysia dibodoh-bodohkan dengan sesorang yang bijak berkata-kata walhal sebenarnya adalah seorang hipokrit besar abad ini.

Anonymous said...

sis ina,
it is a conspiracy but so what??...
so this is the true color of our leaders;immoral and inconsiderate. shame for those people who choose this kind of person to be a leader.