Monday, August 04, 2008

Permatang Pauh Heats Up..

....and the battle royale begins.

No date has been offficially fixed yet for the Permatang Pauh by-election and already the top guns from both the Barisan Nasional and Parti Keadilan Rakyat have descended on Penang Island.

Umno president and Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was there to meet the Permatang Pauh Umno division. With him were Umno vice-president Mohd Ali Rustam and Umno's "comeback" kid, Ezam Mohd Nor.

PKR de facto leader Anwar himself was in Seberang Jaya where he told the crowd that he would still be contesting even if he was put behind bars.

PKR president Dr Wan Azizah Ismail vacated the Permatang Pauh parliamentary seat last week, paving the way for Anwar to contest in a by-election.

There have been a couple of calls for Umno to not contest the seat because it's going to be useless. Anwar will definitely come storming "home" handsomely. That's everybody's speculation, or rather, prediction.

But, how can PKR win the seat without a fight, right?

Ezam, former Umno and now former Keadilan member who is now back in Umno, is Anwar's former protege/confidant etc etc turned very bitter adversary etc etc.

He has volunteered to take on his former boss/mentor/confidant etc etc, promising tales to tell.

Pirdaus Ismail who contested there in the last two general elections and lost to Dr Wan Azizah has also offered to be the lamb for the slaughter.

Anymore volunteers?

The choice of candidate is, however, with the party leadership.

Let me see --- Will Umno see Permatang Pauh as a contest worth its while and put a very strong challenger (??) or will it field someone so dispensable and inconsequential just for the sake of going through the motion (of a by-election)?


Anonymous said...

The WILL of MAN is stronger than Iron Bars

Anonymous said...

You can bet your life that there will be lots of phantoms coming. They'll do anything, I tell you, to win this seat. I'm not even surprise if BN turns out the eventual winner. Those crooks you can never trust them.

Khairulnizam Bakeri said...

Well, the second option is definitely a wiser one. And a saner one, too.

But BN being BN (or should I say UMNO being UMNO), I think they would opt to put a decorated opponent for DSAI. Why? To somehow show the people that they wanna fight and they mean business (although it is a failure as itself).

A big dilemma for BN is still, to detain or not to detain. Surely to put DSAI behind bars seems easy and the best bet BN have now. But any act against DSAI which would be massively viewed by the people as a sequel for Mattress 1998 and voila! The sympathy votes will swing heavily towards DSAI.

It will swing as a knockout punch on BN's sorry face. DSAI's ghost is unstoppable. Damn, he can even run the 16 September Hijack while lying on the cement floor. With a bad back.

Nasionalis said...

BIar Pak Lah lawan ANwar ...

sila mampir blog untuk browsing blog pilihan saya ...

Anonymous said...

The heat is up. In each party they are trying their best to win the war. We all knew that the venue is a strong hold for the PKR. So much of us would expect that Anwar will definitely win the contest election. But I would not think of that as BN would have their own plan as well to win the election.

But from each of the circumstances I could draw some conclusions: If BN wins people will still speculate bad impression towards them, if lose they will still criticize the capability and the credibility of the party.

Elly said...

Dear Nuraina,

It's gonna break my heart to say this, but honestly, I think Anwar will definitely win. Can't wait to see how's the Dewan Rakyat upcoming sessions gonna be like upon his return...

Take care & have a nice day, Nuraina!:-)

Anonymous said...

it's still a "teka-teki" whether UMNO gonna hold back or participate for the seat.if UMNO/BN willing to fight,then who will the suitable candidate to engage in the combat?.

Ezam is one of the toplisted.but still no certainty if he's the one to be picked.

in the meantime,there are speculations already that UMNO had already offered Rm1500 for each vote.i dont know if that's true since it's just hearsay.i hope that it's not true.we have to fear as well if PKR take the same inisiative as well.

get your finger-crossed for corruption-free election.

Anonymous said...

i would like to make some correction of my previous comment.

it's supposed to be RM1000 not RM1500.take note.

thank you.

Anonymous said...

Well, if the rakyat is smart enough to think then for sure they will not choose to vote for Anwar.
This election is just a show put up by Anwar to let Malaysia see that he still the choice by rakyat. That's why he 'planned' this election carefully. From the place, to the amount of 'noises' that he wants to project.

Anonymous said...

"Kalau nak selamatkan Malaysia, semua pemimpin-pemimpin besar tidak kira Melayu, Cina, India, Iban atau Kadazan mesti setuju dan berkata 'anak Melayu anak saya, anak Cina anak saya, anak India anak saya', ini mesti diterima."

"Mereka kata saya dulu agen Amerika, sekarang mereka sebut saya agen Cina... saya kata saya agen rakyat Malaysia."

Anwar Ibrahim, 3 Ogos, Klang Executive Club.

Anonymous said...

To slaughter your enemy, do it in your own stronghold. Only an idiot will contest in Permatang Pauh against DSAI.

Old Fart said...

UMNO has more to lose than just a the contest.

Do they also lose the moral high ground over the sodomy allegation? (Well, not that they are on any hill as it is)

Would an astounding victory for Anwar mean even those Malays who previously supported UMNO have now crossed over?

Would an astounding victory for Anwar mean the Malays are fed up with UMNO for not being a good loser?

Would an astounding victory for Anwar mean the Malays do not buy into the nonsense about Malay unity or Islamic Unity?

Would an astonding victory for Anwar mean the Malay support for UMNO is no more than an illusion?

Would an astonding victory for Anwar mean the other component parties in UMNO can give a finger to UMNO and tell them to "up yours"?

Would an astonding victory for Anwar mean the Ketuanan Melayu that UMNO has been talking about is the measure of subservience its component parties submit to UMNO?

Anonymous said...

aab will sleep thru the election, the monkey from ijok will behave like a monkey, and najeeeeb will stay clear. And the poor candidate gets slaughtered.

Anonymous said...

Dear Madam,
My apology for sarcastic comment I made in the previous issue questioning your shrouded stands against certain personality. It was just my spontaneous response once reading your several postings.

I just hate anwar for the way he drag the nation into his problem-at all cost!!. No sign of gentlemanship in his reaction.

And you go all the way to support him in not so 'gentlemen' manner-hiding behind words. That what's make me pissed-off.

Again, my apology-dont take it personal.


Anonymous said...

"Mereka kata saya dulu agen Amerika, sekarang mereka sebut saya agen Cina... saya kata saya agen rakyat Malaysia."

Tetapi, Pada Tahun 2002,Najib Tun Razak telah mengakui hubungan sulit kerajaan Malaysia dengan Amerika. Ucapannya telah diterbitkan dalam laman web Kepimpinan untuk Amerika.

Saya bercadang memberikan tajuk ucapan saya hari ini kerjasama antara Malaysia dan tentera Amerika secerita yang belum diceriterakan.

Sebabya adalah karena walaupun telah bertahun-tahun US. dan Angkatan Tentera Malaysia sudah bekerja sama di dalam bidang cakupan yang luas melalui misi-misi yang hampir tanpa keriuhan atau pengakuan umum.Walaupun hubungan ini Berjaya dalam hubungan duahala ketenteraan ini semacam amat di rahsiakan

Sehingga kini, ada lebih dari 75 buah Kapal tentera Amerika melawat dalam tempoh dua setengah tahun yang lalu.

Didalam ucapannya, Najib telah menyenaraikan hubungan Amerika- Malaysia yang berterusan dengan Tentera dan Tentera Laut Amerika termasuklah melalui latihan dan latihan lapangan yang dibiayai Amerika dan banyak lagi.

Pertimbang dan fikirkan kan; Malaysia dikenali dikalangan tentera dengan Bisikan Mautnya.

Amerika Syarikat Mengadakan latihan bersama dengan tentera Udara Malaysia, terbang bersama dan berlawan dalam peperangan olok-olok.

Angkatan laut Amereka, SEALs melakukan latihan di Malaysia dua kali dalam setahun.

Bala tentera Amerika Syarikat dan Pasukan tentera Malaysia mengadakan latihan di lapangan., yang mungkin boleh saya katakana disini, bahawa kepakaran mereka di hutan rimba, dikenali sebagai bisikan maut.

Akhirnya,1,5000 kakitangan Pertahanan Malaysia telah mendapat faedah dari sumbangan Amerika melalui IMET(Pendidikan dan Latihan Tentera Antarabangsa)

Sebenarnya, Amerika Syarikat, bahkan mempunyai capaian keatas perisikan dan ketenteraan Malaysia, Tentera Malaysia telah digunakan untuk melindungi Kapal-kapal Amerika di Perairan Malaysia.

Secara purata Amerika syarikat mempunyai lebih 1,0000 pendaratan penerbangan setahun.Sejak 11 september, angka ini telah bertambah dengan banyaknya, dan semua permohonan telah dilulus dan dipersetujui.

Amerika Syarikat mempunyai capaian cemerlang ke atas perisikan pertahanan Malaysia

Kedudukan strategik Malaysia yang berada di sepanjang Selat Melaka dan Laut Cina Selatan telah berperanan besar bagi memelihara keamanan di laluan kapal-kapal perdagangan dan ketenteraan.Sejak 11 september tentera Malaysia telah melindungi Kapa-kapal Amerika syarikat di Selat Melaka.
Malaysia mempunyai sejumlah besar aset tentera di kepulauan kita dan mencukupi untuk menghalang ancaman kumpulan pengganas Abu Sayyaf di Selatan Filipina.

Sebagai tambahan, Malaysia secara aktifnya mengenalpasti aset penganas dan mengajar Indonesia dan lain-lain Negara di ASEAN bagaimana hendak membekukan asset tersebut.

Sekarang, katakan kepada saya siapa Machai kepada Amerika.

Diterjemah secara bebas dari :

Who is the US stooge now?.

Anonymous said...

WHAT ! bn is wasting another 100juta on by-election, refusing a walk over to dsai !! DAMN fools !

Anonymous said...

Permatang Pauh is a walk over for Anwar.

If the sodomy allegation has a case in court ( to be known very soon ), then there's is no need for BN to waste their resources to fight in the election.

Anwar will definitely win, and if he loses, expectedly as usual, he will blame BN for vote rigging or phantom voters. BN still lost in perception.

If the allegation is true, then the real battle is truly just on Anwar to spin the facts / evidence.

At this moment, only Saiful and Anwar really knows.


Ghifari X said...

Perhaps there's some civility or a sense of shame within the MCA at lest coming from this group statement. Lest there be any need for condescending after all a statement isn't enough today; considering the inaction from these groups as against the overall public detestations and the magnitude of despicable shamelessness from the components.e.g.
"Let the court decide on the sodomy issue," said Permatang Pauh Umno division chief Datuk Abdul Jalil Abdul Majid.
These guys just don't get eh. We do not trust rely on or have faith in the courts, not only the court but all institutions of gomen except the opposition - not even parliament is justice and a genuine interest of the people guaranteed. Even in their own personal capacity BN/UMNO officials affiliates sympathisers we passionately come to dislike at this juncture in our contemporary lives. These vagrants just add nausea whenever they are heard or seen in public. There's nothing constructive futuristic or promising about these people any more. The mere mention of their name sake even their off-spring into public corporate ordinary life reaches fever pitch antagonism. Just go! Goooooooo! My wife and I switch between channels whenever these morons appear on the TV- it doesn't matter what they have to say, we discontinue news papers delivery to our home , we don't spare time to ready the ones that are free at the office and we take the free SUN at the guard house every 3 days to lay bed for the kids Hamsters at home - seriously! not even a glance. It is what they also shit on.

Raison D'etre said...

So much postings on Permatang Pauh, Kak Aina.

One would think you have a personal interest in the outcome :)

I am watching by the sidelines these days as am really getting tired of all the political roller coaster rides.



thank u for explaining. no need for apologies.

still, i have to correct you. no i am not "supporting" anwar "all the way" by hiding behing whatever. i say it as it is.

what i have expressed in my postings are simply what i think about issues surrounding him.

as i have said, yes i am sympathetic to him etc etc. but this is just scratching the surface.

it does not mean i agree with everything he does or says. or with his politics...

it's the same with Tun Dr M and so on.

anwar is no saint. neither are the rest of his friends and political foes.

i see the good and bad sides of individuals. and i see them from a bigger picture.

anyway....thanks for visiting again.


my raison d'etre,

oh dear...don;t read too much into this.

it is a subject that everyone is talking about and making speculations.

no...sorry to disappoint you but i have no interest whatsoever in the outcome! and i won;t even begin to second guess what you mean. :)

thanks for visiting

Anonymous said...

please lah BN, admit a defeat ! save the 'BLOOd & hard-earned' money of the citizens , the money is not from your pockets, especially dpm who says " dun give anwar an easy run, fight till ....!" stupid fool, your are knocking the rock with your 2 soft eggs .... you big fat stupid FOOL !

Anonymous said...

Lawan je Anwar tu. Rakyat tu pun pandai2 lah fikir, tak payah undi Anwar tu, kaki kelentong yang tak boleh dipercayai. Cakap dia je bunyi sedap, hasil takda pun. Mintak jauhlah daripada dia jadi PM. Lingkup nanti Malaysia, silap2 kena jual dekat US. haha

Anonymous said...

Why do BN has to admit defeat when the war has not even begin yet..Pantang menyerah sebelum kalah. Especially for the malay people this saying means a great deal.

Anonymous said...

aiyah, tuesday lah on the 26th ..
how ? working man...aiyah, no need to vote lah , tired after work, sure win one...Aina, want to bet ? aina ,5 sen only ,ok !

Anonymous said...

since the lenslady got punched & the terror of the kulim mp, anwar, sorri lah, your illusive dreams terbocor lah : your pkr people are unpreditable ones & many of you are ' sheep-clothing xxx', the latent xxx in disguised !!
when..NO..'if & only if' u one day = pm , pkr + pas (majority muslims)
vs dap (non muslims), aiyoo....gone
lah ! promises now = broken 2moro !
awas...awas...lks+son & kapal+son &
......? AWAS..AWAS..AWAS..!!

Anonymous said...

UMNO has to pay '>200juta' to 'elegant co.' but pm said,
" is BN lah bukan kami umno !"
ok lah, 200 divided by 14 components = wow ! 14.3juta lah !
mca,mic,padistalk & ..." matilah !"
umno : 14.3 only, no problem ! trengganu is getting 2 (two=dua)BILLIONS of royalty arreas since 2000 man ! can buy RRSS lah !

Anonymous said...

sorri, the hutang is rm218juta so divided by 14 parties = 15.6juta !
aiyooo ! all except umno berkata : "matilah..matilah..tolong...TOLONG !!"

Anonymous said...

hishamkeris & sil are NOT allowed by BN to help out in by-erection lah ! these 2 idiots will definitely HELP 'lose' more votes for BN one & the kerisman said kalau boleh detain the 'deposit' is already a WIN...hahaha...cheh !

Anonymous said...

BN is sure to put a local fellow one ! YES , i was right...but this mamak oredi a state assembly man, how can ? against the BN policy !
never mind, this mamak fellow's brother has RUN away with billions
lah = birds of the same feathers if given the same opportunity = DUN TRUST ,ok !? ( dun tell me all mamaks, man or woman, samajuga!)