Friday, August 01, 2008

Is It A Betrayal Of the People's Trust?

After Parti Keadilan Rakyat president Dr Wan Azizah Ismail announced yesterday that she was vacating her Permatang Pauh parliamentary seat, many people - reacting to her decision - said many things.

Pakatan Rakyat leaders, of course, welcomed it. Barisan Nasional leaders said that was to be expected.

A few expressions emerged, two of which I am singling out -- sign/symbol of love for husband and betrayal of her constituents' trust.

Symbol of love for her husband? I know this was uttered rather cheekily. But if you asked me, I'd say Dr Wan Azizah gave up her parliamentary seat out of a deep sense of loyalty to her husband and the party.

Love? Sure, sure. Who are we to say otherwise. But it's loyalty, people. Loyalty.

Compulsion? Of course. But willingly.

If I were a man, and a political leader to boot, I'd want a wife like Dr Wan Azizah! A N Y T I M E!

Now, about this betrayal ...I'd say no. Because, Anwar is not just another politician but Anwar Ibrahim - de facto PKR leader and Dr Wan Azizah's husband. And, I can bet my bottom dollar that those who voted for Dr Wan Azizah would have voted for Anwar. He was (also) their MP, remember?

Just like how she won the seat the first time.

Unless, of course, the votes were protest votes. Not likely in Permatang Pauh.

It's just that you'd now have to have a by-election and this and that. Looks like more work for everyone and sleepless nights for others.

Anyone complaining?


Anonymous said...

Well, we will miss the show of Malaysian first female Prime Minister it seems.

Anonymous said...


Of course there are 2 sides to any coin. But I believe Permatang Pauh voters were actually expecting Anwar to contest in the recent GE but alas cudn't have him due to BN's 'smart' move to hold the election just weeks before Anwar became eligible. Now yr man is coming and let's welcome him with open arms. We can expect BN to play on waste of public fund, as if they're really that concerned abt taxpayers money. It's pittance compared to billions lost in Perwaja for example. In case Najib forgot, in 1972 then MP of Kuala Lipis was asked to vacate the seat to make way for King Ghaz who was later appointed as Cabinet Minister by Tun Razak. We didn't complain. Did we?

from: historian

Anonymous said...

Agree nuraina. Since the venue is a stronghold for PKR, it would be great if Ezam could contest against DSAI in that place. Although the possibility of winning the contest is a doubt.

Regarding on wan azizah, its more on loyalty to her husband than a symbol of love.

Anonymous said...

thanks for your point on 1972.i even wasnt borned at that time.hee.

ok.for my own opionion on this matter.

i dont see this as a suprising act since everyone knows that Wan Azizah is Anwar's matter what she will always on Anwar side day in day out.but why on the first place Anwar announced he wanna contested at Bdr.Tun Razak then Kulim and at last picked Permatang Pauh~?.we have to view Wan Azizah as not just a wife,a mom,a doctor - also as a politician.for sure she got tricks of her own in this political game.

then again,i still have respect for Wan Azizah.she's a strong woman.

Anonymous said...

I bet U**O (disgusted to say the word) will use this reason during their campaign. In fact Pirdaus already started the campaign with attack on DSWA. What's wrong with this 'imam'?

Anonymous said...

for those who think that Wan Azizah's resignation is a betrayal of people's trust, may I point out that Permatang Pauh people have the final say. Are they not given the chance to voice out through their vote?
There are more blatant betrayal of people's trust like the manner in which all public institutions are
moblised in a campaign to nail Anwar Ibrahim with a sodomy charge which by all account look ludiruos. The blatant corruptions and wastage of public fund to feed the greed of the elite few, I call that betrayal of public trust.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, agree... remember the case of Abu Hasan, when the Sultan of Selangor wanted someone 'bersih', and they couldn't produce one form the-then list of ADUNs, his name cropped up... then they had a by-election. No one said about anyone being sick ke, apa ke... hampeh!

Anonymous said...

Without the spectre of sodomy, Anwar will definitely win.

BN only trump card is the sodomy allegation.

This trump card must be very good to shake Anwar, or otherwise, Anwar will win with a bigger majority.

And Ezam will have to start polishing his bullets very hard from now.

Government liability is Pak Lah leadership and Najib's reputation.

For now, only how good or flimsy, the details of this trump card to be released soon will determine Anwar 's fate.


Anonymous said...

Look, who is talking. This is not love. As usual, you UMNO people think you are smart. That is why you did badly in PRU12, you do not know how the rakyat feel. With all this story about 20 years experience Doctor not qualify to check "lubang tahi", what you expected?. DSAI is playing safe and smart, any politician will do the same. In PTG Pauh, DSAI can basically fill him name as cndidate and go home to sleep, no campaign is needed.He will win handsomely. Even the DPM and PM cannot survive in this area. This is how strong his influence in that area.

Anonymous said...

Kak aina'

i suppose saiful could get even with anwar if he chllenge anwar in permatang pauh.
or maybe secind thot uncle pet can play big brother again.
what say u?

Anonymous said...

i rather not think it as betrayal.. as those voter will vote either of them..

and, on the plus side... they'll get some benefit from the next elections... monies will fall from the sky... new projects here and there... to the shop owners... their income surely will be more than double next month..

"nak ganti jamban... mai jumpa saya... nak ganti gigi palsu pun.. mai jumpa saya..." kata calon yang bertanding...


Donplaypuks® said...

I think it doesn't become you to put a spin on all things Anwar; we can see where your vote will go, there is a clear pattern. I am not questioning your right to your opinion either.

But you must be among the minority in M'sia if you did not see that the honourable lady, Wan Azizah was holding the fort for Anwar. We are talking about the boiling cauldron and snake-pit of M'sian politics here, not a game of tiddlywinks for amusement.

Rip Van Winkle out-manoeuvred Anwar by calling for early elections at a huge and probably permanently disastrous cost to BN. Let the Games continue!!

pua kang kang said...

No gal, no one is complaining, just can't wait for the drama to start. I'm gonna skip my Ah peks Coffee shop talk in my favourite kopitiam in Kuala Selangor and going to stay in my nephew's place in Penang to cacth the drama live. (If the drama sees the day light) But my god damn guts telling me they gonna get the poor old fella before the curtain lifts

Bentoh said...

I won't use the word "betray"... it's too strong...

I think it's more of... errmmm... misuse of the current democratic system, or rather a disrespect/dishonor towards the constitutional general election... Very much like the frogging that Anwar Ibrahim has been championing for the past 4 months... morally and principally unacceptable...

If I'm a Permatang Pauh voter, I'll spoil my vote even though I would have also voted for Kak Wan... to protest the championing of Ketuanan Katak (instead of Ketuanan Rakyat), and to protest the act of dishonoring the general election... ;)

It is also interesting that the mother of all westminster system, the UK's parliament doesn't allow a resignation of an MP... except through some backdoor method...

What is the use of General Election when you can resign sesuka hati? :)

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now you are making a wrong judgment of me.

do i sound like i am spinning anything?

goodness! how wrong can you be!

Donplaypuks® said...

It looks like it, it read likes it and sounds like it.But I admit I don't know you at all & could be totally wrong, and if so, tender my apologies.

But to me it is clear that at GE08 the PPauh voters gave a huge majority and endorsement to PKR first. After all PPauh is synonymous with DSAI, and in his absence, they knew how they should support PKR & that great lady.

Not that if she stood elsewhere she might not have won then. I suspect that if Kulim becomes vacant and she contests, she will win hands down.

Let's wait & see.

Donplaypuks® said...

My sincere apologies. I re-read yr blog and a combination of senility & tv distracted me from absorbing yr condemnation of 'betrayal of the people's trust' when I first read it.

Accrpt yellow card gratefully!


you see, english must be so bad that you've misread my writing..

Donplaypuks® said...

No nothing wrong with yr English. it's great.

It was my haste!!


Anonymous said...

I'm voter from Permatang Pauh and if anybody thinks I'll put a protest vote against DSAI? Fat hopes. In fact most of the voters in P. Pauh have expected Kak Wan to vacate her seat for DSAI sooner or later.

With the latest conspiracy on DSAI, even some BN supporters are digusted at the latest attempt by the BN goons.


Anonymous said...

HEY, let the 'by-election' be :

anwar VS saiful ! why not ?

Anonymous said...


Let me pose this question to you. You have been a journalist for more than 27 years. I'm sure you would be able to judge the intelligence level of each VIP or ministers you come across.

Now, we have been shouting from every corner but none of the BN leaders seem to understand our message. In your opinion what is wrong with them? Do you agree like some of our readers say, they have less than average intelligence? I myself could not believe their wisdom after seeing the mockery they create non stop.

Expect your honest answer.


malaysianlover said...

It is "understandable" for a wife to make way for her husband, and vice-versa.

What doesn't seem right is:
1) Why doesn't he claim his innocence first? He knows he will be on trial soon, and may be refused from contesting. Again, this will give him another good reason to shout CONSPIRACY!.

2) Why Permatang Pauh? He's been bragging that he could win almost anywhere! Why depend on his hometown, if he wants to be the PM of the whole country...?

Anonymous said...

Dear Nuraina, When I first saw this word "betrayal", I was astonished that it is even being used. Next, they will say it is a "crime of Passion"! It's great that your good and fair sense of writing brings to this announcement by DSWA some balance. I totally agree with what you wrote. SYABAS!

Anonymous said...

PKR is Anwar and Anwar is PKR. PKR wouldn't exist without Anwar and so does Pakatan Rakyat.

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for Dato Shahril to comment on Wan Azizah's resig-nation. Why singling him out? He was the 'architect' behind Article 48(6)of Fed Constitution which prevents those who resign their seats from recontesting within 5 yrs. For record, Dato Shahrir resigned his JB seat in 1988 (won on BN ticket)and recontested the subsequent bye-election on Independent ticket but backed by UMNO's Team B led by Tg Razaleigh (Pak Lah was also in the camp then). Dato Shahrir did so to 'prove' something and he did prove it with style, trouncing the BN candidate with huge majority. Not long after that in 1989 then Ampang Jaya MP Dr Lim Ann Koon of MCA resigned due to 'tiredness' but suspicion was that he was bought over by Tg Razaleigh to pave the way for another test of strength with BN. In the bye-election, Dato Harun of Semangat 46lost narrowly to the young MCA election debutant, Ong Tee Keat. Apart frm Tg Razaleigh, amongst those campaigning for Semangat 46 were the bridge burner aka Mr MOU Rais Yatim, katak man Ibrahim Ali, Marina Yusoff, Tg Azlan (brother of Sultan of Pahang who recently refused the post of Dy Minister)and Ibrahim Hj Ahmad (Pak Lah's brother).

frm: another historian

Anonymous said...

Anwar rambles a lot.

first was bandar tun razak.

Then Kulim bandar baharu.

and sometime mentioned he will not contest on existing PKR seat, confidently claiming he will add a new seat for PKR.

There's nothing wrong in contesting in any place other than PP.

Unless his confidence subside and need a safe haven badly. Is he expecting a big mountain to climb?

He'll win at PP, I'm sure.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Nuraina about wanting Dr Wan Azizah for a wife. About the so-called betrayal, most Permatang Pauh voters would have known full well that she'd probably vacate the seat for Anwar as soon as he was eligible to stand for elections again, especially since the grand Imam Pirdaus lost no chance in mencanangkan this fact. Still, they voted for her, and, boy, did they. So, it would seem to me that it's their choice - they want Anwar back.



you know, i'd be less than honest if i say that i agree with the "belief" that our politicians (Barisan nasional, i'm sure you meant) are stupid.

if they sound stupid, it's because they no longer care what they sound because a lot is at stake for them and they'd lose a lot if they behave "intelligently" and say what's right and do what's right as oppose to doing the wrong thing for the right reason and cause (for them).

that said -- it does not mean that "we" are always right and that 'they' are wrong and therefore, stupid.

i have met very intelligent people in Umno, MCA,Gerakan and MIC.
As I have in Keadilan, Parti Sosialis, DAP and Pas.

So, let's not be patronising.

The truth is, greed can be consuming. It numbs the mind. It makes us do and say stupid things.

Also the need to survive. You'd do anything to survive....even exhort the non-existent virtues of a poor leader.

Anonymous said...

since BN are confident of their job, why don't they vacate thier seat to let Anwar contest with them? Let's take on our Tambun seat at Ipoh, then we will let Anwar get the seat for PKR. Let all umno seat to be vacate and another election in Perak and see how people here will vote ? I guarantee they will fall all their seat by then.

Anonymous said...

man : " GOD, please give me a wife better than wan azizah !"
So, GOD gives him 'sister Teresa' !