Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Anwar Sure Menang In Permatang Pauh...

I'm not a gambler. Taking bets on election results (always for fun) doesn't make me one. Does it???

Anyway, because I'm no gambler, I took a bet of RM50 that Anwar Ibrahim wins the Permatang Pauh parliamentary seat.
It doesn't take a keen or seasoned political observer or a clairvoyant to make that conclusion.
So clear. A foregone conclusion....

And you're wondering who that loser was who took the bet with me?

But, okay. I'll mouth what everyone will hasten to remark -- "it's a matter of how much majority Anwar will get..."

Can Anwar garner more than the (more than) 13,000 majority as did his wife and PKR president Dr Wan Azizah Ismail did in the March 8 general election?

Even the PKR camp has said that it would be tough for Anwar. We'll just have to wait and see, won't we?

Now...what's the oft-repeated line? A win is a win even by one vote. Or something like that.
(Of course, a very slim majority is another story for another day.)

*The three candidates for the Permatang Pauh parliamentary seat are Parti Keadilan Rakyat Adviser and de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim, 61, Umno's Seberang Jaya state assemblyman Arif Shah Omar Shah, 52 and Mr Kacau Daun from Parti Angkatan Keadilan Insan Malaysia (Akim) Hanafi Mamat, 61.

Total number of voters: 58,459
Ordinary voters: 57,969
Postal voters: 490

Malays: 69.4 %
Chinese: 24.5%
Indiana: 6 %
Others: 0.4%


Anonymous said...

Of course it is a forgone concusion when it is a case of Clown vs. People's Politician. I just can't take another massive attack on my frail nerve ...

backStreetGluttons said...

you are absolutely right !

killing your enemy with just 1 stroke is good enough ! why bother with all da blood ?

cheers to a new Malaysia !

duagelasteh said...

Dear sis Nuraina:

Best wishes for Pak Samad.

This year is the year of Rat, u know.

And you dad was born in 1924 - also the year of Rat. Rat vs Rat.

It is a difficult year generally for the 'Rats', according to my ancestors' "as-trologi".

However, it is all up to the Tuhanlah. We believe Tuhan Maha Berkuasa.

On the by-election, I think you are right. Bung Anwar is going to make it to the Parlimen - barring any if at all unforseen circumstances, hidden hands, divine intervention....

I agree with sdr M Sayuti Omar's analysis, that Bung Anwar may win around 7,550 majority votes.

Having said that, I am also of the view that he will remain as the Opposition Chief in the House until retirement, or, if earlier, he is disqualified....

I share Che Det's view that Bung Anwar won't become PM.

Our learned friend, Allahyarham Khalid Jeferi, said Bung Anwar had a 'flat' forehead - so he doesn't have the face of a PM.

While my ancestors commented that his face is "too long" and therefore this is not the face of a P.M.

To see the illustration, compare the faces of Che Det, Pak Lah & Najib to Anwar's. The shapes are different.

Nasib badan (muka), u know.

Salam hormat.

Anonymous said...

I would say it starts from 16k majority onwards.


1) I believe the people are on Anwar's side.

2) BN failed to project clean image on their own. Too many accusations.

3) People like Khairy and Ezam resorted to too much personal attacks. Khairy said he would bury Anwar. Showed his complete arrogance at this young age.

4) Unity shown by PR members is fantastic. PAS and DAP came together working so hard proved their willingness to work for nation despite their differences which we did not see from MCA and MIC.


Unknown said...

Many bet that Anwar will win in the by-election considering that Anwar has always been the darling for Permatang Pauh.but that doesnt mean that Dato Ariff Shah have no chances of winning.On AKIM candidate,winning is like a dream come true but i'm sure he'll succeed in gettine some votes.

Between Wan Azizah and Anwar,Anwar journey for this by-election are tougher.Anwar have to face many issue less than Wan Azizah.So,i think the issue gonna reflects on the votes as well.

another thing to look upon is the amount of votes of Anwar gonna receive.will it be more or less than Wan Azizah.

we shall find out at 8.00pm today.

TPJ said...

Considering the overwhelming confidence Anwar and his supporters exhibit, I hope you gave the other person a few thousand votes in handicapp.

With TV3 giving Anwar good coverage everynight, it'd be a wonder how he'd lose. But then again, he can always fall back on the rigging claim for insurance.

Anonymous said...

The main issue is WHEN Anwar will enter Paliament.
Hopefully the Pandikar is gentleman enough to hold the ceremony on Wednesday morning.
Malaysians cant wait any longer.

Anonymous said...

By all accounts, a few people are going to have massive attack on their frail nerves. Sorry, not me.

Anonymous said...

Am waiting for the result to see whether Anwar is able to maintain the percentage that his wife got during the last election.
If BN is able to reduce it to smaller percentage then we know that the beginning to the end of Anwar is approaching.

lipandes said...

Hanafi Mamat for Permatang Pauh!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe its very easy to Anwar to win in this election because of "buta tuli" supporters just don't want to know either Anwar innocent or not.. But, to create a new government and to become a PM, it is very impossible to Anwar.. I also think that Yang Dipertuan Agong also did not accept Anwar as a PM... So, how come he will become a PM of Malaysia on this 16 Sept?...

Anonymous said...

judging from what'd happened in P44... PKR do need pas... not just in p44... but all of the place they're contesting...

their party machinery... most of them don't know what to do... all they care is shout shout shout... call names... swearing and cursing...

pas is more knowledgeable in preparing for election, they know what to do... easy to work with them...

DIN said...


OKT Black 14

Anonymous said...

hey ! i make 50......sen (!) from my bini betting that anwar will win more than his wife !!

Anonymous said...

And the winner is ...
Anonymous 1.11.PM suresh !!

"I would say it starts from 16k majority onwards."

This is as close as it gets. And those `experts' who said "Anwar will win, but with a lesser majority than Wan Azizah"... And one Sayuti-something predicted "7,500".

However, the humble and low-profile "suresh" is the one who is ACCURATE! Dude, if you have any predictions about the Futures markets - Forex, CPO etc - please tell me, okay? I'll surely follow what you predict:-)

Oh, to Nuraina: Why not give the RM50 to suresh? After all, you had won it `unfairly' - the guy who went for BN is definitely a clueless novice:-)

Anonymous said...

Cerita pasal vote rigging tu semua cerita nak lapik malu kalau kalah nanti. Dia mesti dah bersedia awal2, kalau kalah tak malu, lepas tu dapat burukkan lagi kerajaan. Ni perangai biasa Anwar. Kita layankan je. Sekarang dah terbukti benda tu tak wujud, semua cakap putar belit Anwar je. Semua dah mabuk melayan cerita putar belit dia sekarang.