Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wanita Umno's "Jihad" Against Anwar

..to stop him from achieving his dream and personal glory, said its deputy chief, Shahrizat Abdul Jalil.

In The Star report, Shahrizat did not name Anwar but referred to him as an ambitious individual.

Hmm. How come? We know she meant Anwar.

Anyway, she was further quoted by The Star as saying that it is a jihad because "this individual" (read:Anwar) should not be given the chance to destroy the country’s political stability and prosperity.

"If we allow him to lead the country, he would lead us to destruction,” she said after launching the Barisan Nasional Wanita Permatang Pauh by-election machinery here on Monday.

Shahrizat said Anwar "would do everything possible to become the Prime Minister at the expense of the people’s welfare and the country’s stability.

“The wing views the by-election as a critical election not just for Barisan Nasional but also for the whole country and its people."

Read The Star report HERE.

A "jihad", eh?

Hope you ladies know what you're doing.


Alhaj said...

Assalamu 'alaikum!


Agaknya dia masih terkilan dikalahkan oleh anaknya yang masih hingusan. Terserah kepada rakyat siapa yang mereka hendak pilih. Tak payahlah obses sangat sampai nak jihad-jihad. Ketentuannya sudah ada pada Allah S.W.T.


Anonymous said...

Umno + Jihad = Canggong!

Anonymous said...

Mana punya fatwa dia dapat Kak?

Jihad? to stop a democratic process?

Kalau jihad membentras rasuah ke?drug abuse ke,Aids/ HIV ke
Child rapist ke masok akal sikit! but Jihad to stop a democratic process is unbelievable unhear off.

Wanita you better ijtihad!!

Anonymous said...

Again not the most promising sound bite for an important election campaign, methinks. Watched the first 10 minutes of Buletin Utama tonight, and there was no mention of the Wanita UMNO so-called jihad. Let us see who will immediately respond to her clarion call for jihad this time ...

If the previous experience in Lembah Pantai is any guide, it is not unlikely that the captains of industry will join the fray again. No? Once beaten twice shy, you reckon?


Fadhil said...

Salam Nuraina,

Yup, I read the Star's report too. Seems that Shahrizat hasn't got the balls (pun not intended) to name Anwar directly. Ala... apasal nak segan-segan, Kak Ijat. Sebut je ayah kpd Wakil Rakyat yang kalahkan kamu pada PRU kelmarin.

She chose to use the word `jihad' right? She doesn't even know the meaning of the word! Let's see if the action would backfire.

Bergen said...

Gotta watch out for the jihad women. Frisk 'em for IEDs.

Anonymous said...

Aina dear,please kindly enlighten me, ok :
(1) a male muslim dies at 'jihat' will be entertained by 70 virgins in heaven , right ?
(2) what about female muslim if dies at 'jihat' !?
(3) terima kasih .

Enigman said...

What jihad are 'em Wanita UMNOs talking about? Let me explain:
1. Jihad to protect their selfish interests and cronies.
2. Jihad against fair play, truth, honesty & transparency
3. Jihad against rational thoughts, global mindset, creativity & accountability.

The ex-MP for Lembah Pantai failed to mention what she meant by destruction of this country. Will Malaysia be destroyed when a new Prime Minister comes into the picture? What's so wrong about being ambitious? The ex-MP seem to forget that she too can be considered ambitious and after all, why contest when Rafidah said she will hand over the Wanita leader post when the time comes. No need for election. Is this how democracy works in UMNO? Sacrifice democracy for the sake of stability. MY FOOT!!!!

Anonymous said...

...holy struggle for BN for a moral goal..holy cow!what a laughable statement...BN..you are

Anonymous said...

What about jihad against corrupt AG & lying Police chief who like making up false charges of sodomy and corruption, just to stay in power?

or jihad against no2 for lying about knowing gayboy saiful and lying about meeting gayboy just days before the accusation was made. Isn't this too much of a coincidence?

or maybe jihad against powerful politicians who do backdoor deals with vendors when purchasing military equipment worth hundreds of millions and end up hving an affair with the translator who is then killed and blown to bits?

or jihad against those who reject a hospital's findings because it was the truth to reveals their lies?

or jihad against no1 who awards contracts worth billions to his son then elects his son-in-law to power in the most unprofessional and questionable way.

These are just some examples of how wanita could better spend their 'jihad' on.

- the word jihad is not to be used in vain, I warn you!

Anonymous said...

Jihad against a fellow muslim. Really pathethic

Anonymous said...

Seeking revenge for losing to Nurul by a landslide? Sharizat,you should request to stand at Permatang Pauh. I,m sure you will be pissed of by the lady voters.

Nasionalis said...

I share Shahrizat's call for struggle but to call it jihad ..... hmmmm

Anonymous said...

Shahrizat is right about what will happen if that ambitious individual comes into power except that the destruction she talks about is that of UMNO, BN and their underlings! She and her kind are getting jittery!

Anonymous said...

Sharizat is an example of the trash that is in Puteri UMNO. Those are not "puteris" by any stretch of the imagination. Their role model is fat piece of crap Rafidah. The world's longest self serving minister of trade.

Raison D'etre said...

Kak Aina,

"Jihad" against a "Jahat"? :)

As always, politicians are not adverse to using the religion (terminologies included) when it suits them.

Unknown said...

Jihad only for the sake of Allah not your cronies madam.

Anonymous said...

Salam Nraina

Below is my note on our Mantan TPM
just before the Malayisan PRU 12:


Well guys , its not exactly the actual Friday sermon in the mosque but in the evening after the maghrid prayer. That friday afternoon I received a SMS from our dear old friend Pei Ah Chong inviting me to Madah Madrasah for a tazkirah and following that will be the normal free food in the “dulang”. That’s Ah chong I knew, and every time if there were interesting happenings at his Madrasah he would sent me an invitation to attend. And as for me, free food and some alternative quality entertainment, I will go, even to Timbuktu.

This time an interesting character was invited to give the tazkirah , its Datuk Seri Anuar Ibrahim, I have never meet and see this guy in person, so that night I was surprised to see him in this humble surrounding. What can I say about him, in pinnacle of his career I doubt that he knew where Madrasah Madah was and I had always heard that he was jet setting to America, Europe and UK in an Armani suit and people would put out a red carpet to welcome him but now his driver was asking me how to get to a Dewan in Kg. Koh.

Let us go back to the topic that he talked that night, its about “Kuasa, Ilmu and Kekayaan” which I presume that he have all the three within his grasped at one time. He went to say that these three, in the right hand will bring good to the people and also in the wrong hand will cause a disaster to the country. Politician, they can talk about anything they want but what’s in my mind at that moment was, what have he done? when he’s up there with all the three, power, knowledge and richness in his hand okay he’s not the number one but what have he done for the ummah.

He also explained about the video clip of him having a” veil veil” session during one of the by-elections but he did not delved in the “joket” session that he had some time ago. He talked about people who told thousand of lies , but what about the arsenic poisoning that he supposed to have in prison , what about the video that showed him well and running about but when he was out of the door he had to be helped walking.

Hippocrates that is what they are !!!!

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

i think theres nothing wrong about this.its usual for this to happen (one party dislike another party).big deal.

but i dont really agree they use the term "jihad".they make it sounds cheap.

Anonymous said...

70 virgins for a male whi dies in Jihad

70 men for Sharizat if another bomb is thrown at her face during jihad

Wow !!!

Anonymous said...

takde maknanya jihad. she's talking nonsense. dah kalah teruk pun masih nak berkempen.

Anonymous said...

jihad My Lan Pa !

Anonymous said...

Dear Madam

Perhaps Sharizat should pursue a "jihad" against all..malay muslim men who abandon their wives and children and left them to marry new wives. ANd this poor single mums have to wait for years to settle their divorces cases, and worst they dont even get any alimony..........

So it worth for Sharizat to purse this...and one more thing....before she declares a JIHAD..perhaps she should look at your own backyard..family background and their lifestyle..before she says others.............i wonder why people get blinded sometimes.....

Anonymous said...

She's not using the correct term to show her spirit of fighting against ANWAR. Should not misuse such words.

Anonymous said...

Anwar memang tak patut diberi peluang untuk jadi PM. Lepas dia keluar dari kandang Malaysia jadi huru hara. Kerja dia asyik menghasut saja. Dia terkenal sebagai 'Bapa Demonstrasi' yang tak habis2 mengajak rakyat untuk berdemo saja. Esok Malaysia akan penuh dengan demo yang akan menghuru hara kan keadaan. Campur lagi hubungan dia dengan US, lagi lah tak sedap hati memikirkannya.

TOK JAYA said...

Salam Tok Mommy
Astaffirullah hilazim !!!

Pemimpin UMNo sudah sesat dan saya terkejut dengan Fatwa Sharizat tahukah dia apa dia JIHAT.

Kalau kita masih lagi dipimpin olih pemimpin UMNo musnahlah kita dan sanggup buat apa saja bagi mengelirukan Rakyat...

Bagi saya Fatwa ini akan makan diri sendiri. Apakata tuan mufti perlis ????

Anonymous said...

i agree with fatimah.

she chose the wrong word to show her enthusiasm towards battle against Anwar.i hope that she'll not repeat the same mistake again and choose her words wisely.

Anonymous said...


70 batang or rotan awaiting you. Please take your pick.

- BarangBaik

Donplaypuks® said...

When all these bankrupt politicians who are still there by back-door entry have nothing else left to sell, they will play the Race and/or Religion card.

Maybe that molotov cocktail was really meant for her. Think about that!!

puspawangi said...

all this UMNO leaders are like 3 blind monkeys..they closed their ears, eyes and mouth and their heart too. They dont see, hear or say things that the rakyat see, hear or say..are not our country already in a BIG MESS? that our country is at the brink of destruction? corruptin in the Jab imegresyen was the latest?

Tell her to go study Islam and her role as a muslim's women leader and that her "tudung semi pro" is not giving her a license to call for jihad..she shopuld be bersyukur that Pak Lah took her back..when actullly she does not belong..taking her back meaning Pak Lah was not respecting the voters who had voted her out.. but that's not something new isnt it?

What would happened to our beloved nation?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

yes, yes, YES ! let's have 'jihats'
all the way against : sinful politicians, corrupted ones , cronies of those in power ( ex & now ), persecuters, taking others'
bini2, wrong doers .......lagi & lagi >>>!!


Anonymous said...

Sdri Nuraina,

Bagi orang Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine jihad juga bermaksud ikat bom kat pinggang dan letupkan ketika berada dekat tentera US, Nato dan Yahudi. Mungkinkah salah seorang wanita UMNO berbuat demikian ketika berada dekat Anwar nanti. Nanti saya bagi tau CIA sini sudah ada pengganas.

Rosli Dhobi.

Anonymous said...

Jihad doesnt mean killing ONLY, Jihad definition is very broad. Learning, studying, helping people and other things. Preventing Anwar from becoming a PM could be one of them.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

No need to talk about war
When battle of the mind is not even won
Let there be no political whore
When there are still so many urgent needs in want

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 130808
Wed. 13th Aug. 2008.

The Author said...

Whatever it is, my instinct strongly sides on Anwar! I believe he will win at Permatang Pauh!

Ayuh orang kampung....sokong jangan tak sokong!

Anwar has better standings compared to Sharizat.

Pa'chik said...

kalau ada yang percaya... hahahah... suruh masuk tadika balik... hahaha...

tak puas hati kalah ngan izzah la nih... hehehe..

err... bukan pak lah tengah menghancurlumatkan negara ni ke??

Khairulnizam Bakeri said...

They don't even know what Jihad really means. Sigh. Got a post on this topic, too. Hehe.


Anonymous said...

She was thrashed in Lembah Pantai by Nurul, Anwar's daughter. When not selected by Pak Lah in his cabinet, she ambushed him at 11th hour in Putra Jaya and got the senator's post. The people in Permatang Pauh doesn't give you, or any other UMNO goons, a dammed about your Jihad by Imam Islam Hadhari ... Wali Kota

Anonymous said...

Salam Nuraina

Molek sangatlah tu. Seorang pura-pura Islam warak, seorang wanita tulin palsu.
Peranglah sama sendiri.
Jangan ajak orang Permatang Pauh campurlak

Azrin said...

I think sharizat is trying to justify the "salary" she's getting for being er.. what is she in charge of??

And this jihad call is coming from the Ketua Wanita in waiting..

Jihad amendenye...the country already being destroyed.

Anonymous said...

She is the last person to invoke jihad..the selendang she wears is for show only. Why don't she go to Permatang Pauh and contest against "the individual who will bring destruction to the country"

Cheap shot...on the other hand she has to say something..she is given the Wanita chief post..so she must say something altho it may sound stupid.

Is there something common about fat women in umno...

Anonymous said...

Kak Ina,
jihat ke jahat?
Melayu lawan melayu jihad ke? Islam lawan Islam jihad ke?
Aku baca blog ini dari Tabuk,Saudi Arabia.Aku Jual perkhidmatan aku kepada Kerajaan Arab saudi kerana nak dapatkan duit lebih secara halal.Aku anak orang kampong.Tak ada apa yang mak bapak aku tinggalkan kecuali sehelai sijil mati.Bukan seperti anak menantu pemimpin UMNO yang sudah tentu mewarisi harta bertambun melalui keturunannya. Tapi,kata Orang Alim kalau aku mati, semasa mencari rezeki di Tanah Arab ini aku mati jihad dan bukan mati Jahat.
Betul tak betul aku tak pasti.Tak peduli.yang aku peduli, Shahrizad bukan pemimpin wanita yang aku sukai.Entah...sebab dia nampak bukan Melayu asli kok.


Anonymous said...

kak ena, how are u. miss u much. ijat is yet to recover from the defeat in lembah pantai and that si why this jihad comes into the picture.
lagipun dia kan nak lawan rafidah as ketua wanita, so this is the time nak cari publisiti murahan

love always, laksa sarawak

Anonymous said...

Sorry to ask , but the guys get 70 virgins in heaven for jihad , whats the deal for Women?

Anonymous said...

I thought she was talking about Najib.


Quantum Metal Consultant said...

Jika diambilkira hadhari, 'jihad' sharizat dikira betul bedasarkan imamnya yang sedang mencari ghazali dan shafie.

Crankster said...


After she got her ass whupped severely by Anwar Ibrahim's daughter??

I can see why she's sore. :)

But I wish she'd use her time more wisely, like getting the NURIN thing done up effectively.

Anonymous said...

dear shahrizat:
since ur not an amMPee anymore..
"feed me,fu*k and shut the hell up.." motto really works for u...

Anonymous said...

maybe bcoz of this?


or maybe she had some knowledge of the evidence against anwar on the upcoming court case

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

her current boss is a known destructor. she should declare Jihad to stop the damage being done instead.

she should also remember her boss waa the same pm who was away on a holiday while tjohor folks was in distress.

shar101 said...

Ai SAJ, sekarang baru nak berjihad ke?

Dah terlewat beb.

Tapi kalu nak gunakan istilah se-begitu, bila sampai ke syurga nanti, sila serahkan 70 lelaki sunti kepada AI, ambil pula dia punya 70 gadis sunti dan buat projek dengan AOS...

Alamak aku lupa daaah!(daaah - must use P.Ramlee accent).

Neraka menunggu. Berjihad-lah
Hi Nuraina,

Long time I no come here and looks like you're less than 10K to a million, eh.

rocky said...

jihad!!! wow!!! what is Anwar..an anti Islam or a devil. Hell there are so many corrupt things going around them and yet they don't declare jihad. Really sick la. but not surprising thou cos they are loosing touch with the rakyat.Majority Malaysians are of the opinion this jihad thing is just bad. It further reinforce the support for Anwar.

Anonymous said...

An eye for an eye make the whole world blind. Jihad sama jihad make the whole world mati.

Anonymous said...

"If we allow him to lead the country, he would lead us to destruction,” she said after launching the Barisan Nasional Wanita Permatang Pauh by-election machinery here on Monday.

Why worry about Anwar, it is proven that Pak Lah is successful in doing just that.


Anonymous said...

Jihad anti-rasuah, I'll support. Jihad anti-Anwar... melampau.

With all due respect, I think she's insane.

- Abang Maimon.

ColorsMalaysian said...

Jihad !?.........
Shit !
Shit !
Shit !...........
" Stink " word after all.

How can such a word came from a former women's affair minister,Shahrizat ?

" She should have realised that her action is the important thing a Muslim should NEVER ! ...NEVER !.....NEVER do !
She does not understand the darkside of jihad, otherwise she would never dare to say something like this.Moreover she is a mother and should never lead the young one to this "stink word". "

Only devils talk about "jihad".
Why jihad ?
Bloodshed and life taking after all.

refer to Microsoft Encarta

ji·had [ji hd]
(plural ji·hads) or je·had [ji hd] (plural je·hads)
1. Islamic campaign against nonbelievers: a campaign waged by Muslims in defense of the Islamic faith against people, organizations, or countries regarded as hostile to Islam
2. relentless campaign: a relentless campaign against somebody or something

[Mid-19th century. < Arabic jihād "effort"]

-ji·had·ist, noun

Can we "jihad" or oppose those who are non-Christian too ?

Can we "jihad" or oppose those who are non-Buddhist too ?

Can we "jihad" or oppose those who are non-Hindu too ?

Never appeared in our mindset.
We only oppose those racist.

After all, our ancestors never teach us how to take people's life.
We all value ours and people's lives.

Moreover,our god only teach us how to love and value ours and other people's lives.

Only those devils (Greedy bigots and goons of so call believers)have such evil thinking to teach the innocent people how to kill one after another.
Especially ,leading those innocent youngster to die for their greedy and evil needs.

A word to all the "greedy evil bigots and goons".
Life is short !
Be brainy !
Don't be racist !
Serve our motherland wisely !
Contribute to our nation !
Leave a "golden" history to the nation.

RAKYAT the Power of Nation

Anonymous said...

This is the problem with Shahrizad, the half-baked Muslim women and who does not read enough Islamic books. Anybody who read his statement, will have a good laugh as from which source she picked up this stupid statement. I pity this lawyer.

Anonymous said...

sharizat jalil is not even know the meaning of "jihad"....better read islam again... anyway she ,her sister and her son not a good muslin anyway...bukit damansara folks know about it...

Anonymous said...

anon 12.35, hi, good afternoon !
please kindly tell us this 'jihah'
woman's sis & son ...ok ? i dun stay in bukit damansara so dun know lah !
Hey, recently someone set API in her house, betul ka ? i really dun tahu kerana tak stay there, btw, where is bukit damansara ah !!?? (taiping guy)

Anonymous said...

wow...wow... if this indian -looked
jihat woman COULD terminate anwar
for jihat's sake...wow...wow... she will be rewarded with 70 xxx in her heaven lah...aiyooo...sioknya ! Good luck !

Anonymous said...

HEY, this shahrizat related to omar shahrif ke ? same color one! almost same look as mamak tun lah !
NO wonder lah she so KEEN to jahad anwar for her bangsa lah !!...cheh
...celaka ! simply jahad, jahah, jahat,jalat, jilat..lalat pulak !!

ani said...

"Jihad" against a "Jahat"? :)

winda erna said...

Kalau jihad membentras rasuah ke?drug abuse ke,Aids/ HIV ke
Child rapist ke masok akal sikit! but Jihad to stop a democratic process is unbelievable unhear off.

Wanita you better ijtihad!!