Saturday, August 02, 2008

You'll Get There, Anwar...

If they'll let you.

See, every time Anwar (Ibrahim, PKR de facto leader) inches closer to realising his "dream", he gets reined back.

Permatang Pauh is surely in his hands. Nothing to it.
The by-election will be a formality. But have it, we must, for the due democratic process must be obeyed.

Anwar has got Permatang Pauh already.

Or has he?

My favourite line this year -- anything can happen. And as we all have seen and bore witness to -- things have happened, not just to Anwar but his friends and foes as well.

(Anwar's wife PKR president Dr Wan Azizah Ismail won the seat in the March 8 general election, obtaining 30,338 votes. defeating Umno's Pirdaus Ismail who got 16,950.
In the 2004 general election, Dr Wan Azizah won by a small majority - 590 -- against Pirdaus.)

As, Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said -- Anwar is free to contest Permatang Pauh BUT investigations into the sodomy allegation (by Saiful Bukhari Azlan) will continue.

The Prime Minister said:
"If he is thinking that by so doing (contesting in the by-election), the police would stop investigating, then this is not right. We must remember that the complainant (Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan) has lodged a report and what he is looking for is justice.

"We must not forget him. The police will continue their investigations based on the rule of law. We must carry out our responsibility so that Mohd Saiful's claims are brought to court for a decision to be made in the name of justice.
"In this country, everyone is entitled to justice based on the rule of law."

Fair warning?

I'm not trying to pre-empt anything. But, we can expect a more stepped-up investigation and action, if this hasn't already started.

Of course, of course. The allegations must be investigated and no one is above the law!

Meanwhile, I'd like to wish Anwar -- Bon Chance! Or as we Malaysians say -- good luck!


Starmandala said...

When Badawi replaced Dr M in November 2003, the nation heaved a deep sigh of relief to see a non-snarling, non-sneering face in the headlines saying all the right things ("We'll listen to NGOs and work with them"... "Corruption will destroy our country, so we must reduce it to a minimum"... "the people deserve a clean, transparent govenment"... and so on). Endon was a benevolent patron of the arts and she lent a touch of class and humanity to Pak Lah's public image. By 2005 it wass clear nothing was going to change - same old same old - but at least Pak Lah's avuncular aura was disarming and he smiled a lot more than his predecessor when he wasn't dozing off. However, after the explosive news of a murdered Mongolian woman spread across the world, Pak Lah became Pak Blah and chose to serve his own political (and financial) interests above that of natural justice and the nation's long-term health. He covered up for his deputy. From that point on his downward slide in credibility was rapid and ruinous. This latest statement on the Saiful case is laced with poison and hatred. Abdullah Badawi has gone from being merely feeble, flipflop, banal and boring to irredeemably evil. Could he have actually been bodysnatched by his own son-in-law?
I wonder who bodysnatched Khairy and turned him into such a detestable comicbook villain... sad and scary to see Umno sinking to such irretrievable depths of moral decay.

Anonymous said...

Yes. God bless too.

pua kang kang said...

Yes, rightly put. Saiful is not bove the law as well. So why treat this as justice for Saiful only and not for Anwar. Both of them deserve justive. From what Pak Lah says, we can conclude that Pak Lah is only interested in justice for Saiful. Why is he above the law?

Anonymous said...

Insya Allah. I hope he gets there!
We will get there!!

Anonymous said...

"RULE OF LAW". That's a sacred phrase. The very sacred Quran can't be touched let alone read by dirty Muslim mortals. Lately we heard a 'dirty' Pak Lah and his equally 'dirty' ministers talking abt rule of law. Sounds like Botak Chin denouncing robbers for being cruel and inhuman. Yes I agree all processes involving Anwar will now be expedited if not already so. Anwar seems to be receiving 'special' treatments all the time. This reminds me of a case involving Datuk Harun when they wanted to remove him as MB thru no confidence motion in the Selangor State Assembly. All processes were expedited to 'catch' Datuk Harun. In his submission in court, Harun's lawyer and nephew Hj Suhaimi Kamaruddin sarcastically praised the Govt printer: "I wud like to congratulate the Govt Printer for his super efficiency. Never before in the history of this country that a law was passed and gazetted within 2 weeks". But I must say the regime at that time was less guilty vis-a-vis rule of law compared to present regime.

from: Melayu tak mudah lupa

Anonymous said...

"We must not forget him. The police will continue their investigations based on the rule of law. We must carry out our responsibility so that Mohd Saiful's claims are brought to court for a decision to be made in the name of justice.
"In this country, everyone is entitled to justice based on the rule of law."

Hmmm..seems like he made up his mind here that Saiful was unjustly buggered? Or is it just cynical old me...

Wah...I guess Nurin didn't deserve as much justice as a hale and hearty and smiling young man allegedly buggered by "plastic" (fork?)...she got it worse, was ripped apart inside so heinously and was laid out for the whole world to see (by the frigging cops it seems? HKL denied that the codes on the pics were theirs) and it seems his "everyone deserves justice" didn't apply to her in the case of the autopsy pictures even, eh? Doesn't even apply to Altantuya...i guess...


weh...sorry if I am giving your blog an x rating...your mild, polite readers might get rattled..meh..but you can choose not to publish..heh heh...i will still buy the kuih koci...and for you too mekyam...

Pak Zawi said...

See how important it is for the sake of Saiful. Why? Will they do anything if Saiful were to lodge a police report against somebody else?
I doubt it. It is scary when you are a threat to those in power.

Anonymous said...

Kak Ina,
I prayed this one go for Najib, if he not patient enough to wait 2010:
"We must not forget her. The police will reopen their investigations based on the rule of law in new founding evident. We must carry out our responsibility so that Attlantuya Murderer are brought to court for a decision to be made in the name of justice.
"In this country, everyone is entitled to justice based on the rule of law."
-Kecuali Anakmenantu.

Anonymous said...

Anwar has in effect sacrificed his life for change in Malaysia.

I think we should give him credit at least for being willing to go the extra mile when the seas have always looked dangerous.

A change and an alternative can only be healthy for Malaysians and democracy.

Whatever the fault of the nascent Pakatan Rakyat, either as a whole or in terms of the individual politicians within it, Nuraina, do you prefer the same old bunch to continue to suppress, oppress and plunder with impunity?

Some would say yes, why rock the boat, let BN rule as long as I still can shop at boutiques and send my kids to study overseas on government scholarships.

Such selfishness is tragic, tragic, tragic.

DIN said...

macam kelakar sangat bila memanda bendahara cerita pasal justice.

tapikan, kena tabik la dengan dia orang punya audacity.

kalau lawak jenaka ni untuk tontonan dalaman ajer tak per, ni satu dunia tumpang gelak.


Unknown said...

To All PR supporters,
I think we should brain storm on how to ensure DSAI win the Permatang Pauh By election.
As we well aware, BeeNd will do whatever dirty tricks to woo the support from the Permatang Pauh voters! So what is our strategies for counter attack?
1. Like what I can see now, the animal Saiful had start barking here and there and keep on emphasize his willingness to swear on Quran! This kind of animal Saiful can do anything to contaiminate the name of Religion just for the sake benefits of him and those who behind the conspiracy!
This kind of animal Saiful is misused the name of the Religion to turn the wrong things into right things!
2. The animal Ezam will used the NEP and Ketuaan Melayu to woo the Malay voters!
So we have to tackle on this issue to all the Permatang Pauh’s voters!

We can anticipate and say DSAI will win big, but our word carry no weight unless we are the voters in this constituency!

We should never to be over confident! BeeNd is desperate and they can do anything and don’t care about the eyes of the WORLD

Anonymous said...

There he goes again. words coming from his mouth while his brain got stuck at his knee cap.

Dr.Mahathir had made numerous mistakes during his tenure. One of the unforgivable mistake is placing the joker PM


Anonymous said...

Asmk Nuraina
Just wondering what had happened to yours, Rocky's, Zorro's and even yr sister/Tok mommy's blogs today? After a second, all 'bang off' with aborted operations. Server problem ke or something wrong with my streamyx thing? Any complaints from others? I have no such problem with other Blogs. I think I must have tried more than a dozen times before giving up. Checked again just after mid-nite. Alhamdulillah, all are okay. But enough for the day, will read your posting tomorrow morning then. Good nite and have a good day.


kak ainon,

i think something happened late morning because i could access all the blogs (that you mentioned) earlier in the morning.

and then when I was out with my daughter, kak ton called to say that she could not even get into her own blog, neither could she access rocky's, zorro's and/or my blog.

i told her that this happens sometimes. but it took too long and it seemed odd.

i really have no idea. technical or whatever....

but, it's ok now. don't know since when because i was away from my computer/laptop almost the entire day, through the whole evening/night.

thank you for you concern, kak ainon.

so good to know that you've been visiting.

Anonymous said...

to: melayu tak mudah lupa.

since u raised the issue of dato harun's no confidence motion, will u research to find out who was the then speaker. he must be much better than pendikar amin in terms of playing his rightful role in a democratic country. pendikar only knows how to play silat in parliament. he took it upon himself to ensure the govt which doesn't enjoy the support of majority of MPs (unless proved otherwise by surviving the motion)stay in power. further his utterly bias pronouncements and actions caused much of the havoc in parliament. so HE must bahave first before calling others MPs to do so. Jgn jadi mcm ketam suruh anak jalan betul...

frm: kadang2 lupa