Thursday, November 29, 2007

Post-Hindraf Rally. What Now?

All said and done, we can now talk about what needs to be done -- post-Hindraf rally.
If we still think that everything in this country is so peachy pink and rosy, then there is something really wrong with us.

On Sunday, I saw unhappiness, anger and desperation walk the streets. I am helpless, I am powerless.

But, let me be clear on one thing though-- I take exception to Uthayakumar's memorandum which, in my humble opinion, is laced with racial overtones and littered with distorted facts, and therefore smacks of blatant racism and bigotry.
His kind of politics will only set us all back, as that of keris-wielding chest thumping ultras in Umno has done.
We do not need another racist, another bigot.

His memorandum aside, I see and appreciate the real issue at hand -- the deep sense of being severely marginalised and disenfrachised felt by a sector of Malaysians of Indian origin.
I am so sad that it has come to this state of affairs.

If I were the chief executive of this country, I'd haul up the legitimate/official (etc etc) representative of the Indian community and make him responsible and accountable for the state of his community.
For as long as our political system and structure is race-based, we have no choice but to lay the blame squarely on the MIC.
I don't think I am wrong in saying this.

That said...I think, after all these years, I see the problem of marginalised Malaysian Indians to be no longer an MIC problem (although I still think that the party has not done enough), but a Malaysian problem.

The MIC has certainly failed the Indian community. To a large extent, so has the government of the day because, obviously the plight of the marginalised Malaysian Indians has been not been addressed effectively...if at all it has been (addressed).
We cannot ignore the thousands who were there on Sunday. We cannot ignore their message.

Why has nobody listened and why has no one helped?
Let's hope, as I am writing this, some real effort is being done to effect a solution. And I do not mean bandying the ISA threat about.

So, my brothers and sisters...we're in this together.

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Anonymous said...

Well said. Fully support your rational and constructive views. Wish obnoxious people like Nazri would shut up though.Everytime time he opens his mouth, he makes things worse.

Hussin said...

Hi Nuraina,

Someone was reported to have said "I'm with the 2 million Indians who did not attend the illegal gathering not the thousands who were there"

If this line of thinking continues then we are in for a long hard fight. Its sad.

Anonymous said...

Fundamentally, I think this has become a battle for the leadership of the Indians.
And Hindraf seems to be winning it hands down. It only remains for BN to find a way to work with this new situation.
It has little to do with any other race.

gmk said...

Cause and effect are two sides of one fact.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Maverick SM said...

I totally agree with your point - MIC had failed the Indians. Similarly, MCA and UMNO had also failed the Chinese and Malays. EXCEPTIONS: The leaders had not failed themselves and their cronies. They form cartels and strategic alliances to grab almost everything and anything that provides prosperity for themselves and their kins. Pak Lah is the best example.

The sad truth: millions of others are still in UMNO, MCA and MIC, including Gerakan and PPP, waiting for their turn of milking. Some may have the chance will 90% will wait in vain. At the same time, tens of millions are suffering from this hemorrhaging. The rakyat will continue to pay the high price till the nation is accorded Zimbabwe economic status.

Observer said...


Great to read your comments. As a Malaysian Indian, I apologize to you and all of my fellow Malay/Muslim compatriots for the racist and offensive language used in the Hindraf letter to the British PM. Some of the facts were a little distorted but if our government had been open and transparent enough to investigate the causes of the Kampung Medan incident, the indiscriminate construction and destruction of Hindu temples and other grievances of the Indians it would not have come to this.

Civil society needs to engage Hindraf and its leaders and try to get them to drop their overt appeal to racist and religious sentiments. While Hindraf can continue to advocate the plight of the poor and marginalized Indians and seek equal treatment, it should be done in a wider context of common human rights, eliminating corruption and abuse of power, upholding democracy and the rule of law.

Lets talk about affirmative action in favour of all poor and underprivileged persons irrespective of race and religion. As the late Tun Dr. Ismail once remarked that no one single race can dominate over all others in Malaysia.

The government should also not stir up more trouble by trying to penalize and punish the Hindraf leaders and supporters. Let us be magnanimous and let bygones be bygones. What we should be addressing now is the widespread Indian discontent, depravation and unhappiness. Hopefully, the Hindraf leaders will allow wiser counsel and senses to prevail.

Anonymous said...

Well said. I totally agree that the greedy MIC has let malaysian Indians down. Race based ruling system should be abolished strat with. The ruling colonials believed in divide and rule law. We should not continue this trend after there are 4 th generations of non malays are being born here and treated like aliens.
But one fact is correct no one can fight for the cause of the Indian religion... For the Muslims it would be haram .This is a specific problem affecting Indian hindus alone. How anyone would like their religious symbol being smashed with hammers right infront of one own eyes. It has made even grown Indian man cry in fury and face the baton, and kicking and jail term for them. Who would ask their rights. This is a very specific problem needing attention. Surely the Islamic radicallization that is taking place has a role in it. Whether the muslims believe its image of the God is irrespective. Its someone else's and if they want to demolish there is procedure both legally and Hindu religious customary observations.Does demolishing temples includes smashing of Indols? Who now will stand for hindus if not themselfs. There are many Indian youths frusterated but not willing be in the gang culture, atke to temples and organise some soial activities like tutions etc. The Mulims have ABIM etc. Why is that not considered racist when it brings up Muslim issues?
One has to look at it in broader terms before calling others racist. Its not only poor community...but religiously insulted and bullied communities voice being channelled by some possible means.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nur,

What u think about this letter? Hope it's not will be happen..



Hidraf threat to the British: We're going to form a new Hindu terrorist wing in Malaysia!

Hindraf: final appeal to Queen Elizabeth II
Hindu Rights Action Force
No. 135-3-A, Jalan Toman 7,
Kemayan Square,
70200 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan
Malaysia. Tel : 06-7672995/6
Fax: 06-7672997 Email

Senior Private Secretary to Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II
Buckingham Palace 24.11.2007
and / or
c/o Ministry of Foreign Affiars
P.O.Box 7048,
Kampala, Uganda
Fax: +256-414-237310

The Rt. Hon. Gordon Brown
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
10 Downing Street
London SW1A 2AA
( Courier & Fax:+442079250918)

C/o Ministry of Foreign Affiars
P.O.Box 7048,
Kampala, Uganda
Fax: +256-414-237310
and / or
H.E.Don Mckinnon
Secretary General Commonweath
Commonwealth Secretariet
Marlborough House Pall Mall London SW1Y 5HX
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7747 6408
Fax: +44(0)2078399081

and / or
C/o Ministry of Foreign Affiars
P.O.Box 7048,
Kampala, Uganda
Fax: +256-414-237310

Dear Sirs,

With all due respect may we refer to the above matter and to our media statement enclosed herewith which is self explanatory. We hereby humbly appeal that your goodselves take the appropriate action accordingly

We have written one thousand over letters, memorandums, appeals, protest notes etc to the Prime Minister, Ministers Attorney General and Inspector General of Police and the other Malaysian authorities but they have neither replied to nor do they even want to even talk to us. They just go on with their oppression, suppression, marginalisation and persecution of these mere 8% ethnic Indians (95% Tamils) in Malaysian with impunity.

Our worst 'fears' are we do not want these Tamils to be forced into terrorism like what is happening in Sri Lanka.
On our part we are committed to a diplomatic, peaceful and legal means in our struggle for justice, democracy, the rule of law and humanity.

Thank You,

Yours Faithfully

Legal Adviser


Anonymous said...

Hi Kak ena. Def against race based politics. Uthayakumar and memo aside, its good to know that Malaysians regardless of their race have come together on this matter. The Government better listen to the rakyat.

Subashini Nair said...
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Subashini Nair said...

Hi Kak ena,

Great piece. Uthayakumar and memo aside. Its good to know that Malaysians are agreeable on 1 thing- the govern better buck up and do something. Lets hope there will come a time when race-based politics is abolished.

Anonymous said...


We fear that this peace loving Indian community of Tamil origin having been pushed to the corner and the persecution getting worse by the day may be forced to into terrorism in a matter of time as what has happened to the Sri Lankan Tamils.

*****Puan Nuraina ,

Ayat di atas adalah anacaman kepada negara bukan saja kepada kerajaan . dan it cannot be by gones be by gones.

IF tindakan tegas tak di ambil, in next few months someone else will do something like this too . Sampai negara jadi kucar kacir baru nak ambil tindakan ?

I am not support kerajaan BN but anyone with a right mind would want peace n harmony in Malaysia.

Kalau Demokrasi pun mesti ada undang undang , tak semestinya just because negara demokrasi , anyone can do anything they like .

I am not interested in politic or trying to play politics here . But what that jerk did cannot be forgiven macam tu saja .

I am sorry I cannot agree with you. Setiap negara ada undang undang as Malaysians we should respect each other n also respect undang undang negara.

Bergen said...

I reckon we should all put our hopes on the Oppposition to solve all the problems. We are gonna vote them in and they are gonna solve the problems for us and there's gonna be a happy ending to all this. It's gonna be a nice country where there isn't gonna be Malay Chinese or Indian. We are all gonna be known as Bangsa Malaysia.

Equal rights for everyone. Equal distribution of the economic wealth. Rights are not going to collide, for example; The Muslims can call the Azan early in the morning, and the non-Muslim will have the rights to peace and quiet at that early hour of day.

Those who walk in the Hindraf rally are all going to get a the same opportunity as the Malays. And the Chinese are as qualified as the Malays to study in UiTM or anywhere they choose.

It's a nice place to live in a country like that. No more ill feeling towards one another. Everyone is equal.

Let's vote for the Opposition and do away with BN once and for all. In fact bury them for good. Don't even mention it in the history because they've created so much problems and heartaches.

Let's have Lim Kit Siang as Prime Minister. He got all the answers. He can solve all the problems. And Karpal Singh can help him.

Let's vote for the Opposition. Let's have Uthayakumar as the Minister of Finance. Let's have Anwar Ibrahim as the Minister of Defence.

demonsinme said...

Madam Nuraina:

Well said.

I do agree that it is high time for the government to bulk, especially the leaders of the Indian community that serve in it.

Anonymous said...

Although I agree with some parts of the Hhindraf struggle,I really think we are missing the bigger picture.
MIC is actually in cahoots with these guys.
SAmy giving the subtle go ahead to attend the rally,the cleverly orchestrated ruckus in Batu CAves,Devamani's about turn.
Thousands of bottles of mineral water and lunch packs for demonstrators.
Nuraina,let me give you a prediction.Najib is going to warn then forgive this Deva fella.

Anonymous said...

the fate of the indians should be the responsibility of the PM. pak lah has said, more than once, that he's the PM of all malaysians.

time walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

.. said...

Dear Nuraina,I agree about the plight of the Indians and should they put forward their frustrations to their leaders? As much as I agree and symphatise with their rally and fight, I cannot agree at all on the letter's content. It's laced with racism and a wrong interpretation of our country. I do not agree on how our Government is performing now,but we are far from being a terrorist or doing ethnic cleansing. In my opinion our current leaders seemed to be living in a world of their own, they are so out of touch of what is happening or how the citizens feel, or they are just living in fantasy. Whatever proposal they want to do seemed to benefit only a certain group of people, and for sure, we are no included in. I dont see much is done for the people, corruption continue to run high and many issues swept under the carpet. One blunder after another,it only puts my country to shame, and introduction of ISA seems like a desperate ploy. I think they are as clueless as the Police in handling Nurin's case, or the PM had been misinformed?

adam and eve said...

u do not have to apologise for blaming's the TRUTH.u should add in UMNO as well for encouraging racial politics.we need compassionate leaders who will ensure that all malaysian have adequate food on the table,shelter and clothing ,not self serving selfish politician

Anonymous said...

Yes Bergen,

And we all shall live happily ever after.

How nice!

Rockybru said...

that's why you were the political editor of the NST ena. Your analysis on the issue here is what that tabloid needs to reclaim its credibility.

In my own posting, i questioned Uthayakumar's memorandum to the Brit PM. I took him to task for the tone he used, for his inflamatory language, for being insensitive to the feelings of the Muslims and Malays< many of whom are unhappy with the same people Hindraf is unhappy with.

Uthayakumar's militant style has no place in my heart and in the hearts of many Malaysians, regardless of their race and religion. I will also not forget - and i will keep reminding fellow Malaysians - that Uthayakumar has sought asylum before. Nobody has persuaded me that this UK asylum-seeker won't turn his back on this country again-

What i did not do in my posting was address the big picture. You and i have discussed the plight of the poor< the failures of the politicians, and the ineffecyiveness of this Administration (including the mainstream media like NST). I am glad you have put these all in context here.

Like i said, that's why you were the political editor.

Anonymous said...

Bergen ,

I need to ask What about Nik Aziz , why left him how ? Why not Nik Aziz for PM ? Why is two person from same party As PM and DPM ? Why did you left out Nik Aziz . Any why Anuar as only Defend Miniter , I believed he has some experience in Being DPM ....

sound not right to me ... but u can always dream ON.......

Anonymous said...

Firstly, i must say this is one good statement of understanding of the matter by Nuraina.
No doubt no Indian in Malaysia would want any chaos happening because of the HINDRAF rally.
There is indeed much to be done for these people who are crying for justice.
It is something that all Malaysians should ponder and do.

Anonymous said...

Dear Nuraina,
You come out tops in assessing this tragic situation that has just happened on our KL streets.
You didnt just see the trees but the whole forest.
We need to have more like you here. darren.

Anonymous said...

I think it high time that all Indians in Malaysia should stop being a baby an expect other races to be sympathy with them . Indians all over the world always claimed that they have been victimized , marginalized etc. Its common to hear that Indians in the UK . USA and Middle East . Pls have more self esteemed and worked hard. These all about other races being racist is bunch of crap , I don’t buy it …. Change your attitude and change yourselves .Dont be drunked or mabuk todi all the time . Work hard only then you are able to compete with all other Malaysians.Then only you all can maju .Same goes with all other races in Malaysia don’t expect the government manja you all the time .
And also belajar la to have sedekit semangat nasionalisme terhadap Malaysia since you guys are also Malaysian .Ni nak pegang passport merah but hearts are all in India.

Anonymous said...

Indian TV channels have shown graphic images of police action on the protesters and newspapers splashed comments from a Malaysian minister who asked a prominent Indian Tamil leader to “lay off” after he complained about the incident.

The issue even dominated a news conference Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh addressed on Friday with Portugal Prime Minister and European Union President Jose Socrates.

“Whenever Indian citizens abroad or people of Indian origin living abroad are adversely affected, that naturally is a source of concern to us,” Singh said in response to repeated questions. “This is a matter that does concern us.”

Multi-racial Malaysia has denied claims it mistreated ethnic Indians, saying that they were better off than those in India. Ethnic Indians form 7 percent of Malaysia’s 26 million people.

New Delhi’s expression of solidarity came as the Hindu rights group behind Sunday’s protest said its leader had left for India before heading to London, Geneva, Brussels and Washington to lobby for international support.

The Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) said its chairman P. Waythamoorthy left Malaysia on Wednesday “in the light of the crackdown and threats of detention without trial”. He is expected to meet Indian leaders including the foreign minister and chief minister of Tamil Nadu.

Separately, one private immigration agency in Malaysia said that an unusually large number of Malaysian Indians had inquired about migrating to Australia after Sunday’s protest.

“This week the phone has not stopped ringing,” said Louis Lovestrand, director at Global Migration Solutions Sdn Bhd, a firm specialising in Australian migration and visas. “There’s been an unusual rush.”

Hmmmmmm Dont know what to say anymore !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Nuraina,

I totally agree with you. Many of the people who demonstrated may have been sincerely expressing the desperation and plight of the Malaysian Indian community. But like you, having read the memorandum that the organiser had prepared, feel that it is inflammatory. If anything, it could have been worded more diplomatically. I did not like the divisive and fiery tone of it.

I also believe you are right when you said that the problem of the Malaysian Indians should be a concern for the government, rather than for a race-based, component political party that has proven itself to be quite ineffective in looking after the welfare of the people it claims to represent.

Anonymous said...

To the commenter "Boo Boo Cry Baby":

Although you expressed a fine sentiment in that all Malaysians irrespective of race should work hard for the benefit of each and all, I think your strange labelling of Malaysian Indians as 'arak'/toddy-drinkers and as people who hold allegiance not to Malaysia but to a foreign country (India) whilst holding a Malaysian passport is not only inaccurate but offensive. It would be helpful for you and our country if you educate yourself and improve your understanding about your fellow Malaysians.

Anonymous said...

I would like to say that I am sorry about what I said earlier . I withdrawn my stmt . I guessed at 4 am , after readinhg certain memo ..u tend to get "crazy"

Anonymous said...

"Boo Boo Cry Baby",
I'm a born Malaysian and very proud of my country.
You appear to be a racist.
There are many Indians until today in Malaysia in the estates still being paid in kind.
No chance of MARA/PSD scholarships,matriculation in local universities instead of STPM,Bank Rakyat loans,AP permits,7% discount on new houseS ETC.
Don't you think the same should be extended to poor Indians, Chinese and other minorities as well?

Anonymous said...

As usual, the Malaysian government way -


Or worse still, be quiet till we have to act. Lets hope we will not face a problem when all our petroleum are finished, then we worry about the policies in Malaysia whether its sustainable. We need a culture that respects and rewards hardwork and appreciates everyone beyond race, if possible to discard race from our ICs yet be proud of our cultural heritage.

Here is news about Hindraf and India in case the mainstream media paints a rosy picture as always. Google and you will know the severity.

Maybe when a few construction projects by Malaysian companies in India are stopped, then the Malaysian government will start to do some wayang kulit for show of ACtion??

Post-Hindraf... It's (Ethnic) Majority Reports now
UPDATED VERSION. ”Do not meddle in our affairs. This is Malaysia, not Tamil Nadu ... lay off.”

Those words were from Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Nazri Abdul Aziz, who November 28 rebuked Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. Karunanidhiafter our minister learned of reports that Karunanidhi had written to Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh urging him to take immediate and appropriate action to end the “sufferings and bad treatment” of Tamils in Malaysia.

Nazri's statement along the Parliament lobby two days ago had induced some reverberation in India.

Karunanidhi, who the chief of the DMK party that forms the Manmohan coalition government, has since said he was not to get into a tit-for-tat with Malaysia's Nazri, but emphasised that "it is my duty to defend Tamils".

The Economic Times of India, which said Nazri's comments has caused an uproar in the Parliament of India, carried several stinging letters to its editor, including three written by the Indian diaspora from USA:
- Thank you for speaking up on this issue. Malaysia is a wonderful but...
- India should sent the army to Malaysia
- Malaysia is a Muslim country

According to a dispatch by Press Trust of India (PTI) carried by The Hindu, the Indian Government on Friday told the Rajya Sabha (Parliament of India) that New Delhi was taking up the issue with Kuala Lumpur.

This contrasts starkly against a report in The Star yesterday that India’s Parliament has rejected a call to discuss the Hindraf demonstration.

Quote from PTI/The Hindu:

"The matter is being taken up through diplomatic channel," Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Suresh Pachouri told the House during Zero Hour.

He was responding to the concerns of members who took strong exception to a senior Malaysian minister asking Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi to "lay off" from the happenings in that country.

Terming as condemnable the ill-treatment being meted out to ethnic Tamils, Pachouri said that after the matter was taken up with the Malaysian authorities, the External Affairs Minister would make a statement in the House.

Raising the issue, R Shanmugasundaram (DMK) drew the attention of the Governnment to the statement of the Malaysian Minister on the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister. "This is highly condemnable as the Malaysian Minister has no business to talk like this. The Governnment of India should take appropriate action," he said.

S S Ahluwalia (BJP) demanded that the Malaysian envoy to India should be called to explain.

B S Gnanadesikan (Cong) expressed serious anguish over the manner in which the Chief Minister was snubbed by the Malaysian minister. He was joined by his party colleague V Narayanaswamy.

UPDATES. Bloomberg reported today, timelined New Delhi, that lawmakers in the Parliament of India were debating for the second consecutive day over the treatment of ethnic Indians in Malaysia by police.

Manmohan Singh 'forced to react'

The Times of India followed up with a story quoting Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who was addressing a joint press conference with EU president, Portuguese PM Jose Socrates, that his government was concerned over the plight of ethnic Indians in Malaysia.

The newspaper said Manmohan's UPA regime may not have spent sleepless nights over agitating Indians in Malaysia, but after a Malaysian minister took on UPA partner (Tamil nadu Chief Minister) M Karunanidhi, the government has been forced to react.

Diplomatic alert has heightened a little when foreign minister Pranab Mukherjee made a suo motu statement in both Houses of Parliament, proclaiming that, "We are in touch with the Malaysian authorities and the matter is being taken up."

The newspaper carried two Op-Ed pieces -- a view saying New Delhi should react, and a counter-view saying that it's Malaysia's problem.

There are now about 260 items indexed by Google News about India's reaction to Nazri's statement.

Indian TV channels have shown graphic images of police action on the protesters and newspapers splashed comments from Nazri who asked the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister to "lay off" after he complained about the incident, Reuters reported.

Be warned: 'From Gandhi to VP'

November 29, P. Ramasamy, former professor of history at University Kebangsaan Malaysia who is now a research fellow at ISEAS, gave an interview to India's Daily News & Analysis (DNA) by saying that, if the Indian minority's 'genuine grievances continue to be ignored' in Malaysia, soon the portraits of Mahatma Gandhi -- a symbol of non-violent struggle -- will be replaced by that of (Sri Lankan Tamil Tigers leader) Velupillai Prabakaran.

You should read the interview given by Ramasamy, who was appointed by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) to its Constitutional Affairs Committee in 2003, as he connected the dots that link the Tamil diaspora in Malaysia (which accounts for most of the Indian population there) to the Tamil Eelam movement in Sri Lanka.

Interestingly, the New Jersey-based India Daily said the Indians' situation in Malaysia is far graver than understood. India faces another erupting ‘Sri Lanka’ in Malaysia, the daily said.

In reacting to Malaysia's policy on Indians, the daily suggested fiscal, trade and diplomatic boycott as the first step.

Meanwhile, the New York-based Global Organization of People of Indian Origin (GOPIO International) has slammed the Malaysian government for targeting Indian minority in the country, over which the body said was in violation of universally accepted norms of human rights and of civil society. The association also urged India, Untied States and Britain to make the government take prompt remedial measures, The Hindu reported syndicating another dispatch from Press Trust of India (PTI).

The GOPIO International said it supported all efforts for fair and equal treatment of all citizens of a country, especially one with a significant population of people of Indian origin.

Most damning

But the most damning statement about Malaysia in relation to the plights of minority community had come from the Asian Center for Human Rights (ACHR).

It said Malaysia is a place where 'Racism is allowed, protest against racism isn’t'.

Giving the whole shebang a perspective, I don't think India will kick up a diplomatic row and meddle into internal affairs unless our leaders wanted the minority group to 'balik India'.

On the other hand, if the world is regarded a global village, I believe the Indian Diaspora is far larger than what Nazri understood for a majority-minority mantra.

There is a major majority out there that your multi-lateral trade relies upon. And India needs not your Proton or palm oil. Not any more.

For some advocates, the global village tours has just begun.

Thanks to Mohan and B Good for helping me research for this blog entry.

Srikanth Siva said...


Well said.
It was not about the memo at all. Strongly worded memo is just a political gimmick. They are playing the race card just as how some of our ministers have been playing them.

Anonymous said...

"Boo Boo Cry Baby":

No worries, all the best.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms Nuraina,

Good to see you writing on this subject as a fellow Malaysian.

I was and still am very sad over what happened on 25 Nov. 2007. Yes, MIC has alot to do with it. If they had only listened to the Msian Indians plight, if they had only thought of those who needs it more than them.but their hearing skill were only for those of their kind.

Hishamuddin's keris waving episode didn't help at all too. Try walking into Social and Welfare dept. The last time i went there with a family member, the first question that was asked was whether we are Muslims????? Why???Aren't non-Muslims paying their tax? Aren't we entitled for a little help too? What does our faith got to do with us seeking for a little help?

I am Malaysian first then an Indian but never in this country I was treated as such( yes, all of us go thru' it) stereotyping indians as 'pencuri besi' and 'kaki todi' and not forgetting the famous calling 'pariah'.Let me ask one question- who is a pariah, someone who lives on govt. handouts and speacial priveleges or someone who has to struggle to survive????

I know for myself at night when i put my head down to sleep that I as a Msian of indian origin make it on my own, as a single parent I send my child to a private school( yes Hishamuddin's keris episode made me realised national school is not for us),that I work 2 jobs to bring the bacon home, pay the bills and sustain ourselves. We may not have the luxurious life, hell we dont even have a television to start with but I am damn proud we survive and we do not wait upon any govt's handout and priveleges based on my skintone.

In the next few years , we will leave this country not because we don;t love it but for the betterment of my child we must leave. If I am 3rd class citizen in this country, it makes no difference for me to be a 4th class citizen in another country but I know that country will acknowledge my child's capability and help will be provided for us.

God willing we must leave.

P.S-to boo boo cry baby, i read your comments and first thing that came to my mind to say to u was' kiss my brown a**' but since you have aplogised and that was very big of you, I shall hand you a virtual handshake.

MakLijah said...

Kak Ena, you have been able to put into words what most of us feel about this.

Thank you so much.

I will link your post to my blog. This point of view deserves to be distributed.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sister Nuraini,

To an extend i do agree MIC is at fault for failing the Indians..But blame should go to Goverment too.The Indians also voted for Umno and MCA.The goverment should be accounted.Indians have loyal to the goverment.But the discrimination towards Indians is very worse.Samy Velu is nothing but a puppet.He represents himself and the party NOT Indians.The Goverment of Malaysia represents.The goverment must answer to the discrimination of Indians.