Monday, November 26, 2007

Nalla's Party

Here's a report from Bernama

A new political party, the Malaysian Indian United Party (MIUP), was officially launched Sunday (Nov 25).
The party was set up by Datuk K.S. Nallakaruppan, a former vice-president of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), who is the new party's president.
Nallakaruppan, better known as Nalla in the Indian community, said MIUP would apply to join the Barisan Nasional (BN) as it strongly supported the policies of Prime Minister and BN chairman Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.
"MIUP will always support the BN and not go against its policies as my team and I believe that we can achieve our aims by working with the BN," he said at the launch of the party, also known as Parti Bersatu India Malaysia, at a hotel, here. The event was attended by about 600 people.
Nallakaruppan had quit PKR in May and announced on Oct 6 the formation of MIUP which he claims has 25,000 members.
Nallakaruppan said one of MIUP's objectives was to elevate the status of and empower the Malaysian Indian community which, he said, continued to be a "lagging community" facing social problems.
To a question, he said the party had lined up several programmes including on education, youth and social development.
"This is a very young and new party. Our ideas will be fresh, our approach gentle but purposeful. (While) ... the present Indian-based party in the BN is doing whatever it can to help the community, I feel a fresh approach is needed urgently to make quick changes for the betterment of society.

Another race-based party.
How long will this one last?


Shanghai Fish said...

my dear,
This new party is headed by an OLD rogue.What can anyone expect from another "running dog" ?
As far as I'm concerned...the fools who rally around this "once Anwar aide" are doomed...just like the followers of that tyrant Samy !
Wake up you morons of MIUP!!

"MIUP will always support the BN and not go against its policies as my team and I believe that we can achieve our aims by working with the BN," Sheeesh !

Nalla has started sucking-up on the BN nipple !
This party is dead from the word GO !
God save this country !
Cheers my dear !

Hussin said...

Is there not enough Indian-based parties?

If you cannot become a leader in a party that you are currently in, go form another party and lead it. If you have enough money you can sponsor the formation of the party and its launching.

What a waste of funds.. I'm sure the money spent on the launching at "a hotel" could have been used to finance the education of a few deserving students. Of course, if he did that only a few people would know of his deeds.

Better to ignore these types and get on with our lives. The good thing is that since he will always support the BN, there will be no street marches and road blocks.

A Voice said...

MIC, IPF, PPP and now MUIP ... four parties to solve teh problem of 7% of the population?

This is solving social and economic problem thru political means. The process of politics will delay the deliverables.

WHen can we expect the social and economic problrmes to get solved?

This applies to the Malay too!

Anonymous said...

he quits pkr because they refuse to allow him to contest for ijok's seat... then formed his own party...


with the present situation face by PPP, the more establish party than MIUP... i guess... it'll only last until next march... or sooner

Anonymous said...

Nalla, I pity you. Stop this charade. Dont play to the gallery. You have become one of those discredited politicians who play the Barisan card. Indians dont need your type of politicking.

Anonymous said...

cheh! the dog goes back to its own vomit. i'm an indian woman and i know who i'm voting for in the next GE.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

why didnt they join MIC/PPP, and automatically be in BN?

kamal said...

Can we stop this crap once and for all?

Get a single "Bangsa Malaysia"- based party to represent all.

The more we have this sort of race-based party, the more Hindraf-alike protests we will see and that doesnt augur well for the future of this country.

Things wont get any better.

maria a samad (kak ton) said...

"MIUP will always support the BN and not go against its policies as my team and I believe that we can achieve our aims by working with the BN," he said.

Geli hati pula.

He was with PKR until mid of this year & quit the party a day before the PKR congress.

Nalla. you're a gone case.


Pak Zawi said...

A fickle minded politician who will jump the wagon the minute he found himself klinging on a rotting branch.
His mosquito party will get nowhere within BN unless UMNO wants to use it to replace the MIC, provided MIUP is willing to be led by the nose as is with the way cows are handled.

A.John said...

He would have been more effective if he had just established "A National Ball Pickers Assoc", cos the BN just lacks them! As for the Indians, there are sufficient stewards to take orders!

Rockybru said...

Will Abdullah do a Synergy Drive on MIC, PPP and MIUP? I sense a big job for Fox!

Knights Templar said...

Nalla Oh Nalla , we already have MIC ,IPF , PPP ,and now MUIP... tell you guys what ! All of you sit down and work our a deal to Merge.Then you can call your new Party " Parti Untuk Kaum India" (P.U.K.I) or ''Parti Untuk Kaum India MAlaysia" (P.U.K.I.MA) At least the new name will reflect what you guys actually are .Cheers Stephen !

Anonymous said...

The ppl at the rally were carrying Gandhi photo . Why is that ? What does an Indian political leader got to do with the rally ? Why are these groups of ppl still looking to India as their homeland.

You ppl are Malaysian citizens not Indians . I have seen the economic status of large percentage of Tamilian ppl in India . Believe me you guys , you guys have it far more better life here .

I am totally againts the racist rally and carry Ghandi picture . Its shows many .

Stupidity at its best!

Same goes for Nalla. Candle in wind. After Anuar dirty ass , now he wants to lick UMNO ass ...he he !

straycat's strut said...

But four parties in BN alone? That is quite a lot.If u include all the birthday parties and tupperware parties then life is full of parties for the indians.

Anonymous said...

Hey anybody home.There's one dog running loose here...Any dog shooter around. Bow wow.

Anonymous said...

Nalla did what exactly what Anuar Ibrahim did .After he was sacked from UMNO he created he own PKR which was actually fighting for his realease from prison and nothing else .
Both Politions cannot be trusted plus Anuar is a very dangerous man. I believe he is behind all these rallies. After all it is his style of politics . He tends get help from the US that time he was sacked and now I think he is creating all these problems and looking towards British Government for politics interventions .

Are we suppose to support all these dirty politics ?

Srikanth Siva said...

I do believe that PKR made a blunder by not fielding Nalla in Ijok or another indian in Ijok. Bad move.

Race based party needs to cease but then again....we are all supporters of this race based parties. We pay taxes, their salaries, drive on the roads built by these racists!!

zorro said...

Another pack sniffing the behinds of the running dogs. Remind me, next Tuesday, to tell you the reason why when dogs meet they sniff each other there.

Chicken Ball said...

These people are so contradicting...

Does this mean that the years that he spent in PKR was wrong?

What a scam!

Anonymous said...

Well, I sincerely believe whether its MIC, PPP, IPF or MUIP... they want something for them and not for the community...Indian population is less than 10%, but 4 parties to represent?

Nalla, malaysians are not fools...

If you are really sincere to help the Indians, you can always find other ways like creating job oppurtunities for the poor, help the orphanages or old folk homes, financial aid to poor students and etc.