Friday, November 23, 2007


The year-end issue of TELL Magazine has an article on why we should have NURIN Alert after we all, as a community, failed to save eight year-old Nurin Jazlin Jazimin who was brutalized and killed by person or persons still at large.
Nurin was missing for 28 days from Aug 20. Her body was found stuffed in a sports/gym bag at a shophouse on Sept 17.

The call to incorporate NURIN Alert as a standard operating procedure so that a system for the search and rescue for missing children can be activated, has been intensified by Citizens For NURIN Alert.
Jasni Abdul Jalil who is Nurin's uncle is on the committee set up to introduce NURIN Alert.
The committee has been invited to present a paper for NURIN Alert to be incorporated in the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry's Child Protection Policy proposal.
This proposal will be submitted to the Cabinet.
The committee was also invited, a few weeks ago, to speak on NURIN Alert on TV3's Tuesday morning programme, "Wanita Hari Ini".

TELL also hosted a roundtable which is a regular in the magazine.
This time, publisher (journalist and former Sunday Mail columnist) Wahti Mahidin invited Minister Shahrizat Abdul Jalil as guest, in the discussion on "Nurin -- What Next".
The others at the roundtable were Jasni, journalist and former Malay Mail/Sunday Mail executive editor Ahirudin Attan (otherwise known as journo-blogger Rocky of Rocky's Bru), criminologist Kamal Effendi , Madeleine Yong (Director of Protect and Save the Children Association), Abang Ariffin (Advocate and Solicitor) and, not to be left behind, moi.
Wahti was moderator.

Well, you can read about it in this issue.

Also in this issue of TELL, writer Michelle Gunaselan spoke to several lawyers to understand why they did what they did in Putrajaya. Remember the penguin march or the Walk For Justice?

Of course, all this and more interesting articles and pictorials.

So, go get your copy. Fast.


Rockybru said...

A good start, Ena! TELL is easily the most quoted magazine (foreign and local) in Malaysian blogosphere. Syabas! And for a damn good cause, too.

And I hear you and the others on the Nurin Alert committee will be meeting officials from Shahrizat's ministry this week.

Glad you didn't just put a great cover and pages and pages to the Nurin Alert cause but are actually doing something about getting the initiative accepted by the authorities and understood by the people.

Hopefully, it will open eyes and hearts.

And help catch those beasts.

.. said...

Hi Nuraina,finally got hold of the mag and really like the infor on NurinAlert.Can I copy some of the pics for my blog? Thought I asked first. This the first time I bought TELL and must say overall, it's very good, quite different from the normal ones I read. Great job anyway!!

Anonymous said...

Dear, read Jeff's blog. A grown woman kidnapped. Let's do something