Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Oh, The Shame of It All...

After reading Michelle's "maluness" in her blog over Malaysia's unbelievable faux pas (and this is describing it mildly) in the Pulau Batu Putih case in the Court of International Justice in Den Hague (against Singapore), I think I feel the same. So malu. Therefore, like Michelle, I want to also just die.

"Kak Ena, I cannot believe this. I am so malu......what were they thinking?", she blurted in disgust.

In a nutshell, our guys fighting our case in the Hague produced "evidence" from a one-month-old anonymous (and therefore, very dubious) blog to substantiate our claim.
Singapore (specifically its Deputy PM Prof S Jayakumar) pointed this out.

I've always thought we had a strong case here. So why this-lah? It's so comedic but I cannot laugh because it is no laughing matter.
Our integrity is at stake. Now, it is battered...

I don't know what to say. I am stumped. I am numbed. I am struck dumb.

You've got to read Jeff Ooi's Screenshots and Rocky's Bru.


Faten Rafie said...

sapa yang malu? mereka dan keluarga mereka... dan kita dan anak cucu kita!

i bet this will go down into history.

don't they realize, only grade school kids use blogs to substantiate their facts and still get caught doing it? apara... bikin malu negara saja!

Anonymous said...

yes to put it in my friends' lingo: i'm so MALU-FIED. the malaysian team's actions is completely inconcievable. and they are supposed to rep malaysia's best legal brains?

p.s. i've blog about this too. i want to let the whole world know, especially ignorant/apathetic malaysians.

Salt N Turmeric said...

hehe hari ni aje dah 2 topic on malu/shame yg i baca. 1 fr u and the other fr MM.

But back to the malu in ur post, memang unacceptable. How much are we paying those idiots exactly incl AG's son, the junior council? why is he there fighting for our case at ICJ? i doubt somebody who graduated in 05 is tht experienced? Tak malu ke? if he has any shame in himself, he wouldn have accepted the offer to go there but he has none and in the end, we, the rakyat got shamed!

Anonymous said...

Sis Ena
For a change I will buy all the government-controlled papers today to read how they report this significant development. I will also read the international press to get a balanced perspective. But right now at this very moment, you know what I'm thinking .... the perils of institutionalised mediocrity. Are we paying the heavy price now?

zaitgha said...


i thought our Info Minister had done all on AlJazeera, but this, this is very low so low i just cannot comprehend what they were trying to do....

Really on God can help us now...

zaitgha said...

'on' should be only .....

.. said...

First it was Zam, now Syed Hamid and son, I said it doesnt get any better and now am convinced it will never get better. Ministers shaming our beloved country and within such short time frame.

Shamefully,after reading Jeff Ooi's website, I have no choice but to agree with Singapore. We Malaysia, can send someone to space, but cannot afford to take a picture ourselves? Going to court with an picture yang "dicuri" from someone, claiming it came from an anoynymous blog? I can only guess it came from the suggestion of a young "ciku" Abdul Gani Patail as this is what you get when you get young punk to represent the country. I am assuming that our Syed Hamid Albar is not so IT savvy, considering PM hates blogger so his downline cannot be blog crazy.

What is the punishment for defaming, degrading, disgracing, embarassing, humiliating and dishonoring my country? Sadly, after shaming us, it will be forgotten and it's back to work as usual for them, just like Zam zam ala ka zam.

Zainal A. Kasim said...

Ini adalah sikap "tidak apa" dan "tangkap muat' sekiranya perkara ini benar-benar berlaku. Buat penat sahaja belajar tinggi-tinggi dan dapat gelaran Tan Tin Tun. Tetapi benda macam ni pun tak boleh fikir.

To make it worst, so far tidak ada kenyataan rasmi dari sesiapa pun untuk menafi atau mengesahkan keadaan ini.

Sungguh memalukan.

bmw5s said...

What do you expect from the same legal team yang angkut tilam gi mahkamah. The same legal team yang accused anwar to liwat his adik angkat at a condo which had not been built. Haven't the govt learned their lesson? After his poor performance in Anwar's case, the govt still trusts him to handle a high profile case like this one.

Da Real Dael said...

I wish the rakyat, instead of bitching about why and how our team is being hit, would continue to route for and support it. It's akin to cursing our football team in the middle of the match, one goal down, instead of standing firm behind them. No wonder we're a bunch of failures, which includes ex-journalists who are yapping against those doing exactly what they did when they were the "favoured" ones.

Malaysians are very quick to glorify others and run over our own while doing so even in success. No wonder more often than not, we Malaysians, that means YOU and ME are considered a bunch of LOSERS by everyone.

Anonymous said...

From the military point of view,in time of war, the Batu Putih can be wipe out in a matter of seconds okay maybe minutes but in peace time its a torn at the side cause we do not know what they are doing or listening to Ok maybe we know ............ but then who knows ...........when someone always said "I do not know".

Anonymous said...

the pictures in that newly set up blog didn't belong to the blogger... those pictures can be retrieve if you pay a visit here

click on view in google map.. then it will download a zip file with 3 picture of the light house...

Faten Rafie said...

Congratulations on the Nov-Dec issue of TELL! Thank you to everyone involved in getting the ball rolling for the NURIN Alert.

We might not be able to help little Nurin, but the Alert will help many others not to face the same fate as her, insyallah.

Anonymous said...

But this isn't a football match is it, DaRealDeal?

You say we should quit bitching about the how and why. Then? Should we just let them make us look stupid? You must remember, they have a huge responsibility of representing Malaysia. I think this incident is about the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

Even a primary schooler knows better than to plagiarize.

And they based it on a blog? Nothing bad about responsible blogging. We all have our references and factual substantiation.

Weren't they the ones who condemned bloggers? They said we do not tell the truth? We fitnah and slander government officials? Puhhleeasse.

It is not akin to cursing our football team in the middle of the match. This is not a football game, sir. This is lack of foresight and intelligence. This is hypocritical.

Furthermore, when you accuse these 'ex-journalists' of yapping against those doing exactly what they, themselves did before.. Even if it is true, as long as they are telling the truth, their arguments carry a lot of weight. That is how heavy the truth is.

At least things mentioned here are to the point, direct. No twisting or spinning done to make black seem white or vice versa. At least here, we do not make bad news look good to mislead the public.

This by no means explains why we are a "bunch of failures". Gov's failure to govern, yes. The rakyat are not failures as reflected in BERSIH. We stand up and demand our rights.

By the way, we are not considered a bunch of losers by "everyone". The gov does that for us well enough with certain incompetent ministers.

Unknown said...

Well, since this standard of evidence can win them cases in this country, they thought it would win them overseas too. As if we don't have a survey or marine department or even a navy wing of the arm forces. Shit we have satellites too and they have to resort to this. The Singaporeans are laughing at us and I guess we should laugh with them.

Maybe this analogy is stupid to some but I am going to say it anyway. If a football is so used to playing games at an unacceptably low standard but know they would win anyway because the referee is on their side, over a long period they would be conditioned to play at that low level so much so that even if they had to play the game of their lives before a neutral referee, they would play they way they are conditioned to. I hope I make sense.

Da Real Deal said...

On hindsight, even my Indonesian maid or Burmese gardener can make comments to the same effect as yours. They don't have to be digruntled ex-journalists from a premier newspaper agency either.

No spinning here or on in any other blogs? Yeah right, thats the furthest from the truth if there is ever one. Perhaps, much practice in the former job has prepared you for this. Bloggers spin whatever they can to get people to agree with their stand and thats a fact I can accept, but don't get emotional when someone states the obvious which doesn't necessarily is in agreement with your views.

Ex-journalist are no better than sacked politicians, crying to correct the very thing that they were guilty of when they were in favour as though they are as innocent as a newborn child.
That's a fact so please don't insult the rakyat's intelligence by stating the contrary.

Lawyers think they are above politicians intellectually. We put Nazri who is a qualified lawyer and he is proven to be an idiot by many.

Journalists think the same of politicians and the govt appoints an ex-journalist as Minister of Information. What have we got? I think you know the answer to that.

It just proves that talk is cheap and when you're asked to step up and serve the rakyat in high office, you're not up to the task, in fact representatives from the legal and journal fraternity end up looking like bloody fools in the very cabinet that you speak of.

I rest my case.