Monday, November 05, 2007

Missing & Dead!

My heart missed a beat yesterday when I was told that 12 year-old Chin Kha Man who had been missing since Thursday (Nov 1) was found dead in Kampar River in Gopeng.
Her half-naked body was found by two river guides at noon on Saturday.
I had not started to blog about her disappearance and I was about to when I was informed of the tragic news.
Kha Man was last seen on Thursday visiting a school friend at about 2pm but when her family checked with the friend at around 5pm, she was not there.
Police later found Kha Man's bicycle in Gopeng town.
She was a Year Six pupil of SJK (C) Man Ming in Gopeng, some 25km from Ipoh.
Kampar OCPD Supt Nordin Manan said the case had been classified as sudden death pending a post-mortem report.

And then today, I turned the pages of a newspaper and read a report about 9 year-old
Preeshena Varshiny who was believed to have been raped, sodomised and flung over the balcony of one of the units at the Casa Mila Tower Condominium in Jalan Bukit Idaman 3/1, Selayang, on Thursday.
According to the NST, her body was found sprawled on the ground by a security guard about 4pm on Thursday. She was clad in a blue T-shirt and shorts and the keys to her condominium were found next to her body.

Read the story here.

Police are appealing to anyone who has information to assist them.

My deepest heartfelt condolences to Kha Man's and Presheena's families. I am so so sorry that they have to go through this.

Nurin Jazlin's brutal murder just over a month ago is still fresh in our minds. Her killer has not been caught.
And now these two poor girls.

It's almost madness.

And to think that this month -- November 20 -- we are celebrating the Universal Children's Day.
November 20 marks the day on which the UN General Assembly adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child in 1959 and the Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1989.

This month we celebrate children and children's rights.

Will we see Nurin's killer caught soon? Kha Man's and Presheena's?

In a related matter, I would like to say Syabas to Women, Family and Community Minister Shahrizat Jalil for speaking about Nurin Alert.
It was reported by Berita Harian. Here's the story.

Blogger Tembam says Shahrizat has brought the Nurin Alert cause to the next level.


Anonymous said...

So good to see collaborative efforts between the right people and the right parties for the betterment of society!

It makes for a more credible, comprehensive and committed outcome.

This is the way forward Nuraina!

Rockybru said...

Dear Ena,
If we doubted before, we are no longer now.
Nurin, Kha Man, and Presheena. Little ones. In a space of, what, a month and we have the death of three little kids to tell us that we have created an unsafe world for the children. Yes, we are partly responsible for their deaths. And we must push ourselves harder to undo what we have done.

As for Shahrizat's take on Nurin Alert. I read the piece in Berita Harian which you linked here. I thank the minister and BH.

.. said...

My comments on Tembam's blog:
I am so sad 2 more children dead and my heart bleeds for both children and parents. I used to leave my 3 kids at home when I go to work at my nearby office, I dont think I can do that now. It’s not safe everywhere, not even our own home. Seems like we have to guard our children 24/7. I agree with you that this could be a copy cat murderer. When the Police fail to find Nurin, and failed to capture her murderer/s, they failed BIG TIME. All the wrong messages sent out to would be paedophiles and killers, that they can do anything they want and GET AWAY WITH IT. Its proven with Nurin’s case-murder unsolved!

From the website, President George W.Bush make a strong statement as follows:

“Our nation has made this commitment: Anyone who targets a child for harm will be a primary target of law enforcement. That’s our commitment. Anyone who takes the life or innocence of a child will be punished to the full extent of the law.” President George W. Bush, October 23, 2002

“We cannot, and we will not, tolerate those who seek to abuse or exploit our children.” Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales, April 20, 2006

Malaysia has evolved tremendously in the past 50 years and I share the same sentiments with you as to our previous and current leaders. Before we can move on to a be a greater country in 2020, let’s start with the basic first, SAFETY FOR OUR CHILDREN, SAFETY FOR US. It is shameful and appalling to read ACA investigation on our top gun for 27millions, shameful to us Malaysian and to the world. What is happening, the Government and Police who are responsible to protect its people are more interested in their personal gains and vested interests, is this why crime rates is at the highest? Killers roams freely in our society, parents living in fear and locking up their children.

Nurin, Kha Man and Presshena was unnecessary death, irrespective of parents fault or not. It seems now their deaths have come full circle, its no longer just one Nurin, but the 3 children respresenting our 3 major races. This shows that the killers are bolder and more daring, they seemed to be very confident that they will not be caught, and extremely SAD to say, this may well be the case.

If only we have this commitment from our PM as what Bush did, NurinAlert will be up and running immediately, rather than going the usual, slower pace.

How many more deaths before we get the killers, how many more deaths before our Government and Police realised that its people are suffering. So sad


Anonymous said...

Murderers also Muhibbah eh? First, a Malay child. Then a Chinese and an Indian.

This is a national problem, one that I hope will be brought up at the Umno general assembly, if they have any brains over there.

Collective will can make it a safer country for our kids

I hope Shahrizat does it.

Nuraina, how can I help?

Bailey said...

i remember someone said that this thing will never happened again. mmmph...hope nurin's alert jadi kenyataan secepat mungkin.

my heartfelt condolences for both families (Kha Man and Presheena).

the world is no longer safe for lil ones anymore.

Anonymous said...

It's really sickening that children have to be the victims of adult humans who are possibly deranged and vile.
This disease is everywhere around the world where the innocents become victims of brutality.
The common man/woman can be of help by first being alert of such individuals.
The community has a role in that it works together to be careful always and not slack when nothing happening for a moment.
The law has to ensure swiftness in enforcement and justice.
There should be a better society then if at least the above are rigidly followed by all and sundry.

Anonymous said...

Great blog keep up the good work!

IBU said...

Kak Ena,
I am totally lost for words when I heard the news. Can't believe such tragedies are fast becoming like a weekly headline in Malaysia.

Is this the price we have to pay en route achieving developed nation status?

Anonymous said...

We all agree that crime rate in Malaysia has skyrocketed in recent years. Any criminologist or experts in this field can tell you why. Now the question is - how and when is the govt going to address this problem? Mr Prime Minister, please go check on your police force. Are they actually doing their work? What is their progress on the Nurin case? In the case of poor little Preshena, it is clear we need to set up child care centres for those in need all over the country. Please put our money to good use, Mr PM. We prefer childcare centres rather than man in moon. We rather save lives than face. By the way, the reports say that there are more women voters than men, and that these women voters value most policies that safeguard the family and well being of their children. So before the next election comes around, Mr Politicians, you know what to do-lah.

malaysianminx said...

i'm speechless kak ena.

thank god jasni, farina and u pushed for nurin alert right from the start. just hope shahrizat expedites the implementation of nurin alert, sooner rather than later..

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

oh no...something is missing today. TWB alert, activate!