Monday, November 12, 2007

Our Men in Blue....

Just hit me that there were so many of them on Saturday to "keep the peace" when the 10-Eleven rally was on.
In fact, the day before (Friday), they were already out manning road blocks...
They were doing their job, to make sure these "marchers" or protesters behave.

So, here's a little something:

men in blue, men in blue
so many of you
out on Saturday
but when little Nurin was brutalised,
where were you?

men in blue, men in blue
on saturday
but wait...
isn't Nurin's killer still
out there?


bakaq a.k.a ~penarik beca said...

Patut lama dah tulis yang macam ni! Terima kasih, Puan!

Rockybru said...

Here's mine:

"Cops, cops everywhere
Nurin's killers still out there."

4,000 police officers were deployed to handle 4,000 marchers, somebody said. hehe. that's really funny.

One OCPD said his men took pre-emptive measures and that was whey we didn't have any untoward incident on Saturday.


But the OCPD will agree with me that the marchers, who numbered easily 40,000, behaved well and came in peace. Many of them waved at the cops, smiled at them, and gave them due regards.

I am sure the cops would rather be out there catching the real criminals, like Nurin's killers.

Hi&Lo said...

I second penarik beca. Terima kasih seribu, Nuraina.

Anonymous said...

Eh Kak Ena, sabtu lepas, on my way back to Setiawangsa from Taman Tun, I nampak polis saman kereta & motor.

Twice in a strech less that 5 km. I thought they were really busy looking for Nurin's killer.

Faten Rafie said...

touche'! what a perfect prose'!

Unknown said...

Right on the dot. I wonder if they still remember Nurin?

zewt said...

a friend of mine made a joke... 4000 policemen to control the rally... if the real crooks were to rob the bank... they will walk away with it.

Anonymous said...

zewt said...
a friend of mine made a joke... 4000 policemen to control the rally... if the real crooks were to rob the bank... they will walk away with it.

12:08 AM

The real crooks did not work on
10-E Saturday as they respect the Bersih Rally. They join the rally to give moral support.

In the next round they will be in business as usual while the police will deploy more then 5000++ to mend the crowd, open half lane only to allow sub-compact mini cars into KL, shut down LRT, KTM & Monorail station at major possible drop zone areas, divert all traffic to god knows where and start the road block 72 hours before date.

The next round ~( if any ) do it at the Stadium, please. Ample parking plus lots of seating area and better view.

Or perhaps organize a friendly soccer game with Pak Lah team. That will be a mouth watering delicious treat.

Hmm... I wonder what kind of back sliding tackle should I do to KoJol & Bozo Naz? :-)


Pak Zawi said...

They are busy checking for roadtax and driving licences, catching speedsters in 60 kph zones are their own initiatives as they are the 3 most important crimes in Malaysia.
Catching murderers, rapist, snatch thefts, robbers, drug barons? Sorry low priority unless when there is a hue and cry for it after a crime is committed.

Bergen said...

Cops play Simon says all the time.

Unknown said...

It's like those marching are the most harmful people to the nation... Eh! Hello?! Hello?! The Nurin killer(s) kill children, our future... and still laughing to the bank seeing the cops not seriously finding them...

Dearest Cops... Please change your priority in enforcing safety to the country!

Well written prose sis!

BaitiBadarudin said...

a poem now and then is a welcome change!

Anonymous said...

I understand what you've written. But please don't be too angry with the men in blue, especially the lesser ones that have to pound the pavement. They are acting under orders. They are humans too. See kickdefella blog.

Hanafi Mohd Noor said...

Sambung sikit...

Men in blue is out there only for money...