Friday, September 04, 2009

A Year Ago Today

Today is the first anniversary of Bapak's passing. He breathed his last after Asar on September 4, 2008. The day fell on a Thursday and the fourth day of Ramadan. (Alhamdulillah)



apanama said...

I still think that Pak Samad should have been laid to rest at the hero's mausoleum.

maria a samad (kak ton) said...

Al fatiha to Bapak
Gone but not forgotten
You'll always be in our heart.


Wan Hashim said...

Al-Fatihah. Semoga sentiasa dicucuri rahmat.

sesat said...

"Gone but not forgotten" - well said Kak Ton; and not just by his family but many others.

May He Rest In Peace.

PROTECUR-100 said...


satD said...

Salam Sis

Wish I had known the man.

Al-Fatihah....semoga Allah menerima semua ibadat beliau dan memberikan tempat yg sesuai.


Sivaraman said...

I hope journalists today, especially the younger ones, will try to study Pak Samad and what he stood for so that they can be better journalists. May his soul rest in peace.

Old Fart said...

It would seem like the BN has never blundered on anything. Or maybe every thing they do it has the complete support of the citizens.

BTW, when was the last time a BN MB had a town hall meeting? And if he had you think anyone could be as rude as the attendees in this one?

Ah, silly question, such unruly behaviour is only PERMISSIBLE for UMNO supporters who say they are PAS or PKR members right?


apanama: thank you.

kak ton: always. Amin.

wan hashim: terima kasih. Amin.

sesat: thank you.

protecur: thank you.

SatD: you both would get on like a house on fire, i tell you. bapak loved talking to young people...he was always fascinated by the minds of younge people.
thank you!

siva: thank you, siva.

Old Fart: thank you, OF. But i think your comment must have been for my "temple" posting.