Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Laila's First Eid With Husband After ......

...more than seven years. That is such a long time.

Laila is the wife of ex-ISA detainee Mat Sah Mohd Satray, one of the five detainees released yesterday.
He was in Kamunting for 7 years 3 months.

This is what she wrote in her blog Merah Hitam.

"Tiada siapa yang akan faham bagaimanakah perasaan keluarga dan dan mangsa ISA dalam situasi begini. 7 tahun yang berlalu tak akan dapat di ganti kembali dengan mudah....namun kami akan cuba menyesuaikan diri dengan suasana baru ,menerima seseorang yang telah 7 tahun dipisahkan dari kami." -

The others are:

 Abdullah Daud (who was detained for 7½ years);
 Ahmad Kamil Md Hanapiah (two years and four months);
 Mohd Nasir Ismail @Hassan (two years and fourmonths); and,
 Muhammad Amir Md Hanapiah (two years and four months).

There are now nine detainees left in the Kamunting detention centre near Taiping.

Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein, announcing their release yesterday, said that the five were found to have responded positively to rehabilitation efforts and felt remorse for their past actions.

I am just so happy for Laila and her children....and the families of all the other detainees.

My dad was detained for about 5 years. And that felt like eternity. Mat Sah was in for more than 7 years.
Alhamdulillah syukur..., is all I can say.

*Since Najib Razak took office as PM in April, 29 detainees have been released.


Anonymous said...

If these people are released without charge surely that was wrongly arrest? Should they not now sue the government for this!

Naz said...


Mr Bojangles said...

Dear Nuraina,

The word "only" should never ever be used in this context. Even 1 person languishing behind barbed wires and bars and out of the ambit of due legal process is one human being too many. And one family being deprived of their one father, brother, or son too many.

And don't you just feel reassured by our Home Minister's use of words like "rehabilitation efforts" and "remorse". Must have reached really far back to the eras of Stalin and Mao to come up with gems like that.

Eid Mubarak to all.

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Aunty Nuraina,
Let's wish them well. The families should all be "bersyukur" that their prayers all these years have been answered. Sometimes when we become too caught up in emotions, we tend to forget the fundamental things in life - forgive and forget, always say "syukur". Life is too short to be wasted on the non-necessities.

big cat said...

is the government so vile that it detained these men just for fun? were these men posing threats to the people of malaysia or just the evil people running the government of malaysia? if they are indeed detained because they posed a threat to just the extablishment, then how come all those opposition figures still free to spew lies and hatred against the government? Why not detain them under the ISA too? Should we release Mat Selamat too? Do we want to be like Indonesia? Wait until the bomb explode?

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, those released will not gang up and plan to bomb the city.

If they do, then the ISA is meaningless.

What about MAS Selamat? Should he be roaming the streets too?

And who will be in line for the vacant cells? Many are waiting err, RPK, Anwar, etc but the Government still refuses to check them in.

mazuki said...

Pilu keatas luahan Laila, hanya mampu simpati bukan dan menghayati. Apakah dengan berkeluarga harus diberikan kecualian keatas hukuman?
Penyelesalan serta implikasi harus dihayati sebelum melakukan kesalahan.
Apakah dengan simpati kenikmatan kerseluruhan bangsa diabaikan?



mr bojangles,

you are mistake. a careless use of the word "only". but i did not mean it in any other way other than the fact that the number has been so reduced.
my apologies.

Anonymous said...

Puan Moderator,

Is it Nordin MT the only one of its kind in this world? So, who can say for sure that there are no more individual of that kind after the last one was fatally gunned down in a shoot out?

Retrospectively, who can be convincingly say that ISA has not done a good job in protecting peoples from the explosive maniacs?

From the perspective of human right, by right Nordin should be brought to court to face whatever charge put upon him. Right? Therefore, Why is it nobody grumbles on this aspect?

Now that this guy has been kept six feet under, how are those people who talk so much about human right (this and that) going to prove that this guy is not guilty until proven otherwise; or to expect this chap to defend himself in the court of law?

Just imagine if this maniac happened to be another person by the name John, Jambu or Rambo, are we getting the same approval note here as to the way this maniac been treated?

Yes, most of you peoples only see security issue from the surface but don't dare go deeper into it. If there happened to be a bomb blast here and there, surely these very same people who are the first to jump the gun at the relevant authority and demand for ISA to be installed in no time!


Caimin Lawrence said...

Your dad, Tan Sri, was in for 5 years + . You & me know he was not supposed be the under ISA. It was all politics.

Regards, Nuraini, & Selamat Hari Raya.