Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Ganyang Malaysia In The Streets Of Jakarta

The Jakarta Post has reported that a group of Indonesians, calling themselves "Relawan Ganyang Malaysia" is walking the streets of Jakarta, hunting for Malaysians.

It is not certain whether this is the same group, "Benteng Demokrasi Rakyat" (BENDERA) that reportedly threatened to use bamboo spikes on Malaysians along a Jakarta street and had demanded passers-by to show proof of their nationality.

Our Malaysian students there are afraid to go out and for their safety.

It's heartening to know that Indonesian police have acted to protect the safety of Malaysians in the republic.

Here's part of the NST report (sourcing from the Jakarta Post website)

On Tuesday (Sept 9), members of “Relawan Ganyang Malaysia”, an activist group,
had conducted a raid on a street in Central Jakarta in a hunt for Malaysians.
The Jakarta Post website reported that the hunt, from 10am, was ended by police at 1pm.
The group - consisting some 40 activists - had been stopping and asking pedestrians, motorcyclists and those in cars to show their identity cards and passports to
identify themselves.
However, no Malaysian citizens were caught in the raid.
The report said two Malaysian-made cars passing the road were almost seized by the activists.
Activist Aji Kusuma was quoted by Jakarta Post as saying that the raid was aimed at showing that they were infuriated by the Indonesian government’s slow response in confronting Malaysia.
He said the group might continue its action for a couple of days.
“We will evaluate our action today before we plan the next rally. It could be at the Malaysian embassy.
“Indeed, we didn’t get any Malaysians today. But I think our action has sent a clear signal to the government. If they keep ignoring our demands, just wait for our next action,” he said.

Read the NST front-page report HERE.


Anonymous said...

they were instigated by among others,by Anwar Ibrahim as he always condemn his own country whilst in Jakarta..he once said that in the Nirmala Bonet case it is typical in Malaysia because all Malaysians torture their Indon servants..I think we should not allow millions of their people to re enter Malaysia, legally or mostly illegally, after this raya season. We have enough of these ungrateful pests

mamasita said...

Salam Nuraina..
if any of our Malaysians get hurt, we must sent back every single Indon worker and we are giving a lifeline to their ignorant poor coming in by boatloads legally and otherwise and there they are threatening our Malaysians!
Sickening behaviour..lets retaliate if we must..we must never allow our country to be bullied!!
We can be fierce and angry too!

Deacon1957 said...

A Short note on Anwar Ibrahim

Anwar’s biggest problem is that he is hooked on public attention. The real reason why he is really pissed off and wanted to take revenge against Umno is because Tun put him in prison..

He loved every minute of reformasi because he was at the centre of attention but away in prison, he was dying from public attention deficit and that really made his anger grow

Even his CIA handlers are starting to find this trait annoying you see he is not the only one they have lined up for Malaysia, he has a British counterpart that is working for the same agenda, to destabilise the most prosperous and forward looking Muslim state on the planet, Malaysia. In fact Sept 16 was self sabotaged by Anwar because he realized he could not be in full control due to strong resistance from within his coalition

Remember the Indonesian Karate man who was arrested in Malaysia for solicting prostitues?
His friend is sponsoring the Indon riots
Karate man was arrested here and the official line is that he was looking for girls, the real story is that he was looking for young boys, Anwar may want to deny this link but these two boy lovers are linked by fate, their insatiable love for men have made them kindred spirit. Anwar uses his Indonesian network to generate the current hatred for Malaysia, as part of his global assignment…
Anwar’s links in Indonesia goes to the same operatives in Indonesia where the CIA is known to be very active
Anwar is part of the machinery that have been feeding hate messages into Indonesian Media, every maid brutality case is meticulously and religiously forwarded to the Indonesians to be played up by the Media
If there is no good news then bad news is the only news, that is Anwar’s operating tactic in Malaysia, the same approach is being used by the CIA in Indonesia to damage Malaysia’s reputation and the bond between two well known and resolute Islamic countries,

the long term strategy is to discredit traditional Islam and plant one of two of America’s version of Islam in all Islamic states, the hate-propelled Islam of Ben Laden and hi Wahabbi movement and the Orientalist Islam, which is the same as the agnostic movement in the Christian Church where God is just a discussion point, a focal point for their logic driven moral compass


Old Fart said...

And in Malaysia the group that hounds Indonesians are the police themselves. Just talk to any Indonesian here, not Toyo of course, and they will tell you tales of how they are hounded everytime they are outside. Cops stopping them just because they are Indons. The pay offs and how its done. You see it all the time especially closer to where they stay, like near the Desa Hartamas area. So, I guess the Indons are just returning the favour now.


old fart,

there are rogues among any group -- the police included.

be that as it may, i wouldn't want to believe that THAT is why it's happening in jakarta -- tit for tat for how our (some of our) policemen harass foreign (Indonesian) workers.

I used to tell all my maids that when they go out to town, they have nothing to worry about with regards to harassment because they are here legally with proper documents. i always remind them that if any policeman harass them and try to be funny, tell the cops to call me, their employer. simple.
foreign workers who have valid work permits have nothing to worry about -- not even with bad or rogue cops!.
very many years ago, my maid was in klang with her fiance and she was stopped by a cop and taken to a police station. she didnt have her original documents with her but she had copies of her work documents (in those days they were given travel/work papers) and a letter i have written with my details attached to that copy.
the police called me and i verified and i went to fetch her at the police station.
the policemen was very kind to her.

foreign workers with valid documents need not worry about harassement by police, good or rogue,ones.
but if they are here illegally, the good cop will take them to the police station and do the necessary -- which is what it should be. Now, they have to really worry about bad cops -- they exist anywhere -- who will extort money from them.

and oh yes, i have seen cops on motorbikes stop foreign workers walking along roads, vans and even taxis.
they could be harassing these workers.
but what if these workers are here illegally?
and what if these cops are really checking because a crime had been committed?

i am not against policemen on operation to check illegal workers. what I am dead against is cops extorting money from illegal workers in exchange for not taking action agaisnt them for not having valid documents.

thank you.


old fart,

you may have noticed some grammatical errors in my reply. my apologies. the result of correcting nouns, without also changing the verbs.
and of course, the brain working faster than the fingers...

thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Please check the statistics. Indonesians in Malaysia create more crimes than say in Singapore, England, Australia or Denmark.

Now, also please check how much money have been siphoned out by these Indons back to their motherland. It is a complete trade and crime imbalance.

The Indonesians should be thankful instead of vengeful.


Mullah TTDI said...

Dear Puan Nuraina

After reading several websites about these Indonesian hooligans, I agree with mamasita's proposal to send every Indonesian maids and workers back to Indonesia. I really fed up with this kind of attitude in this Holy month of Ramadhan...

Anonymous said...

Salam Nuraina and fellow commentators,
This is not about a political figure or politics. This is economics. Let us not too, be blinded like some of our fellow Indonesian friends.
One thing for sure, even SBY cannot control what their media can print or say...I believe our embassy in JKT learnt that during Najib's visit there. So, who instigate this negative vibes between us...look no further than our 'friendly' neighbour down south. They are quite dependent on Indonesian money and statistics has it that in the last 24 months, more and more money has come to our waters either through direct investments, education, healthcare and tourism.
I believe and know from my personal friends and counterparts in Indonesia that most Indonesian are indifferent on this 'issue'. Let us not be like some of them in JKT who are too engrossed with what they read in certain media...likely owned by interested parties downsouth. Are we trying to distract ourselves? Wallahualam...ORANG PJ.

CosmicBoy said...

Basically Indonesian are very good people...but Malaysian look down on them...the Malays of course...such as "Islam kami 1st class...Islam kalian 2nd class...". Why? Because thesa Malays saws what they don't see in Malaysia...churches, temple, etcs floorish and how Indonesian moslem can co-exist with them."


satD said...

Salam Folks....

Kecoh lebih aje tu

Let me assure you there in NOTHING major except for some "preman" jalanan who wants to make a quick buck.....

I've lived here for 5 years already, the Indonesians are very nice, i mean very nice and polite in comparison to Malaysians of all ethnicity....sorry folks lu orang semua kantoi when it comes to beradap sopan.....

And if you know the way Indonesian Media operate aiyoo kalah american paparazzi.....its all just to sell news la nothing else....

Chill out folks.....

Old Fart said...


Please don't start with nouns and verbs with me. I struggled with that in school, not knowing the difference. Would you believe if I told you that I finally got to know the difference only in the last decade or so!! Even now I struggle with the rules of the English language. Errr....and that is about the only language of communication that I am sufficiently advanced in in communicating my ideas! How sad!!

As for the Indons. I just picked on the police harassment as I and everyone has witnessed and as related to me by a couple of them.

But the present targeting of Malaysia certainly has nothing to do with the police harassment, since that has been going on since time immemorial anyway, and its a cat and mouse game they all play.

The present trigger might be narrowed down to the Manohara issue. Some things that she said about what her Prince charming had told her about what she is good for would have had some effect no doubt. But more than that I would reckon it would have to do with the attitudes that have been cultivated from all that promotion of the ketuanan Melayu mentality over the last several years.

A lot has been said and done. Like we being a progressive Muslim compared to what? Indonesia? Then we move ahead with stuff like we are better Muslims because we are an Islamic State!! Then we told the world that we set the international standards for Halal Certification because we know better. We also make better bridges between civilisations and so on.

Ketuanan Melayu might have been intended for application within Malaysian society. But somehow it got extended to Indonesians. Even if not intended or done at any conscious level, it obviously had the effect of rubbing in.

Speak to non-Malay Malaysians and somehow you don't get the feeling there is anything to worry about going to Indonesia as the target of the rhetoric that is going on right now does not appear to be targeted at us. Of course as employers some of our conduct is left much to be desired. But I would suggest that the present undercurrents have got more to do with a lot of what has been said and done in the name of or under the motivation or thrust of that supremacist mentality. I just hope they are able to differentiate the UMNO Malay from the rest of us, including the non-UMNO Malay!!

Anonymous said...


This Indonesians are angry because many of their friends and relatives reveal so many bad encounters when they were here.

Many of them work under the shop/business owners itself either in a small business grocery store, sub-contractor, small vegetable farm, Bak Kut Teh restoran etc failed to get their salary for moths.

And there are many cases of the female Indonesian workers who work as maids but when come to halal/haram this maids are not eating what they suppose to eat.

Dua Sen

Anonymous said...


I think most of you are barking up the wrong tree. Many of these former Indonesian workers who work under the small business's owners/taukes were not happy because they were cheated and their salary were not paid for months.

Pubescent Fart

selampit said...

Dear Old Fart,

There you again, blaming the Malaysian Police on just about everything.

Why? Is it because a large majority of the Malaysian law enforcers are Melayu?

Melayu Police killed Kugan, Melayu SPRM killed Teoh.

Melayu Police hound Indonesians for 'payoffs'.

Well Old Fart, if you must play the racist card then I've been to India (New Delhi) and I can assure you that the Indian police IS FAR WORSE that what we have here.

Don't take my word for it. Just google "police corruption India", or read about it here;

An in Mainland China, police brutality and violation of human rights is known worldwide. Trust me Old fart, what errant Melayu police did to Indons is nothing compared to what the Chinese police did to the people of Tibet.

See Old fart, 'RACE' has got nothing to do with bad policing.

Old fart, do you notice how immigrant workers avoid opulent countries like Singapore and Thailand and FLOCK to Malaysia instead?

Now how could that be Old fart, if the Malaysian Police is as evil as perceive it to be? Despite your BASELESS accusation regarding our police's treatment of Indons, THEY KEEP ON COMING HERE.

Don't take my word for it Old Fart, just stop any regular Indon on the street and tell him "Go to Singapore lah, they pay much more over there, the police there SO BLARDY NICE lah, Singapore government SO BLARDY GOOD lah". The Indon would probably just smile and shake his head.


And ask any Burmese or Cambodian immigrant what kind of treatment their people get from Thailand's law enforcers.

Old Fart please! Don't hate Malaysia simply because it is run by Melayu.

Anonymous said...


There are female indonalgian who are being employed by the owner of the bak kut teh restaurant, grocery shop, vegetable farm and kue tiaw factory but strangely at night they go back to the tauke's house. It is so disheartening to know that these female workers out of stupidity (?) have become easy prey for an intoxicated tauke!

Subsequently (after period of fornication), that females' girdle enciente a bit and become unwillingly expecting mother! Some may consult an accoucheuse to have a routine checkup but the rest of them are forced to go back via the sea route and only to be reemployed by the same tauke after confinement! Nonetheless, some of them may feel so shamed and humiliated to go back to indonalgia. The only way to hand deliver the offspring is for them to learn the 'labor' skill in a local maternology home.

The question is what gonna happens to the offspring? Hopefully the paternal tauke would take care of it? Would him? No way, lest the maternal worker get fired on the spot.!! Luckiy that is not the end. There are many barren's people who are ever willing to spend lavishly for believing in fosterage concept! So, this part of the maternal problem is also solved. Money changed hand, the paternal tauke smiling and the loser (workers) will be continuing with their routine in the shops and in the house as well. Year in and year out, the same cycle repeats one or more time over the years. Don't believe? You have better believe it!


selampit said...

To the 'ComicBoy' who wrote;

"Basically Indonesian are very good people...but Malaysian look down on them...the Malays of course...such as "Islam kami 1st class...Islam kalian 2nd class...". Why? Because thesa Malays saws what they don't see in Malaysia...churches, temple, etcs floorish and how Indonesian moslem can co-exist with them."

Yea right, how very SMART of you. Malays looking down on Indonesians.

The people of Indonesia accuse us of stealing EVERYTHING that we have from them. Music, culture, clothing and even FOOD (They say we steal 'rendang' from them)

They are basically saying, "hey Melayu Malaysia, you have everything BECAUSE WE BLOODY GAVE THEM TO YOU" or "Melayu Malaysia is a people WITHOUT IDENTITY".


In Malaysian tourism commercials, you can see Indian and Chinese cultures as well. But the people of The People's Republic of China and India HAVE NEVER ACCUSED Malaysia of stealing anything from them.

You can also see the 'Serani' culture, yet I've never heard the people of Portuguese accusing us of staling 'joget' and 'jingli Nona' from them.

And I've never heard the Arabs accuse Malaysia of stealing Arabic food (nasi Bukahri) and cultures (berzanji) from them.

Only Indonesians ACCUSE us of STEALING everything from them.


How can the people of Indonesia of different religious and ethnic backgrounds COEXIST with one another if Indonesian Javanese CAN NOT EVEN tolerate Malaysian Javanese of practicing the Javanese culture?

You seriously think if this current state of ANARCHY and LAWLESSNESS would prevail that this xenophobia will stop at Malaysia ONLY.

What guarantee do you have that soon these 'paid mobs' would not turn against 'Chinese capitalists' who they accuse of 'refusing to share their wealth?'

In 1967, Dyaks in West kalimantan turned against the Chinese after accusing them as 'communist sympathizers'. 1000 Chinese were killed and over 60,000 were forced to flee to coastal centers.

Remember that during the Ambon Christian-Muslim clash in 1999, Muslim fanatics gathered a jihad army to wage war against Christians in the Moluccas. Luckily the Indonesian Navy stopped them.

That is why I LAUGHED when I read what you wrote;

"Why? Because thesa Malays saws what they don't see in Malaysia...churches, temple, etcs floorish and how Indonesian moslem can co-exist with them."


Old Fart said...

Selampit, I did not know there might be Malays who are cops in India or in China.

And whoever told you that I hate Malaysia? I just hate the Ugly Malay! Fortunately for me I have many beautiful Malay friends. But I am quite angry with them and I told them so too. They keep quite while the Ugly Malay defines and characterises them by all their silly words and actions that get reported. And it is so unfair. For instance I know that Nuraina cannot in anyway be characterised by the kind of conduct of the Malays who carried out the cow head protest or those who caused havoc at the town hall meeting.

And as for the police, you are right. It is a Malay dominated police force that last saw Kugan alive. It is a Malay dominated MACC that saw Teoh last. It was an almost all Malay party that last saw Altantuya alive too.

But did I say anything then about the police being Malay dominated and that is why I pick on them? Or is it that you are so sick in the head that any criticism of any government institution you equate that as being a criticism of the Malay race?

Can you please tell me why did you assume that? You took me for a non-Malay, which you are right, and so is it, therefore, a given that any criticism of a government institution by me must naturally come from a prejudice of it because it is Malay dominated?

If so, I feel so sorry for you. You have actually bought into all that propaganda and you are most certainly sick in the head!

Anonymous said...

Wow, so many malay bashing out here, as usual. But then look... who is among the commonest culprit who torture the maid, hmm, think about it an answer in your heart.

Some accusation to Malay was incorrect either, pertaining to all ethnic type either Java Malay etc was not true. My maid are Javanese and I,m also Javanese, we are doing very well. Dont dare to say that I,m also pendatang, Malaysia and Indonesia were within the same nation last time ie Malay Archipelago, so there is no such thing as pendatang, its just transfer from one area/distric to another ie eg from Kelantan to Selangor. Nothing wrong about it, beside we wrere from same governance Majapahit very along ago. Belanda and Inggeris had separate us in order to make us weak( divide and rule)of Islamic country, in the process they had extracted our resources as well . Indonesia is like a big step brother to us, for me I always admire President Sukarno asimilation programe.

Check the fact, all these ganyang chap had been paid, and influence by someone for his/their interestas as well as media as well . Somebody had been instigated the matter( jadi batu api ). I think I knew who is the person.

I had few Indonesian friend ( and many more) who are sober and look into this matter in more healthy way.
God ppl and bad ppl exist in all place and is borderless

From sakinah

Anonymous said...

Old fart, you are right.

Malaysians react when your media reported about the so-called sweeping of Malaysian in Indonesia. I deplore such act, I also hope that Bendera people will be questioned by the police. So maybe you in Malaysia has to understand why Indonesian react when Indonesians in Malaysia were harmed by your Polis and RELA many times and/or by TLDM etc.

For example when TLDM shot a fishing boat belongs to fisherman in Nunukan, our media reported it, they show the boat that has been shot, they interviewed the fishermen, while the fishermen themselves certain they are still in Indonesian waters. And about the caning of Indonesians illegal migrants, our legal workers, our tourist, our karate man, our diplomats and many other.

This kind of news were too frequent for us to hear and witness. It affect us too.

Malaysians only hear a news about some Bendera bunch threat Malaysians, without any Malaysians were actually harmed. But what we hear in return was/is many times worse. I am just trying to portrait the effect of what you hear and see in the media here. Hope you understand what I mean.

Do you want to know the trigger?

Honestly speaking, many Indonesians like me, very very disappointed with Malaysia provocation (TLDM) in Karang Unarang (Ambalat) in February 2005. This incident has changed my perception on Malaysia … I can’t still understand how Malaysia/TLDM can do a barbaric action to their neighbor when we still busy to concentrate to help our people in Aceh after a huge earth quake/tsunami in Dec. 2004. Thats the turning point, not only for me but also to many other Indonesians and also our gov't/TNI officers.

Other incidents such as Rasa Sayange, Reog Pononrogo, Angklung, Nirmala Bonat, Ronald, Reog Ponorogo, further provocation by TLDM in Ambalat, Pendet etc convinced me and many other Indonesians that Malaysia has no no good in faith and sensitivity in the relationship with Indonesia. The latest comment by an idiot Malay KJ confirmed to me and many other Indonesians that Malaysia can't learn from this latest incident ..

So, I can understand why many Indonesians ultra nationalist like Bendera can’t control their emotion. They act as reaction because of acculumulated action by Malaysia ..

Tapi jangan takut dan khawatir berkeunjung ke Jakarta .. Ingat pada waktu konfrontasi Indonesia dengan Malaysia tahun 1960-an, kami tetap melindungi dan meperlakukan seluruh warga negara Malaysia yang tinggal di In donesia dengan baik walaupun Indonesia dalam suasana perang dengan Malaysia ..


Suara Anak Jakarta

Anonymous said...

Puan moderator,

Kalau kita memandu di jalanraya, lalu berlaku kemalangan makanya kenderaan yang besar selalunya yang dituduh membuli kenderaan yang kecil tetapi bukan sebaliknya. Betulkan?

Masakan kita mahu menuduh motosikal yang membuli lain-lain mobil yang lebih besar, betulkan? Lebih teruk kalau kita mahu mengatakan motosikal yang membuli sebuah lori trelar, tak ada logiknya!

Oleh tu dalam konteks hubungan antara dua negara masakan negara lebih kecil mahu dituduh membuli sebuah negara yang lebih besar sedangkan apa yang dunia faham ialah negara besar yang sering membuli negara yang lebih kecil.

Dan kalaupun seorang anak muda dari sebuah negara kecil mahu menyatakan kebenaran, berhubung kelakuan jelek sebuah negara besar apakah itu dikira salah? Apakah kita tidak penah menegur kelakuan Pak Amerika terhadap negara lain?

Kita yang berpegang kepada prinsip kebebasan bersuara seharusnya berasa bangga kerana anak muda di malaysia, berani menyatakan apa yang benar. Yang perlu di sanggah ialah sifat sebilangan anak muda yang hanya tahu menjaga periuk nasi individu dan parti mereka saja.

Apapun kita percaya hubungan dua negara akan bertambah kukuh apabila masing-masing pihak menyedari kedudukan masing-masing dan seterusnya mengorak langkah bagi mencabut 'duri dalam daging' dan membuang semua elemen 'batu api' yang sengaja mahu melihat hubungan dua bangsa serumpun menjadi keruh.

Kita harus melakukan apa yang terdaya bagi menghalang niat puak-puak tertentu yang ingin 'menangguk di air yang keruh' kalaulah sekiranya hubungan dua hala menjadi keruh. kita harus bersedia dengan hujah yang benar dan tepat agar mereka tidak dapat menyuarakan pendapat mereka yang bercampur baur dengan elemen jijik dan kotor.

Apapun rakyat kedua-dua negara semestinyalah sudah cukup matang untuk membazakan mana yang baik dan mana yang buruk kecualilah segelintir puak minoriti yang mempunyai agenda tersirat yakni yang mendapat faedah kalau sekiranya hubangan antara Malaysia dan Indonesia menjadi bertambah renggang.

Antihipokrit -- hormati pekerja Indon di Malaysia

CosmicBoy said...

@ Selampit,

Remember that during the Ambon Christian-Muslim clash in 1999, Muslim fanatics gathered a jihad army to wage war against Christians in the Moluccas. Luckily the Indonesian Navy stopped them.

===> Hahaha...on the contrary, this is wayang. Harm have been done...then buat wayang!

Btw, you means to say that the Malays doesn't luk down on the Indonesians. Hahahaha...The Malays of Malaysia are well to do...and Malaysia is a develop contry..all because of 'their hardwork' unlike the Indonesian. Religously, the Malays are 1st class muslim compare to the Indonesian. Mana mungkin dong gereja bisa bertumbuh, candi bisa bertumbuh, vihara bisa bertumbuh di tengah2 komunitas muslim Indonesia, apalagi kitab suci mereka bisa dijual di mana2, televisi bisa maut khutbah2 agama Kristen, ceramah agama Buddha dan Hindu hahahaha...itu bukan negara Islam, itu negara sekular...dan kita ke sana utk memberi peringatan sebagai big brother dari Islam tulen (Melayu) kepada Islam ktp (Indon) bahwa hanya dgn ketuanan Melayu, masalah muslim Indonesia bisa terselesaikan.

You hear me Selampit.

CosmicBoy said...

@ Selampit,

I was told by some Indonesian workers...if they travel from A to B and if in between there is 4 check point...they have to pay for it before they reach Indonesia/motherland.

Maybe you can try...after all you luk like Indon..bisa ngga?

Anonymous said...

Thats why, indonesia, inspite of its rich resources, and huge population, cant get far, in the global scenario. They, as people, are their own worst enemy. The politics and leaders are champion in playing with its people’s emotions, and sentiments, rather than focusing in channeling the people’s energy, enthusiasm, spirits, towards nation building programmes and efforts. Patriotism has ben set & defined on how well you shouted and demonstrate, not so much on how well you research, you build, you invent, you trade, you innovate. The leaders know only too well, that due to poverty and poor education, the masses still believe in black magics, myths, ghosts, human super powers, and not much open global and scientific minds. You cant expect much, since the leaders are virtually from same line of ex-leaders of corrupt manipulators; ex army generals (who were very corrupt when in power), old school leaders (either linked to sukarno, or suharto, old schools), children & relatives of dictators, etc. No new blood of reasons and intellects. This is the disadvantage when a country has big gap, between the super rich and the super poor. they need to develop more middle class, the moderating factors, a critical ingredient in any successful & stable social structure. UNless, they, as a people, can overcome these balls & chains, that imprisoned & dragged them down; they, as people, are not really free people. Easily swayed, manipulated, played, by their own leaders, like pawns. Like puppets with strings. Better education can help in this. Better distribution of wealth and rejuvenated internal economic activities, enjoyed by all, can help solve this. They do have every reason, to set themselves free. From their own selves. they have to be very brave & face the mirror. If they can find the formula to get out of this velvet traps, they have every ingredients needed to become a great nation and potentially a world power to be reckoned with. INdonesia, need a good leader. Not just another charismatic personality like sukarno, (hitler was a charismatic fella too, a great orator as well), not another corrupt general, not another children of elitist group, but a proper representation of ordinary people, well balanced intellectual, and global thinker. If charisma is needed, it is more of gandhi’s, a uniting peace loving leader, or hamka like personality, rather than a stalin, or mao tze tung type of one man show, kill all, charismatic dictators. After suharto, habibie was almost excellent new blood. Strange that indonesia then change to daughter of dictator, and another guy who is popular for sleeping in office. If that was reformasi, it certainly does not look any better than previous ones. For now, SBY is the nearest to such great potential, to drive indonesia to global greatness, compared to all other candidates, and he can pave way for the coming of better ones. Indonesia, wake up. Windows of opportunity are not always there waiting for you. Your best of friends, may not be the ones who say and do what you like to see or hear, but, who will tell you what you really are. Like mirrors. If you ugly, the mirror will tell you that you are ugly. Like medicines, its bitter, but it cures. Wake up, or, you are going towards self destruction. It wont be external factors that destroy you.

Anonymous said...

ind0nesians never bein grateful.such a waste.givin.them a job.on di s prosperous c0untry..

Anonymous said...

Okay, I have a question. Which is better, Silat Melayu or Indonesian Silat?

Anonymous said...

dua dua silat tak boleh pakai. itulah sebab kita di rogol penjajah demi penjajah all the time. malu tengok dan banding keris dengan pedang samurai jepun, pedang siam, atau pedang orang puteh. sekali pandang dah tau, keris pendek tu tak boleh bawak ke mana. bodoh nya tradisi. bila kita kaji cara perang orang puteh, orang arab, orang jepun, orang siam, --- memang sah, kita serumpun ni tak berapa pandai sangat lah! kita ni pandai hentam bangsa sendiri je. yang raja bunuh orang miskin para petani, yang kaya perhambakan orang kampung miskin. tu je. jagoh kampong. bila berhadapan dengan orang luar, mana raja, mana bangsawan, mana dato panglima, semua menyembah bumi mengampu untuk hidup. kecuali very very few like jebat, mat kilau, etc. the idea is , how to create the culture of mat kilau, and other real heroes. how to rejuvenate these spirits. kalau tak kerana islam dan quran, melayu maseh berkemban sana sini, jadi hamba para bangsawan dan tuan tanah, rendah martabat dan harga diri

Anonymous said...

Ganyang, ganyang,
Begitu angkuh dan sombong sekali,
Nah, sekarang Tuhan dah ganyang negara kamu dengan gempar bumi.

Anonymous said...

Menarik juga pendapat Anon 9:32 AM tentang silat dan keadaan dunia melayu.

Baru-baru ni ada dokumentari di Discovery channel mengenai silat melayu yang mengatakan 'Silat was instrumental in repelling foreign forces in Malaysia'. Sejauh mana kenyataan ini?

Memang keris itu pendek berbandingkan Japanese katana, Spanish rapier, English broadsword dan sebagainya. But it's not the length bro, it's how you use it. Sorry la, joke sikit. Anyway, teknik-teknik lawan pedang negara lain pun ada pedang pendek. Biasanya samurai jepun dan spanish fencers juga ada pedang kedua yang pendek.

Efektif atau tidak silat dan keris pendek? Terus terang saya tidak arif. Susah hendak jawap soalan ini. Setahu saya, keris bukan kosong saja tetapi disaluti dengan racun. Silat juga dikatakan bukan terhad kepada fizikalnya.

Nak katakan orang melayu saja menindas sesama sendiri, negara-negara lain ada juga. Samurai bergaduh dengan samurai. Malah, orang jepun sendiri yang bankan samurai akhirnya. Samurai, yang sangat cekap lawan pedang, akhirnya tewas di tangan British dan Amerika.

Kalau tak silap saya, Mat Kilau ada guna ilmu silat untuk menentang British dan turun-temurunya menggunakan silat beliau untuk lawan dengan komunis. Tak tau lah, ini cerita atok kawan saya.

Tapi ye la Anon, saya tau apa yang anda nak sampaikan. Kita seperti hampa kan? Mana hero-hero yang berintegriti? Kita tak hidup zaman dulu, jadi kita tak tau sejauh mana hebatnya silat atau keadaan dunia melayu yang sebernanya. Tapi kalau kita lihat sekarang, jagoh-jagoh yang mengharumkan nama negara siapa?

Anonymous said...

keris melayu, one time i got curious, and buy one, which is about 65 years old, genuine item. hulu nya di ikat dgn rambut, how lame!!memang cantek, buat perhiasan, but i cant imagine using it in war. nak bukak tin biskut pun bengkok hujung! keris ni lebih gimmick dari real. boleh terbang lah, ada puaka lah, berdarah lah, and other craps. yes, kalau tak di kawankan dgn jin, kalau tak melibatkan syaitan, it is pretty lame. rosak badan, rosak aqidah, kalau bergantung pada keris. kata orang precision weapon. ini memang betul!! kalau nak pasti it works, suruh si musuh duduk diam diam jangan gerak, and cocok kat bahu atau in between tulang rusuk to the heart. unless you have these convincing skills, cukup lah!! keris is not weapon for war!! history proves it again and again and again. di rogol siam dan portugis, di perkosa belanda dan inggeris, di sodomy jepun dan kominis. di mana keris dan silat????craps..totally craps. better wake up, and adapt-adopt what works man...

Anonymous said...

mossad game based in singapore. enough to destroy two muslim countries, self destruct mode. indonesia will never be able to invade malaysia. both countries cannot win over the other. however, the war between the two will be enough to break both down to its knees, and to start from scratch again

Anonymous said...

nak cerita pasal bangsa ni, memang menarik. si jepun dan si orang puteh, sebenarnya tak kurang hebat nya dalam bribery, korrupsi, undertable, kaorke/spa/gro, and the complete set!! whats the difference? mereka masih mengutamakan kerja & deliverable. korup korup jugak, bribery and undertable, masih buat, TETAPI, kerja tak bleh di compromise. bila kita tengok melayu, lain pulak. korup, bribery, undertable, sama hebat macam jepun, macam orang puteh. duit masuk akaun sana akaun sini, memang terer. TETAPI, bab kerja? tak habis...tak siap. bila dah dapat personal habuan, habis habok, semuanya di lupa. Nak cerita pasal sultan sultan dan raja raja melayu, pun mennyedihkan. memang betul, raja china, raja orang puteh, raja jepun, pun zalim jugak. TETAPI, they think for their peoploe and their country!! thast why, bila kita tengok kota kota arab lama, kota kota china, kota kota orang puteh, raja raja mereka mengutamakan keselamatan the whole KOTA, the whole people, and plan hundred years for their bangsa. Raja melayu apa cerita? habuk tarak!! ada nampak kota melayu sampai sekarang? ada nampak pertahanan rakyat yang di buat sultanh sampai sekarang? habuk tarak. kalau buat kota pun, cukup cukup nak jaga harta dan keluarga sendiri je!!!look, cuba bayangkan , orang lama perang, atas kuda, berlari, etc., bertempur, macam arab, jepun, china, orang puteh... how do you deploy keris from the back of horse? orang melayu sibuk kemenyan kan keris panggil jin, orang jepun/china/arab/parsi/viking, yang sewaktu dengan nya, sibuk building up BAJU KEBAL!!tyopi KEBAL!!!kuda laju!! etc. so, one man can kill more!!!kalau keris pendek beracun, takes 5 hours bersilat, just to kill one opponent, sampai tok kadok, kita dijajah!!elak elak elak, lompat kiri, lompat kanan, tunggu musuh buat mistake, untuk di tikam, antara tulang rusuk. habis lompat sana sini, the whole army dah hancur jadi mee bakso.mnothing to be proud about!!ada ke siapa siapa dengar orang portugis, belanda, jepun, kominis, british, lari lintang pukang, atau mati beramai ramai, kena bubuh jin syaitan puaka silat melayu? ada? habuk tarak. ada pernah dengar penjajah inggeris atau belanda mati kena santau? habuk tarak. yang boleh disantau ni cuma sesama bangsa, yang memag dah lemah miskin, malnutritioned di seksa oleh orang orang kaya. orang kampun saya yang kebal kebal, boleh lompat pokok kelapa, angkat batu berat, etc.,...ada nampak mereka masuk olimpik? habuk tarak. kita ni, kena tipu hidup hidup. kalau tak bangun sekarang, sampai cucu cicit, kita jadi hamba. nasib baik, islam datang. sempat pergi Haji, Buaka mata tengok dunia, tengok bangsa bnagsa dunia yang pelbagai. bukak mata kebesaran Tuhan. bila balik haji, dah tak nampak lagi yang tuan tanah , raja sultan tu besar dah!!! bila dah balik haji, baru jelas, bomoh bomoh kampung ni menipu semua nya. Siapa kata melayu bangsa yang sopan santun? cuba pergi kedai cina, and pergi kedai melayu. mana yang melayan kamu dengan baik? barangsiapa yang biasa tengok filem drama korea, drama jepun, maka jelas kelihatan TINGGI nya hormat mereka pada orang tua, mak bapak dan atok nenek. not malays anymore. tengok drama melayu dah tau. merengek sana merengek sini, menyumpah sana menyumpah sini. tak taulah siapa yang di ikut. china tidak, orang puteh pun tidak. seliseh malaeikat 68. yang tentu betul, peribahasa melayu, kera di hutan disusukan, anak di rumah mati kelaparan....orang melayu memang cukup baik dengan strangers, dengan bangsa aseng. specisally orang orang kaya. bilsa dengsan bsangsa sendiri, peeehhh!! ksalsau ysang susah dsanmiskin, tu boleh diherdik macam binatang. Tengok tsak gelsagsat politicisan melayu. mahathir ke, sisapa siapa je lah. wahh, kalau dengan bisnessman china, depa tak kesah kalau dia oranag bertepuk bahu, dan belakang, tanda persahabatan. cuba orang melayu buat? di lempang agaknya, di anggap kurang ajar. ini lahmelayu. adapt and adopt, improvise, and wake up....tinggalkan yang merosakkan, ambil yang baik je, even, if its not "genuinely" melayu.

Anonymous said...

iam terpanggilled, to extend anon's quotable quotes on melayu & silat .."elak elak elak, lompat kiri, lompat kanan, tunggu musuh buat mistake, untuk di tikam,..". ini masih hidup and in practice at works, among malay professionals. elak elak pass the buck, lompat sana sini, tikam belakang member, belakang boss, belakang diri sendiri. kerja & deliverable comsi comsa....

Anonymous said...

Mati mati kita kena tipu hidup hidup. can anyone puhleeeze tell mahathir to shut up, and dont make comments on isa samad selection issue!! yes, it is bad. yes, it is wrong!! but please let somebody else say it. not mahathir!! he was the king of all kings, in keeping, using, selecting rogue, corrupt, leaders during his time. He was the trend setter in doing so, so that he can hold their balls, and manage them like putty in his hands.OMG, are we blind or what???Let me just touch the top of the iceberg, on DOSA DOSA mahathir..: he is the one diminishing kuasa raja, he is the one ambik anwarbraim, he is the one jadikan badawi PM, he is the one who created monsters non malay super power business men, given them blue chips on silver platters, from ananda, to vincent, to ytl, and so many more!!everyone knows, people like vincent tan, kalau dia beri sepuluh ringgit to BN, dia akan bagi lima ringgit kat DAP. Itu dulu. mungkin sekarang dah terbalik, hoping PRU13, BN collapse. dosa mahathir besar. the price we have to pay for a few national icons, like KLCC and KLIA, is too great, and it shall spills & burden us, till anak cucu kita. mahathir is the one who creates imbalance development, totally abandoning food & agriculture, sampai semua kena import. bawang pun takde, in the year 1999-2000. he is the one, running blindly for poor planning modernisation, sampai budak budak kampung semua tinggalkan kampung ke bandar cari kemewahan. bila sampai bandar takde kerja, tapi nak handphone mahal, maka, jadi lah mat rempit. everytime i bleed thinking on the rogues like anwar and pak lah, in destroying umno and bn, like it is today, i cant help cracking my brains, trying to figure out, why did mahathir did it?

Anonymous said...

Kepada Anon 11:18 AM

Menarik sungguh. Saya setuju dengan banyak perkara yang anda hujahkan. Lucu pun ada! Hahaha.

Ok. Just for the sake of talking. Tak tau la macam mane original post "Ganyang..." boleh bertukar ke silat, kemudian kepada orang melayu dikutuk. But it is interesting.

Silat yang berdalih sini berdalih sana, lompat sini, lompat sana, yang kita nampak di TV adalah silat buah, macam mana kita lihat di perkahwinan orang melayu. Tapi silat untuk berlawan biasanya terdiri daripada tiga langkah saja untuk jatuhkan lawan. Langkah-langkah kaki digerakan menurut geometri iaitu bulatan, segi tiga, segi empat dan sebagainya. Kehadiran geometri dalam seni mempertahankan diri didapti dalam setiap seni mempertahankan diri di dunia. Kalau di Spain, ia dipanggil The Spanish Circle.

Tapi, are they really good fighters, these silat warriors? Sekali lagi, saya tak tau. Kalau nak argue perkara ni, saya rasa sampai bila-bila takkan habis. The thing is were we conquered or did we allow ourselves to be conquered? Perlu diingatkan bahawa American Indians dan Aboriginies hampir pupus dilanyak oleh Whites. But Malays are still standing.

Tapi yang paling menarik Anon, adalah statement anda 'Siapa kata bangsa Melayu sopan santun?' I agree 100% with you. Sad but true. Saya rasa orang Cina layan kita dengan lebuh baik, lebih tau dengan istilah customer service. Kadang-kadang makan kat kedai melayu, rasa macam bersalah pulak. Dah masuk kedai, tuan punya kedai atau staff nampak kita, tapi buat tak tau. Tunggulah 15 minit baru datang ambik order. Lepas tu mintak air sirap kurang manis dia bagi pulak manis semanis manisnya. Kalau komplain, dia tarik muka masam. Bila nak bayar kalau nasib baik dia kata terima kasih. Kadang-kadang senyum pun takde, macam kita hutang dengan mereka RM10,000 belum bayar. Makanan sedap giler, tapi kita lebih rela keluar duit lebih makan kat kopi tiam atau KFC kerana service.

Anonymous said...

And yes, us Malays have to change our attitudes. We do have bad attitudes or rather, negative attitudes. We tend to always, well, most of us, to look at the negative first.

My, we even name flowers negatively. Look at the names we have given some beautiful flowers. St. Joseph's Lily in English we call Bunga Sundal Malam in Malay. The Mary Gold flower in English we call Bunga Taik Ayam in Malay. I'm not surprised if there was a newly found flower called Blue Bell in English would then be called Puki Mak Mertua Engkau.

Change guys, before it's too late!

Anonymous said...

to anon 3.11pm, wow, brother, you know your subject matters well. it would be great to get to know you in person, & exchange ideas, however, sometimes, we are best in alam maya di cyber, just minds meeting minds without face, without any judgements and prejudices. free spirit like ghosts!!! i did try fencing couple months back with a coach from holland. OMG!! macam nak mati penat & mucsle pains. small, but intensive movements, lots of knee jerks, 30 minit rasa macam nak mati. to anon 6.39PM, you are so funny!!i didnt see that angle coming, and will be laughing sorang sorang for the next couple of days. back on melayu matters, i do believe, we get this far, because there are so many good ones, unsung heroes, normal good people, man, women, and children, sacrifice to the bone, for others. cuma, mereka maybe not in mainstreams, not noticeable, not recordable. i believe, as long as we, as individuals, are fully aware on what matters, and do what we can best, it will have some impact sampai ke cucu cicit. ameen.internally, iam still laughing, thinking about flowers names.....:-)

Anonymous said...

hahahaha so funny. i saw this small article in a local newspaper, about mitos & asal usul nama Cheras. ia nya datang dari seorang guru silat melayu & pendekar melayu yang handal, namanya tok perimbun. guess whats so special about this pendekar melayu?..the article said, ...pendekar melayu ini amat hebat dan gagah perkasa, serta pandai bersembunyi.....hahaha hohoho hihiihi i was rolling on the floor laughing!!! did you get it? "gagah perkasa"? "he is so good in bersembunyi"..? bit of clash here ? no? hehehehehihihihooho. totally anti climax bro. so sad, so lame, so pathetic...

Anonymous said...

Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) delivered his last sermon (Khutbah) on the ninth of Dhul Hijjah (12th and last month of the Islamic year), 10 years after Hijrah (migration from Makkah to Madinah) in the Uranah Valley of mount Arafat. His words were quite clear and concise and were directed to the entire humanity.
After praising, and thanking Allah he said:
"O People, lend me an attentive ear, for I know not whether after this year, I shall ever be amongst you again. Therefore listen to what I am saying to you very carefully and TAKE THESE WORDS TO THOSE WHO COULD NOT BE PRESENT HERE TODAY.
O People, just as you regard this month, this day, this city as Sacred, so regard the life and property of every Muslim as a sacred trust. Return the goods entrusted to you to their rightful owners. Hurt no one so that no one may hurt you. Remember that you will indeed meet your LORD, and that HE will indeed reckon your deeds. ALLAH has forbidden you to take usury (interest), therefore all interest obligation shall henceforth be waived. Your capital, however, is yours to keep. You will neither inflict nor suffer any inequity. Allah has Judged that there shall be no interest and that all the interest due to Abbas ibn ‘Abd’al Muttalib (Prophet’s uncle) shall henceforth be waived…
Beware of Satan, for the safety of your religion. He has lost all hope that he will ever be able to lead you astray in big things, so beware of following him in small things.
O People, it is true that you have certain rights with regard to your women, but they also have rights over you. Remember that you have taken them as your wives only under Allah’s trust and with His permission. If they abide by your right then to them belongs the right to be fed and clothed in kindness. Do treat your women well and be kind to them for they are your partners and committed helpers. And it is your right that they do not make friends with any one of whom you do not approve, as well as never to be unchaste.
O People, listen to me in earnest, worship ALLAH, say your five daily prayers (Salah), fast during the month of Ramadan, and give your wealth in Zakat. Perform Hajj if you can afford to.
All mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; also a white has no superiority over black nor a black has any superiority over white except by piety and good action. Learn that every Muslim is a brother to every Muslim and that the Muslims constitute one brotherhood. Nothing shall be legitimate to a Muslim which belongs to a fellow Muslim unless it was given freely and willingly. Do not, therefore, do injustice to yourselves.
Remember, one day you will appear before ALLAH and answer your deeds. So beware, do not stray from the path of righteousness after I am gone.
O People, NO PROPHET OR APOSTLE WILL COME AFTER ME AND NO NEW FAITH WILL BE BORN. Reason well, therefore, O People, and understand words which I convey to you. I leave behind me two things, the QURAN and my example, the SUNNAH and if you follow these you will never go astray.
All those who listen to me shall pass on my words to others and those to others again; and may the last ones understand my words better than those who listen to me directly. Be my witness, O ALLAH, that I have conveyed your message to your people".
(Reference: See Al-Bukhari, Hadith 1623, 1626, 6361) Sahih of Imam Muslim also refers to this sermon in Hadith number 98. Imam al-Tirmidhi has mentioned this sermon in Hadith nos. 1628, 2046, 2085. Imam Ahmed bin Hanbal has given us the longest and perhaps the most complete version of this sermon in his Masnud, Hadith no. 19774.)

Anonymous said...

Why is it that almost every khutbah Jumaat or sermon at a kenduri sound exactly the same? Seems like I only learn about the topics of Hell, Adultery, Booze and Doomsday. Where's the other 99,999 topics?

Anonymous said...

Is Yeti Real?

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