Friday, September 18, 2009

Rehabilitating Mat Rempits

The Government will embark on a new programme to rehabilitate illegal motorcyle racers or Mat Rempit to turn them into useful members of society instead of simply meting out punishment against them, said Prime Minister Najib Razak.

Najib said the pilot project to be launched next January as part of the Permata Negara programme would target youths aged between 18 and 25 years who were involved in such activities and posed a high risk in terms of social problems.

He said the Government decided to use the softer approach after finding that putting the youths behind bars for “minor offences” had the potential of making the problem worse when they mingled with, and were influenced by, hardcore criminals in prison.

“The aim is not to penalise the offenders but to find ways to rehabilitate them so they can become useful, successful and confident members of the public.

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I hope that the government can really find ways to rehabilitate these rempits...


Tok Kemuning said...

Well i guess the government should recruit them and send them to pondok school in Kelantan. Educate them to become a religious scholar.

Good for the country, better for their family and splendid for them.

donplaypuks® said...

Where do the mat rempits get money from to buy these expensive machines?

Anonymous said...

MJ, you are wrong , who said they dont really care about us ?

How about rehabilitate those involved in corruption , terrorists , oppositions and ....?

Old Fart said...

You're certainly not serious about what you are hoping for are you?

ajimsan said...

What happen to the Putera UMNO mat rempits?

Salt N Turmeric said...

Kak Ena, i say make them do public service like cleaning the roads, public toilets, parks and such like they do here so at least we get clean cities.

Anonymous said...

We had problems with them 5yrs ago in our area. Loud machines with their silly stunts. When I came out to request them to leave, the next day they throw crackes into our lawns to irritate us.

We went to see the KETUA PEMUDA to voice out our disgust. Really Magic.. Their activities ceased immediately.

2years ago these same group of boys teamed up to open a very popular Food Court in our Kampung. I was shocked to see the changes in them.

I think whatever program they were sent to worked wonders.

Find ways.. please help them.. I feel all they need is a SINCERE leader to really help them through their confusing stage in life..

Concerned Citizen

Anonymous said...

Yes, the Mat Rempit CAN be useful members of society. They can be hired as follows:

1) "Security" guards in housing areas.

2) Tellers in banks.

3) "Security" guards in just about everywhere and anywhere.

4) Dispatch boys for important documents.

I feel safe already. Hmmmm, I wonder if these soon-to-be rehabs are going to be present in places of affluence. I bet my next tax pay that they won't.


old fart,

if that's what the government is going to do...then do it well.

personally, i think it is not as simple as that.

Anonymous said...

...should have requested mr. bin top to come back for rehabilitation !!??
now, too late ...sigh, 'a life is a life...SOoooooooo sad to lose him ....sigh !!'

Anonymous said...


Gives Mat Rempit a formal training in motor repair; capital to venture into a motor repair business; and sport facilities for them to relieve tension and get involved in competitive motor racing.


Old Fart said...


You still believe in Santa Claus! I always thought you are so loveable!! You are!! Now I know!!

donplaypuks® said...

And while at it, how about a similar Govt program to rehabilitate Indian youth involved in criminal activities and the Ah Longs from Bkt Beruntong in Klang and other hot spots in KL & Selangor?

Or is this less important or urgent?

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

Tok Kemuning,

How anyone can be sure that there is not a single pondok-based scholar or worst still a drop out from that education system who is participating in the race an become the active member of the Mat Rempit clans? Can you, bro?

Tok Mudim Moden

Anonymous said...

let them take over the work-force from jiran2.

artchan said...

we must first rehab the crooked politicians that steals from the rakyat.

Anonymous said...


It is the duty of the prison authority to rehabilitate any criminals (be it Indian or Ah Long thugs). We can only get involved once they have completed their jail terms. Don't confused yourself, bro.


Anonymous said...

Thanks God we have CARING leaders.
Yes, MJ you are wrong.

Cat Walk.

John Cheah said...

Hi Nur,

Good piece of article.

However, before you even ask yaself whether can MAT REMPITS be rehabilitated....

The answer is as GOOD as asking yaself whether can ya friend's daughter by the name of KATRINA DANIELLE be rehabilitated to be a CIVIC MINDED person (as opposing to her HOOLIGAN behaviour shown in BSC lately).

Let's be HONEST with ourselves. MAT REMPITS can NEVER be rehabilitated & so is KATRINA DANIELLE. Mat Rempits & Katrina Danielle is a PERFECT match made in HELL. Understand???


john cheah,

i seriously think you have a serious problem with katrina. seriously.

you've said enough already. and i accidentally approve your comment. i meant to strike it out.

actually, you sound a worse person than katrina.


donplaypuks: the machines are not expensive. what these guys do is to add this and that, improvise this and that on their machines. some of these guys do have bona fide day jobs.


old fart,

i was told to accept compliments graciously, not to be suspicious of those giving them. :-) so thank you for saying i am loveable.

Anonymous said...

wat, rehabilitate those mad armpits ?

Anonymous said...

Kak does this country still have law's or arewe to held to ransom by this holligans.Don't think for a minute these guys can be rehabbilitated why because i saw the 19 stiches these monkeys put on my sister's head.Till today nfa.



actually, i have had close calls with mat rempits along the jalan damansara highway a couple of times. i drive a 4-wheel, so each time i was so tempted to mow them down. really. becos i know they won;t mess with a 4-wheel. and my tyres are huge. they know who to intimidate and who not to. but then, i had my children and my nieces in the car, so i "astaghfar' banyak banyak so that i won't have to behave as bad as them.

i'm not so sure they can be rehabilitated. i don't think we should spend money rehabilitating them. what we need simply is for our traffic police to enforce the law.
some of them, after being jailed and so forth...turned over to become useful citizens.

Anonymous said...

You know, I think Mr. John Cheah has a hard on for Katrina. The way he has been going about it, I think it's personal. Did she reject your advances?

Btw, I wished Katrina would come out and write something in this blog. I don't believe she started it. I know quite a few ladies that hang out in BSC. Believe me, BSC chicks are the last to start fights. The only ones that start fights are boys from outside the bangsar area. BSC girls just sit pretty, are bought drinks and are asked for thier phone numbers.

Katrina, if you're reading this, us Bangsar Boys believe you and are behind you.

Anonymous said...

Rehabilitation is NOT the answer. That's because money, our tax payer's money, will flow out. And because only about 10% will walk the straight road. The others will hop back on thier bikes or turn to other mischeif.

Get them to do PUBLIC SERVICE. Wash the drains, sweep the roads, pick up garbage, clean toilets, wash windows, etc.And if that STILL does not work, hukum hudud POTONG KAKI, especially Mat Rempit who have black records, that's guaranteed to end their rempit days.