Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The RM50m Demand Is Extortionate, Says Johor Royal Family

Last week, Tunku Nadzimuddin of Negeri Sembilan told a Press conference that he was viciously attacked by the Raja Muda of Johor, Tunku Ismail in October, 2008.

The incident occured in a hotel in Kuala Lumpur.

(Refresh your memory HERE)

Tunku Nadzimuddin held the Press conference because he and his family felt that the police were dragging their feet in the matter. And he wanted a closure.

During the Press conference, his mother, Tunku Dara Naquiah was asked to confirm whether the family had demanded RM100 million from the Johor royal family to settle the matter.

She denied this but said that a "lawyer-to-lawyer" letter was sent, asking for RM50 million.

The Malay Mail has a story today, quoting sources, that the Johor royal family found the RM50m to be extortionate.

It also said that "Tunku Ismail would counter every claim" made during last Friday's Press conference lby Tunku Nadzimuddin.

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Ad do read Halimah Said's take on the royal brawl in her blog Ninitalk.

Looks to me like the whole d**n thing started out as a typical "clubbing misunderstanding". Should've been sorted out easily. But then, I was not there so it's easy for me to say it.
Perhaps, the players are not your typical run-of-the-mill types.
I am not making any judgment here. Except to say that RM50 million is so over the top...


julian said...

i fully agree with you nuriana maybe because they belong to some royal family they think they are above the rest????????
hey clubbing and not getting cained?

Anonymous said...

aiyah, 50juta saja laa ...just give & settle laa !

Anonymous said...

Just displaying their true colors, aren't they ?

Nani Cheras

Anonymous said...

tol 2 bagi je ar terus settle..ngee..
erm.. tp manusia biasa ar..

Anonymous said...

i wonder will the soldier and the hockey coach get their justice?remember the wedding reception which was gate crashed .majority of these incident comes from the johor royal family.but again royal families in this country have no "budaya" .

glassman said...

somebdoy said they'd probably suffering from post tattler syndrome complex, true perhaps. But I have only this to say, who put them on the dias? would they care to ask themselves who put them up there? why were they put there? so, clean up the act already, for ****(feel free to put ur own alphabets here) sakes

Yew Sik Kow said...

50 million is cheap, if anwar's benchmark 100 million is the yardstick for measurement.

By the way, it is the battle of the rich and famous.

The johor royalties have had a long list of 'fighting culture' from slapping anyone overtaking their cars to bashing people with hockey sticks.

So, one more like this will boost their ego.

artchan said...

they were clubbing and drinking air sirap?

I love these royal chappies...they really know how to live it up.

Anonymous said...

is there something you're trying to say Nuraina? if not why bother reporting this? are there not more pressing matters for you to talk to you readers about? so disappointing from anak Pak Samad.

Hamid's fren

Anonymous said...

right or wrong depends on who holds the gun?

atanjamilselamat said...

one genius suggested a special court to settle dispute between members of the royalties. ha! why so? members should be dealt with like ordinary rakyats. its only fair.

Anonymous said...

This exiled branch of the Negri's have always been opportunists at best and well camouflaged extortionists at worse. Now that they have been stripped of all that made them 'special' before we are seeing them in their true form. It was indeed a blessing when they didn't keep the throne as the next in line is married to a real monster of a woman who abandoned a son from a previous marriage after physically and mentally abusing him. Imagine her as Queen.

Old Fart said...

But this NS family is now not the "first family" of NS are they? So, as glassman said, it might just be a post Tatler or a Tatler Deficiency Sydrome! And then again, now not the "first family" anymore, maybe that too could have prompted this to remind us that they are still there!!

Tok Kemuning said...

I guess must be about woman too. I do not think two young man is fighting about just clubbing matter. Doubt though.

Just wonder who is the woman involved. i heard she is an actress and model. Very popular and now suddenly so quite...and we could not hear about this young actress and model anymore. Probably preparing for something a wedding maybe.


anon who signed as "don't play play". I'm sorry i had to reject your comment because you referred to a certain someone as a swine.
i'll publish your comment if you don't use that s-word which is a b-word in Malay.

and anon@11:04PM who signed as "Hamid's Fren" -- i think you have a problem with me, so much so you cannot understand english as written by me nor anything that i write.
but i am strangely flattered by your remarks...strange.

anyway, thank you for taking the trouble to post your comment,

Saddiq Sagaraga said...

Let the drums roll. Maybe this soap opera is what the Malaysian public require for a change after being fed with a hefty dose of shenanigans by both sides of the political divide.

Anonymous said...

... are our bloodied hard-earned taxes still flowing into the palaces ah ...@#$%^&* ...!!??

Anonymous said...

To me, royalty must remain a mystery. They must be mysterious, above all the rest, away from the public eye, romaticised and talked about in hushed low voices.

Look back in the '80s. There were stories of a certain Sultan's son closing off a disco and raping a girl he fancied. There was a Sultan who bashed the brains of a caddy, who's brother then ran amok ala rambo in the streets. There was a Sultan who shot the tires of cars who overtook him. Etc, etc, etc.

But it was all talk, whispered in corners of gossip during gatherings like Hari Raya open house. Just to spice up the evening.

But when it's all out in the open, it's no more a mystery, no more intrigue, no more Alfred Hitchcock Agatha Christie.

Sometimes, the best news are whispers in the dark. Oh, those conversations, those gossip. How I miss those times.

the traveller said...

Can we cane them? They should lead by example considering they are head of their states.