Tuesday, September 08, 2009

No Discussion On Indonesian Maid Salary Hike

Looks like the Malaysian-Indonesian joint working committee did not discuss the issue of revising the salary for Indonesian maids working in Malaysia.

Last week, Indonesian media reports said that Indonesia would demand that Indonesian maids in Malaysia be paid a minimum of RM800 in monthly salary.

Many Malaysians, naturally disagreed, saying that that was way too steep.

I agree. Way too steep for unskilled workers whose food and accomodation and everything else, are taken care of by their employers.

What needs to be done is ensuring that these maids are not exploited.

Anyway, Human Resources Minister Dr S. Subramaniam said yesterday that the issue had not been officially raised by the Indonesians but if it was brought up, Malaysia would look into it.

And, I would urge Malaysia to not "melatah" and respond (favourably) so swiftly to the Indonesian demand.

I think, Indonesia is "playing" with us. What with the media hyped-up and whipped-up anger towards Malaysia in the republic, I'm not surprised this RM800 came about.

Anyway, the RM800 is not happening because the two countries had already agreed that the salary scale for the maids was to be determined by market forces under the memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed between Malaysia and Indonesia.

So, any variations on the salary would necessitate a re-negotiation of the MoU.

In Jakarta on Saturday, officials from the ministry and the Home Ministry held discussions with their Indonesian counterparts on foreign workers, especially the maid issue.

Dr Subramaniam said they they discussed the Indonesian agency fee structure as well as the day off for the maids.

He said the single day off would only take effect after the amendments to the Labour Act 1955 are passed at the next Parliament sitting and gazzetted.

(source: The Star)


Lawyer Garang said...

jez wanna share this...

if those maids nak gaji sampai 800 then we shud say that wl be her basic salary...
lepas tu we deduct mthly RM37 [yearly levy] RM15.83 [yearly fomema] RM100 [room rental + water n electric usage] RM150 [meal @ RM5 per day].

Basic 800 [-] deductions 302.83 = RM497.17 nett salary.

and pls also deduct her pay whenever we take them to clinic..

oh yea, also deduct for all toiletries bought for them ;- shampoo, sabun mandi, etc etc and of course her mthly punya pad..

there you go... tinggal berapa jer her salary..??

oleh itu bersyukur la dpt RM500 pls

Anonymous said...

Lawyer Garang,

Hahahaha .... if you have no money to pay maid .. don't hire maid to work in your house .. a smart and simple solution for you. Jangan meroyan-royan di sini .. tak de gune.


Suara Anak Jakarta

Lena said...

i punya cambodian maid makan banyak! Nasi menimbun 2 kali tambah goodness me! now 10 kilos of beras isnt enuf to cover, used to be 5 kilos for sebulan lebih. Can u just imagine that? and then her hair shampoo, body soap, her "nappy" for monthly blood installment lagi. we earn a living by working and pay her salary, and this maid is also earning a living by working and her salary is totally HERS. kaput la i macam ni. Dah la kerja semua tak tahu. grrr.....

Anonymous said...

no money, no maid.. simple.
they are employees just like you so make a detailed contract of what is their rights and what is not.