Friday, September 18, 2009

Al-Kisah Dua Orang Anak Raja....

By now, you would know about a prince from Negri Sembilan accusing a Johor prince of viciously attacking him with a gun.

The incident allegedly took place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Jalan Sultan Ismail, in Kuala Lumpur in the wee hours of Oct 25 last year.

The accuser is 37 year-old Tunku Nadzimuddin Tunku Mud­zaffar, a grandson of the late Yang di-Pertuan Besar Negri Sembilan. And the accused is the Raja Muda of Johor Tunku Ismail.

Yesterday (Thursday, Sept 17 -- and some 11 months later), Tunku Nadzimuddin decided to hold a press conference during which he alleged that the police were too slow in acting on his report.

With him were his parents -Tunku Datuk Mudzaffar Tunku Mustapha and Tunku Dara Naquiah Tuanku Ja'afar - his wife Nur Azini MohdKamal, his uncle Tunku Imran Tuanku Ja’afar and friend Shamshud Dhuha.

Tunku Nadzimuddin told the Malay Mail that he called for the Press conference because he wanted a closure to the matter.

Tunku Dara Naquiah was asked to confirm whether the family had demanded fromTunku Ismail's family RM100million settlement. She denied this.

"My son's life is priceless", she said.

But she did admit that the law firm representing the family had sent a “lawyer to lawyer” letter of demand, dated Dec 10, 2008, seeking compensation of RM50 million but that letter was never responded to.

Here's an excerpt from a news report:

Tunku Nadzimuddin said Tunku Ismail put a gun to his head and hit him repeatedly for “unknown reasons” in the early hours of Oct 25 last year.

He was at a club called Heritage Mansion with his then girlfriend and now wife Nur Azini Kamal, 32, to meet his friends on the night of Oct 24.

Tunku Nadzimuddin, an institutional clients manager for MAAKL Mutual Bhd was having a “time-out” after undergoing treatment for Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Just after 1am, a scuffle broke out and a bottle landed on one of his friends’ head.

Subsequently, he was contacted by a man who claimed to be Tunku Ismail.

Tunku Nadzimuddin said the other party wanted to apologise and asked him to go to the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Jalan Sultan Ismail.

As the group waited at the lobby, Tunku Nadzimuddin claimed that some of them were forced into a lift.

Once they were inside the lift, Tunku Nadzimuddin claimed that Tunku Ismail, who was armed with a gun, hit him on the head and face.

Tunku Ismail was also holding the gun in a threatening manner at his head. One of Tunku Nadzimuddin's friend who was also in the lift was allegedly assaulted until he lost consciousness.

The lift stopped on the 25th floor and they were forced into a room where his unconscious friend was left lying the floor. They were said to have been held captive for 45 minutes.

Very serious allegations.
But we're hearing just one side of the story. I've been told another version which was very different. Didn't happen the way the Negri prince said.
Anyway, let's wait for what Tunku Ismail has to say. I believe the Johor royal family will tell their side of the story after Aidilfitri.

But RM50 million?

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Anonymous said...

Not to point fingers at anyone but I can't help feeling like the rest of us ordinary folk have to lead boring lives, no drama, just work, work and work cause we have to pay taxes, put food on the table, bus fare, LRT fare, parking fare, medical fare, children's educational fare, spouse's fares, "security" fares,etc. Some of us barely make ends meet while others have all the fun. Life just isn't fair.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8.28pm

Yes you are right bro, life just isn't fair and because of that there is gonna be the next life. Either in the hell or in the heaven. Knowing that would help make you a better person -- always positive.

Anonymous said...


Old Fart said...

What so big about this drunken brawl anyway? Happens all the time. The only news I have yet to read on this one is if Tatler were informed about the PC. How can you have a Tatler on the streets without Tunku Dara's public appearance not recorded on Tatler. Right? Did she have her make up on?

ajimsan said...

"My son's life is priceless"...

Yeah right... so what's up with that RM50 million compensation?

This 37 year old guy is still acting like mummy's boy... kalah gaduh... nangis gi duduk celah ketiak mak... haiya... now the whole world knows how small his balls are... tsk.. tsk.. tsk.

Anonymous said...

Rules to abide by when involved in a fight:

1) If you start a fight, always be prepared to finish it.

2) If you are not prepared to fight and if you're guilty, always say sorry.

3) Never run to mommy (unless you're under 12).

4) Never appear in the media with mommy over said fight (unless you're under 12).

Anonymous said...

....who cares ...if it's among the royals !!

Anonymous said...

let them lynch one another for they dun no wat 'difficult life' means !

Yew Sik Kow said...

The best solution is to book a boxing ring and let the two hold their royal rumble there.

Box collection can be split 50/50, less taxes.

Anonymous said...

eh, they are out of seri menanti palace lah....dulu his Atok got contacts what...his Atok dah takde, and not replaced by any of his family memebr? now where to cekup more and more money??

Anonymous said...

must be over some women laa ...!

Anonymous said...

If two men fight in a club there must only be two reasons:

Reason 1: It's over a girl.

Reason 2: It's over a guy. Their gay.

Anonymous said... our bloodied hard-earned taxes
keep flowing into palaces !?

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