Saturday, September 05, 2009

Khalid Shelves Temple Relocation Plan

I wasn't there but according to news reports the dialogue session between Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim with Sect 23 residents of Shah Alam over the relocation of a temple turned unruly.

Residents shouted and booed at him and Shah Alam mayor Mazalan Md Noor as they tried to explain.

So, nothing was resolved. Khalid decided to shelve (temprarily) the relocation of the temple. But he said the state government is looking for more suitable sites to relocate the temple.

The Star story is HERE


Anonymous said...

Dear frens,
Watch the video to see why MB Khalid has to shelve the plan. Look at the culprit who pull the chair off the Indian resident @ 7:36 of the clip. Can you sue the fella???


Anonymous said...

Kak Ina, you said "residents" booed!! And then you hide behind Star. Good job Kak Ina, articulation that works well with the general Malaysians.

Don't you want to go into investigative journalism? You are actually cut for it, Rocky too.

Oh ya, sorry, you may suddenly be a communist and put to jail (with due respect to your late father).

The choice is yours whether you wanna work for the good of society or just be a tool among tools.

Maaf zahir batin Kak Ina.




God, you don't make any sense. And you make accusations on your own perception or misunderstanding of whatever it is you're seeing or not seeing.

poor you. i forgive you.


anon@10:45PM -- by the way, i'm sure my friends in The Star are pleased that I read the Star and linked my post to their story.

Anonymous said... illegal cow-head protesters menang ...hep hep hurray !! tks 2 ministers for the support , tk.

Anonymous said...

Watch the video and see the thugs who shout down elected councilliors. They should have been forcibly removed at once. Why no one has balls is bewildering. Civil society must reject these hooligans. Compare that to candle light vigilers who get arrested and you know who is running this fascist nation.


Anonymous said...


Scientific studies probably are the most logical and practical things to have following the aftermath of the local residents encounter with the PR MB.

An in-depth study aiming primarily to uncover the real reasons for the Muslims always not feeling happy at everytime a kuil being built in their proximity; and compared that with the reasons why the Indians are not happy to have a mosque being built in their proximity as well.

The study shall focus on the followings:

1. Noise: intensity, duration, and whether it is purely related to the directive made inside the holy scriptures or just based according to the tradition or culture.

2. Traffic disruptions: How bad (total/partial), duration.

3. Cleanliness: Shall include the surrounding area and the road. Is it part of the ritual that is stipulated in the holy scriptures or just a routine, mere tradition or culture-based.

4. Disturbances: physical, mental, psychological, social and psycho-social.

Whatever conclusions derived from that study shall by then forms the basis for any local council in dealing with sensitive issues; and for both of the religious body to deal with it irregardless of their taste (either sweet or bitter).


p/s: Salam ramadhan dan selamat berbuka puasa.

donplaypuks® said...

Several of the cow's head protesters have been identified as allegedly UMNO members at:

In particular Hj. Azmir Md. Zain,Pengerusi Penaja Umno Cawangan Seksyen 23 as the cow's head carrier,younger brother of the former assemblyman for Kota Anggerik, UMNO man, Dato’ Nawawi Md Zain. Also identified was an advisor Ibrahim Sabri as the man in blue shirt in the video who gave an extensive speech!

What's the IGP awiting for?

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.45 ,you started off calling her Kak Ina ,that sounded like sopan.
But for reminding about her Arwah Bapak, that was very biadap & kurang ajar.
Lepas tu minta maaf pulak.KURANG AJAR!!


Anonymous said...

kak ina,
pls read marina/s blog and
see how ugly the so called residents

Anonymous said...

Dear Nuraina,

I am puzzled why this sensitive incident happens in the first place? Doesn't the government of the day learn how to please & satisfy the affected residents?

Personally,I think PR should have handled this matter much better considering the highly claimed Dato Hassan Ali and Ronnie Liu in the state exco.

I am seriously worried at the increase of racist remarks concerning all races & religions recently in Selangor. What happen to our good old days where we can laugh and talk about this matters rationally?

Wak is correct about Anon 10.45am. What is she talking about? She must have a grudge against you, Rocky and The Star.

Anonymous said...

Just move the temple to the site allocated earlier. What's the beef?

Distance is not an issue.

Batu Caves is miles away yet devotees can still find their way there.

Anyway, the current MB believes in protests and riots as a means to deliver a democratic message. So, he should be pleased with the residents going up in arms.

Arresting the residents will curtail the rights to protest. It uesd to be the battle cry for the Pakatan Ruckus warlords, so let the residents create a ruckus.

It is their democratic right.


Srikanth Siva said...

do you mind publishing this letter in NST or in your blog?


Surat Terbuka Untuk Penduduk Seksyen 23

2hb September 2009 M
13 Ramadan 1430 H

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Kehadapan penduduk Seksyen 23 yang dihormati,

Semoga surat ini menemui tuan-tuan dalam keadaan sihat wal afiat serta
keimanan yang teguh dan jitu berkat bulan Ramadhan ini.

Saya mengambil kesempatan ini untuk mengingatkan diri saya serta
tuan-tuan akan Firman Allah, Surah Al Maaidah ayat 8 yang bermaksud;

“Bertindak adil! Ianya lebih rapat dengan keTaqwaan.”

Semoga dalam usaha kita membina keTaqwaan dalam bulan Ramadhan ini,
kita mengingati hakikat bahawa ‘keTaqwaan’ yang diusahakan itu
mempunyai hubungan rapat dengan keadilan. Keadilan ini pula perlu
dilaksanakan terhadap semua, walaupun terhadap yang tidak disenangi.
Ini ditegaskan di dalam ayat yang sama yang bermaksud,

“dan jangan oleh kerana kebencian kamu terhadap sesuatu kaum
menyebabkan kamu tidak berlaku adil…”

Kalau terhadap kaum yang dibenci sekalipun dituntut keadilan, apatah
lagi terhadap jiran sekampung dan warga sekota? Walaupun mereka tidak
sebangsa dan seagama, hakikatnya mereka tidak memusuhi kita atau
memusuhi Islam. Maka, mereka layak mendapat layanan yang adil. Adakah
adil sekiranya kita menafikan mereka hak tempat beribadat yang
berhampiran dan sebaliknya memaksa mereka ke seksyen 22, di
tengah-tengah kawasan Industri berat, jauh dari kawasan kediaman?
Tiada apa di sana kecuali kilang-kilang.

Saya hanyalah seorang wakil rakyat yang dipilih oleh tuan-tuan melalui
pilihan raya yang diadakan pada masa-masa tertentu. Saya tidak berhak
memaksa apa-apa pandangan atau keputusan ke atas tuan-tuan semua. Saya
hanya mengharapkan keputusan yang tuan-tuan rumuskan sendiri berhubung
cadangan pemindahan kuil ke Seksyen 23 mengambil kira persoalan
keTaqwaan dan keAdilan seperti di atas.

Islam adalah agama yang adil. Keadilannya mampu menawan hati semua
manusia. Yang paling saya takuti adalah tindakan yang memberikan
gambaran bahawa Islam adalah sebaliknya. Allah murka terhadap mereka
yang bertindak dengan cara yang merosakkan imej Islam sehingga
menyebabkan manusia terhalang untuk mengenali keadilannya. Allah
berfirman ayat 94 Surah An-Nahl yang bermaksud:-

“Dan kamu ditimpa kehinaan kerana menjadi penghalang kepada jalan
Allah (disebabkan tindakan buruk kamu) dan untuk kamu azab yang amat
dahsyat (pada hari akhirat kelak)”

Ada yang bertanya kepada saya, tidakkah saya khuatir saya kalah dalam
Pilihan Raya yang bakal tiba oleh kerana isu ini. Bagi saya sekiranya
itulah kehendak pengundi, apakan daya? Yang penting sejarah akan
menjadi saksi bahawa ada Ahli Parlimen dari parti Islam yang
memperjuangkan keadilan untuk semua walaupun orang Hindu. Seperti
kisah seorang raja Islam di Mysore, Bangalore, India pada abad ke 18
yang bernama Sultan Fateh Ali Khan Tippu (Tippu Sultan). Rakyatnya
terdiri daripada orang Islam, Hindu dan Sikh. Hingga ke hari ini
rakyat India masih menceritakan mengenai pemerintahan beliau yang
berasaskan Islam sebagai sebuah pemerintahan yang adil.

Semoga Allah memberkati kita semua dan memimpin kita ke jalan yang diRedhaiNya.

وسلام عليكم و السلام على من التبع الهدى
Ahli Parlimen Shah Alam