Friday, September 25, 2009

I'll Be A Good Girl... what Beyonce Knowles will be when she performs in Bukit Jalil on Oct 25.
According to the concert organizer, "all parties have come to an amicable understanding."

Beyonce will observe all Malaysian regulations governing foreign acts which means that she will not be wearing provocative and skimpy outfits in her concert.

In fact, she'll be wearing a "jubah". Kidding. I'm kidding.

Read the NST report here.


Anonymous said...

Beyonce is pretty, she has the rights to flaunt, and she is pleasant to our eyes. Tak cover oun tak apa.

We have girls who melebih-lebih in flaunting. They have skin problem full of bintik-bintik merah, full of fats, yet they wear sleeveless, bare back, short skirt. Same goes with those old aunty-aunty who jog in the parks, who wear very short shorts. They don't realise that they can only menyakitkan mata memandang, and merosakkan pemandangan. They are every where now, in the lrt, sungai wang, mid valley, lake garden, every where! PAS should go after them and ask them to cover up.


eyes of the beast said...


Sharp observation there. Hehe

What about girls with thighs the size of batang pokok kelapa trying to be Kate Moss by squeezing themselves silly into skinny jeans.

Or, big girls who stuff their cellulite-rich bodies into top a few sizes too small?

A bit of unsolicited sartorial perspective to them, err, big girls: skinny jeans, as the term implies, were invented for skinny girls, obviously. Hehe.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I totally agree with Anonymous 11:58 for PAS to go after those lebih-lebih gals and aunties. Also, PAS, please go check at those exclusive, expensive VVVIP places and don't just check up upon little-folk venues and entertainment only.

Terima Kasih.

Anonymous said...

The funny thing is, with all this talk, I found out that Kelantanese girls are very daring almost to the point of being 'gatal'. No offense to any kelantanese women here. Surprisingly, KL girls are more reserve. Yes, KL girls may dress revealingly (some) or dress to compliment thier bodies and kelantanese girls cover up. But I do find KL girls to be conservative whereas Kelantanese girls to be more 'gatal'. Hope I didn't use too strong a word. No offense again.

Anonymous said...

Saya menerima gurauan Puan (Beyonce pakai jubah). Kalaupun ia serius, ada banyak pertimbangan lain untuk seseorang tu perlu hadir atau tidak ke konsert berkenaan. Diantaranya harus kita fikir apakah manfaat. Apakah mudarat (sekiranya kita tidak hadir).

Kalau banyak manfaat atau sekurang-kurangnya manfaat melebihi mudarat, baguslah. Contohnya, kalau tak hadir, boleh jadi gila.

Kalau ia tidak bermanfaat (dalam erti kita sia-sia dan pembaziran), dari sekecil RM93 atau sebesar RM583 yang harus kita bayar bagi tujuan tersebut, adakah keperluan lain yang lebih mendesak untuk kita salurkan duit tersebut.

Kebetulan semalam, ada seorang ustaz dalam Ehwal Islam menyebut, hatta 1 sen dibelah 7 yang dibazirkan sekalipun, diakhirat nanti, kita akan ditanya.

Bagi kita, apalah sangat nak bazirkan RM93 atau RM583. Tapi apa jadi kalau kita jadi pemimpin yang ada kuasa. Tak mungkinkah kita boleh bazirkan RM93 ribu, RM93 juta dan sebagainya. Ia tetap pembaziran. Cuma skala dan yang berbeza.

Untuk lebih adil, sekiranya Pemuda PAS menganjurkan konsert nasyid sekalipun (percuma pulak tu), kalau saya rasa tak banyak manfaat, buat apa perlu saya hadir.

Dalam menegakkan yang hak, tidak kiralah PAS atau UMNO, kita sesama Islam bertanggungjawab ke atasnya. Kalau tidak, jadilah macam sekarang. Bila kebenaran datang dari PAS, UMNO takmau terima. Bila kebenaran datang dari UMNO, PAS takmau terima. Bila UMNO buat tak boleh, PAS buat boleh. Bila PAS buat tak boleh, UMNO buat boleh pulak. Sampailah bila-bila.

Orang Pahang

Anonymous said...

Kepada Sharpeyes,

Kalau kita pergi dekat "girls who melebih-lebih in flaunting" dan bagi nasihat, dia akan kata alah kat TV tu lagi-lagilah teruk. Konsert artis tempatan dan luar negara pun teruk.

Macam budak-budak kecil kalau kena marah. "Angah buat tak boleh, Along buat takpe". Bila tegur Along pulak, "Along buat tak boleh, Angah buat takpe".

Kerja yang takkan habis. Sebab masing-masing *cuba alih tiang gol*. Perkara yang sama berlaku di mana-mana. Situasi aje yang berbeza.

Orang Pahang

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


If all the good people out there don't mind
It's all really, after all, only in the mind
There's nothing against those blind-folded to 'see' the show
If they may feel offended by what performers have to show

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 250909
Fri. 25th Sept. 2009.

The Dude said...

Anon 1:31PM,

So true. KL girls r so conservative that I feel like I'm snogging a Taliban chick at the end of our date. Loosen up, KL girls. Is there any point wearing a baby tee and having a rigid personality?
C'mon, there's no shame in being a bit gatal. Haha.

Anonymous said...

To The Dude,

Dude, you know what I mean right? Those KL chicks may dress sexy but don't give you the time of day right? Just go to any club and try to ask a gal her hp number. If you don't look like David Beckhem or have money like the Brawling Tungkus from Johor or N9 then you have better luck with a fire hydrant.

Believe me dude, you are better off in Kelantan PAS. The chicks there may wear tudung and baju kurung but alahai...lembutnya! They call out to you 'Abe...abe (abang, abang)...nak makan nasi dage (dagang) in a voice like they are your beloved gf. I never ordered and ate so much nasi dagang in my life. And only for RM3.50 per plate inclusive of chicken. I had two helpings!

Moral of the story. Perhaps the less the girl has on the harder she is to get.

Second Moral of the story. Forget KL girls dude, go to PAS Kelantan. They don't even have a movie theatre or shopping complex but by golly gee, their tudung chicks are more gatal than ours.

Anonymous said...

Bukak Tapi Tertutup
Tutup Tapi Terbukak
A Poem of Sorts

(Dedicated to The Dude)

KL Gals in Baby Tees
What's Da Point
Oni Rigid Personality
Tudung Chick Up North
Your Mouth Terbukak Aurat
No Need Baby Tee
You Make Me H**** (fill in yourself)

Anonymous said...

should sent our muslim friends
who make so much noise
to dubai, istanbul or lebanon
and see how islam has moved along with the times
the young are learned spiritual yet modern and technocratic

The Dude said...

Dear Anon 8.47PM,

You made me want to go to Kelantan right this instance and catch the first STD. LOL.

And, I personally think Pas Kelantan could attract more tourist ringgit by advertising the supposedly promiscous tendency of their young women, as elucidated by the sharp social observer, the respected Anon 8.47PM.

I also think that there should be a legislation to prosecute Kelantan girls who remain conservatively demure just like their KL sisters.

And so, Kelantan, here I cum. Haha.

Anonymous said...

can you imagine going to beyonce concert just to watch her standing on stage without her costume and dance moves..>> the group ..RAIHAN.. concert may be.