Saturday, September 26, 2009

Got The Money To Make Movies But....

...where are the movies?

I remember those days when our local film makers lamented the dearth of funding for movie projects. Though I always thought that you'd never really need a big budget to make a film. And good films at that. You can see many cases in point here -- as proven by our talented independent film-makers. So proud of them.

But I am not proud of some individuals who were given the Malaysian Film Develoment Corporation (Finas) feature film loans, shouted about their projects...and nothing came out of them.

Check out NST's Reel Time.

These loans are meant to help local film-makers and to boost the local film industry.

I'm not sure what happened to these movie projects such as Aduh Saliha (The Cameracrew Productions).

According to the report, the project (in 2007), to be directed by M. Nasir, would have seen Mawi's acting debut alongside newcomer Puteri Sarah Liyana.

Shooting had already taken place in Sabah for several weeks but it was inexplicably halted.
Mawi's second movie, Jin Notti, is making waves in cinemas. But there's no news on Aduh Saliha.

Then, there's The Chini (Raffi Hussein Corporation), an ambitious film project on the legendary dragon of the Chini Lake was launched in August 2003 at its namesake.

In this case, Raffi Hussein, who was also the director, died before production could begin.

And then there's Mat Kilau (Lagenda Studios), about the legendary Malay warrior. It was to feature newcomers Mohd Hairulnizam and Maslina Omar.

It wa launched last February with the usual fanfare. It was to be directed by Rodzee A. Razak. The producer announced that the film would cost RM10 million, the second most expensive film after Puteri Gunung Ledang.

Nothing has been heard of it since.

Mek Ani (Wan's Production), to be produced by Wan Noraini Wan Noh launched the project about the life of a Makyong dancer in July last year.

She said the film could become Malaysia's first entry in the Academy Awards.

The RM4 million project never took off.

The film shoot, set to be directed by Arieef Karmahani with Zulhuzaimi and newcomer Sharina Ahmad Hadzimdan as main stars, has been postponed several times.

I'm not sure what's going on, why these projects were not completed or never took off, or if they have and are completed, never got to see the light of day.

But it sure ain't right.

So, it's over to you, FINAS, to find out what happened.


MANTRA said...

Feeling real sick ... Its in my FB wall now!

The minister in charge, dont he ever dare to sleep on this issue...

Anonymous said...

You missed out on Tan Sri Jinns Shamsuddin.

Where is the Birch historical epic film entitled Pasir Salak?

Money sudah ambil.

Senator Jin & Tonic and Air Setan???

James Bond

Anonymous said...

O ...NO....that's how our bloodied hard-earned $$$$$$$$$$$$$ being cheated ! who is in-charged , pls ?


mantra: ok. i go to your wall sekarang juga,

anon(James Bond): actually no. it is in the full NST report that I have linked to.

anon@3:54PM: exactly!

Anonymous said...

if the money been used/cheated in a haram way , wat's the consequences ah !!??

Anonymous said...

Ketika dunia sudah menghampiri akhir zaman, ada ternyata didalam hadis bahawa halal haram susah dipisahkan atau kurang jelas.

Kalau minum arak terang-terang boleh ditangkap.

Kalau melacur diri di jalanan terang-terang boleh ditangkap.

Kalau berdua-duan di hotel terang-terang boleh ketuk pintu pukul 3 pagi untuk ditangkap.

Tetapi dalam perihal menggunakan duit raykat untuk kepentingan sendiri bagaimana hendak ditangkap?

Bayangkan kalau ambik duit sana sini untuk projek filem 'akan datang' tetapi tidak diusahakan, tetapi duit dah masuk dalam ASB, RHB Islam, shares atau bonds, atau dah beli kereta baru, down payment apartment baru, bagaimana?

Sudah tentu minum arak, melacur dan berkhalwat adalah dilarang dalam Islam. Tetapi perlu ingat bahawa isu-isu tersebut adalah antara si pendosa dengan Tuhan. Tetapi bila duit rakyat disalahgunakan, ini boleh mengakibatkan masalah sosial dan ekonomi yang lebih teruk.

Sebagai contoh, jika rakyat tidak diberi persaraan ekonomi yang cukup, asyik kena keluar duit saja, walhal duit tersebut disalahgunakan, ini mungkin mengakibatkan masalah ekonomi dan sosial yang akan memberi kesan negatif kepada keluarga. Justeru itu, gejala minum arak, melacur dan berkhalwat mungkin disebabkan oleh punca asal iaitu keretakan keluarga disebabkan masalah ekonomi.

Orang KL

julian said...

patrick give them some slack, they got the money and are busy spending it like there is no tomorrow, can always borrow more lah.
as for the word niamah its been used by singaporeans even when i was young------ want to take it to internal court for copyright>>>>>>>> lol
love reading your blog anyway mate

julian said...

sorry nuraina,was thinking of patrick teo's comments when i wrote , please accept my deepest appologies.
from what i read so far you were a singaporean too when young lol

Anonymous said...

Hello miss, why dont you just focus in making NST a success? Looks to me since you have come back there hasnt been any improvements at all... only the crime dest under Lionel is doing ok.
Tun Teja

Anonymous said...

I think a movie should be made about Katrina BSC. It should show the curent criminal state Malaysia is in. Also the public apathy that has replaced our once caring society.

But on condition that it should be financed PRIVATELY to avoid any misuse of funds.

And to Katrina and friends, we don't believe you started it. Simply because expats, BSC chicks, hot chicks, etc, DO NOT START FIGHTS.

Katrina, we are behind you and support you.

Bangsar Boys

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Aunty Nuraina,
And the world goes round and round and who says Malaysian film people not paid well? My Mama said thank God she doesn't pay taxes in Malaysia anymore...

Anonymous said...

Kat malaysia boleh lakon sikit, boleh nyanyi sikit...dah digelar "artis". Apa punya "artis", kalau tak ada artistic ability? Seni...seni tu...kena paham apa itu seni.

Bila dah famous, upgraded jadi celebrity. Dulu pelakon dan penyanyi je celebrity, sekarang pembaca berita, pengacara, model, anak VIP, tukang masak, pakar motivasi...semua boleh jadi celebrity. Entah apa-apa...tak lama lagi drebar bas pun boleh jadi celebrity.


Anonymous said...

loan and did deliver, should be blacklisted. Finas will not approve any other movies that they are involved in, in future. I am sure other directors and producers will not touch them with a ten foot pole then. That means any other movie starring M. Nasir, for instance, gets 'gammed'. So which producer would want to risk it? lets throw sand in theri rice bowl After all they took our (taxpayers') money. Yes, I know. I am mean.

Anonymous said...

Assuming everything were as it should be - these people in the filming industries - would still be subjected to criticism. Because they just couldn't catch up - intelectually..technically .
They have taken it easy for far too long.

Meanwhile customers' expectation has risen with the influx of imported feature - of international hues. Unlimited choices are ours.

Support for the local film industry, I believe, is a token
and compassionate act. In time, maybe in a very long time somebody in the stature of beloved Yasmin may help us out.


Anonymous said...


Artikel yang menarik tuan..
Jika tak keberatan layari Neutral Daily sekarang dan linkkan blog kami di blog anda.
Terima Kasih..

"Informasi Neutral Tanpa Kepentingan"

tun perak said...

Tun Teja (anon/4:25PM),

waah. you call her miss. very good-lah.
you clever want to comment like that.
you think who put lionel chief news editor of crime?
you think crime stories lionel make-up, aah?
you either hate lionel or love him. either way, you sound stupid.

you sakit hati with nuraina, aah?
jeles, eh?

Anonymous said...


Upon Academy Award:-0

Looking at Malaysia film industry thus far, I must admit it’s difficult for me to believe in what she has said/believed in. Not that I disagree with her, but it’s just difficult. Nevertheless either it’s going to be true or the other way around, hopefully she’s happy for what she has said/believed in and she knows upon how to cope with the media/herself (most importantly) if the truth will shift her saying/believing. Shift a bit? Tak tahu lah…kan. Doa yang baik baik aje. I truly can’t blame anyone who has a very big big dream. It’s like.. when certain girls are dying to be thin…thinner thinner….

** Yesterday, while I was walking alone, minding my own, I saw one of the UK’s anorexia treatment centre here. Luckily, I was able to skodeng2 dari luar to see the anorexic girls (saw four of them)...very young, not – so young...sigh **

You know, deep pocket, dying to be beautiful, one’s making a ‘suicide note’ when one doesn’t seem to notice it due to dreams and many other things… Tak ada salahnya untuk bermimpi, berangan2. I guess, it’s all about control, about measurement, how one places his/her hope/expectation/dreams.

Ok I maybe sound like a jenis orang tenang/matang..possibly, rubbish too. Ah, I am…well..I’ve been there, was hit by rock bottom after another rock bottom and learned a lot, still learning. Here’s just trying to be alive for each other for as long as here’s breathing well. Minat Charlotte Rampling juga :-) Cheers, folks.