Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tun Dr M: "I'd Be Sad If It Was Umno......"

Dr Mahathir Mohamad told Bernama that he was neither angry nor sad by the "slipper" insult hurled at him by an MIC member.

Here's the Bernama report:

The former Prime Minister said Thursday he did not feel anything by it and added: "Nothing would have happened to me."

Instead he would have felt angry and saddened if such an insult had been made by Umno members.

"This is not the first time I have been insulted. People might have forgotten how Umno leaders had insulted me. Nazri (Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Seri Nazri Abdul Aziz) and the previous menteri besar of Kedah wanted me expelled from Umno.

"However, then no one gave any reaction. No one dared to say anything," he said.

On Sunday, during the MIC's annual-general assembly that was held at the Putra World Trade Centre here, the deputy chief of MIC's Paya Besar division in Pahang, M. Sukumaran had made a suggestion that "a garland of slippers" be hung around a potrait of Dr Mahathir at Umno's headquarters there to show MIC's dissatisfaction over alleged interference by the former prime minister in MIC's affairs.

However, this time the action drew flak from all around, from political leaders, non-governmental organisations and the general public.

"Suddenly I have become popular. Everyone is defending me. As I said... previously when I was insulted, asked to be expelled from Umno no one showed any reaction. Why the reaction now?," he asked.

"Then no one defended me. At least not openly. Some did on the quiet but the big names dared not," he said, adding that he was saddened that people from his own party and who sat with him in his cabinet had resorted to such action.

It was insults from Umno people that hurt him and that this one from the MIC member was just like "pouring water on a duck's back", he said.

"I have been with Umno since its formation (except for short spells when he was expelled and when he resigned as a member). The people who talked bad about me weren't even born yet," he said.


donplaypuks® said...

Tht's right!

Nazi and AP woman also ultra vires Dr.M before but UMNO members did not rush to condemn them and ask for their hanging or whipping!

So, why all this hypocrisy?

Kudos to Dr.M for recognising a storm in a tea cup!

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

He should be old and wise enough to know this is a HYPE and HYPOCRITE WORLD.

That's the saying that you speak human language when you meet a human and you speak Hantu language when you meet Hantu.

Bottom line, take care of your Rice-Bowl.


kluangman said...

UMNO yang masih hipokrik..

Old Fart said...

I wonder if all the "UMNO" bloggers will now go to town criticising those the Tun referred to who had hurt him!! Yes ask them to apologise as they had asked MIC to. After all we now know that the Tun was not hurt by this slipper garland idiot. But he certainly was and looks like still is by fellas like Nazri.

And wonder if Mukhriz will now turn around and ask Nazri to apologise to his father! If he can't than surely his demand that MIC apologises to his father is mischievous to say the least..

Anonymous said...

i always love tun det. but who am i to depend u tun. i am just in small world. but still u`re always got style and we love it.

straycat's strut said...

Kak Ena,

Lotsa people were sad when Tun was bad-mouthed even then. I think many people are still angry over it. I do.Yes,the big shots did not say anything. They were deaf, dumb and mute then. But the rest of us were not. We threw Pak Lah out even at the expense of having to vote deadwoods (Gwo Burne Who?). That was our voice for Tun. DOn't underestimate Tun's voice and ours. Ask Pak Lah about it. Well, I don't think he has any clue of what happened.

Anonymous said...

Kesian Tun, takde sorang pun ahli UMNO yang berani membela bila Nazri dan Ex-MB Kedah mengutuk beliau. Ini lah sikap kebanyakan ahli UMNO terutama diperingkat MT yg hanya tau 'membodek' utk kepentingan sendiri.

Tak faham mengapa org sebegini masih lagi menjadi pilihan sebagai menteri kabinet??? Takde ahli UMNO lain yg lebih berwibawa?

Patut lah rakyat dah tak percaya & meluat dgn apa jua reformasi yg cuba dibuat kerana hingga terpaksa mengundi org dari parti lain.

Non-partisan said...

I have often commented that UMNO since the era of AAB consists of so many hypcrites and hence I wonder whether it will survive the next Gen. Election.

Whilst we welcome all the initiatives made by DSNTR to make Malaysia a better place to stay, at the end of the day it is integrity, good manners, respect for the elders, non-kurang ajar,non-hypcrisy and all other good moral values that can garner the votes from the marhaen.

If the top leaders of UMNO themselves cannot accord the due respect to their own former President and the country's premier of 22 years can you blame the MIC or other parties?

julian said...

may not like the man but respect his daughter ------she is a lady (not a woman or a girl get what i mean?)
dont mean to curry favours but you are a lady too in my opinion.

Tok Kemuning said...

I strongly believe that we have to respect our former leader.

Even American know how to respect their former president either Carter, Clinton, Bush Sr or Bush Jr getting full respect from the current administration regardless whether they are republican or democrat.

But lately we have a minister like Nazri that is kind of "tak sayang mulut" representing UMNO way of respect to our former leader.

Still remember what Nazri said to blogger Dr. Bakri based in California in parliment years back.

Even though Nazri is a minister but i think in term of future of this country i think Dr Bakri is more intellectual argumentwise.

Anonymous said...


I have deep respect for you, you're an ORIGINAL BRO. All these others are fakers. Ask them to lead, they can't even lead a handful of people to the loo.

But you Tun, you have built a nation. You have lead us from being kampung folk to those that can taste modernization. Before you Tun, many of us could only afford to eat at warong kopi. What you did, many of us can eat at hotels.

I took a picture with you once at IKANO. You were on your way to IKEA. And there was a sea of people waiting to take a pic with you. I only see you walking among the public. Where's the rest? Too good for public places?

Tun, I often sit and eat at the Loaf, your bakery place. I often think, while sitting down there how apt your written masterpiece many years ago 'Melayu Mudah Lupa.' Now, I think they forgot what you have done for the nation Tun. And they forgot what you have done for them. But me and people like me, we will never forget.