Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Isa For Bagan Pinang

Now that the Umno leadership has chosen former Negeri Sembilan Menteri Besar Isa Samad as the Bagan Pinang by-election candidate, the question of candidacy is closed. No more speculations.

Shouting, criticising and lamenting will not help the party in the by-election.

Isa's tainted record in the party will be fodder for the opposition. That's for sure. But whether this will be the cause for Barisan Nasional's reduced majority in the forthcoming by-election remains to be seen, if at all, it will be reduced.

Other factors are in play -- the non-Malay votes, for instance. And in particular the Indian vote.

What can be seen is that Umno grassroots leaders had been rooting for Isa because he is a popular figure in the constituency. They feel that he is the man to lead the BN to victory. Other Umno leaders believe otherwise. Picking Isa as a candidate sends the wrong signal -- that Umno condones corruption. This is not in tandem with Umno's process of reforming itself.
His candidacy does not do much for Umno in the bigger scheme of things, naysayers and sceptics echo.

From the word go, speculations were rife that either Isa or his son, Najib would be picked.

The question that followed was : Is there nobody else?

Looks like this is a clear case of failure on the part of Teluk Kemang Umno in grooming younger and credible leaders.

Surely there are other potential candidates. No? Well, no.

Anyway, what's done is done. Isa is the candidate. Surely the party leadership must have thought hard about it, weighing the pros and cons.
Besides, the local Umno leaders have vouched for him.

So, BN and in particular Umno leaders have got to give him their fullest backing.

I'm not sure if Isa,who is Teluk Kemang Umno division chief, needs their backing to win, seeing that he is supposed to be popular in the constituency.

What he needs is some kind of acknowledgement from his own colleagues that he has paid his dues. That his candidacy is valid and that he has the right to be there.

But that's another story. Perhaps for another day.

Right now, the challenge for the BN in Bagan Pinang is to increase the majority. As have been said by so many people, any less, would be a moral defeat.

Read Isa's promise.....

*The Bagan Pinang by-election is scheduled to be held on Oct 10.


GUiKP said...

There goes the trust.

Anonymous said...

Politics is strange. Perhaps this is reverse psychology for a country plagued in a quagmire. Or Murphy's law?

Just like American Idol finals.

The good ones usually get booted out despite the strongly fancied ones.

Good luck! It's what the voters asked for, so be it.

It's a field day for the Pakatan Ruckus though.


Tok Kemuning said...

I think the biggest mistake make by Isa as his instrument to come back into politic with his 25 years experience is by accepting this nomination as a candidate.

Indirectly the leadership is boxing him locally. Less challenge to the Najib-Mahyuddin leadership for the next 3 years maybe.

Another concern is that most of the fence sitter voters already moving forward with their choice of candidates. They do not want to go back to the old days.

Actually the leadership make it more difficult fot BN to sail this by election with the candidate of their choice.

Our biggest problem is that we could not let go the past. Are we paying a heavy price for this. Well i guess we are repeating the same thing here so are we expecting the different result.

Anyway we are relying heavy on the 5,000 postal voters.

Anonymous said...

what else to say...choose the better among the worst..if people can accept ISA mean they agreed of corruption which against Islam law...
Wake up Malaysian...open your heart to see...What you want for now and your future...Hopeless for Umno

Anonymous said...

On one hand you prosecute beer drinking but on the other hand you condone corruption?

I've always observed that here, in Malaysia, most people are careful of what goes in thier mouths.

But for every other body part or action, it's a different story.

Strange. It's like, as long as it doesn't go in the mouth it's ok.

Anonymous said...

The pro-Isa group says he has paid his dues. But these are not normal times for UMNO. True, anything less than a bigger majority will say a lot about Isa, UMNO, and the Malays.

The argument that he has been victimised by the UMNO Disciplinary Committee is not valid in the choice for this particular candidacy. The fact remains that he has been found guilty of money politics and punished. By nominating him, UMNO's image will be further tainted, the reform attempts appear not serious.

Why, in God's name, didn't Isa be magnanimous and refuse nomination right from the start? He had been MB for so long. He appears to be still in the running for a VP or even the TP party post. This greed for power among politicians is mind bogling.

Anonymous said...

They should select a bohsia as candidate...same difference...


julian said...

read somewhere else that in umno there are others that plan to sabotarge isa---lol
hope they are digging their own graves-----------any way whilst writing dont mention different races----------i know you are not racist, delete this if you want i trust you to do what is right and not even try to impress old fools like me.

Old Fart said...

What Najib has shown is that in UMNO, even now, the War Lords rule!

One would expect that in any civilised country a candidate put out for nomination in a political contest by the party will be someone not tainted by corruption or otherwise.

Both Rohizat's as well as Isa's nomination show conclusively that for UMNO having been found corrupt, criminal or otherwise does not factor in determining UMNO's understanding of a "good man" worthy of representing the people. These are the values by which UMNO leads and operates.

That being the case it has to be said that it makes nonsensical my mother's instilling in me never to associate with bad and naughty boys and girls growing up, and of course with criminals and criminally minded as a grown up. All UMNO and BN members should realise that it would be acceptable culture for them to be associates of crooks and thieves, the corrupt and the sexually deviant as well.

And now Bagan Pinang constituents are asked to vote for a known corrupt person. How are they going to answer that to their maker? That they knowingly voted for a corrupt person? How are they going to tell their children not to associate with bad and naughty boys and girls when they themselves vote for a corrupt person?

Having said that, maybe its a strategy by Najib to kill off the War Lords once and for all.

If this is the final stand of the War Lords to show who is king, then if they lost, they will know once and for all that their days are over and from then on a new breed of UMNO leaders can emerge. The noise makers and the cow heads that showed up at the Shah Alam Town Hall meeting can all be canned once and for all.

Hey, I don't like this at all. After all I don't particularly like UMNO at all and I have been enjoying myself watching UMNO slide. But if this works and UMNO War Lords are all put in their graves once and for all, UMNO might yet redeem itself.

And the postal votes can do it. After all I would imagine Najib still holds sway over postal votes. He could quietly whisper to the Generals that it can be a free for all and let the opposition and Mafrel in to watch the postal ballots. Wow, very clever plot this!! Najib comes off looking fine. He kills of the War Lords once and for all, nd then on his own gains credibility for UMNO. Just like how Lee kuan Yew did to his friends who propped him up in his early days!!

Nuraina, I'm only fantasising....told you we are trained to imagine and be creative and we fantasise....

Old Fart said...

Also, saw the picture in the Sun with ISA squeezed between Muhyiddin and the NS Menteri Besar. The Menteri Besar seems worried!!

I think if my fantasies are right, Isa will loose big time!! then Najib can shut all the War Lords up once and for all, rule them all by himself alone!! Rosmah will like that, don't you think? Better than Isa winning Bagan Pinang!! Super Duper!!

Anonymous said...

Politicians REALLY REALLY need to sit down together and think things through. Seriously. They need to think about what this country really needs.

Forget visions and missions that have the words 'world class', 'oneness', 'best in the world', 'perfect vision', 'space', etc.

Get the basics right first. Some of the basics are as follows:


1) Adequate water supply for everybody.
2) It would be great if cold AND hot water comes out from the taps without the gadjets.
3) This country has abundance of water. I find some countries in desert Arabia with more water pressure than here. Stange.
4) Adequate electricity for everybody.
5) Keep everybody happy through TV. I noticed that the programmes during the recent Hari Raya were quite depressing. Show some happy shows during those times for God's sake!
6) Get cable TV right. It's quite annoying when rain in KL affects the reception in PJ. Also, it's quite embarrasing when tourists comment that we aspire to be world class but can't even get cable right.
7) Please pay us for the work we put in. It is also dictated in Islam to pay your workers well.


Have a good system. Without a good system every aspect of the plan will fail.

Then, when all the above have been implemented, we can talk about visions and missions that have words like 'world class', 'space', 'oneness', and what have you.

Otherwise, you guys won't be leading happy people and unhappy people don't make good followers.

Anonymous said...

When Isa was asked why he accepted the nomination, he replied meaning as this Penang Chief Minister was jailed for "menghasut", Selangor Menteri Besar is having a civil court case for not playing RM millions of loan and Pakatan's Prime Minister aspirant was jailed for bribery.

And I asked myself, who is more corrupt then ? Then why the hypocrites vote for the corrupts in Selangor and Penang while at the same time critcizes Isa ?

Who is more useless ? Those who does not pay bank loan which discriminate others from borrowing or those who have just broken the code of conduct of a party which is not a criminal case ?

Tepuk dada tanya selera, masalahnya selera masing-masing tak boleh diubah dah kekal jumud dengan pandangan politik masing-masing.

Al said...

My question to UMNO is ... what happen to UMNO's dignity & principles ... Hello ... the fellow was caught, triad and sentenced by MT UMNO for Money Politics. Did WRONG big time. Oh after serving his time ... now pick him up to represent UMNO lagi. Dah tak ada Melayu lain yang bersih & boleh bertanding for UMNO anymore in N Sembilan dah?? Memang betul kata2 TMD ... Melayu ni mudah LUPA!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You are talking like a snake.....



Anonymous said...

Hello miss, what improvements are you doing in NST? N O T H I N G. Makan gaji only.... pi lah

Hang Lekir

Anonymous said...

So many commenters here are naive asking why Isa so long in power still want a comeback.You want the answer? Go ask Toyol,Samy,Taib Sarawak,.Not enough, understand ?

Anonymous said...

if Isa wins BN will be happy and on top of the moon and if he loses that the top umno leaderships will be happy to be rid of him

laimun said...

Is this payback time? Najib and Muhyiddin could not intervene when Isa was cornered by those in power then. They had to bite the bullet or themselves be shot to shreds. Isa realized their positions and accepted it, bidding his time when an opportunity like this would eventually open the doors again. As a seasoned politician, Isa took the blows well. Well, who's laughing now??? My hats off to him.

Anonymous said...

Hang Lekir :-)
I'm deeply sorry, but your comment has done wonders to me. Bunyi sama macam Tun Teja. No, I don't want to interfere as well as to know. Please try to give it a rest,at least here,at least here, ok dear.
Cool, dear.
To All,
Jazakallahu khairan kathira

Anonymous said...

anti-ISA ...free all detainees !

ilovemalaysia said...

With this precedent, now everyone in UMNO with a tainted history of money politics can openly run for elections.

KJ must be happy with this decision. The obstacles have just been lifted. Now he can also lobby to be Minister !

Goes to show it pays (big time) to engage in money politics in UMNO/BN. Just make sure you remain popular with the people.

The main message UMNO leadership has just sent is "it is smart to engage in money politics, just don't be stupid enough to get caught !"

Anyway, even if you are "unlucky" and do get caught somehow, as long as you are popular, you will be reinstated eventually.

How to eradicate corruption if like that ? UMNO, just talk only ... cakap tak serupa bikin !

Anonymous said...

...anti-ISA !? free the detainees or wat ????? make up your mind pls !

Anonymous said...

Stand to reason he is popular in the constituency. He is, after all, an experienced politician and a generous one at that.

If he begets victory - it could be a stepping stone to higher posts. Remember, he is an experienced politician.

Couldn't the UMNO higher ups figure out the wider scheme of things and the potential repercussion.

Is there a dearth of good men that png like Isa and Chua Soi Lek should be given second chances. Were they arm-twisted ?

What of the feelings and opinions of us ordinary folks ?


Anonymous said...

anti-ISA is to free the detainees or...or...wat !?

Anonymous said...

If corrupt also can bertanding, kena tangkap with 14 year old girl also can bertanding, AP case also nothing happen, then why must I be a good Malaysian? Sorry la, if they can do, WE also can do.

Anonymous said...

1 tan sri & 2 dato chinese will be giving out money on his be-stengah !

Anonymous said...

anti-ISA for dua tujuan !
...dia hanya berconvict di parti nya =
good guilt !?

Anonymous said...

If like this not only 2020 cannot achieve, 3030 also same story.

Anonymous said...

this msg massively circulated in bgn pinag, wut do u think?


-Sam Bgn Pnang

Anonymous said...

Org PKR duk dalam penjara sbb menghasut/tuduh org Melayu buat 'ethnic cleansing' pun boleh jadi calon DUN. Menang lagi...

Kenapa Isa yg dh jalani hukuman tk boleh pulak?


Anonymous said...

sex scandals of isa by HH besok !

Anonymous said...

pm : give Isa a 2nd chance , ok ?
...give himself ONE too, ok !!