Thursday, September 24, 2009

Beyonce Is Just Too Sexy For Malaysia

That's what Pas Youth thinks. And they have a point about her being sexy. But Malaysia can handle her booty-liciousness. Perhaps Pas Youth, can't.

I think Beyonce is hot and sexy. But just because she is, does not mean that we should not let her perform.

Pas Youth says it is not against entertainment, but is just objecting to this American superstar's concert here because of her sexy attire and seductive dancing.

Its vice chief Ahmad Sabki told the News Straits Times yesterday that Pas Youth is unhappy with the trend of bringing in Western groups to Malaysia.

"We know that these groups are not suitable for our Malaysian culture. Their appearance and attire are against our Eastern identity."

He said even if Beyonce were to dress in a jubah (Muslim attire), she was still known for her "sexy image".

"We are against Western entertainment that promotes hedonism. We do not want our youths to be misled.

"We have in the past objected to Indonesian dangdut artiste Inul Daratista performing in Malaysia as she is also well known for her sexy gyrations."

He regretted that the media had portrayed Pas as a conservative
party that seeks to ban entertainment.

Beyonce will be performing at
the national stadium in Bukit Jalil at 8pm on Sunday (Oct 25). It is part of her "Beyonce I Am ..." world live tour.

She was scheduled to perform in Malaysia in 2007 but gave Kuala Lumpur a miss and performed in Jakarta instead.

(source: NST)

Oh dear, oh dear. This happens every time a foreign artiste or group has a scheduled concert in this country.

Pas Youth probably feels that it has a responsibility to keep Malaysia safe from undesirable foreign elements. Just fulfilling its role as an Islamic party.
But Pas Youth cannot be deciding what kind of entertainment Malaysians should and should not have.
Pas Youth has got to stop this. Tak payah-lah nak fikir-fikir pasal ni semua.

Malaysians are not unfamiliar with Beyonce, or other foreign artistes -- sexy or otherwise. They are on TV (MTV and channel V), and in other forms of media, including Youtube.

So, yes, TV has a profound influence on viewers. And that is why you see our kids all dress up like Beyonce.


Besides, this is not your average concert.
Tickets for the concert are so expensive. The cheapest is RM93 and the priciest RM583.

Oh, by the way. Beyonce does not go around topless (as in the photo) -- in case you're wondering. Not on stage, nor off. That's just for a photoshoot.


kluangman said...

Sebab dia seksi le nak pergi tengok, kalau tak, nak buat ape perabih duit tiket..

Anonymous said...

Nuraina, Nuraina.

I wonder why you chose to use that picture of Beyonce? Did you google for the sexiest picture of Beyonce and came up with that? She is not going to be like that on stage. Your comments say one thing, but something else is your intent.

- destiny, destiny -

Anonymous said...

PAS is telling us what we can and cannot do. Bila PR menang federal govt nanti, kita semua dapat tengok entertaintment ala PAS je le nanti, dengar penceramah dia orang entertaint kita. That's why i have to get beyonce's concert ticket now....just in case PR wins next GE.


Anonymous said...

aiyah, ...she is NOTHING laa as compared to our sexy malay mathematician ...a..aa..apa ni...?
...cik yusof who is uk now !!!!

Anonymous said...

rm583 tu kecik, gambar beyonsee tu fuuh la maak... pemuda pas ni sibuk pasai penyanyi ni.. tapi kedai2 arak dan kedai2 urut yang bersepah2 diseluruh negara depa tak nampak penting untuk di kekang...oops lupa termasuk lah semua kedai2 karaoke ke apa2 ka sarang2 maksiat yang depa semua tak nampak, buta dan kelu lidah...maaf puan ini pandangan dari orang biasa saja.. bahasa pun kurang cantik.


destiny, destiny,

you must be a very literal person.

precisely why i got a very sexy picture of her...there are sexier photos of her showing her boobies which i will not use in my blog.
this one has her covered waist down and a bare back.

the point is -- can you see our kids going around dressing like that?
yeah..i figured as much.

and your point?

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Aunty Nuraina,
You reckon they won't protest too if my namesake, Angelina Jolie, comes a-visiting? teeheehee...
Every man to his own, eh?

laimun said...

PAS and those so called Alarmist Islamist sure have a low esteem of Malaysian Malay or Islamic youth. We, the younger generation just do not have the moral fibre nor simple common sense to distinquish between "good and bad", "wrong and right". We are so so stupid when compared with our Chinese and Indian and other races Malaysian counterparts. No wonder we are always looking for sympathy, pity, handouts and being led by the nose. Hidup Melayu, Hidup Islam.

donplaypuks® said...

If it can be shown on MTV, Astro and national TV, what's PAS objecting about?

They should just ignore PAS and go ahead with the show at Bukit Jalil. After all, it similar to Astro - you pays, you sees. Otw, you sit at home and read holy books!!

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

It's in the eyes! Not the body. I mean their eyes, not hers :)
Those who cannot bear to see her in whatever dress must close their eyes. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Lo and behold, how did the Pas Youth guys become so familiar with her dress and dance routines. Ditto dangdut.
To each his own... or watch MTV!
Peace to all


Old Fart said...

"We have in the past objected to Indonesian dangdut artiste Inul Daratista performing in Malaysia as she is also well known for her sexy gyrations."

Well, if that is what it takes for this PAS guy to get all stirred up. Looks like he is just not imaginative.

I am an imaginative guy. My fantasies are far better than reality itself. The more inhibitive the greater my stirrings and fantasies as my imagination has a greater room to work in.

With Beyonce on the other hand, nothing to fantasise over as all is revealed. So no room for imagination.

I worry over what I might do with my fantasies as my imagination runs wild with what I am led to see and yet cannot see. So how eh?

You see, trained as an accountant this is my problem. We do up P & L Accounts and Balance Sheets and show of the business just what a bikini would show of an hour glass shaped woman on the beach. What she reveals would be interesting. But what is not, now that is vital. So with that background we got to use a lot of imagination to work out what is behind all that cloth..ah....P & L and B/S... you see.

So unless the PAS guys ban accountants and the study of accounting there are going to be a lot of us looking at the PAS women and going oola, oola, lalala!

A.John said...

pas youth act as a " righteous lot" and as such they are expected to make such noise. It is up to us to decide just how righteous they are and carrry on with our lives. Nobody appointed them to be moral standard bearers !

Anonymous said...

She's gorgeous. Thanks for posting. By the way, she doesn't dress like that, it's only a photoshoot! Did you not see her at the MTV awards recently? Am sure Bernard Chandran would love to dress her.



Old Fart,

you devil, you! :-)

Anonymous said...

kan masyarakat kita masyarakat majmuk..kalau dah rasa tak boleh tahan sgt tgk beyonce..tak payah la pegi concert dia..

Oldfart said...

Hi Nuriana

How you gonna be dressed next time I see you then? :-)


Old fart,

very very dressed, thank you very much. :-)

Yew Sik Kow said...

The PAS people are snakey and anti -entertainment jokers.

They live in pre-historic era and want to dictate their way of old fashioned life style upon others.

I can bet you, the turbaned and empty flour sack clothes they wear are what they want others to emulate.

And people still want them to rule the country?

Go tell them to stay home and dont watch if they don't like.

Where is all the democratic lectures they preached before the election?

Anonymous said...

let's show the world PAS is an asshole.
and the likes of nuraina and rocky will show we have a free press. we say it as it is. the world knows we have friends.
what's your point, nurauna?

destiy, destiny

Salt N Turmeric said...

They sure do love the sound of their own voices. :P


destiny, destiny,

you need help.

Anonymous said...

'Foreign Influence'?

'Indecent Exposure'?

'Tight Dresses'?

'Hot Bodies'?


Hello Hello can see this all over the Klang Valley. What's the big fuss with Beyonce?

Anonymous said...

Tak kiralah PAS atau UMNO atau parti apa sekalipun, demi kita, anak-anak kita dan generasi kita seterusnya:

a) fikirkan apa-apa yang baik dan bermanfaat
b) elakkan yang tidak mendatangkan apa-apa manfaat termasuk yang sia-sia
c) jauhkan sama sekali yang memudaratkan dan melalaikan.

Bila seseorang memberi teguran atau nasihat benda yang betul, kita kena terima. Bukannya dengan mengatakan, "Alah, ada banyak lagi benda tak betul, kenapa benda ni aje yang ditegur". Ataupun, "Kat Astro ada, kenapa live-consert tak boleh". Itu seolah-olah nak mengalihkan tumpuan.

Puan Nuraina kata konsert Beyonce bukanlah untuk kita yang biasa-biasa ni. Yurannya sangat mahal. Mungkinlah orang berada saja yang mampu pergi. Bagaimana kalau ada *tarian bogel* yang yurannya jauh lebih mahal. Layakkah untuk dibenarkan? Atas alasan, ia bukanlah untuk orang-orang biasa yang tidak mungkin mampu membayarnya.

Islam izinkan hiburan. Tapi hiburan yang macamana? Tanyalah alim-ulama'. Itu gunanya mereka. Ulama bukan semata-mata untuk mengesahkan (legitimate) sesuatu yang menepati selera@nafsu kita. Yang tidak menepati selera@nafsu kita, kita takmau dengar cakap alim-ulama.

Orang Pahang

Greenbug said...

Now they say say they onject because Beyonce is too sexy like Inul Daratista... they forgot they also object to Michael Learns to Rock and previously labeled The Scorpions as black metal. Hello PAS, read more and learn more. I am sure all religion encourage seeking knowledge? said...

This refers to the ticket prices.

I'm no fan of Beyonce, that said, I do not subscribe to the comment that the tickets are ..."so expensive...".

I'm one who's thrifty in most ways.

However, I spend when I believe it is worthwhile to do so.

Last year, I paid S$600/- to catch The Police in Singapore; it was well worth it.

Other acts I caught in Singapore include The Rolling Stones (two nights), Eagles, Santana (twice), Rod Stewart, Elton John (twice), Sting, James Taylor, and, in 1993, Simon & Garfunkel.

Sure, the tickets did cost me, but one cannot waste the opportunity to catch these acts.

I tell my wife, if I get to catch McCartney in concert, I can die a happy man!

I hardly have any vices, I do not drink nor smoke.

One vice I have is collecting DVDs; my collection is worth over RM60,000/-; every one of them an original.

Sometimes on family vacations to the States, I get a separate bag for the DVDs; one of my prized DVDs is the special edition of 'On The Waterfront'.

Once during the writers' strike in late 2007, while at Warnes Bros studios, they offered a huge discount on everything in the store; just to compensate us for any inconvenience should we encounter ayone with a protest placard!

I picked up over 25 DVDs of classic 40's and 50s movies at basement prices!

Anyway, Selamat Hari Raya.

Prabha Nayar

Anonymous said...

I don't really care for Beyonce but as a woman, this is a dangerous precedent. We women must unite and oppose suppression in any form. How does PAS define sexy? (Have you seen those gigantous pants on that Sudanese woman?) What can or can we not do next? Separate lines at the supermarket? No more women driving? No, no, no, for my daughter's and her daughters sake! It's all in the mind. The more these holier-than-thou men focus on the female body and sex, the more preoccupied they will become. Where's the limit? Don't they have any other healthier occupations?

I recall 8 years ago, I was at the immigration office in Damansara and asked to see the manager to rush a passport. The woman(!) at the counter told me I had to go home and change because my attire (the top) was not 'decent' enough to meet the officer. And I was wearing pants with a Giordano t-shirt!!!! with short sleeves!! No cleavage, no nothing! (the material was the thin smooth type, not the heavy cotton) And this woman thought it was too revealing, she suggested I get a jacket. Yes, if I'm meeting the Agong, but heck, her supervisor ...??? So I drove all the way back to Ampang fuming just to get a jacket (I really needed the passport done fast). And of course went around all day in the same t-shirt telling everyone I know about the ridiculous experience. Won't wish it on another woman.

Anonymous said...

I think that PAS Youth is being naive and plain dumb, as they are afraid that a singer like Beyonce can shake their faith in God. However, that is their view alone and it does not have to include everyone else. By barring Muslims from going to this concert is saying that the Malaysian Muslims haven't got what it takes to hold on to their faith and can easily be tempted to committ sins by looking at an American woman dance and look sexy. What a load of rubbish! If your faith is strong then nothing can shatter it. Even if Beyonce were to walk into your bedroom and seduce you, it wouldn't matter because you've made up your mind not to sin before GOD. PAS you are actually giving muslims a bad name.Just shut up and maybe fight for more sensible things like lesser tolls, income tax reductions, scholarships for needy children and so on. This is the true JIHAD!!

Anonymous said...

Besar kemungkinan orang ramai telah hampa dengan isu-isu yang menyentuh soal keagamaan kerana didapati bahawa pada prinsipnya iye benar bahawa undang-undang Islam adalah untuk semua tetapi pada hakikatnya undang-undang tersebut hanyalah digunakan untuk menghukum orang-orang biasa dan bukanya pembesar. Jadi, seperti kes Kartika, dia dihukum tetapi Datuk boleh dilepaskan. Samalah seperti kes khalwat dan sebagainya.

Ini tidak dibenarkan dalam Islam. Undang-undang menghukum adalah jelas dan semua patut dihukum jika bersalah. Jika ada 'exception to the rule' atau ada yang boleh dilepaskan kerana status beliau maka ini bercanggah dengan agama. Ini bukan lagi undang-undang agama tetapi sudah menjadi undang-undang manusia dimana manusia boleh mengubah undang-undang dan akhirnya sesetengah orang dihukum tetapi VVVIP dilepaskan.

Jika ini berlaku maka mereka yang menghukum bukan menurut undang-undang agama yang betul. Akibatnya, rakyat akan memandang serong kepada yang menghukum.

Orang KL

Anonymous said...

Orang Pahang,

Apa salahnya kalau kita mempersoalkan pandangan mereka? Kau tahu kenapa BN boleh bertahan selama ni? Sebab pemikiran macam kau. "Bila UMNO beri pandangan, kita terima je la. Jangan pula banyak banyak soalan. Itu mengalih tumpuan je."

Dan soalan soalan yang dituju bertujuan untuk kebaikan semua. Tempat tempat maksiat di KL, takde pulak komen dari PAS. Apa pula logik nak bantah Beyonce, tapi pelacuran berleluasa ni tak ambil tindakan?

Adakah Beyonce lebih teruk dari pelacuran?

Fikir fikirkan dulu.

Anonymous said...

Calm down. PAS just comment. Nothing can they do. Just a loud noise. Don't afraid. We love beyonce...hoyeahhh.

but..funny thing is..nuraina's blog also promote a link 'Let's read the Quran'..if she understand the Quran...did she knew 'aurat mata' inside Quran?

Anonymous said...

Kepada Anonymous@1:59 PM,

Anda bertanyakan, adakah Beyonce lebih teruk dari pelacuran? Kalau tanya pelacuran pulak, gamaknya apa jawabnya? Adakah karier kami (pelacuran) lebih teruk dari jadi pemimpin yang rasuah? Cerita yang takde penghujungnya.

Bila masa kita nak "HIJRAH ke arah kebaikan" kalau kita sentiasa tengok kalau-kalau ada orang yang lebih teruk daripada kita. Orang merompak kata, adakah merompak lebih teruk dari buang bayi?

Dalam perkara kebaikan, alim-ulama' suruh kita lihat orang yang lebih baik dari kita. Bukan yang lagi teruk.

Sama-samalah kita berfikir. Rujuklah alim-ulama'. Hati jangan mati. Antara sebab musabab hati menjadi mati, terlalu banyak berhibur.

Orang Pahang.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea why the youth PAS love to criticize foreign artist sexy and whatever. Why don't look at the middle east artist and they dressed sexy. Why don't the PAS youth bother to criticize them?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous@4:22 PM pulak kata kenapa tak lihat artis Timur Tengah yang berpakaian seksi?

Lihatlah tuan/puan, corak pemikirannya semua sama. Ada yang suruh sergah dulu pelacur-pelacur dijalanan (baru boleh komen pasal Beyonce). Ada yang suruh pergi tegur dulu muda mudi yang berpakaian tak cukup kain kat pusat beli belah dan sebagainya. Ada yang suruh komen artis Timur Tengah dulu?

Bukan senang nak memperkatakan kebenaran. Terutama kalau yang tak selari dengan selera@nafsu orang yang berkepentingan. Zaman Nabi pun begitu. Apatah lagi zaman sekarang.

Orang Pahang.

Anonymous said...

Masalah yang dialami di negara ini boleh dikatakan begini, ada 10,000 penjahat tetapi hanya 1 dihukum, 9,999 dilepaskan. Alasanya pelbagai, bicaranya pelbagai, puncanya pelbagai dan resolusinya secara teori pun pelbagai.

Dalam kepelbagaian, 9,999 orang penjahat dilepaskan. Tetapi dengan 1 orang dihukum, itu dikira cukup kerana dikira sebagai kemenangan dalam menghidupkan bara undang-undang.

Tuan-tuan dan puan-puan, undang-undang agama mestilah menyeluruh. Jika hanya ditujukan kepada sebahagian atau seseorang, itu bukan undang-undang, itu berat sebelah namanya. Sudah tentu secara aplikasi undang-undang tersebut adalah salah.

Isu Beyonce dengan gaya seksi dipertikaikan oleh masyarakat bukan kerana isu 'dia boleh buat kenapa saya tidak boleh' tetapi kerana gaya seksi telah pun menetap di negara ini sejak dulu lagi. Ada yang kata sejak zaman P.Ramlee, ada yang kata semenjak zaman tok nenek kita berkemban di sawah dan air kolam.

Gaya seksi juga bukan saja tertakluk pada pakaian. Malah, isu seksi berkait rapat dengan pandangan mata. Saya lihat ramai orang-orang lelaki Melayu gemar tenung perempuan bukan muhrim. Ada juga yang gemar gurau sender dengan gadis bukan muhrim. Ini jarang berlaku di negara Arab. Jadi, persoalanya, adakah isu seksi atau yang mengalakan keseksian itu berkait rapat dengan isu 'culture?'

Sekali lagi, undang-undang haruslah diaplikasikan secara menyuluruh dan bukanya berkerat-kerat. Selain daripada itu, undang-undang tidak boleh dibuat secara mengejut menerusi paksaan. Isu 'culture' juga penting dan kena tanya diri sendiri 'adakah betul kita begini?'

Jika tidak, kita akan lihat orang berserban tetapi masih memandang.

Jika tidak, kita akan lihat orang bertuduung tetapi pakai jeans ketat senyum mengorat.

Jika tidak kita akan hanya ada undang-undang untuk memuaskan nafsu menangkap.

Orang KL

Anonymous said...

Okay, here's my personal opinion. I won't be seeing her on stage - too expensive for me. But I have seen her since the late 90s when she was in Destiny's Child. And those sexy videos I saw on MTV via Astro MALAYSIA.

Okay, she's hot. She's voluptuous. She's bootylicious. But you know what? She's not my type. Frankly, those TV newscasters RTM1, RTM2 and TV3 are sexier to me. What with the heavy makeup, those fine dresses and that 'look'. I don't know what it is. They all have this 'look'. Hmmmm...maybe PAS should look into banning them too.

Anonymous said...

you know when i was young,i stayed
next to a malay kampong
we respected each other and recognise our differences

chinese ladies would go around in their shorts and blouses and the malay ladies in their body-hugging
sarongs and tudungs,no hijabs.we were not distracted
sex crimes were unheard of

what has happened to the traditional melayu lady dress?
whats wrong with it? too sexy?
they still wear it in indonesia

tder said...

a wee bit sharing ;-)

I reckon I understand that certain people (particularly daie/pendakwah) like to invite others to do the good things. I too understand that they want to tell to the people about what good things are. That’s good! But they can only invite, they can only tell or sindir menyindir. They can’t go beyond invite as well as beyond tell/sindir menyindir, can they? By the way, I don’t feel mounting surprise when certain people, particularly daie people, touched upon ‘hati mati’. Oooh! I am so familiar with this type of statement as well as daie personality.

I read whatever type of blog – right from the music type, the political type, socio- economy type, cooking type, dakwah type etc.

I’ve observed one specific standard pattern in the dakwah blogs, namely, they love to talk about other people jahiliyah, assuming other people hati dah berkarat, assuming other people hati dah mati. (They are superhuman, I bet). They love talking about it too much too often and being selective in choosing certain hadith to support the assumption. They keep on telling to the public via net that they are pendakwah due to they got ‘anak – anak’ usrah from whatever activity they attended.
There’s one author of a dakwah blog said, ‘Aku baru tengok tv tadi. Aku merasakan aku sudah terlalu duniawi..teruknya aku..’

Arggghh..sick lah. Kalau nak ikut sangat cara zaman Nabi, belilah unta/ kuda sebagai kenderaan harian. That’s my immediate response!

There are so many ‘alim – ulama’ nowadays. I don’t know which ‘alim – ulamak’ they listen or refer to. Berjanggut skit, dah di cop ustaz. Berlebai skit, dah di cop ustaz (This is happening in my Malay – Scotland community).
They only listen to ‘alim ulama’ opinion as if an opinion from a regular being like me is lower than nothing to them. In Newscastle, England, it used to be like this, ‘kalau tak pergi usrah, masuk neraka’. Hah! Blind me!

This one here, I kid you not, it based upon my personal experience. Years ago when I was a student in Malaysia, one so – called ‘Muslimah’ a.k,a ‘Muslimah di bawah lindungan Kaabah’ beat me up in surau due to my badan berbau rokok. She didn’t even ask or investigate the truth of it but directly called her ‘people’ in order to bring me in the surau. Beat here implies tampar, pukul dengan penyangkut baju and left me with bruises. Not enough with that, she forced me to bersumpah quit smoking depan Al-Quran and ugut mengugut. The rest is history and I need not to tell it as it makes me so sad. Though I got this dark experience with this people, I have a real Muslimah friend because she’s not taksub, she acts based upon reality reasonably and she knows that it’s totally wrong to minus duniawi 100%.

Anyway, I support Beyonce’s show in Malaysia though I am not in Malaysia since last year. She’s a great performer. Her stage performance is 5 diamonds. I support it based upon various angles such as economy, tourism and her determination. That sexy thing is the last thing in my list.

But all they can see is sexy. I too know why they see sexy is virus. But, hey…thank you for the reminder, particularly about hati mati.

Salam Sayang to Sis Nuraina. From: Math PhD, Scot. Wish me well.

Anonymous said...

buang masa cakap hal remeh temeh

Anonymous said...

Beyonce, Too sexy for PAS but not for us. PAs can just close their eyes or stop going to the concert. Anyway I won`t be going cos its too expensive.



you were beaten up in the surau...and that muslimah did all that to you. must enverlet that happen to you. ever. nobody has a right to do that to you. or to anybody.

thank you for sharing.

take care.



lucky you..can afford expensive tickets.

sure i agree, what is expensive and what is not, is relative, subjective.

but, we can use a general quantum and make an assessment.
in this case, beyonce' concert tickets are pricey. may not be for you, but very much so for a lot of people.

anyway, i agree, when we are a die hard fan, we are willing to fork out a fortune for something we want to see or watch.

thank you.

Anonymous said...

I think the real issue is NOT whether Beyonce is too SEXY for Malaysia. It's the price of the TICKETS!

Come on Malaysia! 30 years ago it wuz $1.30 to RM1.00. Now it's $1.00 to RM2.50!!! (Singapore dollars vs Ringgit). Or something like that.

Harold Robbins books cost RM10.00 back then, now it's RM45.00?

What happened Malaysia???

Do you know the price we have to pay for this and that and this?

Now, that's a SIN!!!

Anonymous said...

The "simpulan" is that from the 70's; these Ultras have been opposing anything western in concert-form. From Scorpions to multitudes of other concerts over the years; their standard line is West-is-bad. One surmises that this is their standard SOP & Vision/Mission to rise-up the ranks in PAS, UMNO and all the other ass-wipes, ready to rock & roll at the whims and fancies of the head-honchos in power. Matters not, if it makes sense. Kita perintah-mah ...

The very statement "We want this concert canceled" reeks a magnitude of such gross ignorance that their logic defies all common sense.

They fact is; they are so detached from the reality that business relationships, reputation amongst the international music community and the paramount importance it plays in the tourism industry to promote 1Malaysia is of little significance compared to the sheltered & cocooned life they lead. Even disregarding the fact that our neighbors are guffawing away at the antics of our YB govt reps whom are content with perfecting & perpetuating the fine art of stupidity from food fights, to music rights and behold; one knows that there will be fermentation in the form of yet-to-come, more ridiculous stakes & claims. Trust me on this one. It's coming ...

A classic case of one-eyed kings leading the blind and that sort of thing.

Bah-humbug.Let's move on ....

Anonymous said...

the Serious crime of Zina is too rampant in states controlled by PAS,why havent they solve this problem and it has been going on for many donkey decades?Isn't it time PAS did something to stop this menace?LOL.........

Anonymous said...

Kepada TDer,

Yang dikatakan *muslimah* hingga sanggup memukul orang untuk mengajar dan menyampaikan kebenaran, itu bukanlah muslimah sebenarnya. Bukan juga untuk menghukum *kalau tak pergi usrah masuk neraka*. Siapa mereka untuk menghukum. Saya bersimpati dengan Puan.

Ada ayat Quran menyebut, kewajipan Nabi/Rasul yang diutuskan hanyalah adalah untuk menjadi penyampai kebenaran. Orang nak dengar atau tak dengar itu terpulang kepada mereka. Itu Nabi/Rasul. Apatah lagi kita. Bukan untuk memaksa apatah lagi menggunakan kekerasan. Itu membuatkan orang lagi benci atau jauh daripada hidayah.

Pasal persembahan Beyonce, ia tetap sesuatu yang tidak perlu. Rasanya dulu ada ura-ura nak dibuat dalam bulan Ramadhan tetapi ditangguh kerana menghormati Ramadhan. Mesti ada unsur-unsur tak elok (maksiat, dll)? Kalau ditangguhkan ke bulan-bulan lain, kiranya bulan-bulan lain tak perlu dihormati? Tapi kalau yang rasa nak pergi sangat tu, pergilah. Bukan kuasa kita nak menghalang.

Pasal Islam dan kehidupan bersyariat, bukan tanggungjawab satu-satu pihak aje (PAS, Biro Agama Pemuda UMNO, dll). Tanggungjawab semua orang yang bergelar Muslim. Kalau orang kata syariat Islam itu kolot, selagi kita bergelar Muslim, kita patut sama-sama terasa.

Puan Nuraina, minta maaf sebab kasi kecoh sikit dalam blog yang sepatutnya aman dan permai ini. He He.

Menarik juga nak komen sikit apa yang Orang KL kata. Bertudung tapi pakai jeans ketat. Inipun masalah kalau tidak faham konsep. Orang ingat konsep *pakai tudung*. Tapi konsep yang sebenarnya adalah *memelihara aurat*. Jadinya, kalau hanya semata-mata *pakai tudung*, mungkin amalan itu hanyalah sia-sia kalau hakikat yang sebenarnya tidak *memelihara aurat*.

Orang berserban tetapi masih memandang? Kucing tak pernah lupa ikan. Ikan aje mungkin ingat dia ikan tamban, kucing tak teringin nak makan. Lagipun iman bukanlah terletak kepada tebal mana serban. Tapi bukannya masa untuk kita buruk sangka kepada orang yang pakai serban. Bukan juga untuk buruk sangka kepada mereka yang tidak pakai serban. Kita semua adalah manusia biasa.

"No Hard Feeling Everyone".

Orang Pahang.

Anonymous said...

Saya mendapati bahawa kaum kita gemar membicara tentang isu-isu seperti khalwat, zina dan isu-isu mengenai moral seseorang. Bab-bab seperti itu ada pelbagai pendapat daripada pelbagai pihak. Isu rambut sama hitam hati berlainan selalu dibicarakan.

Kalau kaum kita ada soalan tentang isu-isu khalwat, zina, minum arak, pelacuran dan sewaktu denganya, kita tau dimana hendak mengadu dan dimana hendak tanya.

Mungkin ada 1,001 pendapat. Adakah hendak sebat 10 kali kalau minum arak? 100 kali? 200 kali? Talinya dibuat daripada apa? Buluh nipis? Tebal? Ikan pari? Daun pokok kelapa? Nak sebat perempuan pula bagaimana?

Sudah tentu isu-isu khalwat, zina dan sebaigainya adalah isu penting. Itu tidak dapat dinafikan.

Tuan-tuan dan puan-puan. Saya tanya kepada anda semua.

Kalau kita nak repair kereta kita pergi mana?
Kalau kita sakit kita pergi mana?
Kalau kita sakit gigi kita pergi mana?
Kalau nak pergi shopping kita pergi mana?
Kalau kita nak beli barang-barang kerperluan harian kita pergi mana?
Kalau kita nak beli barang komputer kita pergi mana?
Kalau kita nak beli jam tangan kita pergi mana?
Kalau kita nak beli kereta kita pergi mana?
Kalau kita tak boleh masuk uni kerajaan kita pergi mana?

Jawapanya mungkin kita pergi ke tempat-tempat kepunyaan orang bukan Islam. Bukan bermakna tempat-tempat kepunyaan orang Islam takde, ada, tapi tak banyak.

Sebagai contoh, kalau nak beli cheese cake pun kita pergi ke tempat kepunyaan orang bukan Islam (ada cop HALAL). Walhal, pihak MARA telah latih 1,000 orang dalam kemahiran membuat kek suatu ketika dulu. Apa dah jadi?

Persoalanya, dalam keasyikan kita menuduh dan menghukum, kita telah lupa tentang perkara-perkara penting yang lain.

Seorang Pak Arab pernah tanya kepada saya tentang kedai di Shah Alam kena serbu kerana jual arak. Dia pelik kerana bangunan yang pertama dia lihat di Shah Alam selepas tol adalah kilang arak. Saya pun tak tau nak jawab.

Itulah situasi zaman sekarang. Kaum kita seperti mahir atau banyak berbicara tentang suatu aspek dalam Islam tetapi seperti tidak peduli tentang aspek-aspek penting yang lain.

Orang KL

Anonymous said...

Orang KL,

Mudah aje. Bercakap apa yang kita tahu. Jangan cakap benda yang kita tak tahu. Tak susahkan?

Tak tahu pulak, jadi tanggungjawab untuk belajar atau tanya alim ulama (apa guna mereka ada). Bukan kalau tak tahu, terus-terusan biarkan diri tidak tahu.

Yang jadi masalah, orang yang tahu (alim ulama'), takmau bercakap. Yang tidak tahu itulah yang beria-ria nak bercakap (nak tunjuk terror). Itu yang jadi haru biru.

Ramai yang kata jangan bersangka buruk pada orang lain, sedangkan mereka jugalah yang sebenarnya bersangka buruk.

Anonymous said...

Masalahnya bukan tau atau tidak tau.

Masalahnya adalah yang berkuasa dan tidak berkuasa.

Bak perpatah Inggeris yang tepat sekali diaplikasikan di Malaysia ialah 'It's not WHAT you know but WHO you know'.

'WHO you know' lah puncanya keharuan dan kebiruan yang dialami sekarang.

Orang KL

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, looks like a lot of people are hot and bothered about the issue.

You must admit though that women are fine creations by God. Without them, there'd be nothing to look at. Haha!

Anonymous said...

You can ask ulama all you want
but Pussy Cat Dolls have performed here, Beyonce going to also, Black Eyed Peas also in the name of Arthur (Guiness). One time also rock bands were banned. Look at Search malay rock group. Just finished a Malaysian tour.

Sometimes i pity the ulama and PAS. All toothless tigers. All talk no power.

Anonymous said...

While you can freedomly look at other's wife, other's daughter, other's sister, others can also freedomly look at your wife, your daughter, you sister and what not. They are all women.

While sometimes you're so enjoyed and 'interested' to other's wife, same goes to others.

Something to think about.

Anonymous said...

Saya kagum la dengan rakyat Cina. Tu ha, anak Goh Tong Genting derma RM1 juta kepada tabung pembelajaran student Cina. Dato' Jeffrey Chia Sunway derma berjuta-juta kat student Sunway. Dan ramai lagi yang derma.

Orang Melayu plak, suruh tanya orang alim-ulama. Bila artis nak datang kecoh. Bila mintak biasiswa sambung belajar overseas, takde duit.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 9:04 AM

And what makes you think I'm 'interested' and 'enjoyed' at another's wife?

When I say look at women, I don't mean the wife of another man, the daughter of a man playing in the playground or the sister of the brother going to school.

I mean that I admire women who want to be admired. Who dress to impress, who WANT to be looked at.

There's a BIG difference buddy!

Anonymous said...

Kepada Anon 3.35,

Mmg menyedihkan orang Melayu.

Boleh buat rumah besar, boleh beli kereta besar, boleh bayar konsert mahal-mahal (Beyonce, dll), tapi bila hal-hal pendidikan (atau perkara lain yang lebih penting), semua harapkan biasiswa, subsidi, sumbangan, derma ikhlas, dll.

Anonymous said...

To 9:06 AM,

I was not referring to anybody including you. We hear them today, right here, right now. Extra marital affairs, among cases which were disclosed. What about those which remain undisclosed? Typical to whom "pandai makan pandai simpan".

Anonymous said...

To Anon 4:27 PM,

Among Muslims, our responsibility is to remind among us. That's the only power we have. Nobody perfect. Who dont trust this? Critics one day could be critized. People just tend to ignore, let them. Anything good or anything bad we do now, it will reflects not only us, but also our kids, our grandsons or granddaugthers, etc.

Pussy Cat Dolls, Black Eyed Peas, and what not, let bygones to be bygones.

Offers usually comes after demand. If no demand, no offer. Simple economy.

Anonymous said...

This is why people rather go to singapore than Malaysia ! If u say beyonce is too sexy why dont u put a sign there and said " only for chinease and indians" so is fair the malay dont want to watch dosen mean other people dont want also...think about others dont be so selfish !