Friday, April 06, 2007

The World's Appetite For Blogging

Blogosphere Is So Alive and Kicking
And you'd better believe it!

Here is a quick take on the state of blogosphere:

— Three blogs are created every two seconds
— Japanese is the dominant blog language. Of 70 million weblogs, 37 per cent are written in Japanese. English is second, with 36 per cent
— Chinese remained in third place this year but Italian overtook Spanish to become the fourth most popular blogging language
— Farsi, the most widely spoken Persian language, is the tenth most popular
— Of the Top 100 media websites, 22 are blogs, rising from 12 last year

These facts come from a new report," The State of the Blogosphere", published by Technorati, the blog-search website.
The report was revealed yesterday (Thursday, April 6).
According to Timesonline (the online version of UK newspaper, The Times), more than 70 million weblogs, or blogs, are tracked by Technorati which says that 1.4 new ones are created every second, along with 17 new postings.

Read the rest of the story here.

And in Thailand, its military-backed government refuses to lift the block on YouTube. More on this here.


The Pisces Man said...

"Everyone's in it, so why not me?" is probably the question that goes into someone's head, when he or she starts to embark on blogging. As for myself, I was inspired to blog after seeing my sister blogged. Now, her blog is no longer bloggible (accessible) after she quits due to time constraints. By my blog still exists, with a mixed of entries from personal stories to current issues of interests.

Shamsir Ikmar said...

Hi Nuraina,
I left a comment under one of your previous postings. It should have come here!
I was commenting on how enriching your blog is and that you deserve to be up there with The Bru and Screenshot in leading the new Bloggers Alliance.
May God Bless (Responsible) Bloggers.