Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Little Aisya

Thanks to Generous Malaysians
Remember little Siti Aisya Syazreen who has Fraser Syndrome (fused eyelids)?
The three-and-a-half year-old had undergone surgery but this was not successful.
Because of her age, doctors felt that she was not ready for another surgery until 2 years' time.
A wonderful Malaysian, student Daphne Ling went on a mission to help Aisya. I was one of those she approached. I posted Aisya's plight on March 26.

Last night, I received an email from Daphne. Here's what she said:

"Hi Ms Nuraina,
Latest developments on Aisya on my blog: http://daphneling.blogspot.com/2007/04/aisyas-list.html
I'll sum up for you here. Collections have reached Rm 8100, slighltly over...Have compiled a list so that people who wanna donate things (some are worried money might go astray, be misused etc) can do so...
Anyone who wants to do so can please alert me, so I'll put next to the item they wanna donate that there's already a pledge, so we wont have repetitions...Just sms/email/comment and I'll put it up...Nobody has to donate a whole sum...They can just say, "I'll sponsor two months of *fill in blanks*"...
Thanks a million. Will keep in touch...

We hope and pray for Aisya to lead a normal life!


Anonymous said...

To be honest, I am amazed that anyone would go to so much trouble to help another person. To be honest, at the beginning I did also wonder how she benefited from this like did she get a portion. But now I realise there really is no way she gets a penny. So she really wants to help the family and I am ahshamed to say that it is young girl who is doing what us oldies should be doing. I am also ashamed that I was so suspicos. We should all try to be like this Daphne who does all the work behnd the tabir.


tahniah kepada adik daphne ling, begitu muda dan begitu prihatin, contoh remaja malaysia yang bakal bawa negara ini ketahap yang tinggi, tak perlu graduan oxford atau cambridge, yang cuma pentingkan diri sendiri.

Anonymous said...

Anyone read Marina's blog? Sad isn't it?