Saturday, April 07, 2007

Fear of Blogs

Anti-Blogs Propaganda.
I am convinced that an anti-bloggers campaign is underway.
Today I am hearing about "politically-motivated" blogs. Whatever that means. Blogs by individuals who have political motives?
Well, that's what our Information Minister said. He thinks he can fix the problem (with bloggers) the Singapore way. But he hasn't got it quite right. Read it here.

Too many general and vague statements about blogs and bloggers.
Some statements don't make sense.

Must be made out of fear because people cannot be that "sense-less". Or can they?

These are not criticisms of blogs and bloggers. These are attacks, against specific blogs. Systematic attacks to discredit some influential bloggers. Never mind if the rest get hit.

Nothing spelt out yet. But we get the message. The heat is on.

"Stop criticising what you perceive to be excesses and abuse in government and by the government, of bad decisions and anything you see to be an example of poor administration."

"Stop blogging or else!"

Or else what?

"Or else we will put the fear of government into you."

Are bloggers getting out of control?

Are blogs bad? Are bloggers worse?

I think not.
Read this and get an education.


sYaNa said...

Hi Kak Nuraina :o)
~ Thank you for blog-hopping (is this right?) to my blog. Fyi, I am an avid reader (a quiet one) of your blog & i am honoured that you left a comment in mine :o)
~ personally, it's amusing to see a few people are running scared (terrified) of blogs. I wonder why.


hi Syana,

not at all...i'll do it again. visit you, that is,

thank u, syana

m.i.h said...

Dear Ena, I'm sure Zam is not beyond learning something knew. After all, he was in Singapore learning a thing or two from his counterpart about blogging. Problem with him - and Shahziman, Fak, Pak Lah, Keng Yaik - is he refuses to try and understand what blogs is. He only wants to know how to control the blogs. He wants the power to be able to do so.

Zam Zam said...

Politically-motivated bloggers?

That ain't half as people like Shahziman and Zainudin. These blokes are "blog-motivated politicinas"!

Without blogs, they don't get any space in the mainstream media at all. But that's because their pea-size brains don't give them ideas. These guys need blogs to stay relevant. Pity.

The Ancient Mariner said...

I would think that the powers that be should be grateful that they can get feedback, good or bad, from the rakyat by way of blogs instead of the feel-good crap they get from yes-men in their circles.

Fear? I dont think so. Sheer stupidity more likely.

Miman said...

I have been reading that this anti blog people are goblok. It is not a nice word to use this words just like ngorok (meaning snoring not sleep (turu)). What I can I say is to tell these anti blogs proponent to just "go blog".

Anonymous said...

It is the amusing answer