Thursday, April 05, 2007

Bloggers Unite!

Media Bloggers Alliance
Rocky AKA Ahirudin Attan of Rocky's Bru thinks that Deputy Energy, Water and Communications Minister Shaziman Mansor made that suggestion (that bloggers register with the ministry) not out of sheer stupidity and ignorance but out of FEAR.
Here's what Rocky said in his posting on Shaziman's silly suggestion:

" When certain quarters in government become hostile towards bloggers, I believe they mean to aim their hostility at a small group of bloggers or on-line writers whose views and takes of current affairs they fear. Take the latest remarks here made by Shahziman Abu Mansor in parliament yesterday. It is not stupidity; it is fear. Ok, ok. Shahziman has just shown us how goblog he is but it I believe he said it out of fear."

Rocky believes that the time is right to have an alliance of bloggers. Some bloggers are meeting in Kuala Lumpur at 5.30pm today to discuss this.

Read what he has to say about fear of the blogs and the alliance here.

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Shamsul Ikmal said...

Bloggers Unite!!!
I knew you would somehow be elected to lead the new grouping,right up there with the Bru and Screenshot. In a shot time, you have shown great examples with your blog, a balance of hard-hitting commentaries and compelling real-life stories. You do not paint your blog with just one or two bright colors or one or two grim ones; rather, you use all the colors of life - and death - to make your blog so rich and diverse.
Your Tuesdays column, for eg, is fit to be published as a running series in any of the dailies or one of the better international magazines.
Your selection of articles on blogging and journalism is so enriching, something I believe only experienced editors are able to do!
I've read no malice anywhere in your postings, even when you mentioned the man who sinned you and your family by throwing your dad into prison.
Keep it up, Nuraina. Blogosfear needs you.