Friday, April 13, 2007

Charting the Uncharted

First Meeting of All-Blogs Pro-Tem Committee
It rained cats and dogs last evening and only tapered off by about 9.30pm. You'd think that people would use that as an excuse to be fashionably late for any function. And Malaysian time-keeping is notorious, even in this day and age of the 21st century.
But, delightfully, no. Except for Elizabeth Wong who was involved in the Machap by-election, everyone was there on time, give or take a few minutes. Emy Husni and Soon Li Tsin could not make it due to some pressing engagement.
And the Pro-Tem commitee of Malaysia's first alliance of bloggers - National Alliance of Bloggers or All-Blogs - conducted its first meeting at the borrowed venue of the National Press Club in Kuala Lumpur.
Thank You, NPC for consenting to allow us to use the premises.
Present were (president) Ahirudin Attan AKA Rocky, (vice-president) Jeff Ooi, (secretary) Nuraina Samad, (treasurer) Tony Yew and committee members: Bernard Khoo, Patrick Teoh, Syed Azidi Syed Abdul Aziz, Syed Jamal Al-Idrus, Elizabeth Wong, Rajahram Ramalingam and, Annuratha K.

Here's what the committee decided on:
* the alliance to be called All-Blogs for short,
* Elizabeth to head a sub-committee on drafting the constitution,
* Elizabeth to incorporate the issue of membership in her sub-committee, with Syed Jamal to
assist in this,
* a logo to be designed and conceptualised with Syed Azidi tasked to work on it,
* Bernard to look into the legalities in setting up welfare fund under All-Blogs, and
* Jeff to look into training and related programmes for bloggers.

There was a lot of discussion and debate, particularly on a key issue -- membership. We are hopeful that subsequent meetings will iron out some contentious and crucial bits.
We are confident that Elizabeth's wide experience in this area will be of immense help.
The committee also discussed the need to have a suitable place for All-Blogs. We are on the look-out for one. Of course, mindful of the fact that we are starting at zero-kitty.

Next meeting has been scheduled for April 27.

(There was a small farewell do after the meeting for Syed Azidi, otherwise known as Sheih of Kickdefella who will be leaving for Kelantan tomorrow (Saturday, April 14) to begin a new job with the Kelantan government as corporate communications officer.)

We're really in uncharted waters, here. The alliance, by its very nature given the diverse composition of its members and what they represent, is clearly and undoubtedly unique.
A body of cyberspace writers - a huger than huge mass of the named and the nicknamed - evokes a daunting picture.
There will certainly be some hiccups, many rough edges. And we have not even gone over the first hurdle yet -- registration.
We can all take a bet on how long the process will be, mindful of the fact the bloggers in this here country, are not the flavour of the day with the powers-that-be.

The formation of the alliance is a starting point in the process of engagement (and perhaps, even embrace, you think?) with the detractors and critics (read: government/authorities/ignoramus) of blogosphere.
It cannot be denied that its formation was triggered by the lawsuits against our brothers, Rocky and Jeff by a media giant and its key executives.
But All-Blogs is, first and foremost, committed to promote blogging and, protect bloggers.
So, we'll go where the waters take us, which in time, will be charted.


Kata Tak Nak said...

Of course there will be hiccups, maybe even loud burbs, farts and vomits. We have people who are apolitical and members of different parties from both the government or opposition. Some are not happy with the present regime but supporters of the previous. Some do not like both but are not ready to embrace the opposition. Some are opposition all the way but will not accept just any opposition. Some are opposition all the way period. Some couldn't be bothered by all these but are pissed off by the attacks on their independence. Some care for welfare while some the environment. Some want in coz its the trendy thing to do. Some are there to create trouble, believe me there are such people.

If you don't have problems then this plain sailing is too suspicious. If the goals and objectives are trully a common one then we will overcome all odds.

As for the registration process be prepared to wait until at least after the next election and the one after that. Registered or not we can still work but financing would be a headache. If financing becomes a major hurdle then we are going to be crippled. The power that be knows this and will do everything in their means to cut this lifeline. We have to work out means how to operate as both a registered body and an unregistered one. I am in and good luck to us.

Anonymous said...

mak cik2 yg bukan penulis ni tapi ada blog yg mana at time bersawang...leh join?.....
"blog united"!...

Anon. Fm Miri said...

Thank you for the up date sis.

agnos said...

I think even if All Blogs is unable to register you guys should still hang in there like an informal support group.

Maybe some of the team members or some bloggers out there is able to source for private funds?

I left the following questions at bigdog and would also pose it here:

1: Would the meeting(s) resolutions/minutes be publish on a specific website for all to see for transparency?

2:Would decisions make in the meeting open for debate to the general bloggers?

Brian Fong

Clark Gable of Pulau Duyong said...

Dera Miss NAS,

Great to hear things are moving in right direction.The poblem arises for blogger like me who has PR status in Malaysia as I believe All-Blog or NAB belongs only to Malaysian.

I was born with Clark Gable name given to me by John Gable Sr.and Mrs Gabriella Gable.Married to Mrs Jenab Gable ( a Pulau Duyong maiden beauty)in San Francisco and named my Kid as Che' Gable(pronounced Cheque),Esdora,Natalia and Daniel Gables.

Advised to drop my name for more people friendlier name, Bruce Steinberg by MGM for ‘Gong With The Wing’ role in Pulau Duyong ,I persisted and prevailed.

But ,Now this.It really put me in great predicament and been affecting my siestas.

To change my name to X……X Gable bin Abdullah Gable @ ClarkGable Of Pulau Duyong would involve reregistering MyCard,Driving license ,My housename,prepaid celcom,Fuyocard and not to mention my Pizza Hut, MetroJaya and Hohup Karoeke Club membership cards.This would pose a serious problem to me .Besides I need to sacrifice senior part of my anatomy to Tokmudin to qualify for new MyCard(or can I skip this TokMudin part? as prefer Zorro to do it for me as he is good with sharp instrument) suddenly open up multitudes of problems for me,but register in NAB I must.

Hope you and your committee understand the gravity of my situation.

Is NAB going to foot the bill for all these changes and TokMudin fee??

I demand Answers .

if so my Acc no is
Swiss Bank SWIFT no: 0001 007 67543 112

Yours Sincerely

ps:Enclose my autograph photo and resume for kind perusal of NAB Committee.

Cable putus said...

Tq luvly kak NAS. To clark, kenapa pakai NAB lagi, kan kak NAS dah kata panggi ALL-BLOGS? Ni kes baca macam kilatla ni. All-blogs should pay for you refreshers with the Tok Mudin! Jangan marah Clark, I your fan also! 90 kg, iye?

Rajahram said...

Nuraina, please note an error in the spelling of my surname. It is Ramalingam and not Rajalingam.If any sub-committee chairperson needs any input from me, please contact me at


i am so sorry, sir.
i shall make the correction.

Clark Gable of Pulau Duyong said...

Tumpang Lalu Ms NAS,

Miss Cable Putus,
Is Cable your second name? If so it must be a branch of Gable family tree.I came across a few of Cables in PDuyong. Mr Curi Kebel,Kebas Cable ,Ketek Cable and Mamak Cable ,but never Cable Putus.

Dear Ms NAS,
Thousand apologies,henceforth known as Secretary for ALL-BLOG,must remind myself again the next time round about asking you with regards to official name.

Do you know any Cable besides our Miss Cable Putus.The last I heard if you know Mr Big Cable ,it would make our job in registering the society much easier.But I believe if Mr Bigger Cable wont give any blessing to Mr Big Cable,nothing would move.
The only way is to get assistance from Ms Putus Cable to use her Cable family connection to hasten the matter.
What say you Ms.Cable Putus.

The Ancient Mariner said...

I believe its not a problem for non citizens or PR like Clark Gable to be a member of a registered Malaysian society or association. He just cannot serve as a committee member.

Elly said...

Gosh, i am sooo excited about all this!!!:-D

Anonymous said...

dear Clark Gable,

Now you see how garbled the whole situation has become !! But dont despair, there is a saying that when you are at the " end of the Cable, use it to tie a Knot and Hold on till Help comes!"

Miss Maple.

KH said...

Dear Aina
I'm glad to see "uncharted" used correctly in your blog.
As a former sub and a humble user of the language, I flinch whenever I see "unchartered" territory used in blogs. Please pass the word, lest they press-gang all bloggers into a "charter" :)
You stay well.


shanghaistephen said...

Syabas M.D. for the formation of ALL-BLOGS and the keen interest shown by all responsible bloggers who are physically there to give their imput.The rest of you (for reasons only you can try and justify )'reach-out and touch a fellow blogger- we ARE family !'
Congratulations to all!
Cheers !