Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Pas' Coup

Sheih in Kelantan
Syed Azidi Syed Abdul Aziz, otherwise known as blogger Sheih Kickdefella has joined the Kelantan government as corporate communications officer.
Sheih has resigned as lecturer in broadcasting and filming from a local university.
In his 12 years in the film and media industry, Sheih has worked as director, producer and script writer for films and television.
Kelantan is Parti Islam (Pas)-ruled.
As we undersand it, Sheih's work will be encompassing of the state government's publicity activities, which are, of course, Pas activities.
Pas is certainly having a broad outlook of things. Must be the "new " Pas today.
When you want to reach out, you'll just have to think out of the box! And get serious!
I'd say that having a blogger on board is THE thing to do. I know, some would say, is a brave thing to do.

We will certainly be looking out for Sheih's handiwork in the next general election.
It is interesting to note that Sheih is NOT a Pas member. He is in fact a card-carrying Umno member. He was a two-term Youth leader for Umno Sri Hartamas and now sits on its exco.

Well, There you are. Certainly a coup for Pas.

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KerinchiGuy said...

I don't doubt the sincerity of Shieh. But I do wonder how it is going to work out. As an UMNO man, can he really remain neutral and objective in carrying out his job? It seems to me the potential conflict of interest is glaringly obvious. Or am I missing something here?

Or could this be an early sign of his growing disenchantment with UMNO?

He seems like a very nice man. I wish him all the best.

Alia's epistles said...

Dear rocky,


To me, this issue really questions Sheih integrity..but then again maybe we shouldnt be to suprise. After all as the saying goes, the company we keep is a reflection of who we are. Everyone knows that Sheih gives special treatment to Monsterball on his blog.In fact Sheih even calls him a "father figure".This to me partly explains why Monsterball is so brazen in his rudeness.

BUT WHAT I CANT EXCEPT AS A MALAYSIAN IS HIS ATTACKS ON the blogger known as "A VOICE" regarding voices gout sickness in the latter blog posting titled " Pain: Gout Explained"...Additionally he goes on a rampage in his attack of the blogger known as BIG DOG. Read Monsterball' attack on in BIGDOG's blog here;

Read it here

His vilification of BIG DOG includes inter alia, saying that Big Dog should have sex with Monty's pet dog.Of course, Big Dogs religion is not spared. The rest, I think is too rude to rewrite here.

Anyway, if you read his comments on both he does speak alot on behalf of Sheih. From u get a feeling, he is brazen enough to do so partly because of Sheih special treatment of him. In fact, when somebody questions his behaviour, Monsterball in not so many ways question the person right to do by saying he( Monsterball) is 'the front liner" .

To me, if Monsterball's behaviour is unacceptable, then so is Sheih blind endorsement of it.To me, Sheih cannot be totally exculpated.

Don't think any decent and sane Malaysian should tolerate it.

Go ahead. Read for yourself.


adik ena,

untuk saudara sheih:

pergilah, saudaraku
carilah damai hatimu,
damai hatimu damai hatiku juga,
dan damai juga beribu hati.
saudaraku terbukti sudah,
tidak gentar dan tiada takbur,
peluhmu untuk negara dan ugama,
mencari denai untuk ibu di kampung dan keluarga di bandar.

kalau ada di antara kita yang tidak memahami,
dan jangan memaki,
mulut yang busuk itu
tidak akan dapat membawa wangi,
kepada mereka yang memang tidak mengerti

pergilah, saudara sheih
jalan yang lurus dan mudah tidak wujud
yang penuh ranjau dan berliku
itulah arah untuk pejuang dan pengembara seperti saudara dan aku.