Sunday, April 29, 2007

Parthiban's Their Man

Let's hope Yang Berhormat Cik Gu Parthiban will not disappoint the folks of Ijok. Let's hope all those promises he made to the good people of Ijok will be kept.
"Kata mesti di kota"!
Syabbas, Cik Gu!
And to the vanquished, Khalid Ibrahim of PKR -- don't be sore. There is always another time, another place, perhaps. If you want to serve the people, there is no time-frame.

And Cik Gu -- will you start blogging, as you have told us you would? Are you going to take over the Ijok.Net website? Will you have time, in the first place?

Till then, hope your kabare will always be waras!

(Picture of Cik Gu taken on Tuesday, April 24 2007 at Kedai Kopi King Kuan in Ijok.)


Rocky's Bru said...

cik gu parthiban had better walk his talk. he came across as someone who wanted to serve the people in ijok. as a politician, of course he must have set his sights on those rungs up the MIC ladder, but his ambitions should be fuelled by a track record as a good people's rep.

congrats, parthiban. he was the first candidate i interviewed as a blogger. you and zorro too and perhaps bigdog and "The Blogger Who Sounds Like" a voice. we had tea with him at kedai kopi king kuan. i will certainly go back to the same kedai kopi in the near future to talk to the people about their new "man". it's not just the curiosity factor; i feel i must follow this up.

you, zorro, big dog and "tbwsl" a voice game?



i have never met the Cik Gu. But did u remember what I told u after our meeting with him?
I said, for that short time we were with him, I had already liked him, and if I had to choose between him and Khalid the millionnaire, I'd choose Parthiban. But, I am not a voter in Ijok.
My liking for him aside, he had the right credentials and he is really very very nice.
I also told you that if the BN won, it would win with a bigger majority. BN won becos of Parthiban.
And yes, I am game..

Anonymous said...

Zaki Tok Tam said...

Salvatore "Sammy The Bull" Gravanno's life was on the line. Staring at was a definite death sentence, if not a very long, long jail time at Sing Sing and one which would be too long that he will not live to see the outside of the prison ever.

The multiple term of jail sentences (either consecutively or concurrently) he was looking at were more than handful for the murders, attempted murders, conspiracy to commit murders, culpability etc that he will be charged with for his involvement as the confidante, the most trusted under-boss and the right hand of John "Johnny Boy" Gotti, head of the Gambino Family in New York.

What did he do?

His incarceration was spent thinking of the noose hovering over the head and it was absolutely impossible for Sammy to make a dash out of the county jail that was holding him as the most-valued-person-in-custody.

Then what did he do?

Sammy called the FBI to offer a deal and the feds were impressed with the beans spilled. They cut him a deal and that he was only to finger Gotti in court. It was either him or Gotti. It was that simple.

Sammy was not called The Bull for nothing. He was the most ruthless hatchet man ever during Gotti's reign of New York's Cosa Nostra. He was said to have no heart when it comes to killing, simply like having sex or his mouth over a bowl of an Italian funguso zupe.

The moral of the story: Even the most heartless of a criminal had a heart when it came to his own life hanging in the balance, with lots of prospect going over to a little chamber where he will be administered with a lethal injection. And he will die.

Perhaps then the State of New York still practices capital punishment. However the death prospect spooked him to the core and he became a rat.

He had all the money (which was by then became useless already due to his predicament) in the world but the prospect really had his world caved in, leaving him in a total darkness unless he walked the way the Feds wanted him to.

Then what?

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Gotti, a former Time magazine Man of the Year and the most powerful Boss of the Bosses in New York simply had no defense against Sammy's words under oath and was convicted and sent to the slammer for a long time. None was heard of him then after.

Sammy now lived under an assumed name with his family somewhere in the US and the last time the world heard about him that he was into organic gardening! That means Sammy was very much alive and kicking, or gardening!

Sound familiar? Maybe…

Now, I wonder whether Razak Baginda has the guts to;

(1) Spill the beans or.
(2) Do not spill the beans… it was a tough choice but he had to make a decision soon…

Questions: Does he have what it takes? Will he walk Sammy's way?

Sammy was The Bull and Razak was not. So, will he break the code of silence now that his life was on the line? A so-called heartless man had already been crippled with the death sentence in a striking distance. How about Razak?

Picture this: All them Gambino guys had fun together during the good old days but once Sammy was in custody he was all alone, done and pondering his future that he was unable to chart anymore.

Again, sounds familiar?

Unless he rat.

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The feds' witness protection programme was known to be not too iron-clad (which meant that some rats were found, fried and whacked by the Cosa Nostra guys years later somewhere and somehow) but Salvatore "Sammy The Bull" Gravanno was still breathing the last time they checked on him. Unless there was an unannounced demise.

Now, what about Abdul Razak Abdullah Baginda, the so-called brain behind some bigshot?

Some brain he has lah!! Brainy people will not allow themselves to be put in such a brainless situation that is absolutely incomprehenable to the brain. This is no-brainer lah!

Question: Will the event to unfold soon sound familiar? Erte Salvatore "Sammy The Bull" Gravanno?

Zaki Tok Tam
Anakbukit, Alor Setar, Kedah

p.s.the story above was original, unlike the ones u read in Mario Puzo's Godfather, Godfather II and Godfather III where even the name like Vito Andolini Corleone was ficticious.

The trilogy was a tradition of a Don as head of the Lake Como-based Corleone Family from Vito (played by Marlon Brando and Robert DeNiro in the trilogy) to Michael Corleone (Al Pacino) and then to Vincent Corleone (played by Cuban Andy Garcia).

Since assuming the family name of Corleone, Vicenzo had to be changed his birth name to Vincent Corleone to become Don Vincent Corleone. All films were produced and directed by Francis Ford Coppola whose own daughter Sofea Coppola acted as the daugther of Michael in the final part of the trilogy.

The Godfather Trilogy was of epic propotion but the real story of John Gotti I illustrated above was even better and real. It also sounds very familiar, here.

anak muda said...

I hope politics & power will not change him.

Rajahram said...

Nuraina,I think Parthiban is the sort of guy who will stick to his promises.Having stayed in that area,and knowing the people's problems,he is the best person to deliver it now.I am sure he will be the trend setter for other M.P.s and ADUNs in the country.

sang diva said...

kak Aina, muka Parthiban tu lagi handsome in real life kan?

I had the chance to interview him the next day, barely 24 hours after he becoming the new wakil rakyat.

he talked, he joked and he is such a sweet guy. I had a glimps of what he did in the past, and I can see, why people liked him so much.

He had a neck to neck fight, considering the percentage of voters who turned up is quite high.

I asked him about his future, he said he want to fight for those who voted him and for those who don't.

He said he realised why the youth does not voted for him and he has the intention to bring in more industries to Ijok. Maybe, being born to an estate worker and a mother who came from India, brought up in a two bedroom estate quarter home, faced the difficulties to support his siblings together with the eldest sister, made him a good wakil rakyat who knows what people want.

Today is the second day after the whole huha in Ijok and Batang Berjuntai. Tak sampai dua jam keputusan pilihan raya kecil Dun Ijok diumumkan, orang luar sudah meninggalkan pekan kecil Batang Berjuntai sunyi sepi tidak seperti malam sebelumnya. That is the stark contrast I noticed that night when I drove to the usual eateries I frequented there, restoran Wak Rom, near bilik gerakan PKR and BN.

No more PKR and BN people populated the only Malay restaurant that opens till the wee hour during the 11 days I was there. I just hope Batang Berjuntai will not be forgotten like last time.

A Voice (of Another Brick in the Wall) said...

I'm game.

The next trip shd be a smooth one, with no traffic jamn of new road building and traffic roadblocks. Coffee shd taste better.

They'll be no more advisors briefing him on how to speak. We'll see if he has met his promise to start blogging or at least read the blogs.

Roxanne said...

Noraina. Yeah, like Rocky put it, Parthiban had better walk his talk. I've met so many "amazingly nice" politicians and most are not what they appear to be. They always screw up their charm when they want something. At the end of the day, the rich politicians will put themselves above the law and murder to hold on to power and the poor will eventually be corrupt and succumb to the temptation of money. We can only hope this guy is a rare exception to the case, for Ijok's sake. Sorry lah for my cynicism. (My two sens worth while waiting to read the next episode of TWB.)


rocky, rox et al,

i know i know... in my lifetime working as a reporter and covering politics extensively, i have met political neophytes who went on to become political bigwigs... how they have changed.
it's like this. greenhorns in politics are like a piece of white cloth. some satin smooth.
and then, they get stained, wittingly or unwittingly.
when it is unwitting, they either make sure they cease and desist becos it is against their beleifs and ideals, or they decide, hey, not bad, i like it. and they become part of the filth. they become a willing player.
the cloth becomes so badly stained that there is no way to clean it. most times, they still walk the talk but the walk is at somebody else's behest.

seen too many nice politicians become part of the system.