Friday, April 06, 2007

Searching For Nazrin

Muhammad Nazrin or Yin (picture) is missing -- somewhere out there, where he shouldn't be.
The 5 year-old was last seen at 2pm on Saturday (March 31) when he was on the 2nd Floor of Sogo Shopping Complex, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Kuala Lumpur.
Yin was out shopping with his family -- father Shamsul Ghazali Shamsudin, 34, his 25 year-old mother and 4 year-old brother.
They are from Medan Klebang Restu, Chemor, Perak,
His distraught parents are awaiting news of his return.
A police report had already been lodged.
PLEASE PLEASE HELP IN THE SEARCH FOR LITTLE YIN. The Malay Mail will be distributing posters to help in this.
The Malay Mail story is here.


nstman said...

first thing first. how on earth did the parents allow their kid to roam about unescorted. Too focused on shopping to the extent they didnt notice their missing boy? the whole episode would have been avoidable had they taken the trouble to keep watch over their kid. This is a lesson, and a painful one, at that. But dont worry, if i see the little boy, i will hand it over to the parents.

Rocky's Bru said...

once in sunway lagoon my little girl just took off like lightning when i said it was time to go. she was five then, just like Yin. she did not want to leave the place because she was having such a good time wading in the pool and going down the wet slides. She went missing for not more than 15 minutes. The longest quarter in my life. I can imagine what Yin's parents are going through. At the same time, I can't imagine what they are going through.
I hope they find the boy, safe and sound.

sesat said...

Let's not sit in judgement on the parents and rush to condemn them en masse. Despite not having any kids of my own, I had had my fair share of "entertaining" and looking after children - my nieces and nephews. When they were younger and when I was still in my birth country, my siblings would delegate their child-minding responsibilies to me every Sunday. Frequenting shopping malls was on the "must-do" list and I would have at least 4 kids (sometimes more), ranging from 3 to 12 years old, in tow. Believe you me, kids are very adept at "slipping" away unnoticed and I had had a few disappearing acts to deal with.

Yin's parents must be beside themselves with losing their little boy and I can't even begin to imagine what the little boy is going through right now. I pray for his swift and safe return to his parents and I applaud the efforts of The Malay Mail and bloggers in finding Yin.

Hi&Lo said...

No, I think it's wrong to suspect the parents were careless and too focussed on shopping.

Sometimes kids can be hyperactive. All it takes is a split second for the child to go missing.

Of course, it's easy to pass judgement on hindsight.

Kata Tak Nak said...

You put me in a fix this time. I certainly can't blame the gomen for this, can I?
I am not blaming anyone just to ask parents to be extra vigilant thats all. Whenever I see a child crying at the info counter of shopping complexes I wondered how does the child feel? Lost and lonely amongst unfamiliar faces. It must be very frightening.
I hope and pray that Yin is safe and will be reunited with his family. I still remember about the young chinese boy in Klang if I am not mistaken who got lost or was kidnapped many years ago. I wonder what becomes of him. Anyone knows?



it breaks my heart everytime i hear stories of kids going missing. there have been cases..mostly happy endings.
others, tragic.
the little boy you were wondering about who dispapeared in klang? he was never found.

i hope someone will find Yin...

Kak Teh said...

ena, this is my nightmare, which makes me a rather paranoid mum. I phone the children every few hours. here in UK, when news of a child going missing hits the headlines, it is not very often that he/she is found alive. I pray that Yin is in good hands.


Kak Teh (Ah),

i know... how i distressed when i hear of kids going missing.
when i adel and shaira were little, i would not take them with me if i wanted to go shopping for myself. If i was out with them, it is their day. anyway, i've always felt that kids often get bored when they have to wait while their parents shop. experience has proven to me that taking kids shopping with u is a bad idea.

that is why i dont like mega shopping malls with very heavy human traffic.

take care, Ah. hope to get together again as we did when you were here.

salam to hulaimi and kids.


kak teh (Ah),

please please excuse some typo and spelling errors and bad grammar....

happens everytime i type in the comment box.

kak ton said...

I had a harrowing experience once while shopping with Jehan when she was a kid. There was a sudden a power failure in the shopping complex. Fortunately, she was next to me. From then I made sure that Mamin & Jehan stayed close to me whenever we went shopping - takut hilang - in case there was an electricity blackout.

Granted that children are easily distracted and might slip away from their parents, this is all the more reason why they should be extra careful & vigilant.

I hope that Yin is safe and being looked after and will be reunited with his parents soon.

Anonymous said...

oh.. what a relief that Yin had come back~!